Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) and Club KAS Eupen

Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF)
and Club KAS Eupen
Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) has announced the
takeover of control and management of the football
division of the Belgian 2nd Division Club KAS Eupen.
The agreement is aimed at helping AZF bridge the
gap between junior players with great potential and
elite professional players, which ultimately feeds into
the selection of local and international AFD players.
It also gives Aspire individuals the chance to play
competitively in a professional football environment
and backs them up with finding the right performance
level at a critical period in their journey towards
international football careers.
› Usage of synergies
› Provide regular playing opportunity on the right
level especially between 18 to 20 years of age.
Why Belgium?
› Located in the Heart of Europe
› Multicultural
› Safe Social Environment
› Professional Football Environment
› Football Level of Belgian 1st and 2nd Division
› National FA and Government Regulations
How to make sure the smooth
transition from Youth to Elite
Senior Football?
› Professional training regime (quantity and
› Long-term development approach instead of
short-term result orientation
› Confidence in young player’s abilities
› Professional services, e.g. health, sports science,
nutrition, financial planning, career planning,
media training, further education
› Safe and multi-cultural environment
› Professional football environment
› Possibility to control a Club
› Amount of Non-EU Players to be fielded
› Historical Relationships Qatar - Belgium
› Language
› Acquisition Possibility
Selection Process
Aspire Academy works to develop sports champions, promote healthy lifestyles in the community and galvanize the
sports economy of today and tomorrow.
Aspire Academy is a globally recognized national sports academy for the development of Qatar’s athletically talented
boys. The internationally renowned sports programs and facilities are a symbol of Qatar’s sporting ambitions and pride.
› Best 50 Players per country for a 4 day trial/
testing into the capital of the country
Aspire Academy provides integrated sports development, sports science and academic learning for scholarship boys
from Grade 7 (12 - 13 years) to Grade 12 (17 - 18 years). Additionally, Aspire Academy delivers an ambitious health and
lifestyle program for the community, delivering over 25,000 classes per annum.
› Best 3 Players per country + 3 best GK`s overall
for a 3 week trial/testing to ASPIRE
› 14 countries from 3 continents involved
› International Games
› 747 fields
› Training
› 32.000+ 11 v 11 games
› Testing (Medical/Performance)
› 5.000+ volunteers
› 550.000+ football players born in 1998 screened
› Since 2007: 3.000.000+ players screened
›› To give opportunities to young football players from developing countries to reach the heights of
international football - International Clubs and Home National Teams
›› To support football development in developing countries
›› To inspire the ASPIRE football players by training, competing and living with outstanding talents as role
›› Guarantee the smooth transition from Youth to Elite Senior Football
›› To be recognized as a leading sports institute in the world¨ for screening, selecting, educating and developing
Champions in Sports¨ and Champions in Life.
› After six years of operations, the program
has identified and provided educational
scholarships including school education,
training, friendly competitions, accommodation,
meals, sports science services, health services,
parental support, leadership training to 100
talented young football players (20 per 5 age
What is ASPIRE Football Dreams?
ASPIRE Football Dreams is a fascinating and unique
humanitarian football project dedicated to finding
talented football players in developing countries, the
initiative spans across Asia, Africa and South America.
Aspire Academy in Senegal has four football teams with
full scholarships, allowing the players to continue studying
at school while training.
We also have one team (94) based in Aspire Academy in
Doha, these players have also received full scholarships
that include their education and football training.
Aspire Football Dreams aims to give opportunities to
young football players from developing countries to
reach the heights of international football through careful
training and development, focusing on school education
and personality development at the same time.
Aspire’s aim is to develop Champions in Sports but also
Champions in Life.
The young talents will be prepared to manage their lives
successfully and to play for professional football clubs
and their respective home National Teams in the future.
Aspire cooperates closely with the involved National
Football Associations.
The selected talents inspire the local Aspire football
players by training, competing, studying and living with
outstanding talents as role models.
Aspire’s further objectives are e.g. to be recognized as
a leading sports institute in the world and to build up a
worldwide leading Football Talent Identification Program.
Launched in 2007, the ASPIRE Football Dreams project
has already tested over 3,000,000 young footballers
from Asia, South America and Africa as part of the largest
ever talent search within the sport.
The project relies on a team of professional coaches and
scouts, as well as on thousands of volunteers.
Vietnam Africa
Mali Ivory Coast
Asia Africa Latin America
Costa Rica
› 30+ of the Aspire Football Dreams scholarships
already trained with /played for their
respective Home National U-Teams the others
have not been selected mainly for age reasons.
› None of them represented Qatar
› One of Aspire’s additional future goals within
the “Aspire Football Dreams” Project is the
combination with even more social/health/
educational support for the involved countries.