How to choose well your Fish SPA

How to choose well
Fish SPA
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How to choose well your Fish SPA
To choose well your Fish SPA it’s essential to select several criteriones:
(1) The look - finishing - comfort
(2) The space
(3) The fishes viability
(4) The filtration
(5) The price
1) The look – Finition – Comfort
It’s obvious that the first criterion is the look, your Fish SPA must please you and must be
able to integrate into your Center.
Should nevertheless be alert to certain criterions:
-You are going to place your aquarium on the ground? It is imperative that it is based on a
flat, smooth surface and not too compact. Indeed if the glass is not placed on a smooth surface
the water weight (+ -150 kg) will exert pressure no regular on the glass that could peel off
over time or more serious if a customer standing in the aquarium, the glass may break!
A piece of wood or a thick foam perfectly make the case.
In the picture on the left you can see a piece
of wood as well as a decoration.
It is important to NOT put real stones in your
aquarium, the garra rufa is a groundfish
species, therefore it will prefer eating the
stones surface than the your customers feet!
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Analyze the right photography:
The aquarium is put has even the ground on
wood planks where we clearly see people
It is very bad for the aquarium, the silicone
seals that secure the sides will be subjected to
voltages which may eventually cause
There is no decoration, the look is not
There are really few fishes, sad visual and
poor-performing treatment.
- The visual goes through a minimum of fishes. The most beautiful Fish SPA in the world
with 50 Garra rufa will be looing like nothing.
- The finishing is important, a SPA composed of a bare aquarium gives the effect of low-cost
materials and does not always give confidence to the client.
- Comfort is also important, don’t forget that your regular customers will spend 30 minutes
twice per month on the SPA. The excitement of the first session will make with time place to
the comfort eventually other needs, just as the framework will be essential.
Plinth finishing
Decoration on the ground
LEDs on 3 sides of the aquarium
Aquarium vacuum
Cushion for comfort
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No finishing
LED only on top
Missing water inlet (not on the picture)
No comfort
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2) The space
It is clear that the Fish therapy is a activity of wellness and relaxation.
No one imagines to relax himself in the background of a 2 m ².reduced
You need to book space for your Fish SPA, don’t forget it’s essential to sit and move in an
empty space around the Fish SPA , all of your clients are not 50 kg.
Expect a vacuum + -80 cm at least one side of the SPA.
Also pay attention to the view, your customers are going to spend a lot of time on the SPA,
the vision of a wall joined at 30 cm from the end of the aquarium is not the best to keep
coming them.
It is better and more profitable to reduce the Fish SPA number for a unit' than "crushing" your
customers with each other.
3) The fishes viability
Without fish no work!
It's a no brainer that it’s good to remember.
The garra rufa is the centerpiece of your Fish SPA centre, you need to devote your full
attention and all your care.
You will need to clean your aquarium at least once a week, let's choose well the material of it.
The simplest and most effective is glass, in case of sickness (Yes it can happen) it is the easier
to disinfect.
However, there are other materials on the market:
-Resin / fiberglass: many aesthetical benefits but more delicate maintenance and more fragile
especially to scratches and yellowing caused by the sun
-Wood: many disadvantages for little benefit, to look level can give it other than a simple
square drawings However at the maintenance level is problematic there is an exchange
between the wood and the water that will appear over time. In case of illness it is virtually
impossible to properly disinfect the aquarium.
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Wood Aquarium
Your fishes need water to live, the garra rufa is a groundfish, so it needs a minimum depth of
40 cm.
Do not overload your SPA in fishes and don’t buy too small aquariums.
In the example here we observe a Fish SPA's
original form.
The look is "perfect", the comfort seems to
be well.
But if you look a little closer we see that
client is not sitting well she is on the edge
chair and despite this quite uncomfortable
her heels are not in the water, , favorite
place! The distance between the water and
the chair is too large.
The small water amount available to the
fishes cannot under any circumstances allow
the viability of a sufficient number of garra
rufa for Fish massage
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4) Filtration
Filtration is the heart of life in your aquarium, without high-performance filtration no living
There are 2 major types of filtration distinct: "settling" and "external".
Settling filtration :
The settling filtration consists of 3
to 4 compartments in of your
aquarium glass.
Many aquarists bragging you this
filtration performance.
But we don’t buy an aquarium to
decorate our interior but well a
work tool that must be effective
without the need to devote 1 hour
per day.
Disadvantages of this filtration system:
- Water evaporation, you need every day make the water inflow into the filter. Which in
addition to the time requires intake of water conditioning products (Aquatan for example).
- Filtration mass not preformed. Anyone can cut a foam and put it in a glass
compartment. It is already more delicate with perlon (kind of cotton wool) that once wet will
collapse under the weight of the water to become ineffective ball. Water will always choose
the easiest path, so if your filter systems are not adjusted exactly, the water will bypass them
and they will become unnecessary.
- Ceramics to bacteria, they are generally stored in a "net".
With impurities entering the filter, the net became very quickly a physical filter
which will force us to clean it. If we clean up the net, we need to get out of the
water rinse with osmoser water and put it back into the filter. This will kill many
bacteria and no doubt stress them. Where risk NO2 peak and risk of loss of the
entire fish in the aquarium!
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Disadvantages of this filtration system:
Very cheap cost
No pump threads problem
Filter system change without stopping the pump
Filtration external
External filtration is made up of a pump and filter
system in the same block.
Filter systems are generally deposited on stackable
Disadvantages of this filtration system:
The price, external systems are relatively expensive but high- performing.
In case of power failure may be reboot manually the system.
Adding bacteria directly on ceramics requires to open the filter.
Advantage of this filtration system:
Closed system, no daily operation
Preformed filter system, no risk of inefficiency
-Spaced and easy maintenance, you just need to change filters + - all 4 months and
perlon all the 8 months for physical filters (black).
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- Ceramics are placed on trays, no unnecessary physical filters.
Effectiveness of the filtration system suitable for Fish SPA, , all bacteria are in ceramics: no
gravel in the aquarium, no decor, no plants and one UV filter that will kill the bacteria in the
water. Therefore, a filter high-performance to have enough bacteria to avoid peaks.
5) The price
The price is important.
Look at what is included in the price, sometimes mandatory options are often very expensive
see more expensive than the SPA itself!
Remember that there is in addition to the Fish SPA shipping price that the Garra rufa shipping
price, which will no arrive in the same time.
Look at the fishes prices, the prices will a unity of €1.20 to 4.50 €, see more.
A few examples :
(Informations seen the 10 december 2012)
Full Kit
SPA Composed of :
- Fish SPA with externeal filter externe
- Plinth finishing + Cushion
- External heater 300 W (vacuum tank )
- Start Products Kit + 6 mounths
- Bacteria Bio digest
- 150 Garra rufa 3-4 cm
- SPA+fishes shipping.
- Protective floor mat
- A water circulation pump in the filter and
its outlet (800 l/h)
- A settling filter
- A submersible heater 100 watts,
- A real way "SPA" bench
- 100 GARRA RUFA 3/4 cm
- Shipping ? not indicated on the website
1 Garra SPA Kit
1 250 €
2 Garra SPA Kits 2 300 €
1 Additional Kit 1 000 €
1 Kit 1
Garra rufa from 1.20 €
Garra rufa 3.50 €
Simple Garra Rufa ©
815 €
[email protected]
External filter
150 Garra Rufa
Without shipping
Color to choose
Same aquarium and chair sizes
Settling Filter
0 Garra rufa
Without shipping
Color to choose
2 150 € Net price Net
3 600 € Without VAT
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