www.o m HOW TO
NIGERIA This docum
ment is design
ned to help you better und
derstand your OG Business.. For more deetailed or additional informatio
on, please conssult our Policies and Proced
dures, visit, or ch
heck our webssite at 1. Countrie
es where Organo Gold is officcially open. 2. Compan
ny information. 3. OG prod
ducts available in Nigeria. 4. Product registration in
n Nigeria. 5. Requirements for beco
oming an OG D
Distributor in N
Nigeria. 6. Registration procedure
e for becomingg an OG Distrib
butor in Nigeriaa. 7. Registration of a busin
ness entity (DBA
A) as an OG Distributor in Niggeria. 8. Promottional Builder p
packs available in Nigeria. 9. Promotional Builder Upgrade packs aavailable in Niggeria. 10. OG pro
oduct informattion. 11. Producct prices, retail prices, CV, and
d PV/QV inform
mation for Nig eria. 12. VAT in Nigeria. 13. Acceptted payment m
methods. 14. Autosh
hip. 15. Trainin
ng on the OG Compensation P
Plan. 16. Commiission Payments. 17. Accoun
nt Opening for Distributors. 18. Releasiing products to
o Distributors iin Nigeria. 19. Proced
dure for producct return/exchaange in Nigeriaa. 20. Proced
dure for Repurcchases (Buy Baack) upon cancellation or term
mination of thee Distributor A
Agreement in Nigeria. 21. Contacct information.
May 005, 2014 ORG
GANO GOLD www.o m 1. Countrie
es where Orga
ano Gold is offiicially open. Organo Go
old is open in
n Canada, USA
A, Jamaica, Mexico, Domini can Republic, Peru, Ecuado
or, United Kingdom, Austria, Be
elgium, Cypruss, France, Germ
many, Greece, Hungary, Irelaand, Italy, Neth
herlands, Poland, Slovenia, R
Russia, Kazakhstan
n, Czech Repub
blic, Spain, Ukrraine, Malaysiaa, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailaand, Japan, Australia, New Zeealand Kenya, Porrtugal, Singapo
ore and Nigeriaa. 2. Compan
ny information
CTS NIGERIA LIIMITED Address: 31/37 Toyin St
reet, Ikeja, Laggos, Nigeria Toll Free (C
Customer Supp
port): +234 708
80 6018 15 Order Entrry and Registration: +234 1 4
453 3389 Office hours: Monday‐Frriday 9:00 am tto 6:00 pm; Saturday 9:00 am
m to 2:00 pm N
Nigeria Time ducts that are available in Niigeria. 3. OG prod
1. Organo Gold Gourmett Black Coffee. 2. Organo Gold Gourmett Mocha. 3. Organo Gold Gourmett Latte. e. 4. Organo Gold Gourmett Hot Chocolate
ea. 5. Organo Gold Green Te
6. Organo Gold Café Supreme 7. Organo Gold King of Coffee n Nigeria. 4. Productt registration in
The OG prroducts sold in
n Nigeria are in
n compliance w
with the local directives and
d are registereed with the Naational Agency forr Food and Dru
ug Administratiion and Contro
ol (NAFDAC). 5. Requirements for becoming an OG D
Distributor in Nigeria. 1. Applic
cant must be a resident of Niggeria. 2. Applic
cant must be at a least 21 yeaars old and haave full legal ccapacity to co
ontract as in effect under th
he civil sphere
e of Nigeria. 3. Applic
cant agrees to abide by the o
official Company Policies andd Procedures aand warrant th
hat they understand the co
ompensation re
equirements sp
pecified in the Organo Gold CCompensation Plan. 4. Applic
cant must provide a copy of o governmentt issued ID (i. e. Internation
nal Passport, N
National ID, D
Driver’s Licensse, Voter’s ID or Student’ss ID) during enrollment e
fo r income rep
porting purposses. It is thee sole respon
nsibility of the
e applicant/Diistributor to ensure e
that thhey are functtioning within the scope off their presen
nce in Nigeria. 5.
Registtration procedure for becom
ming an OG Disttributor in Niggeria pplicants must visit Organo G
Gold Nigeria offfice to presentt filled registraation form together with a copy of 5.1 Ap
any go
overnment issu
ued ID. 5.2 Ap
pplicants who
o wish to regiister online must m
enroll th rough the Intternet via Orggano Gold Weebsite, Replicating Website or Distributor Back Office (O
On any one of tthese three sitees, select Nigeria in the menu)
May 005, 2014 ORG
GANO GOLD www.o m p
requirement to be
ecome a Distributor is that oof a Business Entry Kit, which includes: o
one (1) The only purchase Starter Kitt Folder, Prod
duct brochure, Compensatio
on plan brochhure, application form, pin
n, pen, writingg pad, products samples and 1 yyear back officce access. ation of a busin
ness entity (DB
BA) as an OG D
Distributor in N
Nigeria. 7. Registra
At the mom
ment, a busine
ess entity cannot register as aan OG Distribu tor. You can only register as an individual.
packs available
e in Nigeria. 8. Promotiional Builder p
There are three Promotional Builder P
Packs available
e in Nigeria: B ronze, Silver, o
or Gold. You ccan choose thee pack that best suits your need
ds. The purchasse of Promotio
onal Builder Pa cks is optional. 9. Promotiional Builder U
Upgrade packss available in N
Nigeria. There are three Promottional Builder Packs upgrade
es available in Nigeria: Bron
nze to Silver, B
Bronze to Gold
d, and Silver to Gold. G
You can choose c
to upggrade to the pack p
that best suits your neeeds. The purch
hase of Promo
otional Builder Paccks is optional.. 10. OG pro
oduct informattion. Please visitt our website w
www.organogo Also, visit the Docum
ments section in your BackOffice for more informatio
on. 11. Producct prices, retaill prices, CV, an
nd PV/QV information for Niigeria. This inform
mation can be ffound in the BaackOffice unde
er Documents ‐‐ Nigeria. 12. VAT in Nigeria. A 5% Value
e Added Tax is applicable to aall purchases. methods. 13. Acceptted payment m
‐ Online paayment (Debit card only) ‐ Bank tran
nsfer/Bank dep
posit: Account n
name: Organo Gold Productss Nigeria Limite
ed Account n
number: 01495
590539 Bank: Guaaranty Trust Baank Bank Sortt Code (if requiired): 0581521
191 Account b
branch: Lagos, Nigeria Account A
Address: 98 Aw
wolowo Rd., So
outh‐West Ikoyyi, Lagos, Nigerria. IMPORTA
ANT: Order num
mber and distrributor ID num
mber must be w
written on the “remarks” secction. ‐ Mobile App payment: name: Organo Gold Productss Nigeria Limite
ed Account n
Account n
number: 01495
590539 Bank: Guaaranty Trust Baank Bank Sortt Code (if requiired): 0581521
ANT: Order num
mber and distrributor ID num
mber must be w
written on the “remarks” boxx. If no “remarrks” box prese
ent on the mob
bile app, choosse from other p
payment methhods. ‐ In‐store p
payment (POS): Debit card/Crredit card with
h ID for verificaation. May 005, 2014 ORG
GANO GOLD www.o m 14. Autosh
hip. Autoship p
program is tem
mporarily unavaailable. 15. Trainin
ng on the OG C
Compensation Plan. A copy of the Compensaation Plan can be found in yyour BackOfficce under the D
Documents secction. Please co
ontact your Upline Sponsor if yo
ou require furtther clarificatio
on regarding thhe details of th
he Compensation Plan. Your Upline Sponsor will be able to explain the plan
n and answer aany questions. 16. Commission Paymen
nts. ‐ Monthly commission/bonuses are paid p
via Locall Bank Transfeer on the 20tth day of thee month (or cclosest succeedingg business day)). ‐ Weekly ccommission/bo
onuses are paid via Local Bank Transfer onn the 2nd Thursday followin
ng every comm
mission period. Please notte that the com
mmission payo
out system is in i Naira and aan administration fee of 2.50
0 USD applies every time a com
mmission is treaated. In accord
dance with the
e tax rules, Orggano Gold Nigeeria is obliged tto deduct 5% of the commissio
on as withholding tax for remittance to the Nigerian tax a uthorities. 17. Accoun
nt Opening forr Distributors. Opening a bank account is a requireme
ent to register at Organo Go ld Nigeria. Disttributors are h
highly encouraged to obtain deb
bit cards to enssure speedy trransaction whe
en purchasing and doing reggistrations onlin
ne or in‐store (POS). The same b
bank account iis where comm
missions will be
e credited. 18. Releasing of productts to Distributo
ors in Nigeria.
Distributorrs can visit Orggano Gold Nige
eria office at 31
1/37 Toyin St, Ikeja, Lagos orr log on to Orggano Gold website to place theirr orders. Payment can be don
ne through the
e following opttions: distributor must present hiss debit ‐ In‐store Payment (POS) – after placcing an order at the sales ccounter, the d
edit card for payment. p
For credit cards, they must bee accompanied
d by any govvernment issueed IDs card/cre
(Internattional Passporrt, National ID
D, Driver’s Lice
ense or Voterr’s ID). Once p
payment is do
one, distributo
or will proceed to releasing co
ounter to claim
m products. ‐ Bank Traansfer – after p
placing an orde
er in‐store, online or over thhe phone, distrributor must viisit the nearest bank or accesss his account online to perform the tran
nsfer and conntact Organo G
Gold office 48
8‐72 hours after the transfer was done to vverify the paym
ment. After con
nfirmation of ppayment, distributor must vissit the office to
o claim
productss. App Payment –
– after placing an order in‐sto
ore, online or oover the phone, distributor m
must do the trransfer ‐ Mobile A
using hiss handset and contact Organo Gold office
e 48‐72 hours after the tran
nsfer was donee to verify payyment. After con
nfirmation of p
payment, distributor must vissit the office too claim produccts. Payment (Debit Card Only) –
– after placing an order and paying online,, the distributo
or must visit O
Organo ‐ Online P
Gold office to claim pro
oducts by pressenting the ord
der number an d an ID to the releasing coun
nter. May 005, 2014 ORG
GANO GOLD www.o m 19. Proced
dure for product return/exch
hange in Nigeria. he distributor or retail custom
mer must follo
ow the followin
ng procedures:: To return aa product for replacement, th
no contents orr caked contents). ‐ Only deffective productt must be returned for replaccement (sealedd sachets but n
er must bring tthe product toggether with copy of official innvoice/receipt at Organo Gold Nigeria Sales ‐ Custome
Center aand surrender tto Receiving an
nd Dispatchingg Unit (RDU). U In‐charge will check producct for any defecct like empty s achets inside tthe box (sealed
d but no contents) ‐ The RDU
or caked
d contents. eck the date of invoice and exxpiry date of reeturned product. ‐ RDU In‐ccharge will che
manufacturing, same product will be issued to the custom
mer as replacem
ment. ‐ If defectt was found to be from the m
Defectivve product cann
not be replaced by different merchandise hhaving differen
nt value and co
ommissionablee volume. must be accomp
plished by In‐charge showingg “Quantity of Products”, “Deescription”, “Date of ‐ A replacement form m
e” and “Remarrks”. Purchase
m must be forw
warded to the O
Operations Maanager for app roval. ‐ The form
ed form will retturn to RDU for releasing of rreplacement p roduct. ‐ Approve
ent within 30 d ays from the d
date of purchasse. ‐ Defectivve product musst be returned for replaceme
‐ After 30 days, no product will be entitled for replaccement. dure for Repurchases (Buy Baack) upon canccellation or te rmination of tthe Distributorr Agreement in
n 20. Proced
Nigeria. Please refe
er to the Policie
es & Procedure
es posted in yo
our BackOfficee under Docum
ments‐Nigeria. 21. Contacct Information. Please visit our website at an
nd log into yoour BackOffice. There, you w
will find inform
mation ent of your bussiness, the com
mpensation plaan, OG produccts, all policies and procedurees, the regarding tthe developme
Terms and
d Conditions, aand event updates. Also, we
e highly recom
mmend for you
u to speak witth your local O
Organo Gold indep
pendent Distributor for the most thorouggh answers to questions abo
out Organo Go
old products aand/or business opportunity. Distributors support: Help desk: http://supportt.organogold.c
com Email: nige
[email protected] Toll Free (C
Customer Supp
port): +234 708
80 6018 15 Order Entrry and Registration: +234 1 45
53 3389 May 005, 2014 ORG
GANO GOLD www.o m Hours: Office hours: Monday‐Friday 9::00 am to 6:00 pm; Saturday 9:00 am to 2:000 pm Nigeria Time time Languages available: Engglish In order to
o receive a quiccker response, we recommen
nd you to cont act Distributorr Support by em
mail. Order entrry and new reggistrations: Phone: +23
34 1 453 3389 Email: nige
[email protected] Languages available: Engglish May 005, 2014