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Neighborhood Aides Attend GS Session
Hiking Club Lists
3 Weekend Treks
I Richard Potter Joins
1V.Y. Export Firm
Capt. J. J. Rutscher
Ends Studies as
Tanker Pilot
i. George Dunham, field vicegmann and Miss Judy Henehan, who
Smith, Kirkpalrick & Co., Inc. of;
ident of the Washington Rock j will serve as field advisers in Eliza-1 ^ . « , ^
. . .
I New York City, export merchants, j
Scout Council, presided lastibeUi, Springfield and South Plain-i ' » r l « u i C a m p a i g n A i d e s
announced the appointment of I
j . at the neighborhood chair-j field.
I Map Voter Drive
scheduled three trips for its mom-! Richard A. Potter of Wosliield, a s ;
i's meeting held in the Girl Scout J Te next Neighborhood Chairman's \
j room. 201 E. Grove St. More) meeting is scheduled for Jan. 19,' M r s - Willard V. Kaylor ot 302 j bers and Rtn-sts for the coming week-1 manager of their contractors and in- Capt. John P. Rutscher. stm of
dustrial equipment division.
, 40 neighborhood chairmen From 11965. Washington Rock Girl Scout jw S' cnw ood Rd. was hostess last week jend.
On Saturday, the group will par- A graduate of the Massachusetts Mr. and Mrs. John Kutseher of 315
20 comn) unit > es throughout the j Council is a participating agency of i a t a W t m l e "' s campaign committee
New Providence Hd.. Mountainside,
idl attended to discuss the fall the United Fund.
jmeding for the election of Irene T. ticipate on a canoe trip on the Pas- | Institute of Technology, with over! has completed the academic phase
Griffin to the Board of Freeholders. | saic River from Millington to River 1" years of experience in export of his Strategic Air Command (SAC>
iK'dule of scouting activities.
! Campaign techniques to get the vote j Rd., Summit. The loader of this marketing. Mr. Potter will assume | combat crew training a s a KC-J35
A highlight of the meeting was
out on election Day wore discussed, j group will be George Sedmont of j the responsibility of the company's! jet lank pilot at Castle APB. Cal.
t announcement by Mrs. Joseph
world-ttidc export sales of M-H-Sj
Mrs. Griffin explained the word-i Cranford.
unzenbach, Council staff member,
ing of the referendum question which j Also on Saturday, Miss lima Hey- Manufacturing Co. pneumatic-tired j Captain Rutsclier will Tie assigned
tlie forthcoming council-wide
will appear on the ballot Nov. 3 re-1er, Elizabeth, will lead a Saturday tractors, Balmar Industrial tractors, to a SAC unit at Carswell AFB. Tex.,
-ent. "The Village Fair"' to be
lating to the expansion of the Union j afternoon ramble in the Watchung Mobilift fork trucks and Gorman-1 for duty. SAC, keeps the nation's
and Industrial intercontinental missiles and jet
dd May 8, 1965 at the National
County Technical and Vocational | Reservation. The group will meet at Uupp contractors and
bombers on constant alert.
uard Armory, near South MounSchools. She recommended a "yes" jthe Trailside Nature and Science ptuvps.
Center parking area at 1:30 p.m.. Mr. PoiitT resides at 89 Fairhill Cuplnin Kutschcr was commissionin Reservation. Mrs. Kunzenbach,
"Around the World in Many vote on the question and pointed out Iand will hike from the Nature and Dr.
ed upon completion ot aviation cadet
.neral chairman of tlie event, re- Days." a program of color slides and further how more extensive voca- j
Center to Scely's Pond and
training. A graduate of Regional
irted tlwt all Scouts, aged seven a lecture will bo presented at thetional education might serve as aScience
High School in Springfield, he attendroush seventeen may participate Union County Park Commission's remedy in the matter of school drop- back to the parking area.
On Sunday, Jack Chard of Ringed Newark College of Engineering.
Iher individually or in groups in Trailside Nature and Science Center outs.
wood will lead an eight-mile hike
His wife, Shirley, is the daughter
iy of the 114 booths demonstrating in the Watchung Reservation, Sun- Campaign literature was disof Mr. and Mrs. James Mullin of 102
tributed and a plan was discussed from Cupsaw Lake to Sterling Furills and activities in the arts, the day, 3 p.m.
nace in northern New Jersey. This
Kline Hlvd., Herkeley Heights.
Mi1. nttA Mm* Htttjnmltt Him* nMd fnmtl}-. formerly of H»*«!!*, Ht
• and the out-of-doors. In addi- The program will lw narrated by for the organization of a telephone group will meet at the Administra»»\v llvlu* lit ihrlr nrvr knmp X IRIS ( V i l n l « » . nklrk thrr »«r
••Hu.,,1 from Mr. itn« Mm, »<il lAttrtt. (), ». Rmllk Jr., HraHur, ««•<>
m there will be opportunities for Miss Emily Gulick and Mrs. Arthur campaign.
tion Building of the Union County
irticipation in an art show, Village Dingce, both of Summit. Miss GulPark Commission, Warinaneo Park,
Elizabeth, at 8:30 a.m.
reen. village theater and singing ick, who traveled around the world
William S. Miller of 760 Lawrence
;oups. She advised that the neigli- in 1963, by steamer, rail, air and
Ave. has been named president of
irhood chairman's troops interest atito, will talk on the various cusChase International Investment Corp.
port should be completed by Nov. toms and traditions of the people
a wholly owned foreign investment
and filed in Hie council office and nations around the world.
subsidiary of the Chase Manhattan
On Monday, Tuesday and Thurs»v. 25.
Dank, it was announced today.
day next week, at 4 p.m. each day.
Mr. Miller joined the Chase NaMrs. John Foster, council presi- Dr. Harold N. Moldenke, director of
Mountainside — Wilkinson Sword,
•nl. announced a publication for Trailside, will conduct one-half hour
Reot«h Plains—Tlie concert com- tional Bank In 1il2!) and was appointed
an assistant treasurer in 1341. He
irenls of new Girl Scouts, "Now nature talks for children. The topic Inc. was a recipient of a "meritori- mittee of (he Scotch Plains Comhat Your Daughter Is a Girl to be discussed during the three days ous service award" presented re- munity Choir has Announced the was promoted to assistant vice prescently by the Federation of the Han- date for tlicir !1th presentation of ident in 1848 and became a vice
tout." and also pamphlets relating is "Grasshoppers,. Cicadas,
and dicapped.
president in 11125. Since lflfiO he has
community relations, all avail- Bugs." Dr. Moldenkc's lectures arc The award coincides with (he na- Handel's "Messiah." The concert Is served ns executive vice president
ile from the council office.
| illustrated with color slides, and the tionwide observance of National Em4 P.M. The Christmas Concert will of C.I.I.C.
Mrs. Dunham introduced new j programs are presented in the audi- ploy tlie Handicapped Week.
The new C.I,I.C. president is a
lake place in the Scotch Plalnslaff members, Miss Jane Cam- *'»'ium of the Nature and Science
Milton Cohen, executive director Kanwood High School on Westfield member and director of the execu1
_ of the- federation, presented a lid.
tive committee of the liulistrial and
to Charles Coo. a Wilkinson board
Harry G. fSeellein, music director, Mining Development Hank of Iran.
member, at the federation liendquur- of Scotch Plains, will direct with the He is also a director of Arclurus
tcrs in Manhnttiin.
assistance of Thomas Kneeshnw and Investment and Development, Ltd.,
Wilkinson, manufacltirers of stain- Robert Denuiston, boih of Westfield. Montreal. Canada; Nigerian Textile
less steel razor libidos and other The program is sponsored by theMills, Ltd.. Laitus. Nigeria; ICspcstool products, packnws and distrib- Scotch Plains Hecrention Commis- rance IntcrnnlioitoK 1'ty. Ltd., Ksutes from Mountainside facilities sion with (iooi'tfe I1'. Venezio as perancc, Western Australia; and
| opened durinj,' Hie summer. Its head- chairman.
Indiistiia l'npelei'ii Ccnlioamei'iquarters have boon hi London. Kngcuna. S.A., tiualemala City, (iuateThe choir consists of volunteer mala.
land for nearly 200 years.
sinners in the Scotch Plains area.
The firm employs handicapped All sinners interested in learning
lie was graduated from MuhlenAD 3-4100
persons trained hy the federation's the "Messiah" are cordially invited bei'K College and also studied at the
industrial homework division, to as- lo attend the rehearsals. Over the Wliarlon School of tlie University of
Is giving away on electric blanket
years, (he choir has consisted of Pennsylvania and at New York Unipaying thorn at the regular indus- sinrccrs from Scotch Plains. Kan- versity,
"free" with the purchase of any electrial
produclie and lii.s wife, the former finite
wood, Westfield, tlie :i Pliiinlields,
tric dryer.
tion. An ovor.ii;e of 20 to i!f> oreSummit, (Jnrwood. Mountainside, I1'., liice, have U'o sons, William S.,
Did you know that drying conveemployed oach month.
mid James K, Miller.
Livingston, mid Colonia.
nience is one thing, but even more
Mr. Cohen siiid the award is Kiven:
important is safe, carefuly drying for
"For utilisation of the handicapped, Sunday afternoons prior to the conall your washables. And that's ex- •
enabling them lo acquire technical cert from :i lo 5 p.m. ill the choral l'ark
actly what you get with Equa-flow
training and increase Ilioir produc- room of the liittii school. The first f>-Y«»«r ltcpoii. I«
tivity for the benefit of industry, the rehearsal is set for Nov. It. Chorus
tempered—heat drying. Your clothes
Heady for I'uMic
and themselves."
ere tumbled gently in air that is heatbooks and choir robes are available
ed before it enters the drying drum
The federation is a private reha- to Iho shifters.
A six-year report of Uio Union
bilitation agency founded in 1935.
. . . they're never exposed to damag('fiiinly Pink Commission eovorint!
ing direct heat radiation. And TernThe youth, .lames A. Crowtey, 17, the period from l'.iRII to ami including
pered-Hear is circulated throughout
of Newark, was lined $ir> for oil-1%;| recently has been published.
the drum to dry uniformly, thorThe 40-paKe Illustrated booklet
sli'iiclini! traffic on Houlfi 22 Sept.
IS). Tlip I'ilikerton man, J. 10. Sliver ilescrihes Ibe various Iniprawinenls
ncconip'lshnieiits which look
of Somerville was assessed $15 on ft
Stop soon and pick out your RCA
lilace over the past six years
clmrse of simple assault.
Whirlpool dryer and "free" electric
The niiiKistnife noted Stives' cre- throughout the piirk system. The reblanket, limited time offer.
dentials were in order mid thai lie purl was prepared, except for cercan make a civilian arresl, 1but that tain lynctl text, lit the park commis333 South Ave.
sion's centralized duplicating section.
Mountainside — Magistrate Jacob in attempting lo remove lh' keys of
AD 2-4660
U, Halter last week in Municipal the youth's car he struck his arm. Copies of the report tuny lie had
by contacting the Union County I'nrk
! Court told a Pinkorton detcrlivc
I agency employee he was justified in LEADER CLASSIFIED ADS Commission. PO Itox 275, Kl
; making a civilian arrest, but that
! in the . rocess of ".'irresting" a youth,
I overstepped his bounds.
World Travelers'
Slides, Lectures
Wilkinson Firm
Receives Honor
For Job Policy
William S. Miller
Now President
Of Chase Unit
Plains Choir Lists
"Messiah" Dec. 6
Station Radio & TV
Civilian's Arrest
Action Valid —
But Costly
Going To A Party?
Professional Character Make-Up
For Hallowe'en and Parties
Be A:
Clown —
Also Available for Rent
Wig* — Beard* — Mustache* — Follow Spotlight
Microphone System
Call For Appointment
AD 3-0551
AD 3-1594
Tuev, Wed., Thur«., Saf., Sun.
Wanr G O O D
to Irfi
Stereo sounds best on tnpo . . , mid tupc sounds best on the
fiimoiis Ampex. Ileris is new realism in sonml-ricii, brilliant
A?«(K't sound midistcirtcd no mutter now soft or loud tho
volimip. And here is new simplicity imd e>ise of operation.
Anyone run thread the Amjiex 2000 in two seconds. No more
fti«iii« with tukc-up reels. At tlie cmt of the tape, it reverses
aiilotiiiitif.'aHy—lets you j>l;iy comjilrto fillitims (both sides)
witliimt clifiiiKi»K rtels. Yon can listen to four hours and
Hum: of glorious uninterrupted music.
Youortjoy enntinuous
music unlil sliut-off
America's Outstanding V»luo In Quallty-Englnssred Taps
Recorders- lU't-ouls and fjlays ;i* 7.'a, -i?i, anil IT* tps (Mono
or Stereo) with superb fidelity. Exclusive dual cupstan drive
keeps tjipo tension even owl speed uuffonn. Motlel 2070
lias Iniilt-in traiisistori'/i-fl priwer supply find amplifiers. Plays
in vertical or horizontal position. Available in portable models
with built-in spcakm .. . desk anil Walntil cabinet models.
Threads in two
Model 2070
When a man wants good
food he drops in to see
How tocook and chat
at the same time: Just
order yourself a kitchen
extension phone from the
Telephone Business Office.
Only 90$ a month.
New Jersey Bell
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us. Here he knows he'll
get cooking fit for a king.
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A M P E X Pna-raoordacf
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hundrad* of famous artltti—alt available M
America's leading labels.
you did!
New Jersey's Largest Tape Centei
17 Elm St., Westfleid
8 Aldan St., Cronford 276-0483