The Tenant Why Vote? Special Election Edition! Federation of Metro Tenants’ Associations

The Tenant
Federation of Metro Tenants’ Associations
- Fighting for Tenants’ Rights since 1974 -
November 2006
Special Election Edition!
Why Vote?
How to Vote
By Dan McIntyre
1. Because it is your right.
2. Because many elections
are very close. Your vote
could make the difference
between a candidate who
understands the needs of
tenants and one who
doesn’t. One apartment
building could make the
3. Because you have an
interest in municipal issues
like parks, the TTC,
garbage services and
many other things – just
like homeowners.
4. Because you want to make
your voice heard regarding
enforcement of property
standards and other tenant
5. Because you are the best
judge of which candidate is
the best for your area.
6. Because politicians pay
attention to communities
where people vote.
7. Because it’s free to vote.
It’s easy. And you only get
to do it once in a while.
If your name is on the
voters' list you will receive a
voter information card in the
mail in late October. This
card will tell you where you
vote during the two weekend
days of advance voting and
on election day, November
If you don’t receive a voter
information card, call the
City of Toronto at 416-3381111 for more information.
For TTY service call 416338-0889.
If you don’t have a voter
information card by
November 13th, you may
add your name to the list
when you go to vote.
Please bring along at least
one piece of personal
identification with you
showing your name and
address in Toronto.
When you go to vote, bring
your voter information card
and at least one piece of
personal identification
showing your name and
address in Toronto.
At the voting location:
1. Give your identification
to a ballot officer who
will cross your name
off the voters' list and
give you a ballot and a
secrecy folder
2. Go behind a voting
3. Mark your ballot by
connecting the head
and tail of the arrow
next to the candidate of
your choice
4. Place your marked
ballot in the secrecy
5. Go to the tabulator
officer at the vote
counting equipment
who will insert your
ballot into the tabulator
6. Your vote is then
recorded and tallied
7. All numbers are stored
in the machine until the
voting location closes
Chiappetta, John
Mignone, Joseph
Milczyn, Peter
Roszak, Arthur
Tchernev, Bojidar
Ward 5 EtobicokeLakeshore
Daly, Shane
Lindsay Luby, Gloria
Mehta, Sam
Ward 4 Etobicoke
Holyday, Doug
Kudryk, Peter
Lança, Lillian
Vaughan, Ross
Ward 3 Etobicoke
Ali, Cadigia
DeSouza, Philip
Ford, Rob
Mark, Kevin
McKenna, Mike
Nobile, Nick
Ward 2 Etobicoke
Di Giorgio, Frank
Dominelli, Nick
Dugré, Michel
Renda, Joe
Sweeney, Keith
Ahinful, Francis
Berger, Ted
Caputo, Anthony
Hall, Suzan
Lucas, Andre
Mulhall, Rosemarie
Prevost, Brian
Verma, Sonali
Bernardo, Beverly
Colautti, John
Freeman, Tom
Hanna, David
Hubick, Barry
Jarsky, Walter
Lojko, Ted
Perks, Gord
Quinn, Anthony
Santos, Rowena
South, Dilorece
Talpa, Jimmy
Vezina, Matthew
White, David
Ward 14 ParkdaleHigh Park
Coltman, Linda
Garrick, David
Hamara, Greg
Oniszczak, Aleksander
Saundercook, Bill
Wdowczyk, Frances
Ward 13 ParkdaleHigh Park
Ward 12 York SouthWeston
Ward 1 Etobicoke
Amirpour, Sanaz
Ladd, Colleen
Shiller, Ed
Shiner, David
Ward 24 Willowdale
Chifor, Cornel
Choudhary, Mohammed
Filion, John
Manlangit, Ignacio
Miller, Andrew
Ward 23 Willowdale
Newman, Rob
Reynolds, Gord
Walker, Michael
Ward 22 St. Paul’s
Adams, John
Corpuz, Tony
Mihevc, Joe
Sewell, John
Ward 21 St. Paul’s
Cole, Desmond
Kennedy, Helen
Lowry, Douglas
Ouellette, Chris
Priolo, Carmin
Sharma, Devendra
Tuan, Joseph
Vaughan, Adam
Ward 20 TrinitySpadina
Braniff, Donna
Burke, Alan
Bussin, Sandra
Gallos, William
Greer, John
Lewis, John
Maier, Erica
Mele, Luca
Williams, Matt
Ward 32 Beaches
Davis, Janet
Hindle, Mark
Minos, Steve
Murton, Paul
Subotich, Leonard
Ward 31 Beaches
Chin, Edward
Fletcher, Paula
Kraemer, Patrick
McCormick, Suzanne
Nicastro, Daniel
Zubiak, Michael
Ward 30 TorontoDanforth
Alexopoulos, Diane
James, Andrew
Ootes, Case
Richardson, John
Smith, Darryl
Wilson, Hamish
Ward 29 TorontoDanforth
Aynedjian, Hratch
Baking, Jose
Ching, John
Lee, Chin
Lee, Min
Mansfield, Malcolm
Navamanikkam, Thadsha
Robertson, David
Shi, Scott
Yeung, Sonny
Ward 41 ScarboroughRouge River
Eren, Sunny
Kelly, Norm
Pappas, George
Ramjeet, Winston
Ward 40 ScarboroughAgincourt
Cook, Wayne
Del Grande, Mike
Kung, Samuel
Lu, Lushan
Smith, Sunshine
Wong, John
Ward 39 ScarboroughAgincourt
Babb, Clement
Binetti, Michael
De Baeremaeker, Glenn
Hare, Bruce
Jensen, Kirk
Reodica, Willie
Sandor, Dan
Shah, Tushar
Ward 38 Scarborough
The List of Candidates for City Council by Ward
Page 2
The Tenant
Ferreira, Paul
Gualtieri, Rocky
Mullings, Pansy
Nunziata, Frances
Ward 11 York SouthWeston
Berkovits, Magda
Dumalag, Alex
Feldman, Michael
Freedland, Robert
Royz, Max
Smith, Craig
Toutchinski, Igor
Ward 10 York Centre
Augimeri, Maria
Protsenko, Vlad
Ward 9 York Centre
Dang Tan, Hau
Green, Garry
Li Preti, Peter
Omar, Abdulhaq
Perruzza, Anthony
Tiwari, Ramnarine
Ward 8 York West
Anthony, Sandra
Cutler, Fred
Mammoliti, Giorgio
Perlman, Larry
Ward 7 York West
Bonavota, Rosina
Cohen, Howard
Moscoe, Howard
Papouchine, Alex
Singer, Ron
Stamatopoulos, Dino
Tavares, Eva
Cain, Jem
Chalmers, Rosalie
Day, Matthew
Del Grande, Tony
Grimes, Mark
Kash, George
Markiewicz, Danuta
Melnyk, Walter
Wowchuk, Gregory
Ward 28 Toronto
Bortenstein, Howard
Cartmell, Holly
Ghazi, Baquie
Harrison, Connie
Khan, Yaqoob
McConnell, Pam
Perez, Catherina
Boragina, Nick
Pantalone, Joe
Sawision, George
Syed, Hïmy
Bezanson, Rob
Gapka, Susan
Golench, Carol
Johnson, Cam
Leroux, Gary
Rae, Kyle
Reid, Chris
Young, Daniel
Ward 27 Toronto
Ackloo, Derick
Kallmeyer, Jamie
Thompson, Michael
Ward 37 Scarborough
Ashton, Brian
Crompton, Greg
Gasparotto, Eddy
Sonier, Ron
Ward 36 Scarborough
Ahmed, Sharif
Berardinetti, Michelle
Brausewetter, Michael
Calderon, Armando
Carey, Jason
Cocon, Axcel
Festino, Tony
Harris, Dan
Heaps, Adrian
Kilpatrick, Michael
Lovatsis, Norman
Moyer, Elizabeth
Russell, Worrick
Ward 35 Scarborough
Ahmed, Atiya
Maxwell, George
Minnan-Wong, Denzil
Salek, Susan
Walsh, Gary
Ward 34 Don Valley
Ward 26 Don Valley
Alam, Muhammad
Aminvaziri, Bahar
Aybars, Orhan
Carroll-Smith, Michele
Dhanani, Mohamed
Ingar, Abdul
Jabbar, Raza
Kettel, Geoff
Lechter, Debbie
Maniates, Natalie
Masterson, John
Parker, John
Thomas, David
Vegh, Csaba
Williams, Fred
Caplan, Zane
Carroll, Shelley
Conlon, Jim
Tsang-Fahey, Sarah
Tung, Anderson
Ward 33 Don Valley
Blair, John
Boyle, Robertson
Dickins, Tony
Jenkins, Cliff
Kapsalis, Peter
Ward 25 Don Valley
Ward 19 TrinitySpadina
Ferguson, Lloyd
Giambrone, Adam
Le, Nha
McMillan, Jim
Rawling, Jim
Wookey, Simon
Ward 18 Davenport
Basantes Espinoza,
Bravo, Alejandra
Dominelli, Fred
Faria, David
Palacio, Cesar
Scalabrini, Cinzia
Valdez, Gustavo
Ward 17 Davenport
Bosnick, Steven
Darby, Charm
Pantaleo, Albert
Rifkind, Yigal
Stintz, Karen
Watt, Steve
Ward 16 EglintonLawrence
Ward 15 EglintonLawrence
Ward 6 EtobicokeLakeshore
Tenants in all
wards may vote
for the Mayor.
For a complete
list of Mayoral
Candidates, visit
the City’s website
Blair, Donald
Hall, Diana
Mirza, Mohammed
Moeser, Ron
Richardson, Kevin
Rieger, Richard
Ross, Richard
Wellington, Kevin
Ward 44 Scarborough
Ainslie, Paul
Chhabra, Amarjeet
Khan, Mujeeb
Kitchen, Glenn
Laforet, John
Patel, Abdul
Robb, Jim
Ward 43 Scarborough
Ather, Mohammed
Cho, Raymond
Irwin, Bonnie
Nadarajah, Kumar
Ward 42 ScarboroughRouge River
The Tenant
Page 3
Tenant Hotline at
Or call: City of Toronto at
This map is just a quick way of checking what ward you’re in. If you want to
know where to vote, either go to:
The Back Page
The Tenant