How to use the Kent County Rx Discount Card

How to use the Kent County Rx Discount Card
Who is eligible for a card?
Any resident of Kent County is eligible. There are no income or age
restrictions. Each member of the family must have a card id number.
How do I get a card?
You can register for a card by going online to (Kent
County website) or (Area Agency on Aging of Western MI website). The AAAWM
website has a list of agencies distributing the card. You can also leave a message at
616.988.5081 and you will receive a call back informing you of distribution centers. In addition,
some participating pharmacies are able to sign all family members up.
What pharmacies accept the card?
Most major chain pharmacies accept the card. You can use the pharmacy finder at There are over 2,000 participating pharmacies state-wide.
How do I use the card?
Check to see if your pharmacy accepts the card. Use the website above or call your pharmacy
and ask.
When you submit your prescription to be filled or are requesting a prescription refill, tell the
pharmacist you want to use the Kent County Rx Discount Card. They may ask for the Rx Bin #
(610709) listed on the card or you may need to show your card prior to the prescription being
filled. Show your card when you pick up the prescription. Enjoy the cost savings.
How much money will the card save me?
Ask the pharmacist what the cash cost is, the cost with the discount card, and the cost with any
insurance you might have. The card may be used in place of prescription insurance but not
with the prescription insurance. Average savings are 35% off the cost of the drug. You can
also go to and click on medication pricing.
How will this help me if I have the Medicare Part D prescription program?
If you enter the “donut hole” during the year, this discount card may provide the prescriptions at
a reduced cost. If you use the discount card, it will not give you credit to get through the “donut
hole”. You will have to determine if using the discount card will help.
Does the card ever expire?
There is no end date on its use.
How is the card funded?
The pharmaceutical companies use their
marketing funds to support the discount card.
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Additional offers through the
Kent County Rx Discount Card
$25 dollar glasses:
Includes: Prescription lenses (single vision only), frame,
hard carrying case, lens cloth, and one year frame
You simply:
1) select frame: “silver package” = $25 frame
“gold package” = $45 frame
2) enter your prescription numbers as listed on
your prescription
3) select if you want anti-reflective coating ($14.95 additional)
4) select the color of the frame if multi colors are available
5) enter your Pupillary Distance from your prescription (Your optometrist can give this to you.)
6) select if you want polycarbonate lenses ($14.95 additional)
Vitamin Savings Plan
This website offers members of health plans and drug card companies access to top quality, affordable
multi-vitamin/supplements. These products are available at a 40% discount with free shipping on certain
orders. There is no charge for this service.
ProSmile™ Teeth Whitening is a full dental lab direct whitening program. Three levels of bleaching are
available with high intensity gel – price ranges from $14.99 - $99.00 plus shipping & handling.
Diabetic Savings Plan:
Diabetic testing supplies at a 50% discount with the purchase of a monthly plan. Free glucose meter and
free shipping nationwide with 100% customer satisfaction. Monthly charges range from $32.99 -$186.99
depending on the plan you choose. Individual items also available.
Choice Plus Dental Plans:
The programs available are not health insurance policies. Plans and Programs provide 10-60% discounts
at certain health care providers for dental services. Plans cost a monthly premium commitment to join.
The Plan or Program member is obligated to pay for all health care services but will receive a discount
from those health care providers who have contracted with the Kent County/UNA Rx Card.
QualSight LASIK, offers affordable, quality care through a network of independent, credentialed
Ophthalmologists. They are able to deliver laser vision correction at a savings of 40% to 50% off the
overall national average price for LASIK. This equates to a savings of almost $1,000 per eye. A care
manager who will explain all of the services and answer any questions. Call 1-877-507-4448.
US Hearing Plan:
Offers savings as high as 50% and covers most major brands of hearing aids. The benefit packages
include a 60-day trial, a 2-year repair warranty, a 1-year loss and damage policy, and a 1-year supply of
batteries. Items are shipped directly to your place of residence. Call 1-866-292-0641 for more details.
Pet Med America:
PetMED AMERICA offers savings as high as 45% compared to online retailers and even larger savings
versus what most veterinarians charge on primarily heart and flea control products. Anyone is eligible to
access this program. There are no applications or membership fees.