Gonski “Bear in there…” competition — how to enter

Gonski “Bear in there…” competition — how to enter
The competition
Take a photo of your junior Gonski Bear in interesting and unusual places in your school or
community. Upload your photos onto the Gonski Bear page of our website and you’ll be in
the running for great prizes.
Who can enter?
The competition is open to AEU Reps from schools in the Federal electorate of Denison.
As part of the national campaign strategy, the Tasmanian Branch it targeting the Federal
seat of Denson and the competition is open only to Reps in this area.
Unfortunately, we didn’t have the resources to run a state-wide Bear competition. However, we will send junior Gonski Bears to schools outside of Denison if you do something especially creative to help the campaign (bear numbers permitting).
Remember, wherever you live and work, you can have your voice heard and support the
campaign by visiting igiveagonski website and registering your name.
Prizes will be awarded at the end of August for the most creative entries.
Rules and conditions of entry
While we encourage creativity, please do not do anything illegal or dangerous in the pursuit of your Gonski Bear photo!
Copyright of all entries will be retained by the Australian Education Union Tasmanian
Branch and may appear in printed or electronic form and be available to a global audience
on the internet.
Further information
Harriet Binet, AEU Communications Officer, [email protected]