Everything Technical Analysis: How to Trade Like a Professional,

Everything Technical Analysis:
How to Trade Like a
Professional, 2nd Edition
Jacinta Chan
ISBN: 978-983-3927-73-9
List Price: RM40.00
This is a complete reference manual to assist
readers to understand the simple and yet complex world of trading. As such, this book can be
used as a reference text for any beginner technical analysis course and by any student of technical analysis. This book offers an in depth cover-
Auditing and Assurance
Services in Malaysia 2nd Edition
Alvin A. Arens et al.
ISBN: 978-983-3927-65-4
List Price: RM73.00
The accounting profession is facing various new
regulations and requirements following corporate scandals in recent years. The new edition
Public Sector Accounting:
Malaysian Context 3rd Edition
Fatimah Abd Rauf et al.
ISBN: 978-983-3927-71-5
List Price: RM36.00
Public Sector Accounting: Malaysian Context
Third Edition is structured to cover accounting
practices adopted by the Malaysian public sector
in a comprehensive manner. Each chapter is
supplemented with tables, diagrams and review
questions that can be used to enhance the readers’ understanding on public sector accounting.
Forms used by government agencies such as
programme agreement report and output specification form are also included as reference materials in the appendices. With an optimum blend of
theory and application, the book is divided into five
sequenced parts:
Part One: Introduction-introduces readers to
the conceptual framework of public sector accounting and the financial systems and procedures of the Malaysian public sector.
Part Two: Management Accounting-covers the
general requirements on management account-
age of technical analysis from the basics to the
advanced levels:
Module 1: Technical Analysis — The Basics
starts with charting, pattern recognition and
approaching support and resistance.
Module 2: Technical Analysis — Application in
Professional Model Trading continues with developing trading systems and dealing with
money management and risk control mechanisms.
Module 3: Technical Analysis — The Tests for
BBZ is the research and test results arising from
several Asia-Pacific regional markets. AT
integrates changes that affect accountants in
Malaysia. The book includes discussions on the
development of Malaysian corporate governance, the newly revised MIA By-Laws 2007 and
relevant sections of the Companies (Amendment) Act 2007. A stand-alone chapter on fraud
auditing provides extensive coverage of the fraud
triangle and related ISA 240 and ISA 240 R on
the auditor’s responsibility. AT
ing in the public sector. This part further explains
the role of management accounting and budgeting in the public sector, various budgeting systems used in the Malaysian public sector including Micro Accounting System.
Part Three: Financial Accounting-discusses the
government accounting for receipts and payments and the preparation of annual financial
statements of the public sector agencies. This
part also highlights the differences between the
accounting concepts and operations of the commercial and the public sector.
Part Four: Audit and Accountability-reviews the
statutory requirements and audit procedures in
the public sector. It also discusses issues relating to the types, components and problems in
achieving public accountability.
Part Five: Accounting Practices and Development in Public Sector-explains the evolution in
improving the accounting operations through
the introduction of Standard Accounting System
for Government Agencies (SAGA), Government
Financial Management Accounting System
(GFMAS) and electronic government. It also
highlights other computerised accounting systems implemented in government agencies. AT
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