Week 2 Longevity hotspots ‘How to Live a Healthy Life’ Okinawa, Japan –

Week 2
Longevity hotspots (BBC Horizon)
‘How to Live a Healthy Life’
Okinawa, Japan – Centenarian Study
Ovodda, Sardinia –
Isolated Gene Pool
Loma Linda, California - Adventist Health Study
Mortality hotspot
‘Glasgow Effect’-
Professor Chris Packard:
psychosocial and biological factors of ill health in deprived
communities in Glasgow’s East End.
Is 100 the new 80?
Healthy centenarians
help us explore the
reasons for long lives
– dietary habits, physical
activity, psychological and
social aspects, genes? .
Okinawa, a sub-tropical
island between Japan and
China. Ogimi, a village of
around 3000 people in the
north, is a longevity hotspot.
Okinawa Centenarian Study
Drs Bradley and Willcox,
Toronto University.
What is the explanation for the
Okinawans’ ‘biological clocks’
running more slowly?
Dr Craig Willcox
Okinawa Centenarian Study
Drs Bradley and Willcox,
Toronto University.
The ‘biological clock’
Dr Craig Willcox
The levels of the hormone, DHEA,
produced in the adrenal glands,
drop more slowly as Okinawans
Okinawa Centenarian Study
‘Rainbow’ Diet –
anti-oxidant rich vegetables
and soya products e.g. tofu.
Longevity studies
Okinawa Centenarians
Homocysteine levels ?
- young, clean arteries
- low cholesterol
- low homocysteine levels
The above factors are
associated with lower risk
of coronary heart
disease (CHD), by up to
80%, and keeping stroke
levels low.
Okinawa Centenarian Study
‘Hara Hachi Bu’ ?
Eat until you're only
80% full.
Caloric restriction ?
100 year old Matsu
Only 1,200 calories per day
How do cultural habits affect attitudes to food ?
Ovodda, Sardinia
Professor Luca Dieana
103 year old Maria Vacca
Limited gene pool ?
Adventist Health Study
Loma Linda University,
California: Dr Gary Fraser.
Daily exercise regimes ?
Vegan diet ?
Spiritual/religious beliefs ?
102 year old Marje Jetton
Okinawa Centenarian Study
Stress free personalities ?
Coping mechanisms ?
'Don't worry - it'll work out.' ?
The ‘Glasgow effect’ Professor Chris Packard
Premature ageing?
Graham and Moira Jackson – high inflammatory
New explanations?
Okinawan emigrants in
69 year old Tom Nago
Modern lifestyles in
Okinawa – health
Younger Okinawans today
Richard Brownlee, from Edinburgh, says
reading the paper keeps him alert.
Record levels of people in Scotland are living to beyond their 100th
birthday. In 2009 an estimated 750 people were over 100, compared
with 570 in 2002.
"One of the dangers we have now is that we are not
necessarily focusing on the quality of life. Quality of life in
later years is now the main issue for us."
Dr Phil Lyon, Dundee sociologist.
"Our projections of future population assume that the increases
of life expectancy we've seen over the last 20-30 years will
continue.” Duncan Macniven, Registrar General for Scotland
How will increasing indulgence in drink, drugs and
fatty, sugary foods impact on longevity?
Longevity Hotspots are there messages for us?
7 day
Dr Wareham