How to Measure Agent Performance across Productivity & Quality

Topic 1 :
How to Measure Agent Performance across Productivity & Quality
Daniel Ord, Chief Executive Officer, OmniTouch
In this brief session we will examine ‘what’ constitutes Agent Productivity – an often misunderstood
concept with many different definitions out there.
We will begin by looking at Occupancy (or Utilisation) to understand how Agent Occupancy and
‘Number of Calls Handled’ come into play. We will continue our discussion by looking at Adherence to
Schedule – comparing and contrasting to Occupancy.
Finally, we will consider Quality – a big KPI – and present an elegant solution as to how to measure your
Agent Performance across both Quality & Productivity.
The Impact of Technology on Contact Centre Performance
Ong Boon Leong, Sales Manager, Asia (Customer Collaboration), Cisco Systems
In today's environment, customers increasingly expect and demand instant gratifications. They are tech
savvy (instant access to the right resources for comparative shopping); and they are bringing all sorts of
personal devices into the purchasing experience.
In this session, we will share with you how technology and tools can help to improve match rate and
agent utilisation while reducing average handling time. The topics in this session include strategies on
how to identify caller intent and matching it with the best available resources. In addition, we will share
with you how technology today, can dynamically update agent attributes (skills) without the need for
supervisor administration to improve Contact Centre performance.
Topic 2:
The Power of Collaboration Brought to Life (Demos)
Speaker 2:
Ong Boon Leong, Sales Manager, Asia (Customer Collaboration), Cisco Systems
Munazzah Mehdi, Solutions Architect, Logicalis
There will be three demos included in this session:
 Mobile Applications:
Learn how mobile apps can help identify your customers’ intent, so that any enquiries can
be better matched and directed to the relevant agents who are the subject matter experts
in their respective areas of knowledge.
Finesse Desktop:
Find out how this next-generation agent and supervisor desktop provide easy access to the
applications and information required by your customer service organisation through a
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customisable web-based interface. It offers your customer care representatives an
intuitive, easy to use desktop design to help improve their performance and satisfaction
which in turn enhances their ability to provide quality customer service.
Precision Routing and Reporting
Discover how this offers multidimensional routing with simple configuration, scripting, and
reporting. Agents are represented through multiple attributes with proficiencies.
You can use a combination of attributes to create multidimensional precision queues. Using
Unified CCE scripting, you can dynamically map the precision queues to direct a call to the
agent that best matches the precise needs of the caller.
Also, see how a web-based reporting application that provides real-time and historical
reporting in an easy-to-use, wizard-based application allows Contact Centre supervisors
and business users to report on the details of every contact across all channels in the
Contact Centre from a single interface
Topic 3:
Customer Case Study – SMRT Taxis
Speaker 3:
Eunice Lui,
Acting Deputy Director of Customer Relations, SMRT Taxis Pte Ltd
Hear from SMRT Taxis how it has achieved its business goals of raised productivity and improved
service quality with the complete call centre solution offered by Logicalis, which leveraged Cisco’s
unified communications platform.
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