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Bowden, residential, $25,000.
1400 Sktdswey Read, Jerome Michael Stanley to
Jbn A. Sheffield Jr., residential, $178,000.
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1 Marsh desk tana, Howard D. Reeve to Michael F.
Wemeke and Barbara L Bums, residential,
Dorothy E. Bailey, residential, no consideration.
I CapMn DMtar IJM, Marit S. and Patricia K.
8606 Betty Drive, WWams A. Frapps to Henry
Reeves to George A. and Laura V. Bettino, use
Michael and Miriam L WHson, residential,
not specified, $264,000.
102 Wlifciil Drive, Robert and Mary Mamary to
1 Owe! Cna Court, Theodore L and Betty Bob
Brice P. and EHzabeth C. Perrle, residential,
Smith to Barry Edward and Ann Cashan
Kteckner, residential, $121,000.
2804 LMngtton tot, June DeH Justice Hutson
Btevlns to James D. and Betty C. Wohftman, resi±40» Newcastle St, Daniel TWey tp Annie Bumette
dential, $15,000.
Jones, residential, quitclaim deed.
102 RusMey PeM Ree4 SunTrust Bank Atlanta to
140f ttimtmt* 9L, Annte Bumette Jones to Annie
Kevin WhttfleW, residential; $57,200.
Burnett Jones, Daniel and Charles Leon TWey, , BOOS Jan SL, Regions Mortgage, In care of Regions
residential, administrator's deed.
Mortgage, to secretary of Veteran Affairs, $0.
1409 Newcastle M., Charles Leon TWey to Annie
6006 Jan SL, Marshall T. Ely, In care of Regions ,
Burnett Jones, residential, quitclaim deed.
Mortgage, to Regions Mortgage, $0.
420 Sereven **, secretary of Housing and Urban
Development to Kim 0. Nguyen, residential, HUD
U007 HennNaga Chela, Benjamin J. and Lynne G.
Harris to Benjamin J. and Lynne G. Harris, resi101 CouMfcywa* Circle, Richard C. and Anne R.
dential, $0.
Cutts to Roy A. and Colette M. WIMamson, resi12438 Largo MM, Benjamin F. Jenkins to Spartan
dential, $86,000.
Mortgage, residential, $50,000,
118 McMosh Drive, Donna R. Butler to Eleanor H.
8» Banhigtai Cfccie, John D. Northup to DoHte C.
Ahem, trustee of Eleanor H. Ahem Trust, resktonBarnes, residential, $79,500.
• tlal, $260,000. .
7 CleanMter Lam, Great American Builders to Abel
1 Cotesby Lane, Howard C. Dayte and Dayto J. Triay
Candeiaria, residential, $70,640.
to Haverty Furniture Co., use not listed,
2t Beaver Run Drive, Tony Hudson Jr. to
NatlonsBanc Mortgage Corp., residential, $0.
1020 E. Mta 9L, Partn Construction and
2S Beaver Run Drive, NatlonsBanc Mortgage Corp.
Investment Co. to Leon Kaymore, $43,125.
to secretary of Veteran Affairs, residential, $0.
22 lanow Rkfge Read, Franklin P. Bousquet Jr. to
IB AMOS* my, William B. Thagard to R. Scott and
Robert and Georgette SHber, residential,
Julie Un Weddto, residential, $107,750.
904 WMMngton Drive, Jeffrey W. and Marianne HW
722 and T24Cu>fca|tsn St, Raymond H. Tracaerto
to Ntedte M. and Paul F. Johnson IV, residential,
Johnny R. Berry, residential, $39,000.
7 SHpJack Lane, WlWam M. Extey Jr. to Danrte 0. Jr.
12M2 Aaaohs Am. UM 9, Mary E. Dawldns to
and Austin S. Hall, residential, $27.000.
Thomas M. and Deborah M. Mltchal, residential, 2 CsJaesnei Cewrt, Oliver A. and Penny A. Sorsdahl
to Sushil K. Patd, residential, $93,000.
14102 Coffee •**, heki of Kft WHey to Brand*
1111 R*e» Reaa\ Patricia Carol Woods to Eddte
Wley, residential, quMdekn deed.
and M. Lisa Dean, residential, $28,000.
lOttf ft WMemeaurf Bos* Tyler D. Daubsnmlre
IMOSyhvetsr Drive, LMie A. Powell to UMe A.
to WHHams J. and Judfth A. Waafk, residential,
Powell, residential, gift deed.
11 Bant TMS drets, Elzabeth A. and Kenneth R.
•10 tliaionaali Baa* Martha Grace Reed EdanfleM
Kamppi hi care of DovermueWe Mortgage to
to Patrick C. GMreath and Jessica Aim SuBvan,
Dovermuehte Mortgage In care of DovermuaNe
rasMentlat, $69,900.
Mortgage, residential, $0.
II MelJij's Kay. Georgian Walk Development
• Ray ft, Louise Lan^ to Georgia Port* Authority,
Group to Ismaetand l|lana M. Guzman, residen$47,000.
tial, $133,900.
• Hay it, estate of Louise Jackson Robinson to
104 Memwal Drive, Gary C. and Pamela P. Davts to
Louise Laray, $47,000.
WNbur F. Ill and Christine E. Tate, residential,
Tucker Federal Bank, doing business at Prime
112 0* Ntrta Ike* Jerry C. WanJaw Construction
I -- •— — —
— *•—i *-~ — •- -'- -UDnQHid fraKWIUBI, fPTPCKMUTB.
to Bernard J. Camiffe, residential, $102,760.
» IU. SO, Mary R. Daley to Dams! W. end
« jflngaaai Ceart, Swan Construction to Sandra S.
Jewel W. Daley, reaktontM, quKcMm deed,
Clark, residential, $79,500.
» IW. to, DarreR W, and Jarrei W. Datay to
211 Paw Brave Drive, BMy C. and Anfta L Story to
Margaret S. Durdan, resMantlal, $64,600.
Frank S. and Joan D.S. Maynor, residential,
4103 QNM at, Joe AMn Jonas to Vtekl Wade, resi$199,900.
dential, $6,000.
ZIP CODE: 31415
ZIP CODE: 31419
10 Sea Petal Chole, AMn Lee Davis to AMn tee
Davto Inc., residential, quitclaim deed.
1M Peknette Bay Ceve, AMn Lee Davis to AMn Lee
Davis Inc., residential, no Info written.
, AMn Lee Davit to AMn Lee
Davis Inc., residential, Quitclaim Deed.
127 9weet Own Read, AMn Lee Davis to AMn Lee
Davis Inc., residential, Quitclaim Deed.
SM E fOth it, David E. and LesNe W. Langtord to
Jenny LaCombe Keester, residential, $146,000.
SIB BrandvwfcM Read, Goldberg Enterprises to
Jeffrey R. and Jutta R. Tucker, residential,
20 E*Oi llananeefc Read, Donald W. and Jeannle V.
GeraM to David V. Bowden, resldantlal, $50,000.
, R4ph E. Paty to David V.
Ml W. S4«i ft, Othello and Margaret L Jones In
care of SunTrust Mortgage to Federal National
Mortgage Association In care of SunTrust
Mortgage, residential, $0.
2SM Bay ft, Freeman N. Jelks Jr., Trustee u/w
(Item IV) of Jula Coney rtgnsmtth to Coastal
Contractors Rental, residential, $27,000.
fl fan ReyeJ CoMrt, Ingrid Vander VNet to Marttyn M.
Sauer, residential, $100,000.
•0 Mneey eVvsV, Aden R. Sloan to Theresa Joyce
Sloan, commercial, quitclaim deed.
107 Key lalsnai Drive, Southtrust Development
Corp. to Mark B. and Alexandra D. LoveH, residential, $99,500.
22 OiaSJMm fl, Brian A. and Diane M. White to
Patricia S. Martin and Devtncl Mack, residential,
100 — Morning News • Sunday, December 14,1997
How to use your garden to
fashion a festive holiday wreath
•Tii 7 in lit TM J rl *• *•*
Make your!
at the front door
That% where '
decked in berries i
of pine needles wiH wrap) aai
ing scene.
Use your
rustic cirde of
wreath of boxwood, hoByar
Then spice ap
pods, fruits or co
tt% refreshingfar peepee to
the abundance of nature,
Oliver, nmnnffT of Bond
Colonial WUliaeasbuiE m
There, Christmas decarsticBK
ioned with an eye on
actually elinunated
our repertoire,
same look usfasg
0ei away with,
On the other hand,
to chinabenies, whkh
Hie message is: U
wreath. Tt^ beea a
for a long time," ahi
used in the PiedMU
So are noltiec, boxwaaal
cotton boll*,
multiflora roae Inpa,
and even sprigs of
"money" plant
WUliamsburg: *ft
and textureCut the greeaor hate
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growth iiatill
environment and
leaves or gtorage.
SonMtimes trees
severe stress frasa
B. Tree starvatioa b a
being able to prodsne aaal
enough food. Many trees ei
and dty starve to
periods. This yeart
to a lot of tree
In the fbreat, there Is a 1st af «Wr
tweer three sprigs and place
wire and
ta> the inner perimeter of
with either the wire or the
the end of each
9*e you're placing,
perimeter; then
whether the greeni» too M, lev sparse or just right
[that the wreath keep a
i asKi that the greenery ia
- AM a bow far the finishing
fruits such at
leak air fina, unblettThey will last longer,
ttot pine cones tend to
hadtpRNOkd when viewed
Usetacsa tor decoraap. More colorful
•a evergreens will
aad berries in