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Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Tracking devices Nobody knows how to define “Living
will be installed Wage” says Chamber of Commerce
on ASPA vehicles
by Samoa News staff
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu
Samoa News Reporter
Head of the American Samoa Power Authority, Utu Abe
Malae has taken the governor’s vehicle policy to the next
level and is looking at installing tracking devices on ASPA
At this time last year Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga issued
a strict policy regarding government vehicles, wherein he
demanded there will be no more ASG vehicle taken home by
ASG employees, except for department directors.
He said at the time that at the end of each operating day, no
vehicle will be taken home by an ASG employee unless thoroughly justified by the Director or Acting Director, by demonstrating a “life or death” threat necessitating the use of the
vehicle after hours.
The governor also noted that in the event a vehicle is permitted to be taken home after hours, it will not be used for any
non-government purpose.
He also emphasized that the vehicles taken home by Directors and Acting Directors are authorized to be used for official
government business only and not for personal transportation
of spouses, children, or family members.
According to Utu, the inspiration for this move came from
a company where he used to work — he did not specify the
He told Samoa News that ASPA would like to incorporate
this feature into their “asset management system” that would
allow ASPA to manage their assets, which are spread all over
the island.
“This will be a deterrent to the abuse of vehicles,” he stated,
and further noted that the stricter vehicle policy put in place
last year for all ASG departments has already resulted in
improved management and reduction of operating costs for
ASPA vehicles, and he is looking at installing the tracking
devices on some 30 to 40 ASPA vehicles.
ASPA has issued an RFP — a request for proposal — for a
company to contract for the said purpose.
Samoa News understands that only one other company has
the ability to track their vehicles in the territory, and a fairly
new company on island has the ability to install such tracking
PHOTO RIGHT — Students from El Camino High
School performing at the annual Oceanside, Ca. school
district’s Polynesian Parent & Student Night, Jan. 22, 2014.
Choreographed by Fuatino Simi and Chardelle Tuavii
the student performances recounted legends from the
Samoan culture about God, family, and respect.
Left-to-right: Keara Brady, Cindy Garcia, Bell Turituri,
Alexis Cuerdo, Cody Cuerdo, Codi Graybill, Luzpeyna
[courtesy photo]
Ortiz, Joyanna Ortiz and Delora Fuata.
The Chamber of Commerce board of directors says it has not yet solicited views from its
members concerning the governor’s initiative
to compile information regarding a “Living
Wage”, which is being carried out by the Commerce Department.
Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga revealed during
his address to the Fono two weeks ago, that the
DOC is putting together ASG’s position to the
U.S. Congress opposing continued minimum
wage increases, and the centerpiece of the
minimum wage justification package is the presentation of a locally developed ‘Living Wage’
based on prevailing economic conditions. (See
Samoa News story Jan. 24 for more details.)
DOC director Keniseli Lafaele told Samoa
News last week that a living wage “is one that
meets the basic needs to maintain a decent standard of living within a community, thus is generally higher than the minimum wage.”
Samoa News asked Chamber chairman
Lewis Wolman if there has been any reaction
from Chamber members about the ‘Living
Wage’ and with the ‘living wage’ purportedly
higher than the minimum wage, what is the
Chamber’s reaction?
In a statement responding to Samoa News
inquiries, the Chamber board says it has not yet
solicited views from its members on the ‘living
wage” and the Chamber “welcomes all efforts
to gather accurate information about economic
conditions in American Samoa, including the
cost of living.”
“Nobody knows how to define a Living
Wage, but it will be a valuable exercise to try
and define a Living Wage in 2014 in preparation for Congressional review of the minimum
wage issue in American Samoa,” the statement says.
It also says Chamber members have a “wide
range of opinions” about minimum wage, “but
most of the the private sector believes the minimum wage should promote and balance” the
following needs:
• the financial ability of the tuna industry to
continue to operate here.
• the financial ability of the existing private
companies to continue to operate in the territory.
• the financial needs of workers earning at or
near the minimum wage.
• the political need of American Samoa to
control its own destiny, while remaining a part
of the U.S.
• the need for a predictable future with
regards to minimum wage so that existing and
potential private investors can make plans for
business expansion and economic development
in the territory.
According to the CoC statement, many
Chamber members “fear” that if the minimum
wage in the territory is too high or if the future of
the minimum wage “is too unpredictable, it will
lead to a downsizing of the tuna industry, which
will result in layoffs and cripple the economy.”
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samoa news, Wednesday, January 29, 2014
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Washington girl thrown
in trunk called for help
YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) — A 15-year-old
girl on her way to school Monday was kidnapped by four masked teenage boys armed
with a gun who put her in the trunk of a car, law
enforcement officers said. But the girl had her
cellphone, called for help and identified one of
the abductors as an ex-boyfriend, police said.
The Yakima Herald-Republic reports that
three boys later got out of the car, leaving her
with the ex-boyfriend. According to court documents, he discussed the possibility of being
killed by police and “taking her with him.”
The Washington State Patrol stopped the
stolen car about two hours later on Highway
410 near Bumping Lake in the Cascade Range.
The driver surrendered without incident, and
the girl was not harmed, officers said.
Four boys who attend Highland High School
appeared Tuesday in Yakima County Juvenile
Court, where a judge set bail at $250,000 each.
Judge Robert Lawrence-Berrey rejected defense
lawyers’ pleas to reduce the bail, citing the seriousness of the alleged crime and evidence that
all four threatened the girl.
Costa lawyer: ship’s captain
didn’t speak of the dead…
ROME (AP) — A lawyer for the owner of
the Costa Concordia has told an Italian court that
the captain made no mention of those who perished in the shipwreck but instead boasted the
day after that he had saved lives with his skill.
Cristina Porcelli, a lawyer for Costa Crociere
SpA, testified Tuesday in the manslaughter trial
of the ship’s captain, Francesco Schettino. She
said Schettino told her and other company officials the day after the ship capsized on Jan. 13,
2012 that the reef which the vessel smashed
into off Giglio Island wasn’t on nautical charts.
Schettino, the sole defendant, is also charged
in the trial in Grosseto, Tuscany, with causing
the shipwreck that claimed 32 lives and with
abandoning the Concordia before all were evacuated. He denies wrongdoing.
Blast on Indian oil tanker
docked in China kills 7
BEIJING (AP) — An Indian oil tanker being
repaired at a shipyard in eastern China exploded
and caught fire Tuesday, killing seven Chinese
workers, Chinese state media said. The workers
were repairing the ship when the explosion
occurred at Haizhou Shipyard in the port city
of Zhoushan, the official Xinhua News Agency
said. There was no report of an oil spill.
Workers at the shipyard, reached over the
phone, confirmed that the oil tanker was docked
there but were unable to provide any other
information. State-run China Central Television said an open flame triggered the blast but
did not provide further details. Xinhua said the
cause was under investigation.
Police: Woman, 81, shot
during home invasion
OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — An 81-yearold Northern California woman was shot and
wounded Tuesday by an intruder in her usually
tranquil neighborhood. Oakland police spokeswoman Johnna Watson says the victim, whose
name was not released, suffered a gunshot
wound at her home in the 4100 block of Laguna
Avenue in Oakland. She is now in stable condition at a local hospital.
Watson says the preliminary investigation
shows the suspect forced entry into the victim’s
home and that this motive may have been a
home invasion robbery.
The suspect is described as a black male
in his 20s who is 6 feet tall, 175 pounds and
wearing dark clothing.
Judge — lawSuit by former
informant for US can proceed
WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal judge
has denied a government bid to dismiss a lawsuit by a former confidential informant working
for the United States in Colombia.
Astrid Hurtado’s lawsuit claims that the U.S.
government abandoned her when she got into
legal trouble for her undercover money laundering operations, and she wound up spending
three years in a Colombian jail. She’s seeking
$15 million in damages.
The Justice Department had sought the suit’s
dismissal. The department argued that Hurtado
failed to plausibly allege that U.S. government
officials she worked for had the authority to
obligate the U.S. to protect her.
But in a ruling Monday, Judge Elaine D.
Kaplan of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims called
the government’s argument “unpersuasive.”
NY congressman threatens
reporter at nation’s Capitol
WASHINGTON (AP) — New York Rep.
Michael Grimm is defending his actions after
he physically threatened a reporter at the Capitol after President Barack Obama’s State of
the Union address. The confrontation began
Tuesday when Michael Scotto, a reporter for
New York cable news station NY1, asked
Grimm about a Justice Department investigation into his campaign finances.
After cutting the interview short, Grimm
told Scotto, “You ever do that to me again I’ll
throw you off this (expletive) balcony.” He also
threatened to “break (Scotto) in half.”
NY1 posted video of the incident on its
Grimm later issued a statement saying he
was “extremely annoyed” with Scotto and
doubted he was the “first member of Congress
to tell off a reporter.”
NY1 political director Bob Hardt demanded
a “full apology” from Grimm.
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samoa news, Wednesday, January 29, 2014 Page 3
by Joyetter Feagaimaali-Luamanu
Samoa News Reporter
An Asian man, who was the driver of a vehicle that ran
over a five-year-old who later died, has entered into a plea
agreement with the government. The Attorney General’s
office charged Chung Lee with Homicide by Vehicle which he
pled guilty to, however Chief Justice Michael Kruse took the
plea under advisement. Kruse has also scheduled a sentencing
day for this matter.
A vehicular homicide charge is punishable by up to five
years in prison, a fine of up to $5,000 and includes traffic
citations of careless driving and speeding. According to the
government’s case, the incident occurred last year on Nov. 1,
2013, when police were informed a child who had been transported to the hospital had been struck by a vehicle in front
of the F&Y Fast Food store, across from Forsgren’s at the
Laufou Shopping Center.
Upon arriving at the scene, the owner of the restaurant
pointed out to police the driver of the vehicle, Lee of Amaluia
— who was sitting on a chair outside the restaurant.
Court filings say Lee told police he was dropping off fish for
his friend, who owns the restaurant and when he passed F7Y
Fast Food, he made a quick wide right turn from the Laufou
parking area to the cemented driveway/sidewalk immediately
in front of the store entrance. Lee stated he did not see anything and then he heard a banging sound…”
It’s alleged people ran towards the vehicle and told Lee to
back up and he backed up the vehicle. “The impact pushed
the baby underneath the vehicle and trapped him between the
vehicle’s front right tire and the concrete driveway/sidewalk,”
the court affidavit states.
According to the government’s case, Lee did not have any
tint on the windows to obstruct or interfere with his view from
inside the vehicle.
Also, police noted Lee was issued a traffic citation for
speeding earlier that same day, just an hour before the incident. Prosecuting this matter was Deputy AG Mitzie Jessop
while the defendant is represented by Matailupe Leupolu.
A man accused of impregnating his wife’s niece, who is
a minor, has been charged with statutory rape (engaging in
sexual intercourse with a minor) and endangering the welfare
of a child.
The man, who’s being held on bail of $50,000 is represented
by the Public Defender’s office, while prosecuting for the government is Assistant Attorney General Tiffany Oldsfield.
Court filings say that the incident came to light when it was
reported to police that a 15- year-old girl from Aua was pregnant by her uncle.
Court filings say the defendant was arraigned in High Court
last week, where he denied the charges.
It’s alleged the victim was staying at the defendant’s residence because she was attending high school. When the incident came to light, it’s alleged the defendant apologized to the
victim’s family for what happened.
Lady Naomi crew member, Liki Kerisimasi, who was
charged along with Fatu Vagana for smuggling marijuana into
the territory last year, has accepted and signed a plea agreement offered by the government.
Kerisimasi and his co-defendant were each charged with
unlawful possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, and
unlawful possession of marijuana. Defendants are being held
on bail of $50,000 each. Kerisimasi is scheduled to be in court
tomorrow for his change of plea hearing. At that time, details
of the plea will be read in open court.
According to the government’s case, Vice and Narcotics
were informed of alleged illegal activities going on at Vagana’s residence in Aoloau.
A search warrant was executed on Vagana and police
began surveillance on him when the Lady Naomi arrived in
Port. Court filings say Vagana picked up Kerisimasi at the
wharf when all the passengers were through with their clearance from Immigration and Customs.
Police found in the vehicle three bundles which tested positive for marijuana. According to the government’s case, when
police questioned Kerisimasi he said he came from Apia with
the package to be delivered to “someone in American Samoa,
who would be calling him.”
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Project Notification & Review System
Legal Notice
February 05, 2014
Notice is hereby given that the Department of Commerce/American Samoa Coastal Management Program has
received a Land Use Permit Application from the following individuals.
DPSc /oF aleosinaV oigt
Federal Consistency Certification and new Correctional Facility building.
DPWc /oF aleosinaV oigT
Proposal for drainage improvement
Pulotu& R ichardP assi
Proposal for construction of a road and driveway
Mosese Lomu
Proposal for repair with utilities
EseneiasoL iu
Proposal for clearing and chicken farm with utilities
MarkA tafua
Proposal for new construction of a storage with facilities
FalanikoL uafutu
Proposal for dry litter piggery
Pago Pago
Vaivao Nive Reed
Proposal for dry litter piggery
Pago Pago
Persons interested in or affected by a proposed project, are invited to review the project file and provide
comments based on environmental issues, by contacting Marvis Vaiaga’e at 633-5155, at the Department of
Commerce in Utulei during regular ASG working hours. Public comments must be received no later than 4:00
p.m. on Tuesday, February 04, 2014. Interested individuals are also invited to attend a Public Hearing at 9:00
a.m. Wednesday, February 05, 2014 at DOC Conference Room, on the 2nd Floor of the Executive Office
Building in Utulei.
O lo’o iai i le Ofisa o Fa’afetauaina ni talosaga mo Pemita e Fa’atagaina ai le Fa’aaogaina o Fanua ma Laueleele e
tusa ma ala o le Tulafono. A iai se tasi e fa’asea pe fia tusia se molimau i ni afaina o le si’osi’omaga pe a
galueaina nei galuega, telefoni mai ia Marvis Vaiaga’e i le 633-5155. E mafai fo’i ona e auai i le fono a le Komiti
Fa’afoe ia Fepuari 05, 2014, ile itula e 9 ile taeao.
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samoa news, Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Letter to the Editor
Dear Editor,
“Man’s best friend” is turning into a massive problem!
Roaming dog packs can be found all over the island. Regardless of the breed, the “pack mentality” can be dangerous. Even
docile dogs can become aggressive when in a pack, and unneutered males are the worst offenders. It is time to take the
exploding dog population seriously. They create a health and
safety issue for all walkers.
The problem is how to humanely deal with the ever growing
dog population. Their “free life style” has created unintended
breeding which is the largest contributing factor to this now,
very real problem.
If you are a dog owner, ask yourself if you really need five,
ten or more dogs or are they a product of unintended breeding?
Unfortunately, I fear the problem is so large it will require
expensive government involvement. The government could/
may need to hire veterinarians on a full-time basis to spay and
neuter as many dogs as possible and probably put-down many,
many more.
The government has intervened before to help reduce the
dog population. Rounding-up stray and sick dogs is only a
starting step and not a permanent solution.
The most important part of the solution will be a change in
our island’s attitude! How many years it will take, will depend
on society’s attitude. Change is a choice!
All of this will come at a COST. The money to fund a government dog program will have to be appropriated from other
government programs — programs that can’t afford to lose
even a penny of funding!
Another way to fund a dog reduction program would be to
create laws for dog owners, making them responsible through
licensing, fines and penalties.
Please, dog owners clean up your act and take responsibility.
D. May Fuiava
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Court verdict in favor of
Puia’i Tufele for Te’o title
by B. Chen, Samoa News Correspondent
The Land and Titles Division of the High
Court of American Samoa has ruled in favor
of Puia’i Tufele in the case involving the Te’o
title from the village of Pago Pago. The Court’s
decision was noted in an opinion and order
issued this past Monday.
According to the Court, “Puia’i is qualified to hold the matai title Te’o” because while
the parties are equal on one of the statutory
criterion, Puia’i prevails over the claimant,
Ma’ataua Uiva Te’o, on the other three criteria.
“The Territorial Registrar shall… register the
matai title Te’o in candidate Puia’i Manuma
Tufele. It is so ordered.”
The dispute involves competing claims to
the Te’o title, which has been vacant for over a
decade. Claimant Ma’ataua Uiva Te’o initially
offered to register the title with the Territorial
Registrar and Puia’i Tufele filed a timely objection and counter-claim. Afterwards, according
to the Court’s order and opinion, the Territorial
Registrar referred the matter to the Office of
Samoan Affairs for extra-judicial proceedings
(mandating the parties to attend and “attempt…
to resolve the controversy” in the presence of
the Secretary of Samoan Affairs).
The OSA meetings “were to no avail” and
as a result, the OSA Secretary issued a “certificate of irreconcilable dispute,” hence the issue
ended up in the High Court.
For the criteria of “best hereditary right,”
the Court found in favor of Puia’i saying he
“has credibly shown his descent to Te’o Mutiatai, his second great grandfather, a common
ancestor he shares with his first cousin Te’o
Seuga Manuma, a former titleholder.” The
Court noted “Ma’ataua’s pedigree claim is not
so clear on the evidence.”
The evidence showed Pulu Taulaga Te’o had
a brother named Falepopo who, according to the
Pago Pago Title Registry, was a Te’o titleholder
in 1918. However, the Court noted, “we fail to see
by this fact alone how Ma’ataua’s claim through
his paternal grandfather, a descent line collateral
to the descent line from Falepopo, establishes his
hereditary entitlement.” The Court said they “did
not find Pulu Taulaga Te’o’s name on the Registry so as to affirm that there was such a Te’o
titleholder in the village of Pago Pago.”
Furthermore, “the Te’o family’s customary
clans have clearly evolved, at least in terms of
organization, as a two-clan family.”
In the criteria of “Wish of the Majority or
Plurality of the Clans,” the Court concluded that
neither candidate prevails on the issue of family
support. Ma’ataua claimed three customary clans
(Vaigalu, Vaitele, and Fuamanogi), while Puia’i
claimed two (Falepopo and Si’itia Manuma).
“We find evidence to preponderate in favor
of Puia’i’s version of a two-clan family,” the
Court noted. “Today, the Te’o family operates
and interacts as a family along two descent lines
- one part of the family identifies with the former
titleholder Te’o Falepopo while the other identifies itself as the Si’itia Manuma clan.”
On the criteria of “Forcefulness, Character,
and Personality; and Knowledge of Samoan
Customs,” the Court ruled in favor of Pui’ai,
noting that the two candidates are more or less
on parity as far as forcefulness and personality. Likewise, with the issue of knowledge of
Samoan customs, the Court found both parties
similarly situated.
However, on character assessment, the scales
tilted in favor of Puia’i, with the Court pointing
out that “Ma’ataua has demonstrated a disconcerting history of indifference towards the Te’o
family. While resolute in his desire for family
leadership, Ma’ataua has done little more in this
regard beyond simply invoking the statutory
matai registration process, but then only to disappear thereafter for extended off-island missionary
work, all without word to the family or court.”
For the criteria of “Value to Family, Village
and Country” the Court also found in favor of
Puia’i, saying in their relative assessment of
the candidates, the parties are equal in terms
of value to the country, However, “We have to
rate Puia’i as decidedly ahead of Ma’ataua in
terms of demonstrated value to the family and
village,” the Court noted. “Puia’i has spent his
whole life living and working within the village
of Pago Pago, rendering traditional service on a
day to day basis not only to the Te’o family but
also to the village of Pago Pago.”
“Predominantly, Ma’ataua’s active life has
largely been aligned with his maternal roots,
the Si’ufanua family of Faleniu. This is where
Ma’ataua has mostly resided when on-island
and, consequently, it is Faleniu where Ma’ataua
has mostly operated his various farming and
business enterprises.”
According to the Court’s decision and order,
Puia’i’s lifelong presence in Pago Pago put him
on the forefront of cultural family affairs, representing his side of the family. “Not only has he
acquired a better familiarity with the extent of
communal family assets, he has naturally been
more involved with both intra and inter-Te’o
family obligations, especially throughout this
extended period of time when the family has
been without a matai.”
The Court noted Puia’i has “better rapport
with the village and… overall, is better suited to
lead the family, having lived in the village and
having interacted with family and village affairs
on a day-to-day basis.” Lastly, the Court pointed
out, “We are satisfied that Puia’i’s ambitions are
better aligned with those of the Te’o family, its
communal interests and welfare.”
The Court’s order and decision was signed
by Chief Justice Michael Kruse, and Associate
Judges Fa’amausili Poumele, Satele Ali’itasi
Lili’o, Su’apaia Pereira, and Muasau Tofili.
samoa news, Wednesday, January 29, 2014 Page 5
Pago Pago American Samoa 96799
National Children’s Dental Health Month
February 2014
WHEREAS, the future, is to a large measure, dependent on the good health of our families; and
WHEREAS, Dental Caries is the most common chronic disease found in children, and
WHEREAS, good health can be achieved in part through good oral health habits learned early in the
childhood and reinforced throughout life; and
WHEREAS, brushing twice daily using toothpaste and fluoride, flossing daily, having routine check-ups at
least twice a year, and eating a diet low in sugary foods and drinks help prevent tooth decay; and
WHEREAS, an oral health literate and educated public is more empowered to embrace healthy oral hygiene
and dietary behaviors and to make and keep dental appointments; and
WHEREAS, the American Samoa Government is pleased to join with the Department of Health and the
Dental Division, the American Samoa Medicat Authority and the Dental Services staff in promoting good
oral health throughout community outreach activities.
NOW, BE IT RESOLVED THAT I, LOLO M. MOLIGA, Governor of American Samoa do hereby proclaim the
Month of February 2014, a Children’s Dental Health Month and urge that all citizens and community
organizations join in this observance.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature and Seal of my office on this 28th day of
January, in the year of our Lord two thousand fourteen.
Poloa’iga Fa’alaua’itele
Soifua Maloloina o Oloa/Nifo o le Fanau
Fepuari 2014
TALUAI, o lo tatou lumana’i e fa’amoemoe tele i le soifua maloloina o tatou aiga; ma
TALUAI, o le soifua maloloina e mafai ona maua i le vave ona a’oa’oina i tausiga lelei o oloa/nifo ma
fa’amalosia pea lea tulaga mo le olaga atoa; ma
TALUAI, o le Ofisa o le Puipuiga o le Soifua Maloloina ua lagolago atoatoa le tausiga lelei o oloa/nifo mo
fanau laiti i le taumafaiga lea e puipui mai fa’ama’i o nifo/oloa; ma
TALUAI, o le aufaigaluega a le Ofisa o le Puipuiga o le Soifua Maloloina o lo’o galulue fa’atasi ma le LBJ
Dental Services e su’esu’e ma a’oa’o ma fa’aleleia le tausiga o oloa/nifo mo le tatou atunu’u.
O LE MEA LEA, O A’U, LOLO M. MOLIGA, Kovana o Amerika Samoa, ua ou fa’alauiloa le Masina o
Fepuari, 2014, e avea ma Masina mo le soifua maloloina o oloa/nifo o le fanau.
Ua ou lapata’i atu ai i le tatou atunu’u atoa ina ia tatou galulue fa’atasi mo le taumafaiga o le tausiga
lelei o le soifua maloloina o oloa/nifo o le fanau o si o tatou atunu’u.
Ua ou faamaonia ma ou sainia lenei Poloa’iga Fa’alaua’itele i le aso 28 lenei o le Masina o Ianuari, lua afe
sefulu ma le fa.
Governor of American Samoa
Page 6
samoa news, Wednesday, January 29, 2014
by Joyetter
Samoa News Reporter
Pan Am 806
January 30th, 1974
My name is Paul Crompton an independent filmmaker from Barge
Pole Productions in the United Kingdom. I am visiting American
Samoa from January 31st to February 3rd to research the Pan Am
806 flight that crashed on its approach to Pago Pago International
Airport on January 30, 1974.
I am putting together a documentary on the crash for the families
from the UK, Canada, USA, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia of
those that died who want to know more about the event. I am
hoping to meet and talk with people that helped with the recovery of
those who survived and also those that perished.
I am reaching out to talk to anyone who was there on the night, who
may remember what it was like on the evening of the crash or the
following few days. Can anyone tell me when and where the
wreckage was buried, or did anyone have relatives on board and are
you willing to talk about it on camera.
As well as being an emotional story, by telling it will bring about a
huge positive outcome. I want the surviving relatives to have a
document of what happened and to be able to see what it’s really
like in American Samoa. So many of them want to come and visit,
and maybe this will inspire them, as well as helping them find clarity
to a deeply personal story.
My email is [email protected] if you would like to contact
me to arrange a meeting, share your story or information about the
Pan Am 806 flight while I am in American Samoa for a few days.
Thank you,
Paul Crompton
Barge Pole Productions London, United Kingdom
Prior to the Fono recess,
the Fono received a letter from
Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga
nominating Jonathan Fanene
as Director for the Department
of Youth & Women’s Affairs.
The governor pointed out that
although Fanene lacks experience in government affairs, his
personal journey as a youth
— through participation in
cultural and athletic programs
— gives him the inspiration to
help women and children reach
their potential.
Fanene’s motivation and
drive to help the youth realize
their dreams and strive for new
heights is perfectly aligned
with the objectives of the
DYWA, which is to empower
women and young people in
the territory to improve their
quality of life through education, skills training and cultural
The governor pointed out
Fanene is one of the most
highly recognized athletes
from the territory having
played many years in the
National Football League and
has since returned home to
serve his people, family and
community. Fanene holds an
Associate Degree in Sociology
from the University of Utah,
where he earned Academic All
Mountain Conference honors
in football.
Lolo said Fanene’s involvement in numerous charities, his
Happy 7th Birthday
Save your allowance. We’ll buy the cake and ice
cream - only for today.
We love you baby! You really are a true DIVA!
Love all your family and friends here and
Especially your biggest competition:
your baby sister Skye Whitey.
understanding of the value of
teamwork and his commitment
to family and community give
the governor great confidence
he will successfully achieve
the goals of the DYWA and
urged lawmakers for their support in confirming Fanene to
the post.
Matalasi Moliga is seeking Fono
approval for government property across from the old Samoa
packing Company now leased
to Te’o Fuavai and Sons, and
is asking for an additional 30
years. Local statute states that
lease of government property
is subject to Fono approval.
The original lease was for nine
years, 11 months and 29 days
which should be completed by
April 27, 2022.
The new proposal is for
an extension of a 30 years,
which will expire April 30,
2042. According to the governor’s letter to Fono leaders,
these premises are exclusively
to establish a fast food business and subleasing for office
space. “ASG recognizes the
importance of commerce in the
development and improvement
of the local economy,” wrote
The area of the lease is
0.217 acres, and the rental,
according to the lease, is $300
which would be paid on the
first of each month.
The lease states Te’o cannot
sublease the premises unless
approved by the government,
and failure to do so may constitute material breach of lease.
The LBJ Medical Center
Chapel has been turned into a
Community Center and this is a
concern raised by Rep Vailoata
Amituana’i. At times, he says,
families of those who have
passed on must wait until the
chapel is unoccupied before
they can hold their family
He said sometimes, when
a person dies in the morning,
families have to wait until a
meeting held in the chapel
is completed — and that is
“The whole purpose of
having a chapel is for family
services for the mourning
families — yet family members have to wait for several
hours.” Vailoata asked the
Hospital Committee to look
into the matter because this is
“ just inhumane” to have families wait for hospital officials
to finish their meetings.
He also pointed out the
chapel is now being called
a community center, yet the
reason for a chapel is for
With the recent flooding
happening in front of the
Mormon Church in Ottoville,
and in Kokoland all the way
into Fagaima village and in
front of Cost-u-Less, Tualauta
Rep Florence Saulo asked the
Director of Public Works as
to why it has taken four years
for the government to fix the
flooding problems.
The hearing for DPW was
called following a request from
the faipule on several issues,
regarding the unfixed backroads and street lights. During
the hearing Saulo asked DPW
Director Faleosina Voigt if
ASG is waiting for the worst to
happen, like a tragic accident,
in order for them to finally
make the repairs happen.
The faipule told Voigt that
she needs to conduct site inspections when the flooding actually
occurs, saying, “It has been
mostly devastating for the families that are actually affected.”
She told the DPW Director
that since she (Saulo) took
office last year it’s been her priority to make improvements for
the terrible conditions of about
30 secondary roads — mostly
in Kokoland, Tafuna, Fagaima,
Mapusaga/Mesepa and the Vaitogi road heading to Roy Hall’s
residence. She said assistance
from ASG is much needed to
heed to the people’s needs.
In the meantime, officials with the Departments of
Public Works informed Taulauta faipule, Larry Sanitoa
the soakage pits are being
constructed in front of Cost-ULess to mitigate the flooding
problems there, and barricades
have been set up at the site.
DPW officials and McConnell
Dowell and its engineering
team can be seen at the construction of the soakage pits.
Senate wants ASPA to examine
further ways to cut utility costs
by Fili Sagapolutele, Samoa News Correspondent
The Senate has called on the American Samoa
Power Authority to look into the possibility of
the authority not paying leases to the government
but instead, using that money to help lower electricity costs, which would benefit rate payers.
Sen. Magalei Logovi’i raised the issue at last
Friday’s Senate Government Operations Committee hearing, chaired by Sen. Mauga Tasi
Asuega, when the committee was reviewing two
leases of government land in Tafuna for ASPA.
The Tualauta senator said ASPA is forking
out a lot of money to pay land leases to ASG and
asked if ASPA would reduce their electric rates
if such payments were not made, but instead
applied towards lowering utility costs.
“Instead of paying the leases, ASPA can save
this money to help further bring down the cost
of electricity,” said Magalei during the hearing
which was attended by ASPA chief operations
officer, Reno Vivao. “If the leases are not paid,
is there a chance there would be a reduction in
electric rates?”
Vivao responded that he couldn’t immediately provide a direct answer to the question, as
it needed to be reviewed by ASPA, which continues to work with the government on various
issues dealing with costs to the authority.
For example, he said all ASPA imports are
subject to the excise tax and something like this
is one of the areas that both sides continue to
work on. Vivao said ASPA can review the issue
raised by Magalei and hold discussions with
the executive branch. He also said ASPA does
not want to do anything that would disappoint
the Treasury for not paying its share of taxes or
leases. However, in the end, if there is a chance
of lowering the rate through such an agreement
with the government, it’s all good for the benefit
of the community, Vivao added.
“If these costs — land leases and excise tax
— are not paid to the government, how will that
help to lower electric costs for the public?” Magalei asked, adding an analysis would be helpful
in discussing such matters with the government
especially regarding electricity costs, where rate
payers continue to suffer.
The senator acknowledged there is not much
ASPA can do when fuel prices goes up, which
means the fuel surcharge in ASPA’s rate must
also be increased.
He informed Vivao the cost analysis could
also cover the impact on ASG finances if these
leases and excise taxes were not paid by ASPA.
Towards the end of the hearing, Mauga noted
that since Utu Abe Malae has taken over the
helm of ASPA management, there has been a
reduction on various ASPA rates and services.
However, he suggested that Vivao share with
Utu and the ASPA board the issue raised by
Magalei because lowering rates is an important
issue to the public.
In his address to the Fono this month, Gov.
Lolo Matalasi Moliga noted the cost of electricity since the inception of the new board and
Utu’s leadership has been reduced by an average
of 4-cents per kiloWatt hour over a period of the
last eleven months. Further, the fees for some
of the services provided by ASPA have been
reduced by as much as 50%.
“...the board and management are well aware
of their mandate to bring the cost of utilities down
to better reflect the earning capacity of our people
and the state of our economy,” he said. “This is
critical to our future, as the cost of goods sold to
the people is influenced by the cost of utilities.”
Moreover, “our ability to attract new investment for economic expansion is improved if the
cost of doing business is in line with national
standards,” he said.
samoa news, Wednesday, January 29, 2014 Page 7
Man faces 2nd fatal crash
with links to the 1st judge
BELEN, N.M. (AP) — A New Mexico man sent to prison six
years ago for killing a motorcyclist while driving drunk is back
in jail on the same charges, this time for a crash that killed the
brother of the judge who sentenced him.
The accident Saturday happened after a witness told KOB-TV
that she called 911 twice to report seeing Jacob Williams, 27,
driving erratically around her neighborhood near the town of
Belen, about 30 miles south of Albuquerque. But deputies failed
to respond before a pickup that authorities said was driven by
Williams veered over a center line, killing Daniel Sanchez, 51,
and seriously injuring his 11-year-old daughter, Magen.
According to the criminal complaint, breath tests found Williams’ blood-alcohol level at 0.16 percent, or twice the legal limit
of 0.08. State police said Daniel Sanchez died instantly. Magen,
a passenger on her father’s motorcycle, has undergone at least
two surgeries for injuries to her leg, a family member told the
Albuquerque Journal.
Sanchez’s brother, state District Court Judge William Sanchez, of Los Lunas, presided over the 2008 case in which Williams pleaded guilty to felony charges of vehicular homicide,
great bodily harm by vehicle and aggravated driving while intoxicated. William Sanchez sentenced Williams to the maximum six
years in prison allowed under the plea agreement.
In that case, authorities said Williams, then 21, failed to stop at
an in August 2006 intersection in the town of Rio Communities
and struck a motorcycle. That crash killed the motorcycle driver,
Quin Sanchez, 42, of Belen, who was no relation to Daniel and
William Sanchez.
The death of the judge’s brother appeared to be coincidental.
Christy Sisneros said that on the day of the latest crash, she
called 911 to report Williams driving erratically, and then called
again three hours later to report seeing him getting into a fight
with a neighbor.
“They could have got him here before he left anywhere,”
Sisneros said. “I gave them enough information.”
A Valencia County Sheriff’s Office spokesman said only five
deputies were working that day, and they were tied up with other
felony crimes and another fatal crash.
No attorney was listed for Williams.
An arraignment for him on the latest charges has been postponed until Thursday, officials said.
Page 8
samoa news, Wednesday, January 29, 2014
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In this Sept. 27, 2008 photo, a salamander-like axolotl, also known as the “water monster” and
the “Mexican walking fish,” swims in a tank at the Chapultepec Zoo in Mexico City. The axolotl may
have disappeared from its only known natural habitat, Mexico City’s Lake Xochimilco. Biologist Luis
Zambrano of Mexico’s National Autonomous University said Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014, the most recent
(AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills, File)
three-month attempt to net axolotls found not one of the creatures.
‘Water Monster’ has disappeared
MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico’s salamander-like axolotl may have disappeared from its
only known natural habitat in Mexico City’s few remaining lakes.
It’s disturbing news for an admittedly ugly creature, which has a slimy tail, plumage-like gills
and mouth that curls into an odd smile. The axolotl is known as the “water monster” and the
“Mexican walking fish.” Its only natural habitat is the Xochimilco network of lakes and canals —
the “floating gardens” of earth piled on reed mats that the Aztecs built to grow crops but are now
suffering from pollution and urban sprawl.
Biologist Armando Tovar Garza of Mexico’s National Autonomous University said Tuesday
that the creature “is in serious risk of disappearing” from the wild.
Describing an effort last year by researchers in skiffs to try to net axolotls in the shallow,
muddy waters of Xochimilco, Tovar Garza summed up the results as “four months of sampling
— zero axolotls.” Some axolotls still survive in aquariums, water tanks and research labs, but
experts said those conditions aren’t the best, because of interbreeding and other risks.
Growing up to a foot long (30 centimeters), axolotls use four stubby legs to drag themselves
along the bottom or thick tails to swim in Xoxhimilco’s murky channels while feeding on aquatic
insects, small fish and crustaceans. But the surrounding garden-islands have increasingly been
converted to illicit shantytowns, with untreated sewage often running off into the water.
The Mexican Academy of Sciences said in a statement that a 1998 survey found an average of
6,000 axolotls per square kilometer, a figure that dropped to 1,000 in a 2003 study, and 100 in a
2008 survey. Tovar Garza said it is too early to declare the axolotl extinct in its natural habitat. He
said that in early February, researchers will begin a three-month search in hopes of finding what
may be the last free-roaming axolotl. The searches “on almost all the canals have to be repeated,
because now we are in the cold season, with lower temperatures, and that is when we ought to
have more success with the axolotls, because it is when they breed,” Tovar Garza said.
Alarmed by the creature’s falling numbers in recent years, researchers built axolotl “shelters”
in Xochimilco. Sacks of rocks and reedy plants act as filters around a selected area, and cleaner
water is pumped in, to create better conditions. The shelters also were intended to help protect the
axolotls from non-native carp and tilapia that were introduced to the lake system years ago and
compete with axolotls for food.
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Police: New Mexico woman
calls 911 to avoid ticket
ROSWELL, N.M. (AP) — Authorities say a New Mexico
woman called in a fake report of a gunman near a convenience
store to help a friend avoid a traffic ticket over a taillight.
Roswell police say 22-year-old Savana Jimenez called 911
Sunday morning hoping the officer who pulled over the car she
was a passenger in would get dispatched to the fake crime.
Authorities say Jimenez called 911 while the officer was
checking her friend’s information.
Police say Jimenez later admitted making the entire story up
so the officer would rush to the fake scene.
Roswell police spokeswoman Sabrina Morales says Jimenez
told police she thought she had warrants out for her arrest, but
officials say she didn’t. Jimenez was arrested and charged with
obstruction. It was unknown if she had an attorney.
Man of the Year not enough?
Francis now SuperPope
VATICAN CITY (AP) — It wasn’t enough that Pope Francis
was named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” or that he
fronted this week’s Rolling Stone magazine. Now there’s SuperPope graffiti sprouting up around the Vatican.
The white caped crusader appeared Tuesday on a wall just off
Borgo Pio, a tiny cobble-stoned street near St. Peter’s Square. In
typical superhero fashion, Francis’ right fist is thrust in the air,
leading him in flight, while his left clutches his black satchel.
“Valores,” or values in Spanish, is written across it.
The artist is identified only as Maupal.
Francis has charmed the masses with his simplicity and message of helping the poor, even as he has cracked down on Vatican waste and corruption. The Vatican communications office
approved of the image, tweeting a photo Tuesday.
Fire consumes villages in Norway
STAVANGER, Norway (AP) — Firefighters are struggling to
control a blaze in central Norway that has destroyed most of two
small villages and forced the evacuation of dozens of residents.
Strong winds spread the fire over a 6-square-mile (15-square-kilometer) area Tuesday, destroying around 90 buildings, including
homes and holiday cabins, and preventing helicopters from the
fire service and civil defense forces from tackling the blaze.
The fire started Monday night in Flatanger municipality,
about 60 miles (100 kilometers) north of Trondheim. Officials
say it probably began from sparks from power lines.
Local sheriff Nils Roger Duna says he hopes around 50
buildings in the two villages might be salvaged. There were no
reports of any injuries. Last week a fire ruined parts of a historical village in another part of Norway.
Passenger stats soar at
Mideast’s biggest airport
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The operator of the
Middle East’s biggest airport in Dubai says its annual passenger
traffic numbers have surged 15 percent to top the 60 million
mark for the first time ever. Airport operator Dubai Airports
said Wednesday that Dubai International handled 66.4 million
passengers in 2013, including more than a record 6 million in
December alone. That’s up from 57.7 million in 2012.
Helping drive the growth are an increased number of widebody jets that can haul large numbers of passengers and new
destinations being added by hometown airlines Emirates and
discount carrier FlyDubai. Dubai International is the Mideast
commercial hub’s main airport. It opened a new concourse early
last year concourse purpose-built for the double-decker Airbus
A380. A second Dubai airport began operating commercial passenger flights in October.
Truck hits walkway in Rio, killing 4
RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — A dump truck smashed into a
pedestrian bridge on a busy highway in northern Rio de Janeiro
Tuesday, causing the walkway to collapse onto three cars and a
motorcycle below. At least four people were killed in the accident,
authorities said. Another four people were injured, according to
Lamsa, a private company that administers the toll road.
Witnesses said that there were only two people on the yellow
metal pedestrian bridge when the accident occurred just after 9
a.m. Normally it would be crowded at that hour, but is in less use
because of Brazil’s summer holidays.
Mayor Eduardo Paes told reporters at the scene that the trailer
of the truck was clearly above the 4.5 meters (14 ½ feet) permitted for use on the highway, known as the Yellow Line road,
which cuts through gritty northern and western portions of Rio.
Paes said authorities were trying to confirm if the truck’s
bed was raised when it hit the walkway. Regardless, “an infraction was being committed because trucks aren’t allowed on the
Yellow Line at that time of day.”
Valeria da Paixao, the director of a daycare center near the
site of the accident, told Globo TV that she “heard a loud noise,
like an explosion.”
“The walkway is used by many mothers who bring their children to our school,” she said. “Thank God it’s vacation time
and we’re closed. If it happened when the school was open we
would have had a major tragedy.”
(Continued on page 9)
“Gassy” German
cows blamed for
barn explosion
BERLIN (AP) — A herd
of dairy cows nearly lifted
the roof off their barn in central Germany when methane
released by the animals caused
an explosion.
Police in Hesse state said in
a statement that a static electric
charge apparently triggered the
detonation, and a spurt of flame,
on Monday at a farm in Rasdorf. The roof was slightly damaged and one cow suffered light
burns. No people were hurt.
Police say 90 cows are kept
in the shed and it wasn’t clear
why quantities of methane had
built up. Bovine belching and
flatulence releases large quantities of the gas.
Indonesia landslides
kill 19; 10 missing
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP)
— Two landslides triggered
by torrential rain killed at least
19 people and left 10 others
missing on Indonesia’s main
island of Java, a government
official said Tuesday.
Five houses were buried
when mud rolled down from
surrounding hills just after
midnight in Mekarsari village
of East Java’s Jombang district, said National Disaster
Mitigation Agency spokesman
Sutopo Purwo Nugroho.
He said rescuers pulled
seven bodies from mounds of
mud and were still searching
for 10 others reportedly
missing under tons of debris.
Authorities struggled to get
tractors and bulldozers over
washed-out roads. Television
footage showed hundreds of
police, soldiers and residents
digging through debris with
their hands, shovels and hoes.
Tuesday’s fatal landslides
were the second in several days
on densely populated Java island.
Mud and rocks cascaded down
hills in Central Java’s Kudos district late Friday, leaving at least
12 villagers dead.
Man suspected
of molestation in
quinceanera videos
(AP) — Los Angeles police
are searching for a photographer suspected of molesting
teenage girls during photo
The Los Angeles Times
reports 53-year-old Gilardo
Vallida Nunez is suspected of
assaulting at least four victims.
Police say the victims’
families had hired Nunez to
document the quinceaneras,
coming-of-age celebrations for
girls who turn 15.
Investigators say Nunez,
owner of Hollywood Photos,
would video himself touching
the girls inside his yellow
Humvee. Detectives served a
search warrant at Nunez’s Panorama City home in December.
They seized computers and
memory cards from cameras
that were in a hidden closet.
A judge issued an arrest warrant for Nunez with a charge of
felony lewd act on a child and
set the bail at $1 million.
Obama: US intelligence programs
need public trust
— President Barack Obama
says U.S. intelligence systems
depend on the public’s confidence that privacy rights are
not being violated either at
home or abroad.
Obama only briefly mentioned one of the biggest controversies that has gripped his
administration over the past
year in his annual State of the
Union speech Tuesday. He
repeated his pledge to overhaul
U.S. surveillance programs in
cooperation with Congress.
Lawmakers are divided
over how far to roll back the
National Security Agency programs that collect billions of
telephone and Internet records
from across the U.S. and the
rest of the world every day.
The spy programs were
revealed last summer by
former NSA contractor Edward
samoa news, Wednesday, January 29, 2014 Page 9
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Baby born on Ga.
highway during
wintry traffic jam
(AP) — Police in suburban
Atlanta say they helped deliver
a baby girl along a highway
when snow and ice brought
traffic to a crawl and sometimes
as halt. Sandy Springs Police
Capt. Steve Rose says the baby
girl was delivered around 5:20
p.m. Tuesday. It’s unclear if
her parents were headed to the
hospital when they got stuck
in the horn-honking snarl that
caused 30-minute commutes to
turn into hours-long odysseys.
Traffic came to a halt along
major arteries as many ended
their workdays early and tried
navigating slippery highways
that rarely are covered in snow.
Rose called the delivery
“flawless.” He says an ambulance arrived just after the baby
was delivered and the girl was
taken to a local hospital. The
parents’ identities have not
been released.
(Continued on page 13)
In this photo provided by the Spanish National Research
Council, a drawing depicting how a hunter-gatherer who lived in
Europe some 7,000 years ago who had blue eyes and dark skin,
a combination that has disappeared from the continent in the
millennia since, might have looked like according to scientists on
Tuesday, Jan. 28. 2013. The discovery, published in the journal
Nature this week, was made by scientists from the United States,
Europe and Australia who analyzed ancient DNA extracted from
(AP Photo/CSIC)
a male tooth found in a cave in northern Spain.
Page 10
samoa news, Wednesday, January 29, 2014
O se va’aiga i le taimi na usuina ai e Epi Suafo’a -Taua’i le pese “Talofa lava lava Tamaiti..” lea
sa masani ona fa’afeiloa’ia ai i latou e Sister Jacinta i lona taimi a’o a’oga i le St Theresa mai le
[ata: Leua Aiono Frost]
tausaga 1964 se’ia o’o i le 1972. Epi Suafo’a: A’oa’oga e taua tele
tusia: Leua Aiono Frost
O le fofoga fa’apitoa e saunia se saunoaga
e fa’ataua ai le manulauti o le Vaiaso o A’oga
Katoliko i le teritori na tofia ai le tama’ita’i
Akiolo (archeologist) Samoa o Epi Suafo’aTaua’i i le faatasiga i le aso ananafi a le aoga
tulaga muamua a St. Theresa.
Sa ia tula’i ma fa’ailoa, “O sau auaunaga i
ou tagata e fa’aaoga ai lou atamai ua maua, i au
taleni ua fa’ao’aina oe e lou Atua, ma ua faia i
lou fa’atuatua e toe fa’amanuia mai ai oe e lou
Atua, e aotelega i lou alofa!”
E ui e le’i faigofie pe taugofie le amataga o le
olaga a’oa’oina, aua e na’o lona tama sa galue ma
maua ai se tupe, ae na totogi pili a’oga, ma va’ai
mamao matua i se fua lelei o latou galuega e pale
ai fanau pe a latou tu’ua i latou i lenei olaga.
Na amata lava le a’oga a Suafo’a-Taua’i i St
Theresa mai le tausaga 1964 se’ia o’o i le 1972,
soso’o ai ma le fa’asolo atu i le Fa’asao High
School i le fa’ato’a amataga o lea a’oga na’o
tama’ita’i ae fa’au’u mai ai i le tausaga e 1977.
E le’i manatu matua ua lava ai i’ina, ae ua toe
soso’o atu i le A’oga Fa’amisionare i Moamoa,
Samoa lea na ta’ua e le tama’ita’i, “Na ou iloa,
e le o se mea lea o manatu le Atua ou te aoga ai
i o’u tagata.”
Na fetaui lona tu’ua o le a’oga lea sa tausailia ai lona avea ma se Monike a le Ekalesia
Katoliko, ma ma’i tigaina o si ona tina, e valu
tausaga o ia toe avea ma faia’oga i le St Theresa
ma tausi si ona matua. Ina ua maliu o ia, sa toe
mana’o e fa’aauau a’oa’oga ma ulufale atu ai loa
i le Iunivesite o Hawaii i Hilo ma sailia ai sona
tikeri i mataupu fa’a- Akiolo [po’o su’esu’ega
o ma’ataua totoe o lo’o tanumia i le palapala.]
Na fa’ai’u manuia su’esu’ega ma umia ai
le fa’ailoga BA i le Anthropology i le fa’aiuga
o le tausaga 1993. Na toe soso’o ma lona toe
ulufale i le Iunivesite o Oregon ma tausailia
ai lona fa’ailoga Master of Archaeology. Mai
ia fa’ailoga maualuluga, sa gafatia ai ona
fa’afaigaluegaina o ia e le Laufanua Fa’asao o
Amerika Samoa lea o lo’o ua mae’a fa’atula’ia
lona Ofisa autu i le tatou malo, ma ua lisia fo’i
le tele o vaomatua o le tatou atunu’u.
Sosoo ai nei ma le fa’afaigaluegaina e le
ASPA na te fa’atautaia mai le itu o su’esu’ega i
eleele o lo’o i ai ni toega ’oa e ao ina elia mai i
luga ma avea ma ni measina a le tatou atunu’u.
“O le tomai ua a’oa’oina ai, le fa’atuatua sa
savali ai, mafaia so’o se mea i le fa’atasi mai o
Keriso, ma le auaunaga ua ia faia nei, o ‘auga
nei e tolu e iloga ai tagata e aoga i lona aiga,
nu’u, ekalesia ma lona atunu’u pele.” O se isi
lea vaega o lana folasaga.
“E sili ona ou alofa i a’oga a le Ekalesia,
aua e ui ina a’oa’oina ai isi mataupu uma lava
o a’oga fa’aonaponei, ae o lo’o toe a’oa’o atu ai
ma le mataupu silisili o le Tusi Pa’ia, ina ia iloa
e le fanau a’oga, ola a’oa’oina ma le mata’u i le
Atua.” O se tala lea a Epi, e le’i misia fo’i nei
mea uma ia te ia.
O lona olaga aoa’oina lena, ae o le a lea mea
o le Akiolo ia i tatou uma? “O le autu o lea
auaunaga, o le taumafai lea e toe aputiputi mai
ni nai toega ua tanumia i le palapala, e toe avea
ma pine fa’amau po’o ni mea taua e tatou te tepa
ai i le olaga atali ma mea sa fa’aaogaina ai.”
Sa ia fa’amalamalama e fa’apea, afai e mataituina e i matou se vaega eleele e le tatau ona
so’ona elia, ae tatau ona eli fa’apitoa e le matou
vaega ma fa’amaumau ni toega po’o oloa taua
fo’i o i ai, ma o ia oloa e toe fa’aputu fa’alelei,
ma faia ai fa’aaliga a le ASPA.
I se fa’amatalaga a le tama’ita’i ina ua ia
va’aia tamaiti i lo latou naunau e fia fa’alogo i
lona tala’aga ae maise o lana galuega, lea sa ia
fa’alauiloa i le power point, sa ia fa’apea ai, “O
a’u i le taimi lenei, ua pei lava ua ou toe la’ititi
e pei o le taimi sa a’oa’oina ai ai e tama’ita’i Sa
i lenei a’oga, ma e le galo ai lenei pese!” Ona
ia taina lea ole “Talofa lava Lava tamaiti, po’o
fa’apefeaina outou...”
Salu: Tulaga lelei
faleaoga talu mai
suiga fou ua faia
tusia Ausage Fausia
Talu mai suiga ua faia e le malo e ala i le tu’uina atu o le vaega
e faatinoina galuega toe lipea (Maintenance Division) a le Matagaluega o Aoga, i lalo o le vaavaaiga a le Matagaluega o Galuega
Lautele, ua maitauina le tulaga lelei o faleaoga i soo se vaega o
le atunuu, e pei ona taua e le Faatonusili o Aoga i lana molimau i
luma o le Komiti o Aoga a le maota o sui i le vaiaso nei.
Na taua e Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin-Finau e faapea, i le tele
o tausaga talu ona i ai le vaega a le ‘Maintenance Division’ i lalo
o le vaavaaiga a le Ofisa o Aoga, sa tele faafitauli na feagai ma le
Ofisa i le tali atu i manaoga mai aoga taitasi, e le gata i le tuai lea
ona taunuu mea faigaluega (materials) e faatino ai galuega mo le
toe faaleleia o aoga, ae alu se taimi o taumafai le Ofisa o Aoga e
uia auala e oka ai mea faigaluega e mana’omia.
“O le taimi nei, ua faigofie gaioiga uma mo le faatauina mai o
mea faigaluega o lo o manaomia i galuega, ina ua tuu atu le galuega i lalo o le vaavaaiga a le Ofisa o Galuega a le malo, e le gata
ua vave maua mea faigaluega o lo o manaomia ae ua faigofie
ai fo’i ona tali atu i manaoga mai aoga taitasi i le atunuu,” o se
vaega lea o le saunoaga a Vaitinasa i luma o le komiti o Aoga,
ina ua fesiligia e faipule e uiga i lenei mataupu.
“O tausaga ua mavae, e alu se taimi o tau oka e le Ofisa o
Aoga mea faigaluega e manaomia mo le faafouina ma le toe
faaleleia o faleaoga, o isi fo’i taimi e tau alu ni masina o tau saili
po o fea tonu mea faigaluega e fetaui mo le galuega, ae o le taimi
nei, ua lelei fesootaiga ua faia e le Ofisa o Galuega Lautele a le
malo, ua vave fo’i feuiaiga uma ua faia, ma ua faa faigofie ai ona
tali manaoga e tula’i mai i aoga eseese i le atunuu,” o le isi lea
saunoaga a le faatonusili o aoga.
Saunoa Vaitinasa e faapea, o se fautuaga na afua mai i le
afioga i le alii kovana ia Lolo Matalasi Moliga, ina ia tuuina atu
le vaavaaiga o le vaega a le ‘Maintenance Division’ i lalo o le
Ofisa o Galuega Lautele a le malo, ina ia taula’i sa’o ai le Ofisa
o Aoga e faatino lana manulauti, o le a’oa’oina lea o fanau aoga
ina ia popoto ma atamamai.
O le masina o Novema 2013 e pei ona taua e Vaitinasa i luma
o le komiti, na aveese mai “Maintenance Division”, ae tuu atu i
le vaega o Galuega Lautele.
Pau tagata faigaluega o lo o taofia pea i lalo o le vaavaaiga
a le Ofisa o Aoga e pei ona saunoa le tamaitai faatonu, o tagata
Teufale mo aoga taitasi i le atunuu, ona o tulaga i vaega tupe o lo
o totogi ai latou ua mafua ai ona tumau pea i lalo o le vaavaaiga
a le Ofisa o Aoga.
O se tasi o vaega sa fesiligia e ni isi o faipule, o i latou ia ua
tofia e le alii kovana e fai ma Fesootaiga mo ni manaoga e tula’i
mai i aoga i totonu o le atunuu.
Na faamanino e Vaitinasa e faapea, o i latou e to’atolu ua
tofia e fai ma fesootaiga a le Ofisa o Aoga i Itumalo ta’itasi (District DOE Coodinator), mo le faailoa i ai o manaoga e tula’i mai
i totonu o aoga, ua vaevaeina i le itu i Sasa’e, Ogatotonu i le
taulaga faapea ai ma Sisifo.
Na taua e le alii faipule ia Fetu Fetui Jr lona lagolagoina o le
suiga ua faia e le alii kovana, ina ia ave atoa ai le taimi o faiaoga
ma le matagaluega atoa e a’oa’o ai fanau aoga, nai lo le felefele
solo i isi manaoga e le aoga.
Ae na saunoa le afioga i le alii faipule ia Larry Sanitoa e faapea,
pau lona popolega i le mataupu lenei, na pasia e le Fono Faitulafono le paketi e tuu atu ai le faatupeina ma le vaavaaiga o le
Maintenance Division a le Ofisa o Aoga, i lalo o le Ofisa o Aoga,
ae foliga mai ua faia le fesuiaiga i se auala ua soli ai le tulafono.
Saunoa le afioga i le tamaitai faipule ia Vui Florence Vaili Saulo
e faapea, o se tasi o itu faamomoi loto sa ia maitauina i ni isi o aoga
i lona itumalo o Tualauta, e i ai isi tamaiti aoga e nonofo i lalo ona
e le lava nofoa ma kesi e faaaoga i totonu o potu aoga.
Sa fia malamalama Vui pe aisea e tupu ai lea faafitauli, ae
aisea fo’i e le lava ai nofoa ma kesi mo aoga eseese i le atunuu e
aofia ai ma lona itumalo.
Na faamanino e Vaitinasa e faapea, o le isi lea vaega o lo o
maofa ai le matagaluega, o le televave ona leaga o kesi ma nofoa o
lo o la’u mai e faaaoga e fanau aoga i aoga eseese, ae o le fausaga o
nofoa ma kesi o lo o la’u mai e matua faigata lava ona leaga, e ono
oo atu i le 10 tausaga le umi e aoga ai pe a faaaoga lelei.
Fai mai le faatonusili, afai e oka i le masina lenei nofoa ma
kesi mo aoga o lo o i ai le manaoga, e taunuu le oka i totonu o le
6 masina, ua tele atu isi aoga ua manaomia nisi kesi ma nofoa ae
laititi le oka na aumai.
“I se isi faaupuga, e televave atu ona leaga kesi ma nofoa nai
lo le gaioiga e toe faatumu ma oka mai ni nofoa ma kesi fou,” o
le saunoaga lea a Vaitinasa.
Feso’ota’i mai i le tusitala ia [email protected]
samoa news, Wednesday, January 29, 2014 Page 11
tusia Ausage Fausia
E lua vaiaso lea ua malolo
ai le Fono Faitulafono mai ana
galuega masani, ma le faamoemoe e toe amata ana galuega i
le aso Gafua, Fepuari 10. O le
vaiaso na te’a nei na pasia ai e
maota e lua o le Fono Faitulafono se i’ugafono malilie faatasi, e aloaia ai le alo atu o le
Fono mo ana malologa.
E ui o lea ua alo atu le Fono
mo lana malologa aufaatasi,
ae o lo o i ai lava iloiloga a ni
isi o Komiti a maota ta’itasi ua
fa’atulaga mo le vaiaso nei, e
aofia ai le iloiloga a le maota
o sui mo le Komiti o le Soifua
Maloloina, faapea ai ma le
iloiloga a le Senate mo le Komiti
o le Faagaioiga o le malo.
Sa fautuaina e ta’ita’i o
maota e lua ia ta’ita’i o komiti
ta’itasi a le Fono ina ia faaauau
pea a latou galuega ma suesuega, i ni isi o mataupu e fia
maua i ai so latou finagalo, e ui
o lea ua alo atu le Fono mo lana
I luma o le maota o sui,
na fesiligia ai e le afioga i le
alii faipule ia Fetui Fetu Jr le
Fofoga Fetalai o le maota ia
Savali Talavou Ale, pe talafeagai ma tulafono a le maota le
faia o iloiloga a komiti a’o lea
ua aloaia le malologa a le Fono
mo le lua vaiaso.
Ae na faamanino e Savali
e faapea, e leai se tulafono e
taofia ai komiti mai le faia o a
latou galuega i le taimi e malolo
ai le Fono, o le malosi’aga fo’i
e faia ai iloiloga a komiti i ni
mataupu a’o malolo le Fono,
e auala mai i le ta’ita’i komiti
ae le o se fa’aiuga e avatu e le
ta’ita’i o le maota.
I luma o le Senate, na tula’i
ai le afioga i le alii senatoa ia
Soliai Tuipine Fuimaono ma
talosaga se i’ugafono e faataga
ai ona faia iloiloga a komiti,
ona o lea ua alo atu le Fono mo
lana malologa e lua vaiaso, a’o
lea e i ai iloiloga o lo o faatulaga a ni isi o komiti a le maota.
Saunoa Soliai e faapea, e
tatau ona i ai se i’ugafono e
faaulu ina ia mafai ai ona faatino galuega a komiti, ina ia
tusa ai ma tulafono a le maota,
ae na saunoa le afioga i le alii
senatoa ia Laolagi Fonoti
Savali Vaeao e faapea, e le
tau mana’omia se i’ugafono
e fa’ataga ai ona faia iloiloga
a komiti, aua o matafaioi na a
soo se komiti a le maota, o le
faia o a latou iloiloga ma suesuega i mataupu e manuia ai
le atunuu, tusa lava pe malolo
le Fono.
Na pau le komiti e manaomia
ai ona faaulu se i’ugafono ina
ia mafai ai ona nofoia e pei ona
faamanino e Laolagi i luma o
le maota, o le Komiti Su’esu’e
a le Senate (SIC), ona e le o i ai
le komiti lena i totonu o komiti
ta’itasi a le maota ua maea ona
fa’atulaga ma tofia.
Mai le tele o suiga ua faia
e le pulega a le falema’i o le
LBJ i Faga’alu, o se tasi o suiga
ua fesiligia e ni isi o afioga i
faipule, o le suiga i le fa’aogaina
o le Falesa a le Falema’i e faia
ai fonotaga a Teine Foma’i i
aso Lulu o vaiaso ta’itasi, ma
ua avea ma itu ua taofia ai le
atunuu mai lo latou fa’aaogaina
o le malumalu mo taimi o
sauniga o maliu.
Na taua e le afioga i le ali’i
faipule ia Vailoata Amituana’i
Eteuati e faapea, ua to’atele ni
isi o le atunuu aemaise ai lona
itumalo ua fa’asea i le suiga lea
ua faia e le falema’i, i taimi ma
aso e faaaoga ai le Falesa mo
maliu i le falema’i.
“O le faafitauli lea ua tula’i
mai, afai e maliu se tagata
o se aiga i le taeao o le aso
Lulu mo se fa’ata’ita’iga, e
fa’atali lava le aiga se’i vagana
ua maea le fonotaga a Teine
Foma’i, ona faatoa avanoa lea
o le malumalu i le aoauli, ae na
mafua ona fausia le malumalu
lenei mo le fa’aaogaina e le
atunuu i taimi o maliu atoa ai
ma isi sauniga taua mo i latou e
pele ua maliliu,” o le saunoaga
lea a Vailoata.
O le isi suiga ua faia e pei
ona faailoa e Vailoata i luma o
le maota, ua suia le igoa o le
malumalu mai le LBJ Chapel
i le Community Center, ma o
se suiga e tatau fo’i i le atunuu
ona silafia, pe aisea ua faia ai
nei suiga.
Na taua e le taitaifono o le
Komiti o le Soifua Maloloina
a le maota o sui ia Maugaoalii
Office Hrs. 9am to 2pm
(684) 633-0179
Family owned & operated since 1998. We are
American Samoa’s only full time Pest Control
Company. We provide a very affordable and friendly
• We provide services for Houses, Boats, Cars,
Offices, Warehouses, Storage, Restaurants,
Furniture pieces, stores and cafeteria and health
(Faaauau itulau 12)
PO Box 308
Pago Pago, AS 96799
Tel: (684) 699-3848 or 633-3848
Fax: (684) 699-3849 or 633-3849
E-mail: [email protected]
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The following account holders are encouraged to visit our offices. in Tafuna or Fagatogo to settle their delinquent accounts.
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Page 12
samoa news, Wednesday, January 29, 2014
O le
Fa’aliliu: Akenese Ilalio Zec
Vaega: 84
Fa’afeiloa’i atu i le alafa’i mai o le atunu’u i
lenei taeao fo’u, taeao toto’a, taeao manuia i le
alofa ma le agalelei o le Atua. E ao ai ona o tatou
fa’apea ifo, “Le Atua mamanae e, o le vi’iga ma
loto maualalo matou te fa’afo’i atu i Lau Afio,
ona o mea silisili E te faia pea mo o matou
tagata, ia vi’ia lava Oe e fa’avavau, Amene.”
Ua amata nei le fonotaga a i latou o lo’o maua
tofi maualuluga i totonu o le nofoaga fa’apitoa
lenei a le Ami a le Malo Tele, o lea o lo’o au ai
ma Nancy Jaxx, ona ua maualuga lona tulaga i
totonu o le vaega a le Ami. Ua lagona le popole
o Philip Russell, ona ua va’ai atu nei o mea
masei mea nei ua tutupu mai. Ua na o le pupula
to’a nei i ata ma su’esu’ega, ae sa toe fesili lava,
po’o ai na pu’eiina ata, na tali Peter Jahrling o
Tom Geisbert.
Na toe fesili Philip Russell, pe o le a le mea
ua mautinoa ai o le Ebola, e le taumate o le Malburg fo’i lea. Ae na fa’amalamalama e Peter
Jahrling lona manatu e le o le Malburg, ona o
le toto o Mayinga lea na a’afia ma maliu i le
virusi o le Ebola Zaire, e fa’alua ona faia i ai ana
su’esu’ega o lea ua ia mautinoa ai.
A’o faia le tautalaga a le ali’i foma’i o Peter
Jahrling sa taumafai lava ina ia fa’ailoa i le
fonotaga, e tali tutusa lava ma le Ebola, ma e
aiga ma le Ebola pe tali tutusa fo’i, e le taumate
o se isi ituaiga virusi fou, e ‘ese mai le Ebola.
Ina ua ma’ea le fa’amalamalamaga a le
ali’i foma’i o Peter Jahrling, na fa’apea ane
tusia Ausage Fausia
nei Commander Russell, “Ua o tatou i ai nei i
tulaga tau fa’alavelave fa’afuase’i, o lona uiga
o se mataupu ua sili atu ona ogaoga ua o’o nei i
ai le Vaega a le C.D.C ma Vaega a le Ami a le
Malo Tele.
Na fa’asolo le tilotilo a Commander Russell
i le vaega o lo’o latou fetufa’ai nei, ma fesili
loa, “O le a la le mea o le a fai nei?” Na toe
fesili, pe ua i ai ni fa’amaumauga mautu e iloa
ai o le virusi e mafai ona fa’aaogaina le ea, e
fealua’i solo ai ma a’afia ai tagata. O le tali,
ioe, ua i ai fa’amaumauga, e mata’utia, ae e le
i fa’amae’aina, o le Ebola atonu e mafai ona
fealua’i i le ea.
Na fa’amatalatala nei e Nancy Jaxx i luma o
ta’ita’i nei, ia manuki e lua sa ola lelei lava, ae
fa’ate’ia o ia, ina ua mama’i ma mamate ai lava
i le virusi o le Ebola. O le mea lea na tupu i le
tausaga 1983 ina ua mavae le pepesi o le virusi
ma maliliu ai tagata i totonu o Aferika.
E tele lava isi fa’amaumauga ma mea na
tutupu, e iloa ai, e mafai e le Ebola ona fa’aaoga
le ea, e fealua’i ma sosolo ai, ma a’afia ai le tagata
soifua fa’apea ma manu. Ua toe fa’amatala nei
e Nancy i le au uso fono a le Ami, le isi a la
su’esu’ega na fai ma le ali’i foma’i o Eugene
Johnson i le tausaga 1986. Fai mai na fai ai e
le ali’i foma’i lana su’esu’ega, ina ia manava e
manuki le ea o lo’o i ai le virusi o le Ebola ma le
Malburg ma alu sa’o i o latou ma ma.
O manuki uma lava sa i ai, na mamate uma,
ae tasi lava le manuki na ola mai ai, mai le virusi
o le Malburg. E faia pea…
➧ Tala mai le Fono Faitulafono…
Mai itulau 11
Leapai Tusipa Anoa’i e faapea, talu ai o ni isi o tulafono mai le vaega a le feterale o lo o faatupeina ni isi o auaunaga ma tautua a le falema’i o le LBJ, e mana’omia ai le tatau lea ona fono
Teine Foma’i fa’atasi i le vaiaso, ina ia mafai ai ona ausia ni isi o ta’iala o lo o mana’omia mo le
faatinoina o a latou tiute tauave.
Talu ai e leai se isi nofoaga e mafai ona faatinoina ai nei fonotaga, o le mafuaaga lena ua
fa’aaoga ai e Teine Foma’i le malumalu a le falema’i mo a latou fonotaga. Mo le faamaninoina
atili o lenei mataupu, o le a maua i le iloiloga lea ua faatulaga mo le taeao o le aso Tofi o le vaiaso
nei i le itula e 9:00, lea o le a fesiligia ai e le komiti a le maota o sui le Pulesili a le LBJ atoa ai ma le
Ta’ita’ifono o le Komiti Faafoe, e faatatau i ni isi o suiga e pei ona fia malamalama i ai ni isi o faipule.
Ua tatalaina nei le resitala mo so’o se tasi e fia ‘auai i le polokalama o le “Certificate of Ministry
Studies” (CMS). O lenei polokalama o lo o a’oa’oina ai vasega i su’esuega i le Tusi Paia, le
mataupu silisili, fa’atasi ai ma isi mataupu e masani ai le galuega tala’i fa’a-Kerisiano. O faia
vasega i le afiafi i le itula e 5 mai le Aso Gafua e o’o atu i le Aso Tofi, ma e amata le kuata fou i le
Aso Gafua a sau, le aso 3 o Fepuari 2014. Mo nisi fesili, tala a’ao atu i le Ofisa o le Seminare i
Kanana Fou, pe vala’au mai i le numera 252-3431.
Registration is now open for those who wish to attend the “Certificate of Ministry Studies”
program. This program is open to the general public and offers courses related to biblical
studies, theology and Christian ministry. Courses are taught from Monday to Thursday at 5pm,
and the next session will commence on Monday, February 3, 2014. For more information,
please visit the main office of Kanana Fou Theological Seminary or call 252-3431.
Kanana Fou Theological Seminary
O le ali’i lea o lo o tu’uaia i moliaga eseese o le gaoi ma le
talepe fale, ua ia sauni e talia le ofa a le malo ua tuuina atu ia te
ia, e pei ona faailoa e lana loia fautua i luma o le faamasinoga
maualuga i le taeao ananafi. O Joseph Iakopo o lo o tuuaia i lona
osofa’i ma gaoi faleoloa e 8 ma fale nofo o aiga e 5 e pei ona
taua i faamaumauga a le faamasinoga.
O ananafi na toe valaau ai e le faamasinoga maualuga le
mataupu a Iakopo, mo le faamanatuina o le aso e faia ai lana
faamasinoga autu i luma o tagatanuu o Amerika Samoa, peitai
na fa’aalia e lana loia fautua ia Douglas Fiaui e faapea, o lo o
latou galulue pea ma le malo mo le faamautuina o se maliliega
ma Iakopo ma fa’ai’u ai loa lenei mataupu.
O le aso 16 Setema 2014 ua faatulaga e faia ai le faamasinoga
autu a Iakopo i luma o tagatanuu o Amerika Samoa, ae afai e
mautu le maliliega lea o lo o latou galulue ai ma le malo, ona
fofogaina loa lea o lea maliliega i le masina fou.
I totonu o le ulua’i fa masina o le tausaga na te’a nei, na osofaia ai e Iakopo faleoloa e 8, ma e tusa ma le $50,000 le tau
aofa’i o mea sa faaleagaina atoa ai ma oloa na ave faagaoi, ae
mo fale na osofaia ma faaleagaina, sa aofia ai ma le maota o se
Faafeagaiga, lea na ia gaoia mai ai le tinoitupe e $5,000.
O lo o taofia pea Iakopo i le toese i Tafuna e fa’atali ai le aso
e toe tula’i ai i luma o le faamasinoga mo le isi ana iloiloga.
O le alii e 23 tausaga le matua mai Tafuna lea na ta’usala i
lona taumafai e ave faagaoi ni fagupia se lua mai totonu o se
faleoloa e aunoa ma le totogiina, ua faanofovaavaaia e le Faamasinoga Faaitumalo mo le 12 masina i lalo o poloaiga a le faamasinoga e ao ona usita’i i ai. O ni isi o ia poloaiga ua tuuina
atu mo le alii o Apelu Fetaui e aofia ai le faasa ona toe ulufale i
totonu o le faleoloa na tula’i mai ai le solitulafono, faasa ona ia
toe tagofia le ‘ava malosi i totonu o le 12 masina, ma ua faasa
fo’i ona ia toe soliina se tulafono a le malo.
Na faatoese Fetaui i luma o le faamasinoga i le vaiaso na te’a
nei e tusa ai o lana solitulafono sa fai, ma ia talosagaina ai se isi
avanoa mo ia se’i fa’aauau ai pea ona tatala i tua e tausi ona matua.
Na talia e le faamasinoga talosaga ma fautuaga a loia, ma
poloaina ai loa Fetaui na te totogi le salatupe e $100, o se tasi lea
tuutuuga o lana nofovaavaaia e 12 masina.
O le ali’i lea na ia fa’aaoga se naifi fa’amoe e tui ai le tauau o
se isi ali’i i Malaeimi i le tausaga na te’a nei, ua fa’amoemoe o le
itula e 9:00 i le taeao nei lea ua faatulaga e lau ai lana faasalaga
i luma o le Fa’amasinoga Maualuga, ina ua ta’usala o ia i le solitulafono mamafa o le fa’aoolima i le tulaga lua.
O le vevesi na tula’i mai ina ua ‘ona le ua molia, ma ia tuiina
ai le tauau o le ali’i na aafia i se naifi fa’amoe, ae ina ua fesiligia
e leoleo le ali’i na aafia, sa ia taua ai e faapea, e fa’atolu ona tui
e Lega Sefo lona tauau i le naifi ma manu’a ai.
Ina ua fesiligia e le alii faamasino sili lagolaog ia Lyle L.
Richmond le ua molia pe faamaonia sa ia faaaoga se naifi faamoe
e tui ai le na aafia, na tali le ua molia ‘ioe’.
O lo o taofia pea Sefo i le toese i Tafuna e fa’atali ai le lauina
o lona faasalaga.
O ni ali’i se to’alua e faigaluega i le malo lea na taofia i le
toese i Tafuna mo le 48 itula i le lua vaiaso talu ai, ina ua masalomia lo la umia faasolitulafono o vaega o le pauta faasaina o
le ‘aisa’, e le gata ua leai ni moliaga mamafa ua faila e le malo
fa’asaga ia te i laua, ae ua fa’amalolo i laua mo se taimi le tumau,
a’o galulue ai le Ofisa a le malo o lo o galulue ai i laua mo le
suesueina atili o tulafono e uiga i lenei mataupu.
Na faamaonia mai e le Faatonusili o le Matagaluega o Galuega Lautele a le malo ia Faleosina Voigt i le Samoa News i le
vaiaso na te’a nei e fa’apea, ua fa’amalolo i laua nei e faatali ai
sailiiliga a le Matagaluega i vaega o Tulafono ma Ta’iala i tulaga
o tagata faigaluega, e ono faavae ai se faaiuga mautu faasaga ia
i laua nei.
E talitonu le Samoa News, o le Ofisa o le Loia Sili na faia le
faaiuga o le a leai ni moliaga e ono faila faasaga ia i laua nei, ina
ua maea ona iloilo ripoti a leoloeo ma manatu ai loa, e ono leai
se mafuaaga tatau na ala ai ona taofia e leoleo le ta’avale a le
malo lea sa malaga ai i laua nei ma tula’i mai ai loa le mataupu
e pei ona i ai le faaiuga ua faia faasaga i alii e toalua na aafia.
Na taua e se sui o le Vaega o lo o taulimaina mataupu tau i
fualaau faasaina i le Ofisa o Leoleo e faapea, o se fa’amatalaga
na maua e le latou Vaega, e masalomia ai le umia e i laua nei o
vaega o le pauta faasaina o le ‘aisa’, na mafua ai loa ona taofia
le taavale a le malo na malaga ai i laua nei, ma tuuaia le maua i
ai o se taga pepa iila se tasi o lo o i ai vaega o le pauta o le aisa i
totonu o le taavale.
Feso’ota’i mai i le tusitala ia [email protected]
samoa news, Wednesday, January 29, 2014 Page 13
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Man who won’t testify in bombing is freed
NEW YORK (AP) — A 24-year-old Brooklyn man has been
freed from a New York prison after he was jailed last May for
refusing to testify before a grand jury looking into a small bomb
that exploded in Times Square in 2008.
Federal Judge John Keenan said Tuesday that Gerald Koch
can be freed immediately from prison because there is no realistic possibility he will testify.
Keenan noted Koch condemned the crime. Keenan said if
Koch assists in the investigation, “he will be excommunicated
by the anarchist community he cherishes.”
Koch’s lawyer confirmed that Keenan had been freed and
said they was heartened by the judge’s decision.
No arrests were ever made in the Times Square military
recruitment center bombing that resulted in no injuries or serious
damage. Koch said the government told lawyers in 2009 that they
believe he was in a bar where a patron discussed the bombing.
man faces third drunken driving charge
FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — The California Highway Patrol says
a man suspected in a head-on crash in Fresno County that killed
three elderly sisters and injured a fourth sister was arrested twice
before on suspicion of drunken driving. CHP spokesman Axel
Reyes tells The Fresno Bee that 56-year-old Tranquilino Figueroa
was arrested on suspicion of DUI in the summer of 2013 and convicted of drunken driving in still another case in 2012.
Figueroa is suspected of crashing into a Toyota Yaris carrying the four sisters near Sanger on Saturday while also driving
under the influence. Three of the sisters — Jennie Monreal,
Josephine Contreras and Delores Rodriguez, all in their 70s —
died. 67-year-old Elizabeth Rodriguez, was in fair condition.
Seeger believed in the power of community
NEW YORK (AP) — President Barack Obama is paying
tribute to Pete Seeger for reminding us where we come from and
showing us where we need to go. Seeger, the veteran folk singer,
died Monday night at age 94. The writer of “If I Had a Hammer”
and “Turn, Turn, Turn,” he welded his music to activism on
issues of American workers and the disadvantaged.
Obama said Tuesday that Seeger believed in standing up for
what is right and moving the country closer to the America he
knew it could be. He says Seeger used his voice to strike blows
for worker’s rights and civil rights, world peace and environmental conservation. The president says Seeger believed deeply
in the power of song and also in the power of community.
A 2nd woman charged with
murder in nightclub beating
SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — Southern California prosecutors have charged a second woman with murder in the fatal
beating of a 23-year-old woman outside a nightclub.
Candace Brito pleaded not guilty Tuesday in Orange County
Superior Court in death of Annie Hung Kim Pham. Authorities
say an argument between Pham and other club-goers escalated
into violence outside The Crosby, a Santa Ana nightspot.
Several bystanders recorded the incident on cell phones and
police are seeking a third woman as a person of interest.
Pham was a recent college graduate and an aspiring writer.
She was declared brain dead but remained on life support
until Jan. 21 so her organs could be donated.
Prime Minister visits quake-struck island
ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greek Prime Minister Antonis
Samaras late Tuesday visited the earthquake-struck island of
Kefalonia to inspect relief efforts as thousands of residents
stayed away from their homes amid continuing aftershocks.
Samaras made an unscheduled overnight stop, diverting the
government jet that was carrying him back from Brussels, where
he held meetings under Greece’s assumption this month of the
rotating European Union presidency.
Some 900 people spent Monday night on a car ferry. Earlier
Tuesday, a second ferry arrived on Kefallonia to provide emergency shelter to people whose homes were damaged. Sunday’s
magnitude 5.9 quake damaged roads, homes and public buildings, mostly around Lixouri, the island’s second largest town.
Greece lies on one of the planet’s most earthquake-prone
areas. In 1999, a quake killed 143 people in Athens. More than
50 years ago, a quake on Kefallonia left hundreds dead.
deal reached in LA school lawsuit
LOS ANGELES (AP) — The mother of a teenager who was
stabbed to death at a Los Angeles school has reached a tentative
settlement in her wrongful-death lawsuit against the school district. The potential deal was reached Monday but details aren’t
being released. However, Sean Rossall, spokesman for the district’s legal office, says it appears to be a “good resolution.”
The school board is expected to vote in March on whether to
approve the settlement. The mother and sister of Cindi Santana
sued after the 17-year-old was killed in 2011 at her South Gate
high school. The sister’s part was later dismissed.
Prosecutors contend that Santana’s ex-boyfriend stabbed her
during a lunchtime argument. Twenty-year-old Abraham Lopez
has pleaded not guilty to murder. He faces life in prison without
chance of parole if convicted.
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In this Oct. 5, 2013 file photo, a volunteer helps harvest hemp during the first known harvest
of the plant in more than 60 years, in Springfield, Colo.
The federal farm bill agreement reached Monday Jan. 27, 2014 reverses decades of prohibition
for hemp cultivation. Instead of requiring approval from federal drug authorities to cultivate the
plant, the 10 states that have authorized hemp would be allowed to grow it in pilot projects or at
(AP Photo/P. Solomon Banda, File)
colleges and universities for research. American Samoa Government
RFQ No: RFQ-030-2014
Issuance Date: January 27, 2014
Date & Time Due: February 03, 2014
No later than 2:00 p.m. local time
The American Samoa Government (ASG) issues a Request For Qualifications (RFQ) from
qualified firms for the:
“Mapping Registry for Special Needs Population”
Original and five copies of the Statement of Qualifications must be submitted in a sealed
envelope marked: “RFQ: Mapping Registry for Special Needs Population” Submissions are to
be sent to the following address and will be received until 2:00 p.m. (local time), Monday,
February 3, 2014:
Office of Procurement
American Samoa Government
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
attn: Tiaotalaga J.E. Kruse, CPO
Any Statement of Qualification received after the aforementioned date and time will not be
accepted under any circumstances. Late submissions will not be opened or considered and
will be determined as being non-responsive.
The RFQ document outlining the qualification requirements is available at the Office of
Procurement, Tafuna, American Samoa, during normal working hours.
Request for Qualification data will be thoroughly reviewed by an appointed Source Evaluation
Board under the auspices of the Chief Procurement Officer, Office of Procurement, ASG.
Right of Rejection:
The American Samoa Government reserves the right to reject any and/or all Statements of
Qualification and to waive any irregularities and/or informalities in the submitted qualifications
that are not in the best interests of the American Samoa Government or the public.
“Equal Opportunity Employer / Affirmative Action”
Chief Procurement Officer
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Students leave school at Roosevelt High School after a school shooting on campus, Tuesday, Jan.
28, 2014, in Honolulu. A police officer shot a 17-year-old runaway in the wrist at the high school
after the teen cut one officer with a knife and punched two others, authorities said. State Department of Education spokeswoman Donalyn Dela Cruz said the boy showed up Tuesday morning
at Roosevelt High School. Officials there recognized him as a runaway who was not registered for
classes, and called police. Maj. Richard Robinson, commander of the Honolulu Police Departmentís Criminal Investigations Division, said the boy lunged at officers who arrived at the public
(AP Photo/Marco Garcia)
high school near downtown Honolulu and tried to take him into custody.
At least 5 years experience in Electrical,
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.
We also need a trainee assistant.
Basic electrical knowledge essential.
Email resume to [email protected]
hong kong lesbian appeals to
tycoon dad over dowry offer
HONG KONG (AP) — The lesbian daughter of a flamboyant
Hong Kong tycoon who publicly offered millions of dollars to
any man who could woo her into marriage appealed to her father
in an open letter published Wednesday to accept her for who she
is. Cecil Chao made world headlines in 2012 when he tried to
find a man who could successfully win his daughter, Gigi Chao,
away from her partner by offering 500 million Hong Kong dollars ($65 million), an offer that a Malaysian newspaper who
interviewed him last week said he has doubled.
In a letter to her father published Wednesday by two Hong
Kong newspapers, Gigi Chao said she knows it’s “difficult for
you to understand, let alone accept” how she could be romantically attracted to a woman.
The tycoon made his offer after learning that his daughter had
eloped with her partner, Sean Eav, to France, where they had a
church blessing. While Hong Kong decriminalized homosexuality in 1991, it does not legally recognize same-sex marriage.
Gigi Chao, 34, added that “it would mean the world to me
if you could just not be so terrified of her, and treat her like a
normal, dignified human being.” She confirmed to the AP that
she wrote the letter.
A DHS drone crashes into
Pacific off California coast
WASHINGTON (AP) — A Homeland Security Department
drone has crashed off the coast of Southern California.
Customs and Border Protection says the drone was on a
border security mission when a mechanical problem developed
about 20 miles southwest of San Diego late Monday night.
Spokesman Mike Friel says the crew operating the drone from
Texas decided to crash it in the ocean.
The $12 million surveillance drone was one of 10 that Homeland Security uses to patrol the border with Mexico. It was just
one of two Predator B drones equipped with radar specifically
designed to be used over the ocean.
Friel says the cause of the mechanical failure is unknown
and that the remainder of the drone fleet has been temporarily
grounded while the investigation into the incident continues.
Blind NYC man in subway
fall gets new guide dog
YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, N.Y. (AP) — There’s a new best
friend for a blind man who fell onto subway tracks in New York
Cecil Williams has a new guide dog named Godiva to succeed his previous dog, Orlando. Williams and the 2-year-old
yellow Labrador graduated from the Guiding Eyes for the Blind
school on Saturday.
The 61-year-old Williams lost consciousness and fell off a
platform in December. Orlando followed him onto the tracks
and tried to revive him. A slow-moving train passed over them,
but they were unharmed.
Donations came pouring in, allowing Williams to keep the
aging 11-year-old Orlando as a pet.
Senator alexander’s ex-aide
apologized for child porn
WASHINGTON (AP) — A former aide to U.S. Senator
Lamar Alexander who killed himself last week as he awaited
trial on child pornography charges wrote in a letter before his
death that he “should have known better” than to view the
images and said his actions had wounded his family and disappointed his former boss and colleagues.
Ryan Loskarn hanged himself in the basement of his parents’
Maryland home, where a judge had permitted him to live under
electronic monitoring pending trial.
“The news coverage of my spectacular fall makes it impossible for me to crawl in a hole and disappear,” he wrote. “I’ve
hurt every single human being I’ve ever known and the details
of my shame are preserved on the internet for all time. There is
no escape.”
The letter was posted online and described on a website as
Loskarn’s “last message.” Stuart Sears, a lawyer for Loskarn,
said Tuesday that the letter had been verified as authentic by
Loskarn’s family.
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➧ Nobody knows how…
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“If the minimum wage is too high, it will make it very difficult to create more jobs through economic growth,” it says.
The board also says that Chamber members “support the
widely-held view that the local government and local community should have the leading role in setting the local minimum
wage, and that our economy can not afford to use the same minimum wage law as applies to the rest of the United States.”
Samoa News should note this is the first official statement of
the new Chamber board — which took office earlier this month
— about the minimum wage, which is set by federal law to
increase by 50 cents per hour on Sept. 30, 2015.
Call 633-7777/252-2588
for more info
samoa news, Wednesday, January 29, 2014 Page 15
four shot at NC church;
boy, 12, critically wounded
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Police in a North
Carolina town are searching for a man who
sprayed a church playground with gunfire,
striking four youths and leaving a 12-year-old
boy gravely wounded.
The Rev. James Gailliard at Word Tabernacle Church in Rocky Mount said the shooting
happened shortly before 6 p.m. Monday, as
about two dozen neighborhood teens played
basketball on courts behind the sanctuary.
Gailliard was in his office when he heard
more than 15 gunshots and ran outside. Among
those hit was 12-year-old Nyreek Horne, who
the preacher said was shot in the head. He cradled the bleeding boy until help arrived.
“In our community, we do hear gunshots
from time to time. But what was different this
time was that it was so close and it was so
many,” Gailliard said. “I held him in my arms
until the paramedics got there. He was shot
in the eye and the bullet went out the back of
his brain. He was struggling to breathe, but he
was fighting.” Police said Tuesday that Horne
remained in critical condition.
Three other young males shot — ages 13, 17
and 19 — were all treated and released.
RI gov. candidate releases
records on fatal crash
PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — A Republican candidate for Rhode Island governor has
released one of several documents requested by
media organizations since he revealed he was
responsible for a car crash that killed a man 25
years ago. Cranston Mayor Allan Fung released
four pages of his application to the Rhode Island
Bar on Monday to The Providence Journal. On
the application, he discloses the accident.
However, his campaign has yet to release
other documents requested by The Associated
Press, including his Massachusetts bar application. Fung’s arrest record for the 1989 accident
was sealed in the 1990s. He told the Journal he
would not ask to have them unsealed.
Fung was never charged and says no drugs
or alcohol was involved. He says he lost consciousness and hit a man changing a tire.
Supervisors name interim LA
County sheriff
LOS ANGELES (AP) — An interim sheriff
was appointed Tuesday to temporarily replace
Sheriff Lee Baca, who retires this week amid
allegations of deputy misconduct and abuse of
jail inmates. John Scott, who is undersheriff
of Orange County, was appointed by the Los
Angeles County Board of Supervisors.
Scott will take over on Friday as head of the
nation’s largest sheriff’s department. Voters
will elect a new sheriff later this year. Scott will
not run for the office, but he will serve until the
new sheriff’s term starts Dec. 1.
“I will begin the process, immediately, of
restoring both the dignity to the men and women
of LA County and the confidence and the trust
of the public that they serve,” Scott said at a
news conference.
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Puerto Rico meets with
US credit rating agencies
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Top Puerto
Rican officials met Tuesday with credit rating
agencies in New York amid growing concerns
the U.S. territory’s general obligation bonds
might be downgraded to junk status.
The meeting came as the island prepares to
re-enter the bond market next month and two
of the remaining three credit rating agencies
recently placed Puerto Rico on watch for a
possible downgrade. The island has entered its
eighth year in recession and is struggling with
$70 billion in public debt and a 15.4 percent
unemployment rate, higher than any U.S. state.
The meeting held at Puerto Rico’s request was
one of several that have occurred in recent months.
Meanwhile, a group of Puerto Rico opposition legislators called for a study to determine
how the Caribbean island would be affected by
a downgrade. “We have to be prepared for anything,” said Rep. Ricardo Llerandi Cruz, who
filed the resolution. “A downgrade to a junk
classification would have a disastrous effect on
business and our residents.”
Puerto Rico bonds currently hover above junk
status as Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla continues
to take steps such as approving changes to crumbling public pension plans to appease credit rating
agencies. He also recently signed a law aimed at
helping the island take on new loans and better
manage its ability to repay its debt.
Bolivia declares emergency
over weeks of flooding
LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — Bolivia’s government has declared a national emergency to deal
with flooding that has claimed at least 30 lives
and forced some 21,000 families from their
homes over the past two months.
Civil Defense chief Oscar Cabrera said
Tuesday that a 10th body had been found from a
weekend mudslide in the town of Rurrenabaque
triggered by heavy rain
Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera’s
approval of the emergency degree frees up at
least $1 million for victims of flooding that has
hit hardest the regions of La Paz, Beni, Santa
Cruz and Cochabamba.
Rattled by the rumor, Pa.
casino says it is snake-free
BETHLEHEM, Pa. (AP) — An eastern Pennsylvania casino is trying to dispel a bizarre online
rumor: The Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem says
patrons aren’t being bitten by snakes. Casino
spokeswoman Julia Corwin tells The ExpressTimes that there have been no reported snake
encounters at the Sands. She says if there were
snakes, the critters would have been captured by
the casino’s sophisticated surveillance cameras.
The rumor circulating on Facebook claims
someone went to their doctor with some kind
of bite, and the doctor diagnosed a snake bite
and asked immediately whether the patient had
recently visited the Bethlehem casino.
State police operate a station at the casino.
Trooper William Ortiz reports “absolutely zero
snakes” inside.
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