How to prove the payback on your marketing investment

How to prove
the payback on
your marketing
The prize-winning campaigns from
the IPA Effectiveness Awards 2012
Winning case studies include:
John Lewis
Cadbury Dairy Milk
Metropolitan Police Service
Virgin Atlantic
Plus insight and analysis from
industry experts
Advertising Works 21 shows how
marketing communications helped
organisations as diverse as Aldi,
Nissan and IBM translate big ideas
into impressive results.
Grand Prix
This book contains full versions of
the 24 case studies that won Gold
and Silver Awards and summaries
of the 11 Bronze Award winners from
the 2012 IPA Effectiveness Awards
– the industry’s most prestigious
and rigorously judged competition.
Winning campaigns have all
proven a return on marketing
investment (ROMI). Each case study
also details the unique strategies
used to accomplish its objectives.
There are single and multimarket
cases that circumnavigate the
worlds markets including Singapore,
India, China, Spain, Hong Kong,
Brazil, Taipei, Germany, the USA and
the UK.
The book also features insights
from experts across the advertising
industry. The themes which
complement the invaluable
information on brands in the
case studies, include the power of
emotion in driving effectiveness,
21st century measurement tools and
brand employees on the front line of
For anyone wanting to produce
effective campaigns or drive their
business to greater success this book
provides an unrivalled source of
advice and inspiration.
John Lewis
Adam & Eve, Manning Gottlieb
John Lewis was struggling in a
challenging financial climate. A
bold decision to use highly emotional
advertising, particularly on TV,
generated a huge amount of interest
in the brand which resulted in more
visitors, coming more frequently who
spent more money. The campaign
generated £1074m of incremental
sales and £261m of incremental profit
in just over two years.
Marie Oldham, Chief Strategy Officer,
MPG Media Contacts, Convenor of Judges
Melanie Howard, Co-Founder and Chair,
Future Foundation
The employee works: from
audience and message to brand
medium, mentor and maker
Lorna Hawtin, Disruption Director,
TBWA\Manchester, Deputy Convenor
of Judges
Jo Blundell, UK Marketing Director,
Burger King
Cadbury Dairy Milk
Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai
Ogilvy & Mather India
Research revealed that while
meetha were enjoyed as part of
collective celebrations, chocolate
was seen as a pleasure that was
generally enjoyed alone. The
solution was to repurpose Cadbury
Dairy Milk as meetha, and to
communicate this via television,
radio, outdoor, digital and point of
sale advertising. The campaign
grew the business from 3% to 23% in
seven years.
Department for Transport
Through the proposition that Dove’s
new shower gel nourished skin
better than bathing in milk, it
repositioned the brand for women
who wanted ‘healthy, wholesome
protection’ for their beauty. The
campaign propelled market share
from 2.1% to 8.8% in 16 months,
delivering incremental sales of £25.5
million and a ROMI of 1:1.5.
Health Promotion Board
Ogilvy and Mather Singapore
Leo Burnett
McCann Manchester
Insight and
analysis from
industry experts
Tapping into the nation’s dreams:
the power of emotion in driving
Best use of insight
Recession had not helped Aldi sales.
Consumers were returning to brands
they trusted which Aldi did not
sell. The objective was to get back
into double figure growth. The ‘like
brands’ campaign targeted Aldi’s
least loyal customers and positively
endorsed brands that Aldi did not
sell, which grew market share by
43% and delivered a ROMI of 14.5:1.
British Gas
CHI & Partners
This paper reveals how
communications changed drink
driving behaviour over the course
of thirty years by tackling drink
driving attitudes, acceptability,
denial and decisions. This saved
almost 2,000 lives, prevented over
10,000 serious injuries, and created
a value to society of £3bn.
Best channel planning
Smoking was on the rise in
Singapore with tough measures
such as fear campaigns, taxation
and legislation proving ineffective,
a pro-quitting campaign was
created. The results showed that
every second smoker moved one
step closer to quitting; the quitting
success rate was three-times the
international average; and it
achieved an ROI of 15.7.
Digital UK
DLKW Lowe, Digital UK,
BBC Switchover Help Scheme,
Leo Burnett
TV and digital: are we there yet?
Or do we even have a map?
Phil Danter, Danter Consulting
Martin Weigel, Head of Planning,
Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam
From clicks to yardsticks: how
digital media can help measure
creative effectiveness
Simeon Duckworth, Global Head of
Analytics, Mindshare
Nick Southgate, Behavioural Economics
Econometrics: an able servant but
never the master
Louise Cook, Holmes & Cook
Richard Bateson, Commercial Director,
Camelot Global
Creativity and effectiveness: never
lose sight of the power of the idea
Bridget Angear, Joint Chief Strategic
Officer, Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
British Gas was losing 40,000
accounts every month. ‘Looking
after your world’ was an animated
multi-platform campaign rendering
consumers’ homes on individual
planets, displaying the new ways
British Gas could look after Britain’s
homes. It generated £82.7m profit
from £45.5m investment, giving
a profit ROMI of £1.82 for every
marketing £1 invested.
The UK had to be 100% ready for
digital switchover, but success
depended on providing information,
help and reassurance to the last
10% of analogue viewers who were
often fearful of change. Working
together, Digital UK and the BBC
Switchover Help Scheme overcame
that challenge by focusing on
minority audiences. It is estimated
the campaign returned a minimum
payback of £4.60 for every £1 spent.
In 2007 McDonald’s was back
in growth after four years of
stagnation, but it had yet to regain
the trust and love of its customers.
Two complementary brand
advertising campaigns, ‘Trust’
and ‘Favourites’, rolled out over
a number of platforms worked in
harmony to celebrate its role in
modern British life. They delivered
£349m in short-term sales in
addition to the £460m delivered by
promotional advertising and a near
fourfold increase in ROI to £9.79.
Best Demonstration of
Consumer Participation
Best New Learning
Virgin Atlantic
International, Hall & Partners
Ogilvy & Mather New York
Art Fund
Metropolitan Police
Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
‘Who Killed Deon?’ was designed
to help tackle youth violence by
educating disenfranchised teenagers
about a legal principle known as
joint enterprise. The idea was an
interactive murder mystery hosted
on Facebook, a ‘whodunnit’ about
a boy called Deon. It embraced a
teenage audience by enlisting them
as co-creators and collaborators.
It is predicted the campaign will
generate a payback of £8.50 for
every £1 spent.
‘Your airline’s either got it or it
hasn’t’, the first global campaign
for a Virgin brand, used TV press,
poster, and digital support across
Upper Class and Economy cabins
to capture the unique values of
Virgin, showing the glamour, fun
and comfort of the flying experience.
It has outperformed previous VA
campaigns in the UK, and delivered
significant growth across the rest
of the world. The estimated global
ROMI is £15.66 per £1 spent.
Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
By relaunching its member benefits
in the guise of the National Art
Pass, communications drove a 16%
surge in memberships, its fastest
growth in 20 years, and recruited a
new generation of members which
were on average 21 years younger
than its existing members. Payback
has indicated that the campaign
will generate £3.5m of incremental
revenue for the charity against a
media investment of £745,000.
IBM had developed a computer
capable of understanding human
language, but the technology was
hard to explain to the average
human. The answer to this challenge
and the key to a successful launch
was the ultimate head-to-head
competitive product demonstration:
combat between human champions
and the computer on the US TV
quiz show Jeopardy! The campaign
generated $250m in immediate
Magnum Gold?!
Lola Madrid, Lowe and Partners
Danone Activia
Best international
Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Snickers was losing market share to
other global chocolate brands. Their
big global idea delivered creative
work that got people talking about
the brand. The campaign resulted
in Snickers’ most successful period
of growth, increasing sales by 15.9%
in one year, capturing market share
in all but two of the 58 markets in
which it ran, and growing global
market share by US$376.3m.
While the years preceding 2008
had provided strong ROMI for
Walkers, they were dissatisfied with
just being good; they wanted to be
great. A model for communications
was developed that sought to
achieve high levels of consumer
engagement, that would spark
greater buzz and excitement
around the brand. Through the
six campaigns that followed this
model’s development, the ROI for
Walkers communication increased
by 62% in four years.
Mike Colling & Co.
Which? subscriber numbers were
declining. Over a six-year period,
Mike Colling & Co. led a three stage
iterative process, from initial direct
response subscriber recruitment, to a
brand uplift model, to fully integrated
activity. The campaign grew the
magazine and online circulation
by 52% over the six-year period,
increased subscription numbers by
nearly 500,000, and drove more than
£64m incremental profit.
In 2009 Activia was the major
challenger within the chilled
yoghurt and dessert market; but its
positioning, a solution to the problem
of bloating, had finite relevance
preventing it from taking the top
spot. To rectify this RKCR/Y&R
moved Activia to the positively
framed space of maintaining happy
tummies. The resulting creative
idea made Activia market leader,
delivered £58.6 million incremental
sales, £3.6 million incremental net
profit and a ROI of £1:£1.23.
To launch Magnum Gold?! as a
global product, this fully integrated
campaign engaged consumers in
a product launch that leveraged
celebrities in a fresh new way, from a
spoof trailer of an action Hollywood
blockbuster to ground breaking
face-texturing techniques allowing
consumers to star in their own
Hollywood heist videos. In total it
sold 130m Magnums globally, which
was 55m ahead of target, delivering
incremental revenue of €37.9m
and payback of €1.41 for every €1
Jung von Matt AG
Nikon’s perception as ‘pro’ was
alienating broader target groups,
rather than being an attraction.
To address this, the campaign
needed to raise awareness of Nikon,
making it a more approachable
and relevant player in the compact
segment. Within two years of the
campaign launch Nikon had
created an emotional brand and
communications platform. For every
1 Euro spent, the campaign yielded
5.76 Euro profit.
VO5 Extreme Style
Yorkshire Tea
Euro RSCG London
Beattie McGuinness Bungay
Audi Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Boots Mother
BT Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Dove Hair Ogilvy & Mather
In early 2010 Nissan initiated an
aggressive plan for Brazil: to be the
first Japanese automaker in the
sector with 5% market share. To
help achieve this Lew’Lara\TBWA
established Nissan as a challenger
brand. The campaign involved
making direct comparisons
between Nissan and its competitors,
highlighting its positives over theirs.
In two years the campaign has
already generated 4% of market,
despite investing three times less
money than its competitors, and
has yielded a projected marketing
payback of over $41million.
The National Lottery
MPG Media Contacts
VO5, an established ladies’ hair
care brand wanted to win over
16–24-year-old lads and become
the number one hair styling range
for men in the UK. Since 2004
the ‘Break the mould’ campaign
has remained consistent with its
message, whilst reinventing itself
with new settings, music tracks and
funky hairstyles. It has generated a
payback of £1.75 for every £1 spent
on advertising.
Yorkshire Tea had a goal to
become the no. 2 brand in the
tea market. To achieve this, their
creative solution involved ‘Little
Urn’, a van painted in the style
of their iconic packaging. Led by
Facebook fans, he travelled from
Britain to America, taking a ‘proper
brew’ to the people who need it
most. Communications charted this
Facebook-guided mission, which
was then broadcast on television
advertisements. In one year value
sales increased in Yorkshire by
9.5%. In the rest of the country,
sales rose by 11.6% – from 46.1m to
£51.45m. Nationally, Yorkshire Tea
market share rose from 12.06% to
Best Dedication to
Gordon’s Bartle Bogle Hegarty
LV= Designate Communications
Shangri-La Hotels &
Resorts Ogilvy & Mather HK
Ta Chong Bank
Ogilvy & Mather Taipei
Velvet Fallon London
Virgin Trains Elvis,
Manning Gottlieb OMD
Bartle Bogle Hegarty
About the IPA Effectiveness Awards
Since 1980, the IPA Effectiveness Awards have set the gold
standard in measuring communications effectiveness.
The scheme asks agencies, media owners and advertisers
to demonstrate how to plan a successful campaign and
All lotteries generate vast
excitement when they launch
but go into steep sales decline
as optimism inevitably fades. To
address this, over the last seven
years, MPG Media Contacts has
devised a successful rollover
marketing formula, under-pinned
by econometrics, to tame the
inherent ‘unpredictability’ of the
lottery business. This has helped
Camelot to achieve record sales of
£5.8billion in 2011 – bucking the
global trend of declining lottery
sales worldwide.
Waitrose was facing challenging
market conditions and it made
the tough decision to invest more
in the brand, despite everything
pointing to promoting price,
transforming their existing assets
into a showcase to make the brand
more magical and inclusive. The
campaign attracted less frequent,
lighter customers to Waitrose
and created the best Christmas
Waitrose ever had, delivering the
highest growth in like for like sales
in the grocery sector of more than
3.8%, and a net profit payback of
£1.89 in just over eight weeks.
How to Order O
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T 01235 465 577
how to evaluate the results. Winners will have proved
that their campaign worked and provided a return on
marketing investment. The 2012 Awards were open to
any communications agency, advertiser or media owner
worldwide and were not limited to any particular size budget.
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