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Smart Gas Metering
Walk-by system for various meters
Receive daily consumption
readout on monthly bases
Optimize sales with accurate billing,
consumers’ profiling and payment
execution with cut-off valve
Enable standard, bidirectional
communication for all meters with
universal wireless data logger
IMR WALK-BY GAS METERING is an effective way to introduce the Smart / AMR system to your natural gas
distribution business. Highly efficient radio data acquisitions permit the collector to get between 10 and 20 times
more readouts in same time, without the need of entering consumer’s premises! All readouts are accurate since
IMR system eliminates typical human errors. IMR system supports existing gas meters and introduces innovative
execution meter concept. In cooperation with Elster Instromet, AIUT, provides unique gas meter with radio controlled integrated valve.
What do you get?
How to introduce?
Accurate billing with latched, end of month readout
Specify software interface to particular billing system
Increased customer loyalty due to the advanced tam-
per detection and cut-off valve for payment execution.
supports most of the gas meters used worldwide, for
Accurate daily consumption permitting for consumer
other meters dedicated adapter is prepared
profiling, abnormal gas usage detection or meter op-
eration checking
Select consumers that are to be equipped with
cut-off valve integrated meter
Totally wireless solution with no cable connected
Plan data loggers for retrofit on sites and new
“pulser”. IMR data logger is featured with magnet
meters purchases. Data loggers are nearly ‘plug and
detector for credible tracking meter index
Easy to deploy, tailored to individual utility needs
Excellent price per value
See the collecon progress as data
Browse online the new readouts
Analyze consumpon and meter history
Interested? Please contact Aiut for pilot project details!
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tel.: +48 32 775 40 00
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Products branded with IMR logo have been designed, implemented and manufactured by AIUT
in Gliwice, Poland. AIUT holds all property rights to IMR logo and IMR system elements..
Smart Gas Metering
Walk-by system for various meters
APULSE is a wireless data logger with built-in pulse detector. APULSE is fitted into the pulser socket
of the meter index and registers consumption for 10 years without battery exchange. Every data
logger is equipped with LCD with an intuitive menu displaying: electronic index versus mechanical
index, gas meter serial number and battery level.
Battery lifetime
Meter type
10 years
Most types of diaphragm meters that are LF
pulser (reed switch) ready
Sealed on meter with dedicated adapter
Radio Frequency (hardware selectable)
169 MHz / 433 MHz / 867- 869 MHz , license free
Typical urban range
Min. 100m
OLAN is a wireless data logger, element of smart gas metering infrastructure. OLAN is fitted into
the pulser socket of the meter index and registers consumption for 10 years without battery exchange. Advanced function is a remote safety control of the valve, that is built into gas meter.
Battery lifetime
10 years
Meter type
Elster BK diaphragm with cut-off valve
Robust casing with secured valve interface
Radio Frequency (hardware selectable)
867- 869 MHz , license free
Typical urban range
Min. 200m
ARANGE is a radio transceiver which supports bidirectional communication with OLAN or APULSE
units. Conveniently fitted behind collector’s belt ARANGE provides transparent communication
tunnel for SITA application hosted on the paired smartphone.
Dedicated roof top antenna with magnet, can be connected to enhance radio reception and facilitate drive-by system, as well as expanding walk-by system to drive-by version.
LCD (HMI interface)
Battery level, outgoing and incomming radio
transmission, SN of last received unit
Downlink: Radio Frequency (hardware selectable)
169 MHz / 433 MHz / 867- 869 MHz , license free
Uplink Interfaces
Bluetooth 2.0
Battery lifetime
8 hours on battery
SITA software
SITA application pairs with ARANGE 6070 and uses “radio tunnel” to communicate with OLAN or
APULSE units. It collects readouts and manage valve control commands.
As collector moves around, acquired readouts are streamed on-line to backoffice server with 3G
uplink interface. SITA shows progress on map indicating which sites remain to be covered by collector. SITA can be hosted on any 3G smartphone or tablet that meets following requirements::
Operating system
Android OS 2.2 or higher
Downlink Interfaces
GPS, Bluetooth 2.0
Uplink Interface
3G or higher (HSDPA, LTE) for online data
upload and map navigation
Battery lifetime
8 hours on battery