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How to get to Aachen
How to get to Aachen by car
From Düsseldorf (A44) / Cologne (A4):
At the highway intersection "Kreuz Aachen" follow the signs to
Heerlen / Antwerpen (A4)
Take exit Laurensberg / Richterich and turn right onto the
expressway to Aachen
Follow the road (L232) to the old city gate (Ponttor). At the traffic light, turn right
into Pontwall and take the first left (Wüllnerstraße)
At the traffic light, turn right into Templergraben, and the main building of RWTH
Aachen University will be on your right, the Kárman-Auditorium is at your left side.
Parking in Aachen
The Aachener Parkhausgesellschaft operates 11 parking garages with a total of 5,000 parking
spaces. The parking garages, centrally located in the city center, are open 24 hours for
customers, monitored by videocameras and equipped with state-of-the-art technology.
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How to get to Aachen by train
Travelling to Aachen, you typically have to change trains at the central station of either
Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf Hbf) or Cologne (Köln Hbf).
If you wish to travel to the meeting site directly, disembark at the train station “Aachen
West” which is a 10-15-minute walk to the main building of Aachen University of Technology
(RWTH Aachen).
Travelling from Cologne, you may have to disembark at the central station of Aachen
(Aachen Hbf).
Most of the trains from Düsseldorf stop at Aachen West.
If you want to go to your hotel first, you should get off at Aachen Hbf. There are many local
buses and taxis available. It takes between 5 and 30 minutes to walk to the various hotels.
Search your connection by using the Online Timetables
Tickets for short-distance connections can easily be bought from the ticket machine.
Enter the 4-digit code of your destination in order to purchase an adult ticket. Just
press the green buttom and insert the required amount of money. Your change will
be returned.
In the central train stations, you may obtain information and buy tickets at a counter
of the "DB ReiseZentrum"
At the central station, you need to find the departure track of your train. Look out
for the large yellow posters showing departures. In Düsseldorf there are separate
posters for long-distance trains ("ohne S-Bahn") and trams ("S-Bahn")
For further informationen please use:
Deutsche Bahn AG
travel information
phone: 0 800 / 150 70 90 (call for free)
The Euregiobahn ensure the traffic between Aachen and the netherlands.
The meeting may be conveniently reached by bus with stops near the main building of
RWTH Aachen:
• Templergraben (Bus line 13) and
• Driescher Gässchen (Bus lines 7, 13, 33, 44, 47, 77, 147)
For your mobility within Aachen, the following applies
Besides taking a taxi, you may also use the Aachen city buses for travelling from/to the
hotel/event site.
The meeting can be reached easily from the bus stops nearby the main building of RWTH
• Templergraben (Bus line 13) and
• Driescher Gässchen (Bus lines 7, 13, 33, 44, 47, 77, 147).
For bus schedules, you may use the following media:
The "Busspur-Online" (only in german) is the online information service for public
transport in Aachen which displays all bus connections.
Or you may simply use the state-wide number (0 180 3) 50 40 30 (0.09 Euro per
minute from T-Com telephone network), the customer can obtain bus schedule
information 24 hours per day, every day of the year. Moreover, the customer may
personally obtain information at the service counter of the bus companies in
Aachen. On evenings, nights and weekends, information may be obtained via a
state-wide CallCenter. Upon calling from a mobile phone (note fees of your
provider), you first reach a mailbox. You can reach the desired local information
service by typing in the local area code. If this number is wrong or not known, you
will be directed to the state-wide CallCenter.
How to get to Aachen by plane
90 km
Connections to Aachen Central
All local trains (S7) leaving downstairs
in the airport terminal building go
through Düsseldorf Central Station
(Hauptbahnhof=HBf) (direction
Sohlingen-Ohligs). Change trains in
1:30 2:00
15 20
Düsseldorf central station with
direction to Aachen.
A shuttle bus or the sky train within
the airport area takes you to the
airport's long distance train terminal.
Depending on the train connection
you choose, you'll have to change
trains in Düsseldorf and/or Cologne
central station (Hauptbahnhof)
1:30 2:00
15 20
The light train line S13 connects the
airport to the Cologne central
train station.
There are many train connections
between Cologne and Aachen.
1:30 2:00
15 20
light train line S13
~ 0:20
250 km
Look out for the long distance train
terminal inside the Frankfurt airport
buildings. There are frequent fast
train connections (300 km/h!) to
Cologne and a few direct connections
to Aachen.
The train connection between
Frankfurt Airport and Cologne Central
Station is also operated like a flight by
Lufthansa. There is a check-in counter
in the Cologne Central Station. You
can also check your baggage through
to Cologne.
1:30 2:00
55 60
143 km
You have to change trains either in
Brussels North or Central station
depending on your train connection.
ATTENTION: Latest daily train
connection at about 19:30 departure
85 km