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oversight online
How to make your life easier
The ongoing regulatory developments in the financial sector
have made the mission of compliance officers increasingly
complex. In addition to the regular controls that they have
to perform and report on, compliance officers often spend
much of their time addressing specific compliance issues
or grasping new regulation requirements.
Arendt Regulatory Solutions has designed CAROL to
make their lives easier.
What is CAROL?
CAROL stands for “Compliance And Regulatory Oversight
CAROL is a “software as a service” solution which allows
its users to control the compliance of a given regulated
entity with the help of an online control plan that fits the
entity’s regulatory status.
CAROL enables users to keep track of all regulatory
requirements applicable to the entity which trigger the
need for a periodic control.
CAROL provides a real time overview of where the entity
stands in the form of a compliance percentage score per
compliance topic and as a whole. It also gives its users
the opportunity to complete and report on the expected
The members of Arendt Regulatory Solutions use CAROL
when they act as compliance officers.
Who needs CAROL?
Our primary target clients are Luxembourg-based UCITS
management companies, alternative investment fund
managers (AIFM), banks and investment firms, who want
to approach compliance in a sound, structured and market
practice based manner.
1. W
eb connectivity & secured access
Enter a secure environment
Allow access to multiple users
Allow different entities to be covered within a financial group
2. What’s new?
et direct access to the latest
changes made in the Regulation
Mapping or in the control plan
displayed in the Workspace
3. Regulation Mapping
ccess a list of all published
legislation and circulars which
apply to the entity on the basis of
its regulatory status
he Regulation Mapping is
permanently updated by the
Arendt Regulatory Solutions
regulation committee and includes
direct links to the official texts and
available translations
4. Dashboard
anage your regulatory
environment by themes and topics
easure instantly how you score
on the compliance topics
isualise your global compliance
Call us for a live demo of CAROL!
5. Workspace
pdate or complete the selected
elect the compliance topics in
the Dashboard you would like to
examine in detail
etermine the sensitivity of each
requirement (high, medium, low)
and the corresponding risk of noncompliance
he Workspace provides a
summary description of each
requirement that is subject to a
periodical compliance control
6. Calendar
ork by reference to specific
control deadlines
se a sliding 24-month window
showing all controls attributed to a
particular user in a given month
7. Library
ttach any document to CAROL
that you would like to share and
access directly from CAROL
These documents may be
associated with a set of
compliance rules and provide
further explanations on how
the entity complies with the
References to external documents
are also possible if the storage of
documents on CAROL conflicts
with security policies
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