Document 179800

ULD booking process in cargo spot
CRISTAL has functionality to auto rate the shipment at the time of booking based on the pricing
parameters applied to the booing record. This information is extensively used at HQ to monitor
and forecast the revenue for the next rolling two weeks. This information is very critical, as this
will drive commercial and revenue management actions to mitigate any potential downside.
However, we are observing lot of bookings to be either not priced or incorrectly updated, which is
driving these efforts to wrong directions.
Whenever a booking is made or updated, CRISTAL will attempt to generate projected revenue by
combining the information present in the booking record and previously set price records in the
following order - Ad hoc-> Contract rate -> Market Rate -> IATA rate. In case system is not able
to price either due lack of price record or due to conflicting parameters in the booking and price
records, the projected revenue will be nil. Currently, the projected revenue is optional, but will
be made mandatory for all commercial bookings when the network module is rolled out later this
But till such time, please ensure that the bookings are accurately priced right from the beginning,
instead of waiting till full data capture.
Please ensure below checks are undertaken to ensure that pricing is updated at the time of
Ensure that the booking has a price. You can check this by clicking on the ‘Calc rate’ box
on the booking screen. The freight rate per kg or per ULD should get updated .System will not
rate properly if parameters like PRICE CLASS, PRODUCT etc in the booking don’t match with the
PRICE /ADHOC record. Ensure that the parameters are matching.
In the absence of market rate/ contract rate or ad hoc rate, system will try to rate it based
on IATA rates. Unless intended, stations must ensure that correct ADHOC rate is applied to avoid
issues later.
The ULD type in ‘ULD data’ box should only be updated if the booking is expected to be
rated at a ULD price. This column must be left blank to update the operational information as per
current practice, please use ‘Handling’ remark field to update detailed information on TRU/QRT
In case of ULD rated bookings, the ULD information in the ULD box must be correctly
updated to reflect the ULD type and match to the number of pieces in the booking record. The
ULD type must also match to the ULD type in the pricing record. SLAC field should be used to
update actual number of pieces, but the ‘Pieces’ must match to the number of ULDs used.
[Exhibit- 2 in screen shot]
If the rate is rate is ‘All in rate’, then the ‘All-in rate’ check box in the Ad hoc record must
be checked.
The procedure to update the ‘ULD data’ box for a ULD rated booking and for that of loose rated
booking to ensure that the pricing is accurately updated.
Example AWB
Below is a ULD rated AWB – the Pcs must be 1 instead of 5.
SLAC must be filled with 5.
In the ULD tab ULD type should be as per the price agreed either PMC or AKE.
After the booking press on Calc Rate button to capture the projected revenue for the AWB.
With immediate effect, please ensure that the bookings are correctly priced at the onset and if
you face any issues in correctly updating the pricing - please contact your respective regional
revenue analysts or cargo systems team.