How to Market Yourself and ! Stay Relevant in the Digital Age!

How to Market Yourself and !
Stay Relevant in the Digital
Form + Func*on Manifesto Each member of our team is fascinated by the rela*onship between form and func*on. As clinicians, we are constantly working with our pa*ents to achieve a perfect balance between the two. A beau*ful smile starts on the inside with health and strength. Only then can we focus on crea*ng aesthe*c beauty. As doctors, we strive for the union of care and service, providing our pa*ents with what they need in a way that is ethical and comprehensive. But at the end of the day we are all people working together; person to person, and fostering rela*onships is the backbone of our prac*ce. •  Brain makes a judgment about a site in 20ms. That’s fast. (Google Research) •  Get their aLen*on in the first 10 seconds or lose them. (Nielsen/Norman) WHY USE SOCIAL MEDIA? Source: Social Media Field Guide 2nd ed – Krista Neher 75% of Facebook users are between the ages of 30-­‐65 50-­‐65+ is the fastest growing age group on Facebook 60% of baby boomers use social networking Source: Pew Research Center REPUTATION MANAGEMENT Try to Get Reviews on These Plaeorms •  Referrals don’t accept friend recommenda*ons at face value. •  79% accept online reviews as much as personal recommenda*ons. (Local Consumer Review Survey) •  Reviews (especially on Google) can mean higher ranking in local search results. •  85% read online reviews before making a decision. (Local Consumer Review Survey) •  67% read 6 reviews or less. (Local Consumer Review Survey) •  55+ is most trus*ng of online reviews.
(Maritz) •  DON’T BE AFRAID -­‐ A nega*ve review can legi*mize the good ones. Set Up a Review Strategy • Use post-­‐op email to ask for reviews in a post treatment thank-­‐
you email (though Yelp will block reviews from fresh profiles). • Promote your Yelp and Google Pages. • Take a proac*ve/services oriented approach. Set Up a Review Strategy •  Thank people for reviews. •  Reply to ALL reviews. Give thanks or rebut kindly. •  Reasonable responses to nega*ve reviews can clarify misunderstandings. Also shows you care. •  Responding is also a deterrent for more nega*ve reviews. Crisis Management •  Calm down before you act. •  1st -­‐ contact the pa*ent directly. Try to clear up misunderstanding. Don’t bribe them. •  2nd-­‐ Check to see if it can be removed. •  3rd -­‐ Publicly reply to the reviewer. •  Explain any misunderstanding for the sake of people who see the review later on. •  If the reviewer brings up a valid point let them know you will address it. •  Do not let reviews get posted from your computer or IP address. •  Do not ask family and friends. •  Do not post reviews from freshly created accounts. Filtered. •  Do not coach reviewers what to write. •  Companies have been fined for fake reviews. New Pa*ent Package THANK YOU! NEED MORE OFFICE PHOTOS HERE