How to Order a Dealer Employee Line – Temporary Process

How to Order a Dealer Employee Line – Temporary Process
 Must accept a New Number (no porting in or out initially)
 Dealer employees will receive discounted service but will be responsible for paying
their line each month before the assigned account pay date
 The plan is $35 per month and includes the following:
o Unlimited Talk
o Unlimited Text
o Unlimited Data with first 5 GB at high speed
Additional feature additions will be the dealer employee’s responsibility and will be sold at regular
consumer prices
Pre-Requisites to initiating the request process:
o RQ4 must be set up
o Requestor must be an active dealer employee and must be onboarded with Aio Wireless
(visible in RQ4)
There are 3 steps to complete in order to get an Aio Personal Use line. Each step must be completed before
the next can begin.
Step 1: Registration
□ User will receive an automated email
 If request was approved, email will include user ID, Temporary Password and Log-in URL with
 If request was declined, email will tell user that registration was declined and it will be up to user
to reach out to ISE
□ Dealer employee goes to registration site:
□ To request access user must enter required information – First/Last Name, Email Address, Contact
Number, Dealer ID (5 digits) and Location ID (3 digits)
□ User then selects user type (“Employee” or “Manager”) from the drop down menu
□ User submits request (Aio Indirect Sales Executive [ISE] must approve)
Step 2: SIM Card
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Aio Confidential & Proprietary. Subject to Non-Disclosure Agreement.
□ You must get a specialized SIM from your Dealer Principal, Manager, etc.
□ SIM cards CANNOT be pulled from regular inventory for the Dealer Employee Lines
Step 3: Activation Request
□ Dealer employee clicks on link in “User Registration Access Confirmation Email” or goes to external
AEP site (
□ Dealer employee will log into site and enter user ID and password (if first time entering, the
temporary password is in the confirmation email from registration)
□ Dealer employee selects “Activate New Service”
□ Dealer employee must agree to T&Cs and select “Next”
□ Dealer employee verifies the following auto-populated fields (from log-in profile: Name, call back
number, email address, store name and dealer and location IDs
□ Dealer employee select a security question (from a drop down) and provides an answer and a 4-digit
PIN number
□ Dealer employee enters Driver’s License Information
□ Dealer employee enters the IMEI and SIM the they wish to activate
□ Dealer employee selects the features desired (Note there is a $10 activation fee)
□ Dealer employee enters credit card information
□ Dealer employee verifies Summary Screen and makes adjustments (if necessary)
□ Dealer employee submits activation (Aio ISE must approve)
□ Once the request is completed, an email will be sent to the dealer employee notifying them of their
mobile number and what to do in case they forget their PIN or secret question/answer
□ Dealer employee puts SIM in phone and uses as personal device and also to demonstrate service to
Aio customers
PLEASE NOTE: The following items will result in a closed ticket after the request is submitted:
Incorrect IMEI
Incorrect SIM
Credit Card Transaction is not validated
If your ticket is closed prior to the activation of your service, please double check the above conditions. Once the issues
have been corrected, please re-submit the ticket.
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Aio Confidential & Proprietary. Subject to Non-Disclosure Agreement.