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Taking advice from Santa Claus himself on how to
accomplish amazing things, Commodore Brian Hartwell is
ready to lead GIYC into an incredible year. At the Change
of Watch party on December 3, he pledged to make 2005
even more fun for all the members. He is rethinking many
aspects of how things have been done in the past to come up
with new and better systems. A case in point is this new
version of the Spray. He and Katie did considerable research
to come up with ways to improve the content and cost of the
newsletter. It may not have a fancy cover but the new Spray
will be filled with pictures of our members in action. Editor
Patti Duffett does the labor-intensive job of compiling the
Spray and choosing photos sent in by the club
photographers, and then burns the finished product to a CD.
Finally she takes the CD to a copy service where a computer
hooked up to an industrial copy machine prints directly from
disk to paper.
Over 100 members attended the Change of Watch
that featured a delicious buffet dinner prepared by Andrew
and crew. Hartwell’s longtime friend Rick Bohl made the
Wassail Toast with suitable ribbing of the new commodore.
Christmas music filled the air provided by Marion
Boardman’s piano-playing friend Jerome Wesselman. Ron
Spies led the group in Christmas carols sung from the heart,
while Ann and Todd Kissel organized photography of the
new bridge for publication in the Ile Camera. The group
thanked PC “JP” and Brenda for a job well done and
welcomed Rear Commodore John Clark and his Lady Ruth.
John Rose and Lady Fran proceeded with good humor to
rank of Vice Commodore. PC Shirley Roskopf announced
that our own hard-working Roger Pollack had won the
coveted PC Edward Lyden Memorial Achievement Award.
The entire evening took on a magical air in the surroundings
that were so beautifully decorated by Michelle Pandoff, Rich
Bartha, John & Fran Rose, Paula Wheeler, Patti, Jonathan &
Patrick Duffett. Outside Jim Butler had installed hundreds
of lights all over the tall pine tree north of the bar, and
Hartwells had lit the anchor and gate area.
On Sunday the 5th, the club was again packed; this
time with families ready to see Santa at the brunch held in
his honor. It was a happy, busy scene with dozens of
children and grandchildren of members all decked out in
their holiday best. Dick Savage and Peter Dion did
photography duty as each child climbed up to tell Santa his
heart’s desire, while Kim Savage provided a delicate
background of Christmas carols on the piano. A dozen lucky
people brought home lovely Christmas decorations created
and auctioned by the Sailmates and their spouses. It was a
wonderful weekend at GIYC filled with the holiday spirit
and warm camaraderie.
Grosse Ile Yacht Club-2005
Manager: Michael Golden
Chef Andrew
Flag Officers
Dr. Brian Hartwell
Bob Hawkins
Fleet Surgeon
Gary Dust
Vice Commodore
John Rose
Timothy Walker
Past Commodore
P/C John Perry
Rear Commodore
John Clark
Fleet Captain
Todd Duffett
Board of Directors
P/C John “Terry” McCarthy
Glenn Arendsen
P/C Bruce Milkins
William Malvesto
Gary Sonnenberg
Special Projects
Bruce Boardman
Roger Pollack
Tamara Dust
Richard Savage
Committee Chairpersons
Commodore’s Ball
Roger & Brenda Pollack
Dr. Matthew & Sue Dubois
Community Sailing
Dr. Matthew & Sue Dubois
Roy Baker
Commodore Brian & Katie Hartwell
Katie Hartwell, Rick Bohl &
P/C Kenneth Goffinett
Flags & Protocol
P/C Kenneth Goffinett
P/Cs Donald & Shirley Roskopf
Robert & Jeananne Joaquin
P/C Bruce & Diane Milkins
Michael & Lisa O’Donnell
Race Program
Richard & Kelly Bohl
Gerald Frabutt
Todd & Ann Kissel
P/C Kenneth Goffinett, P/C Russell Kissel, P/C
Ronald Spies, John Rose-alternate
DRYA: P/C Ronald Spies
I-LYA: P/C John Perry
Merchandising Chits:
Michelle Pandoff
Lynne Savage
Margaret Messer
Michiko Nielsen & Debbie Dion
Shirley Tracy
The Spray
Submit pictures (in .jpg format) and articles (in MS Word) to [email protected] .
Spray Logo:
Patti Duffett
Katie & Ellen Hartwell
Mari Frost
To save a tree and see the pictures in color, sign up to receive your Spray via email by contacting Patti at [email protected]
Thoughts from the Commodore 2005
Thank you, members, for allowing me to be Grosse Ile
Yacht Club’s Commodore. I’m proud to have my wife Katie
as my Lady, and as you know, we work and play as a team.
We are committed to serving and representing the club to the
best of our abilities.
I have three goals for the club this year:
1. Have the clubhouse, grounds and Harbor looking
attractive and well cared for.
2. Have written manuals and systems for club positions
and activities.
3. Make it FUN for everyone.
These goals should benefit all members. We are all volunteers
and when we are at the club to play or unwind we want to be
proud of it and enjoy our surroundings. When we accept an
elected or appointed position, we should feel comfortable
knowing that there are well-established guidelines to help us.
Then all we need to do is add our stamp of uniqueness or
apply talents that we have to improve it. Let’s try to make things easy and enjoy all that our club has to
HELP! It is truly essential for the vitality of the club that we increase our membership base. I challenge the
members to a brainstorming session. Write down or e-mail any idea you have to me or any officer or board member.
Does anyone have any marketing experience? Dick Savage has taken on the new position of Marketing Director for
the club to plan and coordinate our efforts in that area. Give him your help and best ideas to work with.
Although the club is “closed” during January there is a lot of work that will go on inside. The board will be
working on its yearly goals, a budget and a long-term financial plan. The kitchen will undergo repairs, the dining room
and bar will be re-carpeted thanks to the Sailmates, and other maintenance will take place. On February 6th the club
will reopen for the Super Bowl Party. The following weekend will mark the regular opening and a chance to enjoy a
Valentine’s dinner with your sweetheart.
We look forward to a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Commodore Brian Hartwell
Brian Hartwell, DDS
Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
“It is always smooth sailing at our
dental office because we care.”
Commodore Hartwell
2911 West Rd., Trenton, MI 48183
Verbiage from the Vice
Starting out on a sad note...Condolences to Todd Selby on the October 31 passing of his mother, former
member Elizabeth Selby.
WINTER ACTIVITIES – Carpet Tear Out Party- January 8th and 9th from 9am through 5pm each day. Beer
and submarine sandwiches will be provided by the Sailmates. Get your 2005 work hours in early. Needed...strong
backs, sharp knives. Contact Michiko Neilsen to volunteer – 734-692-3936. The club reopens with the Super Bowl
Party on February 6th and will remain open on the weekends following. The Lions will not be playing, nor will the
Tigers, nor will the Red Wings. Once again, the highlight should be the commercials, although the half-time show,
without Janet Jackson, will be dull enough that one might remember who is playing.
The Quest Ends - It’s all over. The quest for the most sought after award in the trophy case has finally ended.
That’s right, gentle readers. Your Commodore, Brian Hartwell, is the 2004 recipient of the Not So Jolly Roger Award.
My first act as Vice Commodore was to present the NSJRA to Brian in front of a full house of well-oiled well-wishers.
The C.O.W./Wassail attendees also had the opportunity to see 8 x 10 color glossy photographs (courtesy of Dick
Savage) of the reason Commodore Brian won. I have suggested that he autographs each photo and then we can auction
them off as a fund raiser for Junior Sail.
As 2005 begins, I would hope that the boating members support R/C John Clark in much the same manner as I
was supported. Even though six candidates for the NSJRA makes the final selection somewhat difficult, let’s make
2005 another “bang up” year. If, during the boating season, a mishap occurs, do not hesitate to inform your scribe so
that so that a written record can be made and probably embellished upon. Remember, one should not allow a few facts
to interfere with a good story.
Although the clubhouse will be closed during January, there are still several activities taking place. The 2005
Bridge and Board feel that we need to utilize the patio deck to a greater extent.
Therefore: Swinging Single Sailors, a.k.a. SSS, shall meet on Saturday @ 1pm to set their social calendar for
the summer. Everyone is invited; dress warm; the beer should be cold. Discussion topic shall be “How many weeks in
a light year?”
Junior Sail is again this year renting time on the Dialysis machine they bought for their parents. They
recommend an every fourth day program, starting the 2nd or 3rd of January. Usually 20 minutes is enough, but all
committee boat crew members should figure on a minimum of 40 minutes to make sure all remnants of hummers and
Jell-O shots are eliminated from their systems before the spring launch.
Shirley Tracy had been asking numerous members what had been written about her. It was suggested that she
read it, herself. So, she went home, only to find the Spray had already been pitched. So...she still doesn’t know.
Past Commodores shall hold a wine tasting event in an attempt to determine the best wine(s) to accompany
In closing, it is always darkest before dawn, so if you are going to steal your neighbor’s newspaper,
that is the best time to do it.
V/C John Rose
Happy New Year to all members of GIYC. Ruth and I want to thank you for your support in
electing me as your new Rear Commodore. We are looking forward to once again having a great time at
GIYC. It was great to see so many of you we’ve known for a long time and meeting some of you for the first
time at the Change of Watch. NEVC John Rose presented the Jolly Roger Award to NEC Brian Hartwell and
that was a highlight of the evening. John did an outstanding job. I hope that all of you had a great Holiday
Season and look forward to seeing everyone when the club reopens for the 2005 season.
Rear Commodore John Clark
Attention all GIYC Members!!
As you may know the Sailmates have purchased new carpeting for the first floor of the club. The carpeting
will be installed during January while the club is closed. As a cost cutting measure, we are requesting a team of
members to help remove the old carpet on Saturday, January 8th at 9AM and complete the job on Sunday
January 9th, if necessary. Sailmates will provide beer and sub sandwiches.
Please call Michiko Nielsen at 362-8144 to volunteer. This is a great way to get your 2005 work
hours in early!!
If we don’t have enough members committed to volunteering by January 3rd, we will be required to
pay $2000.00 for it to be removed professionally.
PLEASE call today and commit to help your club and fellow members. We can have fun doing it!!!
The Sailmates
Mark Your Calendars
Super Bowl XXXIX Party
Televised on our Big Screen
Eat and Draw Your Numbers from 5 pm
Until Kick Off at 6:25 pm
You wouldn’t see the game any better
even if you went to Jacksonville!
Need work hours for 2005?
Call Brian Hartwell and
Offer to Chair this easy to do party.
GIYC Passages
By Commodore Brian Hartwell
Looking through the boxes of stuff that filter down to us in this newly acquired position of Commodore,
Kate and I were intrigued to find this article written by Eva Glasius that had first been printed in the Spray in
1944. It has been reprinted at least one other time since, but we think it bears repeating for the benefit of new and
longtime members alike. We will publish this well written and very amusing history in installments over the next
three editions of the Spray. Our notes appear in brackets. As we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the
incorporation of our club this year, it is a fitting time to look back at our roots.
In 1934, a small group of men, interested in sailing, discussed the idea of starting a boat club. These men
had all sailed the waters of the Detroit River, Lake Erie, and Lake St. Clair, and some had even sailed as far as the
Orient. Every one was enthusiastic, and they immediately began preparations. The first meeting, held on Captain
Fred Burdeno’s veranda, was attended by fourteen men. Officers were elected and the dues set at two dollars a
In 1935, the club was incorporated, and two hundred shares of stock were sold at five dollars per share. A
houseboat, forty-five feet by sixteen feet was located, largely through the efforts of Dr. John Nagle, and purchased
for five hundred dollars. Mr. Burdeno kindly offered the club his land for their use, and the houseboat was
anchored off Burdeno’s Point, where it remained until 1938. The club paid the sum of one dollar for the lease of
the land.
Inter-club races and muskrat dinners were the main social features of the club around 1935 and 1936. At
[that] time, the boats were of various types and sizes, which made racing difficult, but this was by no means
sufficient reason to prevent this activity, and racing started as soon as the club was formed. Races were a
convenient means of settling friendly arguments, and when any disagreements came up, off the two parties would
go to fight it out with wind and sail.
The members found that they could depend on the houseboat’s sinking annually. Every year, a big
northeaster would blow up, leaving the furniture placidly floating inside, and the thick layer of mud covering the
floor. Everyone would help to raise and clean the houseboat and then life would calmly continue again until next
The Northeasters still come up, but since the houseboat is now on land, it is well protected. Last year, all
of the Nippers were out sailing when a storm broke. One by one all of the occupants were forced to swim, but
everyone was rescued and the boats towed back to the dock. In 1935, Dayton Burdeno was elected the first
Commodore of the Grosse Ile Yacht Club, and in 1936 presented the club with a perpetual trophy to be sailed for
by the catboats on July 4 each year. This has been done, though not on the date specified. [Actually we now do
sail for it on July 4 once again but not in catboats.]
Paul Toepp became Commodore in 1937, and the same year, Leander Knight was elected secretary, a
position he held until 1942 when Mrs. Knight became secretary.
Be sure to look for the next issue of the Spray to find out, when and how our club came to be located
where it is today, some 3.5 miles south of the original location, and how much this beautiful site cost the members
back then.
Attention Board of Directors and Bridge
Mark your calendars now for
January 6, 2005
7:00 p.m.
We will have a working financial meeting of the Board of Directors!!
News From Your Fleet Captain
All wellholders are reminded that in order to avoid unnecessary billing for 2005 dockage, those who
will be relinquishing their wells should notify the Fleet Captain in writing before January 15, 2005 (8863
Woodside, Grosse Ile, MI 48138 or [email protected]).
All dockage applications for 2005 must be submitted to me no later than January 15, 2005. This
applies to new wellholders as well as those who are interested in changing wells.
All members storing their boats on Peek-A-Boo Island, please remember that Fire Code prohibits
leaving shore power hooked up to your boat for any reason unless you are present.
Finally, dockage and other fees for storage services, etc. for 2005 will be published when finalized by
the Board or Directors.
Fleet Captain Todd Duffett
Summer Fun Rendezvous
Come and Play with the Rich and Famous!
The Thousand Islands
Alexandria Bay, New York
We have a large group of rooms in the heart of
The Thousand Islands
At the Bonnie Castle and Riveredge.
Help us find our own Island –
“GIYC Annex”
Visit the world famous Boldt Castleacross
from our rendezvous headquarters. Evening cruise
aboard the Bonnie Bell. Also, in Clayton, 20
minutes upstream to the south, visit the world
famous Antique Boat Museum.
Come by our own bus or drive (tow your boat) Or cruise there
on your boat – We’ll have Dockage available.
Rendezvous Chairpersons:
Bruce & Diane Milkins
Terry & Patti McCarthy
John & Karin Cozzi
Ron & Carol Stempien
Dave & Sandy Branik
For more information, call 676-7937
Lady Brenda and P/C J.P. celebrate for
different reasons than Lady Katie and
Commodore Brian!
The Goffinet
January 2005
Wednesday Thursday
New Year
by Fleet
7 p.m.
Bd of
Your Home
Martin Luther
King Jr. Day
Deadline for Toronto
Picture of the Month
Farewell to our old hoister!!
Grosse Ile Yacht Club
29677 East River Road
Grosse Ile, MI 48138
U.S. Postage Paid
Grosse Ile, MI
Permit No. 15