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dudes fhe concert featuring the
band Taha Two, desserts, soft
drinks and specialty coffees. For.
reservations: 354-4047.
Watty iterative entertainment
with musician David Detang in an
intimate coffeehouse environment
The evert w» be held at 7:30 pm
Feb. 21 at the Faculty Dining
Room at Armstrong AlantJc State
Onrvereity. The event te free and
open to tie pubic. 927-5300,
COMCCftTMT - Armstrong Atlantjc State University w«1 present
"Baroque and Beyond," an evening .of eaity music performed by
Lorraine Jones, assistant principal
flutist of the Savannah Symphony,
and VaB PNKps, concert master of
the orchestra, at 8 pan. Feb. 22.
This event wil take place in the Art
Galery of the Fine Arts Building on
the Armstrong campus. The program wW feature works of J.S.
Bach, G.F. Handel, J. Quanta and
W.A. Mozart, accompanied by
Gene Jarvte, harpsichord and
fortepiano. Admission is free, and
the public is invited.
MUSIC FARM. 32 Ann St., Chartsston - The foeowing acts are
scheduled to ptay.:
Matthew SwettwH
Feb. 7, $10.
Feb. 8, $7.
over 21, $8.
Ticket* to theeashows avalable through Souti Carolina Automated Ice. (803) 577-4500, MWel
as the Music Farm. (803) 853FARM.
•VMeMMMMIIMfi *97 ~ A showcase of eight local bands tor the
pubic and record label executives.
TMa yea/a performer Include
Backwoods, WaHace Green,
Steighboy Abrasions, Ausotu*
Sense, Squad 5*0, Roeoo. 8JM.O.,
Prefrninariea wl be held at
noon and finals at 8 p.m. Feb. 1 at
the Fine Arts Auditorium at Arm•tnong Atlantic Stale University.
Cost for pretminaries Is $3. finals,
$4, and both events, $5. Sponsored by Rock Me Productions, 2102 FM, and Rody's Music. Cal
STtNMNT MCITAL - A general
recttal of Armstrong Alantte State
University music majors wil be
held at 7 p.m. Feb. 6at Lutheran
Church of tie Ascension, 102 Bui
St. The redtal Is free and open to
the public. Cal 927-5325.
senior redtal featuring two Arm-
stongAianfc Stats Un*versty
students, Sonie Yodar, mezzo-ecprano. and John Cdwards. piano,
wfl be held at 130 pjm. Feb. 8 at
the Fine Arts*Audstorium at Am>
strong AHanHc State Unrversty.
The recital is free and open to the
pm Feb. 1, Johnny Mercer Theatre, Lease B. Dunner, conductor.
.and Kyle A. Lombard, vtolrv
Program Includes: JUIiisaiiM
tls^aitnrtr. An American Fanfare;
Duke EMngton. setechons from
The River;" George Water. Lyric
for Strings; Tciiafcovaky. Vtolin
Concerto, movement No. 3; and
Prokofiev. Excerpts from "Romeo
and Juliet" Free concert. Sponsored by dty of Savannah. Department of Cultural Affairs/Leisure
Services Bureau and Carson Products.
Tickets are avalabte at the Savannah Symphony Box Offce. 226
Abercom St.; Savannah Civic Center Box Office, Lfcarty and Jefferson; dty of Savannah. Department
of Cultural Affairs, 6 E. Bay St.;
and Ben SheftaJI Beauty ft SuppV
Store and al Today's Beauty
stores. For more Information, cat
the SSO Box Offce at 236-9536 or
(800) 537-7894, outside Savannah.
MaatsfWorfcaVl - 830pjm.
Feb. 8, Johnny Mercer Theatre.
Savannah Symphony Orchestra
Gary GraHman, piano.
Program includes: I
Overture to "The School for ScaridaT; Ravel, Ptano Concerto for
Let Hand; and Dawaon. Negro
Fok Symphony. Sponsored by
Coastal Bank.
Tickets are $12-$40 and are on
sate now and may be purchased
by caUng the SSO Box Office at
236-0636 or (800) 637-7804 (outside Savannah). Also, Words on
Mueto, beginning at 730 p.m. In
the Simms/Traub room. SSO's
pre-concert lecture series features
SSO vktfrtat. Margo Ames.
"Words on Music" to free and open
to (he pubic.
Free Concert - 5 p.m. Feb 9,
St. Thomas Episcopal Church. Savannah Symphony CMc Orchestra, Scott Speck, conductor, and
David Warshauer, associate conductor.
Program features works by
fMABsVAa* ••atifisV «*w4 ••
uviuvit Ueifiutv •no lYvnovi.
Sponsored by Pubic ft Publx Super Markets Charities, inc.
For more Information regarding
the Savannah Symphony Civic Orchestra, caN Caroline Whkkfon,
Education Coordinator and Opera-
Symphony at 236-9636 or (800)
537-7894 (outside SawMVtah).
Fab 13 at Heaanfc Center, 14
West Andereco St., Savannah
Symprtony Orchestra PMspGreenberg, oonductor, Ed Kuhn, trumpet, and Anne Cafferty. vtoln.
Program includes; Paul
SchoenleM. Vaudsv«e; UvHs*>
rtton, Concarto for Vtoin and Hv0
Percussion; and Melaan, UMe
Suite. Host sponsor: St. Paul's
Qraek Orthodox Church.
Tickets are $40 for general admtesion seating and single tickets
are $15 (general admission). For
more information contact (he SSO
Box Office at 236-9535 or (800)
537-7894 (outside Savannah).
Savannah Symphony Pope
Orchestra - 8 p.m. Feb. 15,
Johnny Mercer Theatre. Savannah
Symphony Orchestra Scott Speck,
jMHKK^ajp conductor, presents
"Man* Gras on Bourbon Street"
wtt) Pete Fountain, King of Dixieland, clarinetist. Sponsored by
Ameribank, Savannah Morning
News and Guifstream Aerospace.
Cat fhe SSO Box Offcett
236-9536 or (800) 537-7894 (OUtskfe Savannah) lor tickets and ad- 3 pjn. Feb. 16 at Johnny Mercer Theatre. Savannah Symphony
Orchestra Scott Speck, associate
program. "Symphony Under the
Program highlights includes:
selections from WmekySsM-Seent, Glare and much
more. Sponsored by Savannah
Adut tkketB are $8 and chldren $6, tickets are on sale now
cal the SSO Box Office at
236-9536 or outside Savannah
(800) 537-7894.
Music In the Schools- Feb.
In-Schooll Ensemble Demonstrations. Savannah Symphony
String Quartet and Savannah
Symphony Woodwind Quintet. .
Sponsored in part by American Express Phtanthropte Foundation.
For more information. caH fhe
SSO Box Office at 236-9536 or
How to get stuff in Calendar
The Savannah Morning News and Carolina Morning News welcome
Murmatton for our Calendar testings. Mght (^ubs, Muste, Theater and
Audrtton listings appear in Friday Diversions. Attractions, a list of area
tourist sites and norv^ntertainment events is on Saturday's
Community News page, and Arts, Classes/Tafes/Readfngs are Hated
hi Sunday's Arts and Travel section. Information must be submitted
IN WRITING by 5 p.m. one week prior to puMcation. Items without
information such as date, time, place, sponsor, coat or phone number
may not be used. The Cak* idar list Ings are free. The newspaper
reserves the right to reject Kerns at the editor's discretion.
Unsolicited information or photographs cannot be returned.
Cut out this form and send information to:
Community News Desk
Savannah Morning News/Carolina Morning News
P.O. Box 1088
Savannah. Ga 31402
Or fax information to 912-2346522
(BOO) 537-7894, outside Savannah.
state hi the Schools- Feb.
* bvSchool Ensemble Demonstrations. Savannah Symphony
Woodwind Quintet Sponsored in
part by American Express Phlanthropic Foundation.
For more information, caR Vie
SSO Box Office at 2364536 or
(800) 537-7894, outside Savannah.
Msrterworka VI - 8:30 p.m.
March 1, Johnny Mercer Theatre.
Savannah Symphony Orchestra
PnHp Greenberg, music director
and conductor, soloists Jufia
Kemp, soprano, and Guy Renard,
sohn, Incidental Music from "A
Midsummer Might's Dream." and
Mendelssohn, Lobgesang with
the Savannah Symphony Chorus
and the Jacksonvie Symphony
Chorus. Sponsored by Del Webb's
Sun City HiHon Head.
Concerts tickets ranging form
$12-$40 are on sale now and may
be purchased by caling the SSO
Box Office at 236-9536 or (800)
537-7894 (outside Savannah).
Also Words on Music, the
SSO's pre-concert lecture series
features Associate Conductor
Scott Speck, and wi be held on
the second floor of the Mezzanine
hi the James Simms/Frankln
Traub room on the west side of fhe
Theatre beginning at 730 p.m.
"Words on Music" is free and open
Young People's Concerts 1WJ6 a.m. and 11:36 am March
5-7, Johnny Mercer Theatre. Conductor Scott Speck leads the orchesta In performances of Wagner's Stegfrtend's Rhine Journey,
Debussy's La Mar, and Ftoesbfs
WWam Tel Overture. Sponsored
In pert by Chatham County Board
of Education.
Friday's penfrmances are
avalable to fhe DuMc for 13. For
more Information, cal Carosne
Whktdon, Director of Communtty
RafaMtom at Savannah Symphony
Office, 236-9538 or (800)
537-7894, outside Savannah.
-•roadway Bound" wNh Bernade«ePetars - 8 p.ra March 8,
Johnny Meroer Theatre. The Savannah Syiiiphony Pope Orchestra
tod by Associate Conductor Scott
Speck. The Queen of Broadway
bins the Savannah Symphony for
one night only. Corporate sponsor:
Tickets are $48, $37, $26.50
and on sake now. Cal fhe SSO
Box Office at 236-9536 or (800)
537-7894 (outside Savannah).
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