WORLD How to Change the ... H

How to Change the
G enesis 1:26 -28, 2:5
Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho...
Weekly Recommended Resource
Mastering Monday
by John D. Beckett
Experience the
“John’s book is a must for every
Christian who strives for integrity
and completeness with God in
all of life.” —Henry T. Blackaby,
President of Blackaby Ministries
International, co-author of
Experiencing God
John Beckett once again speaks
to all of us in business on the true
teachings of Christ in regard to the
‘oneness’ of our spiritual life and
our life at work. Mastering Monday
gives us examples from both
biblical times as well as current
events on the struggle that all
leaders face, and many examples
of leaders who have based their
leadership philosophy on JudeoChristian values and the blessings
that have followed.”
Celebrating God’s Work
in the World
January 23rd – February 13th
Engage in service to God
Empower the least of these
Encourage the global church
You can have an impact.
Global Impact Sunday
February 13th
Available in the
Peachtree Bookstore.
On the cover:
Photo from the interior of Sagrada
Familia Church In Barcelona, Spain.
Peachtree mission
P e a c h t r e e P r e s b y t e r i a n C h u r c h
welcom e
welcom e
t o P e a c h t r e e P r e s b y t e r i a n C h u r c h
Where everyone’s welcome, nobody’s perfect, and anything is possible.
Today in worship
This morning, Chuck Roberts will preach at 8:45, 10:00 and 11:15 a.m. as we
continue our sermon series “How To Change the World—and How Not To”. The
scripture for today’s sermon “Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho…” is Genesis 1:26-28, 2:5.
Today in the 11:15 Summit service we will be commissioning our mission team
to Pakistan. Team members Cheryl Burke, Gaylen and Allie Baxter, Tom Dadds,
Jennifer Gensler, Staci Graham, David Pelton, Jean and John Hehn will depart
on Wednesday for Lahore where they will continue to build upon Peachtree’s
strategic partnerships with Forman Christian College and the Presbyterian
Education Board of Pakistan.
Come down to “Take 10” in the Williams Center immediately after the service.
You’ll find coffee, lemonade and a cookie waiting.
• Tours of Peachtree: If you are new to Peachtree and would like to learn more
about all of our exciting environments, begin by taking a Tour of Peachtree! Tours are offered the second Sunday of every month and begin in the Williams
Center after each worship service. Next Tour: FEBRUARY 13
• Exploring Peachtree:
Join us in Room 2315 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. where you’ll learn more
about Peachtree and have the opportunity to join our church community. This
interactive class is led by the Evangelism Team who will help you get connected at Peachtree. A light breakfast will be served. Next Class: TODAY
To schedule a Tour or register for Exploring Peachtree, please contact Brooke Baldasare,
Evangelism Associate, at [email protected] or call 404.842.5825.
As we prepare to worship we ask that all cell phones and beepers be turned off and that food and drinks
remain outside the Sanctuary. Parents, we want this time of worship to be a meaningful experience for
your family. If, during the service, your child needs attention, the seating area in the Williams Center
is available to you. The Williams Center is equipped with comfortable furniture and closed-circuit TVs
so you can continue to participate in the worship service while tending to the needs of your child.
Closed-circuit TV is also available in our Mommy & Infant Room just off of The Williams Center.
www . p e a c h t r e e p r e s . o r g 3
C e l e b r at i o n o f
february 6, 2011 | 8:45, 10:00
to worship!
morning all of us
will go to work
in some form
or fashion: as
a student, as a
parent, as a lawyer
or an electrician.
We spend our
days working –
but what for? The answer to that
comes from the
story of creation in Genesis 1
and that will be
the focus of our
worship today. In 1907 while
vacationing in
Henry van
Dyke described
in this hymn
the many
aspects of life
that bring us
joy. Notice how
God’s gifts of
joy and love are
closely linked. What brings
you joy this
11:15 a . m . services
Assemble in God’s Name
Prelude������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Nicholas Bowden
Chiming of the Hour
*Call to Worship
The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim
the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech;
their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the end
of the world. (Psalm 19:1-3)
Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; his greatness no
one can fathom. My mouth will speak in praise of the Lord.
Let every creature praise his holy name for ever and ever.
(Psalm 145:3, 21)
**Hymn of Praise Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee��������������������������������������������������������� HYMN TO JOY
Page 7
Lighting of the Candles
Placement of the Bible
Prayer of Confession
Gracious and loving God, by the power of your word all
things were created. By grace you formed man and woman
and gave them work to do. All things exist to display your
glory. Forgive us for times when we resent our work.
Forgive us for exchanging your glory for a paycheck or a
job title. Help us to see our work as an expression of your
work in this world. Remind us of the calling you gave us
at the beginning of time, and make us equal to that calling
as we prepare for the week ahead. Hear us now as we
continue our confession in silence…
Assurance of God’s Forgiveness
*Those who are able, please stand. **Ushers will seat latecomers at this time.
P e a c h t r e e P r e s b y t e r i a n C h u r c h
*Congregational Response
Gloria Patri (all singing)�������������������������������������������������������������GREATOREX
Glory be to the Father, and to the Son,
And to the Holy Ghost;
As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be,
World without end. Amen. Amen.
**Life of the Congregation
The “Ave
Verum Corpus”
was written
during the
last year of
Mozart’s life,
the same
summer he
received the
to write his
Are you in a small
group or want to
dig into the sermon text?
Sermon study
questions are
available in the
Teaching Library
section at www.
Invitation To Prayer
Take, O Take Me As I Am���������������������������������������������������� John L. Bell
The Chancel Choir
Take, O take me as I am; Summon out what I shall be;
Set your seal upon my heart and live in me.
Take, O take me as I am; Summon out what I shall be;
Set your seal upon my heart and live in, O Christ, in me.
Pastoral Prayer and Lord’s Prayer
Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.
Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors,
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil
For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.
Offering Our Gifts
Offertory The Majesty and Glory of Your Name���������Tom Fettke
The Chancel Choir
When I gaze into the night skies and see the work of your fingers;
The moon and stars suspended in space.
Oh, what is man, that you are mindful of him?
You have given man a crown of glory and honor,
And have made him a little lower than the angels.
You have put him in charge of all creation:
The beasts of the field, the birds of the air, the fish of the sea.
But what is man, that you are mindful of him.
O Lord, our God the majesty and glory of your name
Transcends the earth and fills the heavens.
O Lord, our God, little children praise you perfectly, and so would we.
Alleluia, Alleluia! The majesty and glory of your name. Alleluia!
*Doxology (all singing)������������������������������������������������������� OLD HUNDREDTH
Praise God from whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.
www . p e a c h t r e e p r e s . o r g 5
Are you in a small
group or want to
dig into the sermon text?
Sermon study
questions are
available in the
Teaching Library
section at www.
God of Grace
and God of Glory
was written by
Harry Emerson
Fosdick for the
dedication of
Riverside Church
in New York City
in 1930. Where
do you need
God’s wisdom
and courage this
week? Where do
we need it as a
Listen to God’s Word Read and Proclaimed
Sermon Series: How to Change the World–and How Not To!
Scripture: Genesis 1:26-28, 2:5���������������������������������� (pew Bible, page 3)
Sermon: “Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho…”��������������������������������������� Chuck Roberts
Pastor for Congregational Life go in god’s name
*Hymn of Response
God of Grace and God of Glory����������������������������������������������� CWM RHONDDA
Page 8
Taking the Light into the World
*Invitation and Benediction
*Postlude��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Nicholas Bowden
The beautiful flowers in the Sanctuary this morning are given to the glory of God and in loving memory of
David Bradley Brown.
They are the gift of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Brown (David and Donna)
The beautiful flowers in the Sanctuary this morning are given to the glory of God and in loving memory of
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Howard.
They are the gift of Mr. and Mrs. William D. Young, Jr.
and family.
P e a c h t r e e P r e s b y t e r i a n C h u r c h
www . p e a c h t r e e p r e s . o r g 7
P e a c h t r e e P r e s b y t e r i a n C h u r c h
sanctuary services
leading the worship
8:45 & 10:00 & 11:15
Vic Pentz, senior pastor
Chuck Roberts, pastor for congregational life
Marnie Crumpler, executive pastor
Jay Madden, pastor for mission
Jay Madden, pastor for mission
Mark Crumpler, pastor for teaching and spiritual formation
Jay Madden, pastor for mission
8:45, 10:00 & 11:15
The Chancel Choir
Mary Hoffman, director of music ministries
Nicholas Bowden, principal organist
Lighting the candles
Emma Axelson & Mary Axelson
Elizabeth Nicholson & Will Drambel
Jack Whitten & John Lyons
Joseph Wilson, Jr.
Will Wray
Becky Young
sUMMIT services
leading the worship
8:45 & 11:15
Bryan Dunagan, teaching pastor
Joe Ryan, director, student ministries
Ryan Horne, worship leader
www . p e a c h t r e e p r e s . o r g 9
Su n day W o r s h i p S e r v i c e s
• 8:20 a.m.
• 8:45 a.m.
• 8:45 a.m.
• 10:00 a.m.
• 11:15 a.m.
• 11:15 a.m.
Communion Service, Wilson Chapel
Sanctuary Worship
Summit Worship
Sanctuary Worship
Sanctuary Worship
Summit Worship
Worship Broadcasts
AIB – Sunday at 10:00 a.m., Monday and Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. AIB is now a digital channel on Comcast.
Live webcast on Sundays at 8:45, 10:00 and 11:15 a.m. worship services. An archive of all sermons is available on demand at
Guest Parking
We invite our guests to park in the Dogwood Deck across the street from the Sanctuary.
Peachtree Express – Satellite Parking for Sunday Services
Securities Center
Securities Center is located at 3500 Piedmont Rd. Buses run from 9:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.
Buses pick up at the loading dock at the end of the property closest to Peachtree St.
Cates Center
Cates Center is located at 110 East Andrews Dr., between West Paces Ferry and Roswell Road. Buses run from 7:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m.
Powers Ferry Square
Powers Ferry Square is ½ mile north of the church on the west side of Roswell Road.
Buses run from 7:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m.
At the church, buses drop off and pick up at the Welcome Center. Window signs
indicate the parking site served. Detailed maps are available in the Welcome Center and on Peachtree’s website at
The bookstore is located in the Welcome Center. An audio CD copy of today’s sermon is available for purchase in the bookstore following the 10 a.m. service.
Monday–Friday: 10:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.
Sunday: 8:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
The Pattillo Library is located on the balcony above the Welcome Center.
Monday–Friday: 10:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.; Wed: 4:15 p.m.–6:00 p.m.
Sunday: 9:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
The Lodge Cafe
Monday–Friday: 8:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. | Saturday: Closed | Sunday: 8:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m.
10 P e a c h t r e e P r e s b y t e r i a n C h u r c h
classes & communities
Open to AllRoomTime
Sola Scriptura (Bible Study)
The Hope Class (adults with developmental disabilities) Latitude and Longitude (God’s Work in the World)
The Amazing Collection (Bible Study) 4303
2102 2303
2309 8:55
10:00 11:15
Young adults: 20s—Early 30sRoomTime
Renewal (twentysomethings)
Foundations (engaged, newly married)
Proclaimers (couples)
The Gym, 2402
The Gym, 2405
The Gym, 2403
Adults: 30s & 40sRoomTime
Adventures (singles, age 30-somethings)
Explorers (single, married parents of young children)
Outfitters (couples with/without children)
The Commitments (couples)
LifeMates (couples)
Bread Breakers 4307
Adults: 40s & 50sRoomTime
The Vine (singles)
Single Horizon (Singles 45-65)
Anchor Class (singles and couples)
Christ Connection (singles and couples)
Legacy (couples)
Partners in Faith
Kellett Seminar
4305 3309 3311
10:00 10:00 10:00
10:00 10:00
Adults: 50s & 60sRoomTime
Credence (singles and couples
Celebration (singles and couples)
Anchor Class (singles and couples)
Unity (singles and couples)
Discovery (singles and couples)
Mariners (singles and couples)
Seekers (singles and couples 50 and over)
Heritage (singles and couples)
The Gym, 3403
The Gym, 3405
10:00 10:00
10:00 10:00
10:00 11:15
Grand Adults: 60+RoomTime
Covenant (singles and couples)
Gene and Martha Wilson (singles and couples)
Agape (singles and couples)
College: Peachtree U
The Lodge, 4204
High School: Wired
7th & 8th: Plugged in
5th & 6th: Fifty6
The Lodge, 4211
The Lodge, 4111
The Lodge, 4108
God’s Little Garden
The Pond
The Zone
8 Weeks – Toddlers
2 – K
1st – 4th
1st – 4th
8:30 – Close of Last Worship
8:45, 10:00, 11:00 8:45, 10:00
Greeters on nursery, preschool and elementary halls will direct you to the appropriate classroom.
All children’s halls can be accessed from the Welcome Area in Family Commons.
www . p e a c h t r e e p r e s . o r g 11
LifeGate: The Truth About Love
Love is the most important quality of
human life and the least comprehensible.
Until we understand the nature of love,
we are destined to live in a state of
continual disappointment. The course of
true love is a series of highs and lows that
are inherent to love and exist in every
committed relationship.
You are invited to join Bonnie Wallace
as she guides you through the various
stages of love—from infatuation to the
deep connection that is the hope and
heart of every committed relationship. She
will provide insights to help you navigate
love’s peaks and valleys. These tools will
serve as a guide for creating relationships
that lead to long-term fulfillment whether
you are single or married.
Thursday, March 3, 12:00–1:00 p.m.,
The Lodge. RSVP by February 28th to
[email protected] or 404-842-3150.
BYO Lunch, or buy something on site at
The Lodge Café (before the seminar). For
childcare reservations call 404-842-5839.
LaAmistad Buckhead 5K, February 26
Benefitting the LaAmistad Child, Youth and
Family Programs, the run will start at The
Gym and wind through flat to gentle slopes
in Buckhead. Cost: $25 pre-registration
($30 day of run), $10 for 18 and under ($15
day of run). Register in person at The Gym
or online:
Start times (rain or shine):
5K: 9:00 a.m.
1 K Fun Run: 9:45 a.m.
Tot Trot: 10:00 a.m.
For more information or sponsorship,
contact Jon Naphin at 404-493-1703
or [email protected]
Sunday Bible Study Survey
11:15 a.m. in Room 2309
This class is a sequential study of each book
of the Bible beginning with Genesis and
concluding in Revelation. It provides a basic
foundation for entry- and mid-level students
in a two-week study cycle using a DVD and
a workbook.
12 02.06.11
open to all
Crossroads Career Network
Come to our free Crossroads meeting in
The Lodge on Monday, Feb 7th to hear a
special presentation by Robert Worley of
THE WELL® Marketing Communications, Inc.
Simplifier, organizer, long-term planner,
and brand builder for private entity clients
in expansion mode, Robert is a networking
specialist who maximizes management skills
and creative talents to help others achieve.
From this presentation, you will be able to:
• Establish a proactive attitude toward
• Gain insight into how your accurate
branding is essential to your networking
• Learn how to define your network
targets and then focus on them
• Learn how best to use the Internet in your networking process
• Receive handouts with tips and website
resources needed to expand your
• Understand the value of networking as a lifetime skill
Meeting registration and resume review
begin at 6:30 p.m., with Robert’s
presentation at 7:00, followed by a review
of the Six-Step Crossroads process for
finding a job. You will then have time to
attend one workshop and choose to either
have your resume reviewed or network
with other job seekers to compare your
process and identify potential employers.
For more information, go to:
Thursday Noon Time of Prayer
Prayer Ministry invites you to join us to
pray on Thursdays from noon–1:00 p.m. in the Harrington Library off the Williams
Center. All are welcome as we lift up the
Peachtree community and beyond to our
God. Stop in for the whole hour or just
a few minutes; pray aloud or silently; we
would love to be with you as we gather
together in prayer.
P e a c h t r e e P r e s b y t e r i a n C h u r c h
PPC Preschool Fashion Show
The Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool is
proud to host an Orient Express fashion
show and silent auction. Proceeds will
benefit The City of Refuge. The event is
March 25th from 9:30–11:30 a.m. in the
Fellowship Hall. Tickets are $25.00 and
can be purchased by contacting Kristen
Blankenbecler at [email protected]
com. We are also accepting donations for
the silent auction. If you have an item you
would like to donate, please contact Mary
Millians at [email protected] Becky and Vic Pentz and Marnie and Mark
Crumpler have agreed to be auctioned
off this year to the highest bidders. The
winners will be their guests for dinner and
LIFESPAN: A Day Out for Seniors
Know a senior adult who needs a safe place,
friendship, understanding, and a place to
have fun? LIFESPAN’S Day Club for Seniors
in now open all day on Mondays, Tuesdays
and Wednesdays. The Day Club staff plans
activities geared to individual needs and
interests. A core of caring, trained volunteers
of all ages contribute their time and talents to
add to our family-like atmosphere.
The Day Club is located at 3003 Howell Mill Road, NW, Atlanta, 30327. Call for a reservation
to come have lunch and experience our
program first hand or call the office of
LIFESPAN Resources with your questions
404-237-7307. For more information visit
Word Before Work
WBW resumes on Tuesday, February 15th
as we continue our topic of Putting Your
Faith to Work. Dr. Mark E. Crawford,
Atlanta psychologist, author, speaker, and
friend to Word Before Work will lead us
as we ask “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…
Who Am I After All?“ 7:15–8:30 a.m.,
Room 2315, light breakfast provided.
For more info and to register, visit www. For on-going bible
studies which meet on Tuesday mornings
and evenings, please visit our website.
www . p e a c h t r e e p r e s . o r g 02.06.11
LifeKeys Workshop:
Discover Who You Are
If you want to learn more about who you
are in God’s sight, identify your gifts and put those gifts into action, attend LifeKeys
on February 25-26 (Friday 6:00–9:00 p.m.;
Saturday 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.) at
The Lodge. This interactive workshop on
Friday night and Saturday will be a journey
of self-discovery. Facilitated by Rev. Vicki
Franch, Ellen Warden and Nancy Vason,
LifeKeys will help you appreciate your Godgiven abilities and interests and find ways to honor God by doing what you do best. It is ideal for women facing career choices
or life transitions. Sponsored by Women
Mentoring Women, the workshop costs
$40, which includes a workbook and two
meals. To register, contact [email protected] or call 404-842-3157.
Women’s Community Bible Study
A non-denominational Bible study open
to all women, meets on Wednesdays at
9:30 a.m. in the sanctuary for worship and
teaching, followed by small groups which
meet from 10:15–11:30 a.m. We continue
our study of Jennifer Kennedy Dean’s “Live a Praying Life” and we welcome new members to join us. For information
on registration, visit our website at or contact Susan Johnson
at [email protected]
New Study: Beth Moore’s Beloved
Disciple, The Life And Ministry of John
Thursdays, 10 a.m.–noon, Room 2202,
February 24–May 12, 2011
According to Beth Moore, “Every disciple
and early follower of Christ left a legacy
for future believers. John’s legacy was
love.” Through 11 weeks of personal
study, group discussion and Beth Moore’s
video teaching, we will find our way to the
heart of Jesus. Nursery will be available
for $5 per child per session. For further
information and to register, contact Lesley Wheeler at [email protected]
Presbyterian Women
• Monday, February 7th at 10:00 a.m.
Church and Community Circle will be held at the home of Jane Walsh, 150 Enclave Circle NE, Atlanta, 30342.
For more information, please contact
Peggy Knight at 404-252-0223.
• Tuesday, February 8th Circles will meet
at 10:00 a.m. (coffee at 9:45) as we
continue our study of Revelation with
Lesson 5 and 6. Our program entitled
Dear Reader or Letters From the Editor
will begin at 11:15 in Fellowship Hall. The program will be presented by
members of the Christian Book Club Charlotte Walker compiled and will narrate this program. For more
information or to be join a small group/
circle please contact Jean Jakes,
[email protected] or 770-587-6739.
Peachtree MOPS (Mothers of
Infants-to-Preschool-aged Children)
The Peachtree MOPS chapter exists to
walk beside mothers of preschoolers as
we grow together as women, mothers,
and friends. Peachtree MOPS offers
fellowship with other mothers of all ages
and stages, light snacks, small group
discussions, and presentations from noted
speakers. Members will be supported with
resources carefully selected to encourage
growth as women, mothers, wives, and
friends. For more information contact
[email protected]
Young Adult Small Groups
Looking for a place to find community
with other young adults and grow in
your faith? Join a men’s, women’s, or
couple’s group which meet at a variety
of times and locations around the
city. To register for a small group, visit or contact
Miriam at [email protected]
14 02.06.11
Coffee Talk for Young Adult Women
You’re Entering the No-Drama Zone: Learning to Create Drama-Free
Relationships. Drama is great for TV
viewing, but it can take its toll on our
relationships. Relationships that vacillate
from hot to cold, talking everyday to
the silent treatment, safe and secure
to suspicious and untrustworthy, leave
us confused, hurt and frustrated. Join
LifeGate Counseling Center’s Mazi
Robinson on Tuesday, February 15th
at 7:30 p.m. in the The Lodge Café as
she discusses the dangers of drama-filled
relationships, ways to identify drama-prone
individuals, and how to create drama-free relationships in your personal and professional life. Questions? Contact Mazi Robinson at
[email protected] or Miriam Ryan
at [email protected]
Dominican Republic Mission Trip
Jesus commissions us to “go and make
disciples of all nations” and “to love the
least among us.” There is no better way
to catch the vision of HOPE International
than to see firsthand how lives are being
changed. Join Peachtree’s Young Adults
for a mission trip to the Dominican
Republic on April 13th-17th. Interact
with loan recipients, local HOPE staff, and
church leaders to see what microfinance
looks like from their perspective. Visit for
more information.
IRONMEN — Peachtree Presbyterian’s
Ministry With And For Men
This Winter and early Spring, IRONMEN will be reading and discussing Steven
Cesari’s book Clarity as we try to learn how
to adjust our lives to make a more positive
impact for Jesus Christ at home, at work and
in the greater community.
Join us on Tuesday mornings in The
Lodge at 7:00 a.m. for a welcome and brief
comments, then a speaker, and follow with
honest conversation around tables. The
program concludes at 8:00 a.m., and you
are on your way to work! For more info:
P e a c h t r e e P r e s b y t e r i a n C h u r c h
New Small Group for Couples
Are you looking for a place to find
community with other couples in their 30s
and 40s (with or without kids) and to grow
in your faith, all while working on your
marriage? Join us for a seven-week study
based on the DVD/book series “Men are
Like Waffles, Women are Like Spaghetti:
Understanding and Delighting in Your
Differences.” This study is “designed to
help you and your spouse love and support
each other in seven key areas: acceptance,
service, encouragement, forgiveness,
devotion, motivation, and edification. And
each lesson is sprinkled with the secret
ingredient—the Word of God.” It will take
place on Wednesday nights at the church
starting January 26th from 6:30–8:00 p.m. Childcare is available. Please call Trish or
Jeff Sprain at 678-528-8226 or email Jeff
at [email protected] to find out more
and/or sign up.
• Ski Retreat: March 14-18
College students will be joining Wade
as they ski Park City and Solitude in the
great Wasatch Mountains of Utah. This
will be the perfect opportunity for you
to unwind and have a great time with
friends before finals and the close of
another semester of school. High School
• Wired—Sunday mornings 10:00-11:00
a.m., Summit (Room 4211)
• Ten6–6:00-7:30 p.m. Students meet in
The Lodge as a large group for dinner,
and then break into small groups.
• Superbowl Party TONIGHT!
Prizes, food, friends and good times had
by all. We will get together to watch the
big game and eat until we drop. This
year the party is at Jon Glass’s parents
house: 920 Greyfield Place NW, Atlanta,
GA 30328. www . p e a c h t r e e p r e s . o r g 02.06.11
High School
• Pajamapalooza—February 19th
Grab your favorite set of PJ’s, onesie, or
snuggie and come join us for a night of
fun and excitement at The Lodge as we
will spend the night playing wild & crazy
games as well as watching movies and
eating dessert from 8:00–11:00 p.m. For
more information, please see the Students
page of
• Senior Night Dinner–March 27th
If you are a senior, we want to thank
you for your participation in the Student
Ministry by hosting a dinner in your
honor. This evening will be a time to
reflect upon the past and celebrate
upcoming graduations.
Middle School (7th & 8th Graders)
• Plugged-In—Sunday mornings
10:00-11:00 a.m., The Lodge Canyon
• Outlet–6:00-7:30 p.m. Meet in The
Lodge as a large group for dinner, and
then break into small groups
• Metamorphosis—Can’t wait until
Ducktown? Looking for a break from
the winter blues? Stuck in a cocoon?
Join us as we spend a weekend away,
February 18–20, worshiping God and
learning more about Jesus. Questions?
Contact Mary Beth Dickey at 404-8422195 or [email protected]
• Thrashers Game–Does the name
Ondrej Pavelec ring any bells? Well
it should, he is the starting goalie for
the Atlanta Thrashers, and who we are
going to cheer on to victory against the
dreaded Canucks, Saturday, March 25th.
• Area Mission Project (AMP): April 16th
We think having fun is important, we
also think having fun while serving others
is really important. Three times this
year, middle school ministry will create
opportunities for the entire family to step
out of the walls of our church and serve
the city of Atlanta. On this day, we will
participate in a furniture drive benefiting
the Atlanta Furniture Bank.
Fifty6 (5th & 6th Graders)
• Sunday Mornings—from 10:00-11:00
a.m. Room 4108, The Lodge
• Laser Quest: April 15
We just can’t get enough! We’re going
back to Laser Quest!
For more information about these
events, please visit our website—
God’s Little Garden
Ages 8 weeks — Toddlers
Sunday Mornings 8:30 a.m. through the close of the last service. Contact: Beth Mercer, Director of Nursery
Ministry, 404-842-2190,
[email protected]
The Pond
Ages 2 — Kindergarteners
Open during the 8:45, 10:00, and 11:15 a.m. services. Contact: Jan Williamson, Director of Children
and Family Ministry 404-842-2188,
[email protected]
1st — 4th Grades
Programming during the 8:45 a.m. and
10:00 a.m. services; The Zone open
during the 11:15 service. Contact: Julie
Flint, Elementary Ministry Coordinator,
[email protected]
music ministry
Robert Spano at Peachtree
The Peachtree Music Ministry is pleased
to host Robert Spano, world-renowned
conductor of the Atlanta Symphony
Orchestra, in a piano recital with the
Franklin Pond String Quartet*, Tuesday,
February 8th at 8:00 p.m. in Kellett
Chapel. Admission is $10.00 at the
door. (*Franklin Pond is a summer string
program for pre-college students; the
featured quartet are their faculty, all who
play in the Atlanta Symphony themselves)
Join us!
16 02.06.11
Spring Musical Auditions, Grades 1-6
This year’s spring musical for children is
Oh Jonah!, a fun, energetic musical about
Jonah and his adventure with a big fish.
Oh Jonah! teaches about responsibility
and obeying God’s commands. Even
when we are put in sticky situations, God is always there to protect and help us see His love.
The performance will be an evening of
singing, dancing, and praising God’s name on Sunday, May 1st at 4:00 p.m. Auditions for Oh Jonah! are open to
all 1st–6th graders and will take place
Wednesday, February 9th starting at
6:00 p.m. in Room 2101. Contact Chris
Barry, Director of Youth and Children’s
Music, at [email protected]
or 404-842-3148 for more information.
Grand Adults
Valentine Luncheon Banquet
Mark your calendars for the 9th Annual
Valentine Luncheon, Saturday, February
12th, 11:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m., Fellowship
Hall, $12.00 per person. Great fellowship,
food and entertainment. For reservations,
contact Celeste Cody at 404-842-5853
or [email protected]
Handyman Guild
Provides minor home repairs for members
who are over 55, widows, widowers, or
single parents. Contact: John Gamwell,
Current Events from a Biblical
and Theological Perspective
Meets on the fourth Tuesday morning
of the month from 10:30 a.m.—noon in
Room 2402. Led by Rev. Don Jordan and
Steve Huntley. What does it mean to look
at what’s happening in the world from
God’s perspective?
Friday Grand Adults Bible Study
Open to All, 12:30–2:00 p.m., Room 2203. P e a c h t r e e P r e s b y t e r i a n C h u r c h
Grand Adults
Good Old Time Gospel Singing
If you like the old Gospel songs, Bill Gaither
style, you will love these events! Come
join us every 4th Sunday at 12:30 p.m.
in Room 2202. We will play a 90-minute
video of a Bill Gaither Homecoming event.
You can sing along if you like or just enjoy
the video.
Presbyterian Day At the Capitol
Thursday, February 10th at 9:00 a.m.
No Charge. To register, or for more
information, email Karen Turney at
[email protected] If you want to ride
with our PPC group on our midbus, please
call Steve Huntley at 404-842-5828 by
February 4th. We will meet in the Welcome Center at 7:45 a.m.
Join God’s work in the world…is this the year for you to experience what it is like to follow
Jesus in a different culture? Be part of one of Peachtree’s global mission trips and see God
at work. For more information, go to
Early Spring Mission Trips
April 2-5
The Salvation Army February 13
School For the Blind
April 13-17
Hope International
February 20
June 10-17
Build bamboo
March 15
June 22 – July 7
Teacher training
March 15
June 29 – July 11 Malawi
Sunday School
teacher leadership
March 15
July 1-11
School build
March 15
Apply by
Information and contact:
Staci Graham at [email protected] or 404-842-2198.
Windy Hill Hospital
Susanne Van Scyoc
Raechel & Andy Moorhead
Girl: Reese Marie, 12/21
Life Care Center of
Tom Groover
Janis Abernathy
Member Deaths
Sarah Patram, 1/22
Katherine Powell, 1/28
Family Member Deaths
Patricia Gooding Helfer, 1/21
Mother of Doug Gooding
and Grandmother of
Emily, Haley & Katherine
Katherine Powell, 1/28
Wife of Hank Powell and
Mother of Kappy Powell
Jim Workman
www . p e a c h t r e e p r e s . o r g 17
su pport
Stephen Ministers
Stephen Ministers are trained to be confidential listeners who support and
comfort people in times of need. If you
would like to be assigned a care giving
Stephen Minister, call Rev. Vicki Franch
at 404-842-2571.
Cancer Care Team
We can match both cancer patients and their family members with Cancer Care team members. Contact: Rev. Vicki Franch, 404-842-2571,
[email protected]
Spiritual Life Recovery Group
If you are in recovery and want to grow
spiritually, please join us on Monday
evenings, 6:30 ­- 7:30 p.m., in Room
4407. Information and contact: Doug
Brush, 678-409-8900.
Women’s Fertility & Prayer
Support Group
Prayer Group for women trying to conceive
or adopt a child. Information and
contact: Lisa Graham, 404-497-9896,
[email protected]
Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon
AA: Bob D. 678-398-7595
Sober is Great AA Meeting Wednesday, 7 p.m., Room 2209
Al-Anon: Nancy D. 678-398-7595
AL-Anon regular meeting Wednesday,
7 p.m. Room 2403 (Child Care Available)
Grief Support Group
Are you grieving the death of someone
close to you? Do you have spiritual questions
as a result of your grief? Would you like
insight on how to grieve in a healthy way
and would you like the support of other
Christians who understand? Stephen
Ministers Carol Hughes and Charles
Morgan invite you to join our Grief Group.
A new group began January 24, 2011 and
will meet each Monday from 7:00–8:30 p.m.
for eight weeks through March 14, 2011. It will be held in the Harrington Library just off the Williams Center. Call Carol to ask for details at 770 449-7451 or email
her at [email protected]
Find Support in Difficult Times
Christian care and compassion. Contact:
Rev. Vicki Franch, our Pastoral Care
Minister, 404-842-2571, or any of our
pastors; You may also call Vicki and
request a Stephen Minister of your own.
Contact: LifeGate Counseling Center,
404-842-3150. Prayer requests can be
made by using the cards in the pew rack,
or call 404-842-2178.
Minor Brain Injury Support Group
Meets the 2nd Thursday of each month
from 7:00–8:30 p.m. in Room 3305. For
more information, contact Jean Kroppa at
Divorce Recovery Support Groups
Faith-based groups facilitated by trained
Stephen Ministers help those who are
experiencing the shock and pain of
divorce. Contact: Christine Foster,
The National Alliance on Mental Illness
(NAMI) Family-to-Family educational course
This course is designed for family members,
partners and friends of individuals who
are diagnosed with schizophrenia, major
depression, bipolar disorder (manic
depression), panic disorder, obsessivecompulsive disorder, borderline personality
disorder, co-occuring brain disorders and
addictive disorders and PTSD. Through
education and awareness, caregivers gain
a greater understanding of these brain
disorders. Our Family Support group
will meet on Sunday, February 6th from
3:00–5:30 p.m. Contact: Susie Kyle:
770-432-4712 or [email protected]
NAMI Family Support Group
A structured support group for family
members, partners and friends of
individuals with a psychiatric diagnosis. The
group meets on the 2nd and 4th Sunday
of each month from 4:00–5:30 p.m. in
Room 4311. Contact: Bob Hayes at
404-663-6763 or [email protected]
NAMI Connections Recovery
Support Group
Free recovery support group for people
with mental health illness regardless of
diagnosis. The group meets on the 2nd
and 4th Sundays of each month 4:00–
5:30 p.m. Room 4307. Contact: Susie Kyle:
770-432-4712 or [email protected]
For pastoral care after hours (a personal crisis, death in the family, etc.) please page the
pastor on call: (404) 415-4680. At the prompt, enter your phone number plus the # key.
18 P e a c h t r e e P r e s b y t e r i a n C h u r c h
Ways To Serve
A t P e a c h t r e e a n d I n A t l a n t a
1. Run a 5K
Join us on Saturday February 26th for our First Annual LaAmistad
Buckhead 5K which benefit the programs of LaAmistad. Register at for either the 5K Run, 1K Fun Run,
or Tot Trot.
2. Give a Coat
Provide the blessing of warmth to those in need in our city. By donating new
or gently used coats and winter gear, you can support our ministry partners
who work with the homeless and working poor. Items can be dropped off in
the designated bin at the rear elevator entrance.
3. Befriend a Student
Become an “amigo” to one of the thousands of international students studying
in Atlanta through the ministry of AMIS. Simply share a meal, attend a
community event together, and continue the relationship in a fashion that
supports your joint goal of friendship. For more information, contact Jennifer
Ratliffe at [email protected]
4. Tell the Next Generation
It takes the whole church to pass on our faith to the next generation. Serve
in our children’s Sunday morning programming for the 2011 school year.
Contact: Jan Williamson, 404-842-2188, [email protected],
Quick Link – Children & Family Ministry
5. Tutor a LaAmistad Student
Be a part of Peachtree’s La Amistad-ministry to Latino students for after school tutoring and mentoring. Weekdays 3:30–5:30 p.m.
Contact: Cat DaCosta, [email protected]
www . p e a c h t r e e p r e s . o r g 19
The Movies and America:
What the Academy Award Nominees
for Best Picture Tell Us About Ourselves
Drew Trotter
February 20th, 5:00 p.m. | The Summit
The Academy Award nominees for Best Picture are often not the biggest
box office triumphs of the year, but they are always among the most
influential movies for the nation’s cultural gatekeepers. The nominees tell
us both what Hollywood, one of the greatest shapers of our society’s values
and mores, thinks of itself and of American culture. This lecture explores
just what those values are by looking at each of the films, their ideas, and
their likely influence on, and reflection of, America in the present day.
Recommended for older high school students and adults.
Drew Trotter is the Executive Director of the Consortium of Christian Study Centers. Drew has written on film and
popular culture for over 30 years in such publications as Books & Culture, Christianity Today and Critique. He was
for 22 years the Executive Director and President of the Center for Christian Study in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Upcoming Key Dates at Peachtree
February 8
February 13
Global Impact Sunday
February 15
Michael O’Neal Chamber Singers: “Gloria!”
Kellett Chapel | 7:30 p.m.
February 20
New Sermon Series: A Tale of Two Brothers
February 27
Vacation Bible School Registration Begins
March 9
Robert Spano and the Franklin Pond String Quartet | Kellett Chapel | 8:00 p.m.
Ash Wednesday
March 13
First Sunday of Lent: Communion Services
March 13
Clocks Spring Forward
March 29
Mozart Requiem | 7:00 p.m. | Sanctuary
April 17
Palm Sunday
April 21
Maundy Thursday, Communion
April 24
Easter Sunday
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