H-B Woodlawn edition

If you have the courage and memorize the simple rules in this book, you will
have what it takes to rise to the top of the business world!
How to Succeed in Business
Without Really Trying!
H-B Woodlawn edition
How to Succeed in
Business Without
Really Trying
Updated Edition Revised for Today’s Modern Executive
How to Choose the Right Company
How to Apply for a Job
How to Advance from the Mailroom
How to Dictate Memorandums
How to Develop Executive Style
…and Much Much More!!!
Directed by Bill Podolski
& Diana Haberstick
H-B Woodlawn, 4100 N. Vacation Lane Arlington, VA
Book by
Music and Lyrics by FRANK LOESSER
Based upon the book by SHEPHERD MEAD
Originally presented by CY FEUER and
ERNEST H. MARTIN in Association with
Directed by Bill Podolski & Diana Haberstick
January 31 and February 1 & 2, 2013
H-B Woodlawn Auditorium
presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International
(MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.
421 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212-541-4684 Fax: 212-397-4684
The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this
production is strictly prohibited.
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World Wide Wicket Company
Cast Bios, continued…
Imogen Thomas (Ensemble) is psyched to be a part of How
to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. This is her
second musical at H-B. She’d like to thank her parents for
driving her to and from rehearsal and she’d especially like to
thank Bill and Diana for devoting so much of their already
busy lives to this show.
Staff Directory
Cast Department
Book Voice - Mary McBride, HBW Assistant Principal
J. Pierrepont Finch – Akram Abudheer
Rosemary Pilkington – Nora LeValley
J.B. Biggley – Noah Harrington
Margaret Trombly (Elevator Girl
1/Scrubwoman/Wickette Girl) is a sixteen year
old at H-B Woodlawn. When she was just three
years old, she was put on the cover of People
magazine and Demi Moore offered to adopt her
right there, Queen Elizabeth also offered to adopt her but she
declined because she was too cool. In this past year, she
donated her brain for scientific studies on geniuses and it has
been proven that hers was bigger than Einstein’s, it is now
safely back in her skull so that she can use it to dance and
sing in this musical which you all should enjoy!
Hedy LaRue – Maddie Preiss
Jerome Walker (Mr. Tackaberry) is a
fantastic, hardworking young man who is the
best at what he does. He is neither related to
Lil’ Wayne or Kanye West. He enjoys
participating in HB Productions and will be
participating in the Cappies show in March
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Jerome is a senior. This is his last
year... finally, although he is highly depressed that he is
leaving his favorite asian and twin sister, Yolanda Cando.
Mr. Tackaberry – Jerome Walker
Bud Frump – Charlie Mai
Smitty – Julia Russo
Benjamin Bratt – Sam Lammie
Mr. Twimble – Johnny Bowman
Miss Jones – Yolanda Lyne Cando
Miss Krumholtz – Grace Evans
Mr. Gatch – Kyle Griffin
Mr. Jenkins/Wally Womper – Nathaniel Stern
Mr. Toynbee – James O’Duden
Johnson / TV Announcer - Ian Huber
Mr. Matthews – Jamie Staeben
Mr. Peterson – Ben Gessel
Mr. Ovington / Company Policeman – Luke Bultena
Scrubwomen & Wickette Girls – Sophie Nicholakos & Margaret Trombly
Elevator Girl One – Margaret Trombly
Elevator Girl Two – Ellie Avery
Elevator Girl Three – Arianna Hume
World Wide Wicket Company
Staff Directory
Department of Ladies of the Chorus
Ellie Avery
Sarah Linick
Catalina Bennhold
Gaby Marty
Eliza Bracy
Kendall Michos
Rachel Branman
Lizzie Nelson
Christine DeRieux
Sophie Nicholakos
Alex Gartner
Olivia Prosak
Genevieve Harms
Abby Slater
Amie Heng
Emma Snead
Ciara Hockey
Olivia Taylor
Arianna Hume
Imogen Thomas
Julie Kashmanian
Margaret Trombly
Cast Bios, continued…
Emma Snead (Ensemble)
Emma is thrilled to be apart of this fantastic
musical! This is Emma’s second musical here
at H-B and she loves every minute of it.
Emma would like to thank the wonderful Bill
and Diana for putting in so much time and energy for this
musical. She would also like to thank the wonderful parent
volunteers who helped out. Enjoy the show! WWKCD!
Jamie Staeben (Matthews) loves to preform on
the stage. This is his first H-B musical. He is
proud to be the only middle schooler in the
musical (7th grade!). Jamie hopes to do many
more musicals in his many more years at H-B.
He loves the musical and hopes everyone else loves it too!
Nathaniel Stern (Mr. Jenkins/Mr. Wally
Womper) Nathaniel turned 13 and a half this
year. Go Nathaniel. He hopes you were at
least taken aback by the sexism of this
fantastic musical. Boobies.
Olivia Taylor (Ensemble)
Ollie would like to thank everyone for coming to
this performance and recommends you all to get
her autograph before she performs at the Met and
becomes the next Yo Yo Ma. Ollie is an
incredible soccer player and enjoys carrying Gaby
Marty on her shoulders to go to Chipotle because Gaby wrote
her perfect bio. Ollie says thanks Bill and Diana and enjoy the
show everyone! Good Night!
World Wide Wicket Company
Cast Bios, continued…
Madeleine Preiss (Hedy LaRue)
Maddie Preiss is ready to werk it on stage
and she would like way to dedicate her
onstage behavior to her lovely nanny JJGoen
<3! Her main inspiration onstage comes from
her biggest role model: Honey BooBoo, who
has taught her how to maintain her confidence throughout
the show. She would like to thank Bill and Diana for making
everything possible and her beautiful cat Mitch for helping
her rehearse her lines. These last few weeks have been a lot
of werk, but only one phrase can describe how she truly
feels, “DANZA KUDURO!” Enjoy the show, in the words
of Alicia Keys, she will be the girl on fire. <3
Julia Russo (Smitty) Julia is very excited to be
participating in this incredible production. This is
her 5th show in HB Woodlawn and has enjoyed
every second of production time. Enjoy the show,
but please don’t take any advice from it.
Abby Slater (Ensemble) Abigail Slater is a
junior this year and this is her first musical at
HB Woodlawn. She has spent the last seventeen
years baking a lot of brownies, being president
of the Beautiful African Americans
Association, and has recently found out that she
is Princess of an island on the coast of Greece. Her first
policy is going to be to make sure that twerking class is part
of the list of requirements for graduating. Enjoy the show!
Staff Directory
Department of Pit Operations
Reed #1 - Bill Mulligan
Reed #2 - Ava Oaxaca*
Reed #3 - Evan Kopca*
Reed #4 - Jonathan Yanik & Dana Booher
Trumpet - Carl Lindquist & Ward Yager
Trombone - Mike Selover
Bass - Joe Rutkowski*
Percussion - Andy Bogorad*
Keyboards - Allan Decipulo
Conductor - Bill Podolski
*denotes HBW student
World Wide Wicket Company
Staff Directory
Crew Division
Technical Direction & Lighting Design: Stephen Shetler
Audio Consultation: Joel Bluestein
Tech Team: Matthew Cleavland, Jules Cohen*, Conner Fox*,
Ryan Levine*, Ciaran Lyons and Adam Norrbom
Set Consultation: Baron Pugh
Set Construction: Doug Bowman, Fred Haberstick, Glenn
Mai, Steve Nicholakos and Bill Podolski
Set Decoration Support: Kathy Nicholakos
Costume Design: Diana Haberstick
Costume Consultation: Anne Gorman
Costume Support: Diane Shinn, Jayne Bultena,
Kathy Nicholaksos, Ksenia Neubert* and Vanessa Piccorossi
Hair & Make-up Consultation: Theresa Flynn
Hair & Make-up Support: Jayne Bultena, Aujordan Hunt*
and Rosie Walker*
*denotes HBW student
Cast Bios, continued…
Lizzie Nelson (Ensemble)
Lizzie is a Sophmore at Hb and enjoys
watching Doctor Who and reading John
Green novels in her free time. She is a shining
star in the drama department and would like
to thank Diana for taking her under her wing and helping
make this production as great as it as. She would also like to
thank Bill for allowing her to take a part in his production!
Most of all, she believes that Gaby Marty is a saint for
writing her bio while she was sick and Lizzie is indebted to
giving her foot massages for the rest of her life Signature X
Sophie Nicholakos (Scrubwoman/Wickette
Girl) Sophia Aspasia Nicholakos is excited
to be doing her third musical at HB and she
would like to thank her cat Flossy for
patiently watching her practice her graceful
dance moves. She previously had 16 years
of experience balleting and she helped choreograph several
dance numbers in the musical. And she would like to thank
Amie Heng for dictating her bio.
James O’Duden (Mr. Toynbee) is a beautiful
sex God. That is all. Thank you Grace Cannon
for writing my bio.
Olivia Prosak (Ensemble)
is very excited to be in her second musical at HB.
She is a sophomore who has been heavily
influenced by the power of Chree. Olivia loves
dancing in the musical as well as at ballet. She is
so grateful for Bill and Diana’s hard work to make this
musical. Enjoy the show and get your 60’s groove on!
Cast Bios, continued…
Charlie Mai (Bud Frump)
Charlie Mai is the world’s most accomplised
man. He coined the phrase: “you wish, pal!”
Kevin Costner once cooked him breakfast after a
bad break up. He was once trapped under a boulder for 128
hours. In his high school yearbook, he was voted “Most”.
When he shampoos his hair, he uses Dove... blood. He once
slammed a revolving door. In fact, he is so accomplished, he
was able to get Jack Donaghy to write his bio.
Gaby Marty (Ensemble) Gabri Marty would
like to dedicate her performance on stage to
the lovely Cara Delevingne and her lovely
mother with eyes like the Ocean of Frank.
With her past experiences as a professional
ballerina she hopes to make everyone’s jaw
drop as her true Puerto Rican blood is revealed in every dance
move. She compares herself to an elegant flamingo
passionately sipping water from the pool of Townsend
Janney. Her sass and courage on stage is highly influenced by
her adorable younger brother Ariel, who, with many years of
training, she has taught to become irresistible to any lady,
regardless of age. Please enjoy the show, and try not to be
overwhelmed by outrageously gorgeous smile of Gaby Mary.
Kendall Michos (Ensemble) is in her sophomore
year; How to Succeed is her second musical and
her sixth HB play ever. She is excited about her
role as a coffee girl, which means she brings the
empty coffee cart out onto the stage. She believes
this to be a Tony Award-worthy role. She can also
be seen in the “petty friends” trio with her friends Alex
Gartner and Olivia Taylor; she’s the coolest of the three. Kind
of. Enjoy the show!
he first step in producing a musical is
choosing the right musical. I first saw
“How To Succeed In Business Without
Really Trying” on Broadway with Nick
Jonas a few years ago, and I thought, this would be a
really fun high school musical: great characters, fun
dance numbers and an enjoyable story. Little did I know
that so many of my students felt the same way. So when
I announced this show earlier this year, there was a great
amount of celebration. How right I was, as since
November it has been an absolute joy producing this
show. Our talented students have committed all of their
energy to bringing these characters and this story to life.
Where many shows have a timelessness to them, How
To Succeed really belongs in the era it was set. The year
is 1962. The Baby Boomer generation is entering the
workforce, the fervor of corporate America is on the
rise, and gender roles were what they were. 1962 allows
for a perfect setting for a young man to get caught up in
the busy working world of New York City, and a time
when a young secretary’s dream is simply to keep her
important husband’s dinner warm. Along the way, other
fantastic and iconic characters are established: the knowit-all-yet-nothing CEO, his sexy mistress and his
obnoxious nephew, the cynical secretary, and the uptight
personnel manager. The setting of The World Wide
Wicket Corporation allows us to explore the many
vignettes of the corporate world: the coffee break, the
mailroom and, of course, the board room meeting. And
this being a musical, each musical number draws from
the best of mid-century music, with the female ballad of
“Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm,” the three-part
harmonies of “Been A Long Day,” and the Sinatra-style
crooner of “I Believe In You.” Through the costumes,
the set, the music and the direction, it was our goal to
recreate this fantastic era and to allow the best of each
character, scene and musical number to shine.
A good story, though, would not be complete without its
thought-provoking question, and in this case I suggest
the question is, what does it mean to be a success? As
you look at the stage this evening, you will see a cast of
young people who are soon to be going out into the
world at-large to create their own paths to success.
Some may go to college, or some my go straight to
work. Some may move far away, while others will stay
close to home. Some will be doctors, others lawyers,
some may enroll in the military and the most misguided
will become music teachers (kidding!!). We of course
wish them all the very best but hope most of all that they
remember the lessons that Finch has learned. Success is
not defined by title or salary alone but by the people we
meet along the way and the love that we share with
another, and the journey towards success should be
enjoyed even more than the success itself.
It has been an absolute joy to produce this musical this
year. Once again, I am so grateful to be working with
Diana Haberstick, HBW’s Theater Arts teacher, who
Cast Bios, continued…
Julie Kashmanian (Ensemble) Julie is
thrilled to be able to be a part of this
production, her first with HB. She hopes that
you enjoy the show and that she doesn’t fall
on her face during a performance!
Sam Lammie (Bratt) Sam has been in 18 shows
at H-B, and is very pleased to be a part of this
musical. He is a senior, and has been at H-B for
like, ever. He likes sunsets and long walks on the
beach. He occasionally enjoys afternoon walks in
the park as well, but they aren’t nearly as
meaningful as strolls at dusk on the oceanfront. He hopes
you’re pleased by the show. Or something.
Nora LeValley (Rosemary) Nora is so
thrilled to be a part of her number one favorite
musical! This is her third musical production
at H-B and, in her opinion, the best one so far
(though she is a little biased). She would like
to thank her Mom for going thrift shopping with her and her
Dad for singing “Rosemary” every time the show was
mentioned. Oh, and she’d like to thank her sister for driving
her to and from rehearsal! This show was an amazing
experience and she’d love to thank her fellow cast members
for making it so wonderful. Enjoy the show!
Sarah Linick (Ensemble) is a beautiful young
lady with a gorgeous voice that makes you think:
Did it hurt? When she fell down from heaven?
Cuz she sings like an angel! She dedicates her
performance to her favorite brother Zack, who is
soon to be a Hollister model, and Christina Aguilera, who is
her role model. She hopes you enjoy the show, especially
when she comes on, because her voice shines like a diamond.
Cast Bios, continued…
Noah Harrington (J.B Biggley)
Noah Harrington has been in a plethora of
H-B Woodlawn productions, and has a soul
for the stage! There are very few lines this
boy will cross so please watch yourself!
Amie Heng (Ensemble)
Bands a make Amie dance! In the words of
Trey Songz, she would like you to DIVE IN to
the show and enjoy how she wobble baby
wobble. She is more than glad that she is now
BFFs with Ciara Hockey who taught her how
to twerk in between scenes. Enjoy the twerk fest! Hi Christine
Hahn and Evelyn!!!
Ciara Hockey (Women’s Ensemble)
Ciara Hockey is a New Yorker at heart who
has been utterly transformed by the power
of the “Chree.”
Ian Huber (Johnson/TV Announcer)
Ian is super excited to be a part of his first musical
and second H-B production. He feels lucky to
work with such an amazing cast and crew. He
hopes his luck doesn’t run out like those hot dog
stands do...those darn hot dog stands!
Arianna Hume (Elevator Girl 3/ Ensemble)
Arianna is so excited to be in her third musical
at HB! Every HB musical she has been in has
been so much fun. She would like to thank Bill
and Diana for putting on such an amazing
production. Please enjoy the show! <3
continues to elevate our production with her tremendous
efforts, vision and tireless work effort. I am so proud of
our cast. They are so richly talented, hard-working,
spirited and committed. Spending so much time with
these young people has been an inspiration and a delight.
So many parents have helped to create this world, for
which I am so very grateful, with a special thank you to
Mary Byrne & Kathy Nicholakos for always being there
no matter what the request. I am grateful for the
tremendous faculty and staff that I get to work with on a
daily basis, especially Eleanor Reed for being an ardent
supporter of our musical program, Mary McBride for
offering her voice of wisdom, and our fearless leader
Frank Haltiwanger for all of his loving support. Our
custodial staff is the very best you can find, and they have
been so patient and helpful. I am grateful for our talented
pit, as they truly elevate our musical experience,
especially our keyboard artist, Allan Decipulo. Without
the help of so many people, there is no way this
production could be, well, a SUCCESS!
- Bill Podolski
As You’re Climbing the Corporate Ladder, Be
Sure to Thank the Little People Who Helped…
We gratefully acknowledge the following:
HBW Administrators: Frank Haltiwanger, Mary McBride & Casey
HBW Custodial Staff: Daniel DeGarcia, Marcos, Sulma Diaz,
Lydia, George, Maria
Acting Coach: Tom Mallan
Ticket Sales & Box Office Coordination: Eleanor Reed
Box Office Support: Angela Adams, Carol Bowman, Daniela
Brancaforte, Margaret Egan, Diana Gordon, Laurel Hockey,
Stefanie Hume, Lisa Martin, Mike Nelson, Debbie Petcove, Diane
Shinn, Richard Stern
Ushers: Faith Claman, Amy Deireux, Margaret Egan, Richard
Kashmanian, Margaret Staeben
Program Design: Marcy Gessel
Cast Bios, continued…
Alex Gartner (Women’s Ensemble)
Alex Gartner is a sophomore. This is her first
H-B musical and she has enjoyed the new
experience. Much of her enthusiasm was
enhanced by the Chree who was so
inspirational from its transformation. She is excited to do
more musicals in the future and hope you enjoy the show.
Ben Gessel (Mr. Peterson)
This is Ben Gessel’s fourth H-B production
and first H-B musical. Ben would like to
thank the other members of the cast for just
being awesome. He would also like to thank
himself for this amazing bio.
Kyle Griffin (Mr. Gatch)
Kyle Griffin is a talented young man. What
else is there to say? He could be forty for all
no one knows. Secretly he is Edward Cullen,
just a little on the cuter and shorter side. He
plays Mr. Gatch, the talented head of random things, that
probably didn’t exist. He talently dances and sings and
speaks. His talent is overwhelming and he was at first
considered for the role of Hedy LaRue because he was so
Genevieve Harms (Ensemble)
This is Genevieve’s first musical with H-B
Woodlawn and she is very excited to participate
in this production. Enjoy the show!
Cast Bios, continued…
Yolanda Lyne Cando (Miss Jones)
Yolanda Lyne Cando is a senior. In her years
of living, though she does believe she was
Queen Elizabeth in her past life, she played
The Grudge in The Grudge, was the girl in
The Ring, and Katie in Paranormal Activity.
She has doubled for Lucy Liu, divorced Troy Polamalu,
Dwayne Wade, Taylor Lautner, and Brad Pitt. Ryan Gosling
has also built her a house, be jealous girls. Most importantly,
she was voted the ugliest baby at her hospital... but actually,
and here she plays a perfect role to live up this title. Enjoy
the show ladies and gentlemen! Don’t forget to go up to Bill
Podolski and tell him how amazing he is, he deserves all the
hugs possible.
Catering Coordination: Carol Bowman, Mary Byrne & Jennifer
Christine DeRieux (Women’s Ensemble)
Christine DeRieux is a sophomore and this is her
second musical. She has loved working on the
show so much, and has developed the Chree alterego during the process. Big thanks to Bill and
Diana for their hard work! Truly a transformative
experience. Hope you all enjoy the show and welcome to the
Grace Evans (Miss Krumholtz)
Grace is very excited to be in her final HB
musical! This musical has taken up the better part
of her year 2013 life, but at least she has Chipotle
up the road. This is her 7th and last performance
in the HB theatre program. She hopes that the rest
of the cast and the program keep up the good work and
continue to do numerous entertaining shows. Please don’t be
too serious while watching this musical and remember, if you
didn’t laugh, then you didn’t watch the show! Enjoy! :)
Special Thanks to Artistic Concepts Group
Catering Support: Angela Adams, Jayne Bultena, Amy DeRieux,
Diana Gordon, Laurel Hockey, Kathy Nicholakos, Tamara Preiss,
Diane Shinn and Margaret Staeben
Concession Coordinator: Diane Shinn
Concession Sales: Carol Bowman, Diana Gordon, Margaret
Photography & Web Support: Ian Huber*
T-Shirt Design: Alex Gartner*
This production was made
possible, in part, due to the
generous support of Wolf Trap
Grants for High School
Performing Arts Teachers.
How to Begin Making Contacts…
Biographies of the Cast
Akram Abudheer (J. Pierrepont Finch)
Akram is this year’s male lead! He is a senior
and has accomplished many things in his
eighteen years including managing to
aggravate William Podolski, having every
underclassman swoon over him and growing
at least a foot since sixth grade. He’d like to thank everyone
who has helped him get this far and hopes that you all enjoy
the show, it is only the beginning of his acting and singing
career, but watch for his face on your local buses, billboards,
“Wanted” posters and holding the hands of your daughters!
PS. Thank you Yolanda for writing this great bio
Ellie Avery (Elevator Girl Two/ Ensemble)
This is Ellie’s second musical at HB, her first
was Oklahoma! Over the summer, she went to
a Commadia camp at TPE. She loves to sing,
perform and write. She is so happy to finally
have a named part.... sort of.
Catalina Bennhold-Samaan (Ensemble)
Catalina is tickled pink to be in this
production, and it is her first musical with
HB! She thinks it is very weird to be writing
in third person, and she hopes that you
enjoy the show!
Cast Bios, continued…
Johnny Bowman (Twimble) Buenos
Noches ladies and gentlement! My name is
Johnny Bowman (in case you didn’t catch it
the first time in the heading) and How to
Succeed in Business Without Really Trying!
is my first musical! Here I play a quite talented mailman who
dreams to one day obtain his own office, which currently is
only a cubicle in the boy’s bathroom. As for my future in the
music department, I hope to be musically trained enough to
add onto my tap dancing skills, so I can be as stunningly
attractive as Bill Podolski.
Eliza Bracy (Ensemble)
Eliza is so excited to be taking part in such a fun
show! This is her 5th show at HB, but her first
musical! She is a freshman at HB, and is so
excited to direct a show later this year! Take it
from the top!!
Rachel Branman (Ensemble) This is Rachel’s
first production ever, and she’s very excited, it’s
such a funny show. Rachel is glad to have made
such good friends while in it. She’d like to thank
everyone involved in the show, and please enjoy!
Luke Bultena (Mr. Ovington/Company
Policeman) This is Luke’s first musical, and
he enjoyed being in this production. He
hopes you enjoy it.