Work is for people that don’t know how to golf!

Official Journal of the Master Plumbers & Gasfitters Association of WA
Maximise marketing
during the economic
Perth ranked 21 in
world’s best cities
It’s a GOLF eat GOLF
world - MPGA Autumn
Golf Day a huge success!
Stress less and work best
- your top ten tips on
how to combat stress in
the workplace
Volume 53 - Issue No. 2 - May 2009
Work is for
people that
don’t know
how to golf!
We have all the insurance solutions for
plumbers & gasfitters
Call EBM now for an
obligation-free quote.
(1300 467 873)
Western Australian Offices
Perth, Bunbury, Geraldton
Kalgoorlie, Margaret River
National Offices
Sydney, Melbourne
Brisbane, Gold Coast
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In this issue...
ul Brown of Fred Green Plumbers tees off at the
Autumn G
lf Day.
F more details,
il see page 10.
2009 Executive Committee
Presidents Note .......................................................................................................... 2
In the Pipeline (by Murray Thomas) ...................................................................... 3
Kim Byrne
Bill Busby
Vice President
Association News ...................................................................................................... 5
In Profile ...................................................................................................................... 6
Life Membership ....................................................................................................... 7
What’s on at the MPGA ........................................................................................... 9
Autumn Golf Day .................................................................................................... 10
Steve Jones
Shane Calegari
Immediate Past President
Committee Member
2009 Waterwise Expos .......................................................................................... 11
Awards for Excellence ........................................................................................... 12
Galvin’s Guide Launch ........................................................................................... 13
Industry Features
Water Corporation (by John Brennan) ................................................................ 14
Paul O’Leary
Edward Fyfe
Committee Member
Committee Member
Plumbers Licensing Board (by Phil Payne) ........................................................ 15
Energy Safety (by Kevin Hooper) .......................................................................... 16
The New Business Tax Break ............................................................................... 17
Perth Ranked 21 in World’s Best Cities .............................................................18
Caroma Dorf Opens New Design & Selection Centre .................................. 19
Maximise Marketing During the Economic Downturn ................................ 21
Taking Care of Yourself ......................................................................................... 22
Bob Goodchild
Tim Swift
Stress Less ... Work Best ........................................................................................ 23
Committee Member
Committee Member
Plumbing Industry Guide to Safety ................................................................... 24
Out With the Old, in with the NEW and YOUNG ............................................ 25
It’s not big to make others feel small .........................................................26-27
MPA Skills
The Apprentice Chronicles (by Sheena Finlay) ................................................ 28
Paul Manifis
Chris Litas
Committee Member
Committee Member
Training Tales (by Mike Wren) ............................................................................... 29
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Committee Member
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President’s Note
Every recession ends with a BOOM!
With most developed countries in the midst of recession, it has certainly been a
wake up call to many businesses of just how quickly the market can change.
Kim Byrne
Not long ago, the commodities boom
meant MPGA Members were struggling
to recruit quality staff, with many
tradespeople choosing to temporarily
relocate to the North West. Although
the mining boom is now over and we
face challenging times ahead, Human
Resource management is now more
important than ever. Maintaining a
continuing supply of new plumbers
in Western Australia is imperative to
safeguard the future of our Industry and
we need to support our training arm,
MPA Skills, to do so.
2009’s first group of pre-apprentices
have recently completed their training
and MPA Skills are looking for host
employers to place these candidates.
MPGA Members receive a 2% rebate,
so it is certainly worthwhile considering
hiring an MPA Skills Apprentice.
MPA Skills provides an excellent
service to members and takes care
of the administrative stress that can
sometimes accompany employing
“MPGA Members
receive a 2%
rebate, so it
is certainly
considering hiring
an MPA Skills
Gas Industry Forums were recently
conducted by the MPGA in Perth,
Bunbury and Albany and have been
a great success in formulating a
response to Energy Safety’s proposed
Amendment to Infringement Penalties.
The general consensus amongst
Members is that where illegal work is
being carried out by non-gasfitters,
the maximum penalty should apply.
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
However, the majority view is that
excessive penalties for minor and
often administrative type breaches for
licensed Gasfitters are unacceptable.
Murray Thomas (MPGA CEO) has had
a meeting with representatives from
Energy Safety, who are now prepared
to work with the MPGA to develop new
and appropriate levels of penalties.
The Autumn Golf Day held at the Vines
Resort and Country Club at the end of
April was a resounding success and a
great day was had by all. The weather
was great, the course was in top-class
condition, on-course refreshments
were plentiful and the dinner and
presentation evening finished the day
off perfectly. Congratulations to Ashlee,
Shantal and Phil for a well-organised
event and many thanks to the Sponsors
and Members for their valued support.
We now look forward to the Spring Golf
Day to be held at Joondalup Resort in
The Master Plumbers and Gasfitters
Association of WA are always looking to
attract new Members. We are committed
to promoting the Industry, to lobbying
Government on Industry matters and to
source and provide relevant information
for our Members. If you are interested in
finding out more about the MPGA and
the benefits, discounts and services it
provides, please contact Phil Gregson,
our Business Development Manager on
9471 6666.
In the Pipeline
The changing workplace
As an employer, the I.R landscape is changing. The question
is, do you know the impact these changes will have on you
and your business? If your answer is yes, you are doing
better than the majority of business owners.
The Executive Committee of the MPGA
realises the importance of giving our
members the right information and
advocacy and therefore is about to
employ an expert to assist all members.
The Federal Government has released its
new Industrial Relations Laws. For more
info please visit www.workplaceauthority. or call the Workplace Infoline
on 1300 363 264. The majority of our
members are covered by this Award.
As an employer, some of the questions
you should be asking are:
Do I have my employees on the right
workplace agreements?
Do I have agreements?
Should I have agreements?
How do I deal with the union should
they enter my workplace?
What are the new unfair dismissal
Where do I go to get the answers?
(The MPGA of course!)
The next question should be surrounding
Award. What
does “Award
Modernisation” mean?
The Industrial Commission has recently
announced a new Modernised Federal
Award - Plumbing and Fire Sprinklers
Award 2010 (MA000036).
The Master Plumbers and Gasfitters
Association of WA has been working
closely with the National Plumbing
Association Alliance members, in
particular MPA NSW in responding
to the Commissions proposed new
Modernised Award. After numerous
including both Unions and Employer
Representatives in Melbourne and
Sydney, the Commission has presented
a new Award which will commence on 1
January 2010.
To ensure our members are prepared
and aware of the changes, we are
conducting workshops around the
state, in conjunction with the National
Murray Thomas
Association (NECA) and the Master
Painters Australia – WA Association.
As an employer, attendance at these
workshops is a must, as is being a
member of a strong Industry Body
to keep you aware and in front of the
changing“Industrial Landscape”and other
Industry matters. For further information
surrounding these workshops or to
RSVP, please contact Ashlee Phur, our
Communications and Events Manager
on 9471 6667 or via email at [email protected]
Watch this space and make an
appointment to meet our new Industrial
Relations expert, just to ensure you are on
the right track.
AMA First Aid
It’s what you do next that counts...
Learn First Aid
The Australian Medical Association offers
nationally recognised first aid courses.
A normal day at work can turn into an
emergency in seconds so it is important
to have your staff trained in first aid.
AMA First Aid training courses are up
to date, practical and comprehensive
programs designed for individuals in
the community or tailored to meet the
specific risks of your workplace.
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
AMA courses include:
AMA First Aid
AMA First Aid Refresher
AMA CPR and Defibrillation
Group and Customised
Workplace Training.
For more information call the
AMA now on 9273 3000 or log
on to
Online registration available.
Plumbing centres
Membership - Association News
Some gain, no pain
I’ve spoken to quite a few people over the past few
months regarding the Plumbing Industry and the
Economic Climate. The question is the same, ‘how is it
affecting your business?’
The answer is different for everyone
depending on whether you are a sole
trader, a corporation, an employer or a
merchant. Overall, the Plumbing and
Gasfitting Industry is still quite strong
and healthy in that there seems to be
enough work for most of us, but that
may change. What steps have you in
place to ensure your business will be
ok? Perhaps you could consider the
Establish or update your business
Reassess your advertising strategy
– is it working, can you expand or
cut back?
What does your business stand for?
Is this reflected in your advertising,
presentation and branding?
Does your staff display a work ethic
and ethos that is consistent with
your brand?
Do you or your staff need additional
Do you have short and long term
plans for your business and is
everyone who works with and for
you aware of these goals?
I’d like to welcome the following new
members to the Association over the
past few months;
Installrite Plumbing & Gas
Anchor Plumbing
K.B Renovations
Leding Plumbing & Gas
Marchmont Plumbing & Gas
Damian Tabram
Tap Doctor Rockingham
Water Filters Australia
J.I. Anderson Plumbing & Gas
Australian Medical Association
Phil Gregson
Business Development
The MPA Skills Group has a few
pre-apprentices available for a work
experience stint over the next few
months, through until September.
These are the top 15 youngsters
who have excelled through an initial
application intake of over 60. MPGA
members have first preference for the
For more information, please contact
Derek Howarth on 0407 475 582 or
Malcolm McBride on 04245 162 862.
Murray Thomas
Phil Gregson
Angelique Pistilli
Ashlee Phur
Business Development
Accounts Manager
Communications &
Events Manager
Kerry Thomas
Petra Wouters
Shantal Cormack
Janet Van Hyum
Margaret Howie
Membership Services
Database & Website
Junior Administrator
Flimsy Administrator
Flimsy Administrator
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
Membership - In Profile
In Profile
Charles Barnard
Mania National
Charles Barnard and his team at
Mania National are expanding their
business, while many companies
community are reducing their
outputs or downsizing. Why?
Charles sees the current environment
as an opportunity to grow, and grow
big! Mania National aims to increase
their annual turnover by five times
in the next three years and they are
confident that they have the plans
and resources to do it. Part of the
strategy will be the establishment of
a national corporation to service the
Industry in every state of Australia, at
a variety of different levels.
The team at Mania National is
passionate about plumbing and
providing plumbers with choices.
This philosophy has seen the
establishment of their catch phrase ‘Power to the Plumber’. In a way, it is
a return to a traditional model where
the plumbers have direct contact
with the company and can buy their
products direct.
Stan Mania started the company back
in 1982 whilst Western Australia was
in the middle of a recession and he
used a similar theme of expansion
whilst the economy was low. Stan,
whilst still the guiding light and driver
behind the scenes, has reduced his
involvement in day-to-day operations
these days, however, his drive and
determination to make a difference
to the Industry, lives strongly through
Charles and his employees.
“The team at Mania
National is passionate
about plumbing and
providing plumbers
with choices. This
philosophy has seen
the establishment of
their catch phrase ‘Power to the Plumber’.”
Charles joined Mania National in
April 2008, with more than 26 years
of business experience across a
number of Industries and countries.
He spent over 15 years in the FMCG
environment, working for large
multi-nationals before spending 5
years as a Private Consultant and
Interim Manager, helping a range
of customers across a variety of
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
industries, in roles ranging from
Marketing Manager to Executive
General Manager. The majority of
his FMCG experience was gained
within Coca-Cola, working in South
Africa, and across the Middle East,
culminating in the role of Group
Operations Manager, Middle East
North Africa.
A registered Professional Engineer,
Charles has a Diploma in Marketing,
BSc (Mech. Eng) and an MBA. He
started his career as an Engineer in
manufacturing operations, before
specialising in logistics and supply
chain management, which in turn led
to the fields of distribution, operations
and sales.
Married to Marlene, his wife of 22
years, Charles has two children,
Stephen (21) and Charlene (18).
Mania National is located at 11
Excellence Drive in Wangara. There
will be further expansion to the
existing infrastructure in the next year
or so.
The Mania National staff welcomes a
visit from you or visit the website at to find
out more.
Membership - Life Membership
Award to long serving member
The highest honour that the Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association may
bestow upon a member is the presentation of Life Membership.
It was with great pleasure that on
Wednesday 18 March 2009 at our
Annual General Meeting, the MPGA
awarded Life Membership to a very
special member of the Association,
Mr Douglas McCauley.
Doug was born in 1939 and was one
of 2 children. He was born in Scotland
and migrated to Australia in 1952. He
and his wife Glen have 2 children and
3 grandchildren.
Doug started his apprenticeship with
the Public Works Department at the
age of 14 and was a licensed plumber
by 21.
Doug started his business, McCauley
and Bird Plumbing Contractors, in
1967, which then had a name change
to Eveready Plumbers in 1983.
Eveready Plumbers ceased operations
in 1997.
Whilst operating his business, Doug
also became the sole operator of
Identi-Pipe in 1981 which is still
running today.
“Doug started his
with the
Public Works
Department at
the age of 14 and
was a licensed
plumber by 21.”
President of the Master
Plumbers and Gasfitters
Association in 1978. Prior
to that time, Doug served
on numerous Committees
and was an Executive
Committee Member since
1971, where he brought
to the table wit and good
During his time as an
the Association sell its share in
Construction House and purchase
land and build its own headquarters
in Wellington Street. Doug’s company,
McCauley and Bird Plumbing
Contractors, carried out the plumbing
for the new premises.
With his loving wife and 2 children
present, along with his 2 dear friends,
Barry Gregory and Lindsay Perry, who
has some humorous but endearing
words to say about their old mate,
the Association presented Doug, who
has always given the Association the
greatest allegiance in everything he
carried out on our behalf, with Life
Congratulations Doug!
NEW to the Environment
6.9 ST GY
Introducing the Bosch 26eco+
Sustainable Energy Efficiency
The new Bosch 26eco+ gas hot water system is a high efficiency,
fully condensing appliance. Unlike traditional hot water systems, a
condensing unit captures heat from the exhaust gas and uses it to
preheat the incoming cold water. It’s no wonder the Bosch 26eco+ is
the highest rated gas hot water system on the market!
Phone 1300 30 70 37 or visit
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
National Plumbing Associations Alliance (NPAA)
Inaugural Conference
19-26 September 2009
“Calling all Plumbers,
Partners & Families”
In September 2008, Canada & Alaska Specialist Holidays arranged for 75 Plumbers and
partners to travel to the 8th World Plumbing Conference in Calgary Canada. What fun we
all had and what a successful conference of excellent working sessions and networking!!
In September 2009, in conjunction with our sister company, Fiji Specialist Holidays, we
will be organizing the “Inaugural NPAA Conference” in Nadi, Fiji from 19 – 26 September
2009, and we would like to invite you and your partner and family to join us.
See the initial draft of the Conference agenda to the right. Please contact Ed Smith from
Canada & Alaska & Fiji Specialist Holidays for more information.
As with the Canada Conference, we will be organizing Pre & Post Conference activities
and these options are on the adjoining page. These are suggestions only and, as the
largest Australian operator to Fiji, we can custom design a package suitable for you. Best
regards, Ed Smith - General Manager
8 Day/7 Night FIJI CONFERENCE PACKAGE is $1795 per person twin share INCLUDING:
Flights with Air Pacific from Sydney to Nadi and return
Airport Taxes of $295
7 nights in Resort View Rooms at the Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa
7 breakfasts
Meet & Greet service & Airport to hotel arrival and departure transfers
Cost are per person based on twin share. Single supplement is $895
Children’s prices are available on application
For travel from other cities add: Ex Brisbane - $158; Ex Melbourne - $199
Ex Adelaide - $350; Ex Perth A - $499 via Sydney both ways; Ex Perth B - $695 via
Sydney to Fiji and back via Melbourne; Ex Canberra - $150
Delegate Registration cost per person is $745 and includes:
• On-line Delegates Registration -
• Welcome cocktail function with hot & cold canapés and bar for 2 hours
• Full Day Conference meeting 21 September with Theatre style set-up including
morning and afternoon tea/coffee and lunch
• Two full day conference sessions on 22 and 24 September including lunch and
transportation each day.
• Cocktail Party hosted by Brian & Judy Collis at their home.
• Sunset Dinner Cruise including a 3 hour bar package
• Final evening function including a Meke performed by local villagers as well as a Lovo
dinner including drinks for 3 hours.
Partner Registration cost per person is $645 and includes:
• On-line Delegates Registration -
• Welcome cocktail function with hot & cold canapés and bar for 2 hours
• Full day Coral Coast Sightseeing/shopping tour and lunch 21 September
• Full day partners session including lunch & cruise to South Seas Island
• Cocktail Party hosted by Brian & Judy Collis at their home.
• Sunset Dinner Cruise including a 3 hour bar package
• Final evening function including a Meke performed by local villagers as well as a Lovo
dinner including drinks for 3 hours.
Inaugural NPAA Conference – Fiji
Saturday, 19 September 2009 – Australia to Nadi
Today we head to Fiji for the Inaugural NPAA Conference. Arrival
greeting and transfer to the Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa.
Sunday, 20 September 2009 – Denarau Island
Morning and afternoon at leisure. Conference registration at 4pm for
all delegates and partners. Evening Welcome Reception at 7pm. (B)
Monday, 21 September 2009 – Denarau Island – NPAA Inaugural
Delegates meet at 9am for the start of the Conference. Today you
will have guest speakers, business meetings and lunch. Partners
program to the Coral Coast. (B, L)
Tuesday, 22 September 2009 – Denarau Island – NPAA Inaugural
Today we move the Conference off-site and transfer to South Sea
Island. The major Fijian Islands that cater to tourism have a unique
Eco-Friendly challenge with water management. Today you will see
firsthand how Resort Management handles this challenge. Evening
Cocktail Party hosted by Brian & Judy Collis at their home. (B, L)
Wednesday, 23 September 2009 – Denarau Island – NPAA
Inaugural Conference
Today we continue the Conference networking opportunities as you
take part in the “1st Annual NPAA Golf Tournament”. Tonight we sail
in Nadi Bay and enjoy a lovely Sunset Dinner Cruise. (B, D)
Thursday, 24 September 2009 – Denarau Island
Today the Conference heads off-site for resort inspections. After
lunch, we visit the Western Region Water Catchment Area Reservoir.
Tonight enjoy a Lovo dinner and a local Meke Show. (B, L, D)
Friday, 25 September 2009 – Denarau Island
Day at leisure. Enjoy the Resorts facilities or take a number of
optional tours to see more of the Island. Overnight Sofitel Fiji Resort
& Spa. (B)
Saturday, 26 September 2009 – Nadi to Australia
After breakfast you will be transferred to the airport for your flight
back to Australia. (B)
What’s on at MPA
Wednesday 27 May
Enviro West Training & Evening Update Perth
Monday 1 June
Foundation Day Public Holiday
Tuesday 9 June
Bunbury Waterwise Expo
Wednesday 10 June
Margaret River Waterwise Expo
Wednesday 17 June
Executive Committee Meeting
Wednesday 17 June
Ordinary General Meeting
Friday 19 June
Enviro West Training Perth
Friday 26 June
Past President's Lunch
Tuesday 7 July
Karratha Waterwise Expo
Thursday 9 July
Broome Waterwise Expo
Friday 10 July
Apprentice of the Year Close of Entries
Wednesday 22 July
Executive Committee Meeting
Friday 24 July
Apprentice of the Year Interviews/Theory
to the
Creating opportunities
for the plumber
intelli - water
Leaders in Home Fire
Sprinkler Systems
For more information on
these opportunities please contact
Charles Barnard 08 9406 6400
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
It’s a GOLF eat GOLF world
The 2009 Master Plumbers & Gasfitters
Association of WA Autumn Golf Day
was yet another victorious day with
a fully packed out course, perfect
weather and high spirits to match.
Amongst the magnificent surrounds
of The Vines Resort & Country Club,
the day started with lunch before a
shot-gun start and continued with
Wine and Cheese sampling on the
first hole.
If that wasn’t enough, the activities
on course didn’t stop there, with a
shoulder and back massage on the
third hole and the notorious German
Sausage and Beer tasting marquee
on the tenth hole, not to mention
the various product displays from our
devoted sponsors.
1st Place - Galvins Team 1
Jeff Sayers, Mark Thompson, Brad Sugg and Brendon Green
2nd Place - Vinidex
Ross Baker, Kim Byrne, Chris McGarry and Steve Smith
3rd Place - Iplex Pipelines
Stephen Jones, Rob Dimond, Daren Robinson and Robbie Swainston
NAGA - Fred Green Plumbers Team 2
Craig Daw, Scott Fewster, Damien Martin and Mark Sherring
Longest Drive - Brendon Green
Nearest to the Pin - Steve Springall
REHAU Nearest to the Pipe - Daren Robinson
After an enjoyable day generating
a well earned appetite on course,
players congregated in the Barrett
Lennard Room Foyer for pre-dinner
drinks, before shifting into the
room itself for a BBQ Dinner and
With prizes on offer such as overnight
stays at The Vines, Gold Class Cinema
Gift Vouchers, Scratchie Boards, 5ltr
Heineken Kegs and AFL Prize Packs,
the players were pumped to find out
the days winners.
Thank you to all of our avid
participants for helping create
such an outstanding day, as well
as our many sponsors for making
this day possible. Our sponsors
were; our presentation sponsor, The
Commonwealth Bank and our event
sponsors, EBM Insurance, MPA Skills,
Vinidex, Galvins, Mania National,
REHAU, The Water Corporation,
Auspex, Rheem, Tradelink, Geberit,
AHG and Corporate Choice.
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
Save water ...
Shower with a plumber
Being a Waterwise Plumber undoubtedly provides consumers with the latest
advice on water efficient plumbing practices and products.
The Master Plumbers & Gasfitters
Association of WA in conjunction with
the Water Corporation, are currently
presenting Waterwise Specialists
with a traveling road show in order
to remain endorsed by the Water
Corporation as a Waterwise Specialist
for 2009/2010.
With a fantastic turn out of guests to
the Waterwise Expo’s held in Perth,
Albany, Kalgoorlie, Esperance, and
Geraldton to date, the evenings have
been a huge success!
An abundance of manufacturers were
also given the opportunity to come
along to the Expo’s and showcase their
products. Included in the traveling
road show has been:
Stiebel Eltron
Mania National
Ridgid Tools
Plus many more
Throughout the evening, guests
are required, as part of their
re-endorsement, to fill out a
technical questions relating to each
manufacturer’s products. This gives
the manufacturers a great opportunity
to spend time with each guest in
With great company, good food and
drinks aplenty, combined with the
ability to provide you with helpful,
realistic tips to save water and allow
you to educate your consumers, these
Expo’s are necessary to all Waterwise
Specialists and are a not to be missed
For full details concerning the 2009
Waterwise Specialist Roadshow,
please contact the Association on
9471 6661.
There are still 4 Regional Expos
yet to take place, including:
Bunbury Waterwise Expo
Quality Hotel Lord Forrest
Tuesday 9 June 2009
Margaret River Waterwise Expo
Margaret River Resort
Wednesday 10 June 2009
Karratha Waterwise Expo
Venue TBC
Tuesday 7 July 2009
Broome Waterwise Expo
Venue TBC
Thursday 9 July 2009
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
2009 Awards for Excellence
The road to future SUCCESS
The 2009 Masters Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of
WA Apprentice of the Year and Awards for Excellence are
upon us once again and will be showcased at an event not
to be missed, at the Burswood Entertainment Complex on
Saturday 14 November 2009.
Ashlee Phur
Communications & Events
“The Awards
provide all
Plumbers and
in Western
Australia with
the opportunity
to showcase their
skills and receive
the rewards and
recognition they
The Awards provide all Plumbers and
Gasfitters in Western Australia with the
opportunity to showcase their skills and
receive the rewards and recognition they
deserve. I would like to encourage all
businesses to promote themselves as well
as their outstanding individuals.
By winning an award, you can provide
a kick-start to a career for Apprentices,
recognise quality Tradesman, promote
exceptional business practice or showcase
new products that will change the Industry’s
The Apprentice of the Year Competition
is designed to recognise and reward
outstanding achievement by the top
Apprentices in the Plumbing Industry.
Participating in this competition will give
Apprentices the opportunity to develop
and improve their skills and to demonstrate
the importance of pride, dignity and self
esteem in their work.
2009 Apprentice of the Year Entry Forms
have been sent to all Apprentices and
relevant TAFE organisations. Entries must
be received by 5.00pm on Friday 10 July
Within this publication you will find an Entry
Form for the 2009 Awards for Excellence. I’d
encourage you to promote this among your
fellow staff, workmates and peers. It’s up to
all of us to encourage as many people as
possible to become involved in our Industry
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
and to help increase our profile within the
community. Who will be the leaders of our
Industry in 2009? Make sure you are giving
yourself the best chance to win and start
planning now!
The MPGA will be welcoming back our
annual Awards:
• Plumber of the Year
• Plumbing Business of the Year
• Gasfitter of the Year
• Environmental Business of the Year
As well as our Enviro West Category
• Water Saving Product of the Year
• Energy Saving Product of the Year
• Greywater Product of the Year
• Rainwater Harvesting Product of
the Year
This year will see exclusive media coverage
of the Apprentice of the Year Competition
and Awards for Excellence in the West
Australian Newspaper, both pre and post
event. The MPGA aims to work with the
West Australian Newspaper and other
media, to increase the profile of the Awards
and the Industry in general.
Awards for Excellence entries must be
received by 5.00pm on Friday 28 August
For further details, please don’t hesitate to
contact me on 9471 6667 or via email at
[email protected]
Galvins Guide Launch
Celebrating 75 years of excellence!
On Thursday 26th March 2009 in the
Burswood Grand Ballroom, Galvins
celebrated the release of the 75th
Anniversary Edition of the Galvin
The night was a huge success, not
only for Galvins, but for all of the
guests from the Plumbing Industry
who attended. Keynote speaker, Kevin
Sheedy kept the 700 strong crowd
silent, with his presentation relating
not only to football, but to business
and plumbing in general, which is
an amazing feat in itself. Sheedy
continued on afterwards to mingle
with the crowd and to visit each of the
supplier’s displays.
As with every Galvin Guide launch,
the door prizes, consisting of a travel
voucher and a couple of trips to
the Bledisloe Cup, were a huge hit,
particularly with the winners.
“The support from industry on the
night was outstanding and a big thank
you goes out to all who attended.”
Said Reyn Bennell, Galvins General
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
“The Galvin Guide and Launch
was a great result for our Business
Development Manager, Ray Robins,
who worked very closely with our
suppliers to produce our best ever
catalogue for the plumbing trade.”
Reyn professed.
Next time you are visiting a Galvins
store, be sure to look at all the great
photos from the night.
Industry Features - Water Corporation
Every Bucket Counts
Most of us know that Australia is one of the driest continents
in the world, but did you know that, on average, everyone
in Perth uses around 33 buckets of water every day around
their homes?
John Brennan
Water Corporation
Smart Approved WaterMark, Australia’s
water conservation labelling scheme,
is challenging the nation to save one
million buckets of water as part of their
new ‘Every Bucket Counts’ campaign. The
‘Every Bucket Counts’ campaign features
three online calculators that show you how
much water you can save by making small
changes to your lifestyle. John Brennan,
Implementation Manager at the Water
Corporation says “This is a fantastic
campaign and hopefully everyone will
get behind it”.
To find out more, visit:
“By clicking on each calculator –
collecting rainwater/washing the car/
using a pool cover – you will quickly
see just how easy it is to save water
in and around your home.” John
couldn’t believe how easy it was and
how rewarding it is.
For each online pledge Australians
make committing to saving water
when washing their car, using a
pool cover or installing a rain tank,
Smart WaterMark will donate $2.00
to WaterAid Australia. WaterAid
Australia is an international charity
dedicated to helping some of the
world’s poorest people escape the
stranglehold of poverty and disease
caused by living without safe water
and sanitation.
Purchase your Waterwise
products before 30th June.
Government of Western Australia
Department of Water
Up to
200 REBA
or 50% of total coTE
on pool covers
Up to
on approved
greywater re-use
Up to
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
Save water. Save money. Rebates
are available on a range of Waterwise
products designed to help you save
water in your home and garden.
These rebates apply to purchases
made on or before 30 June 2009
and must be redeemed before
30 September 2009. For more
information, and more Waterwise
rebates, visit
or call 1300 133 646.
Industry Features
The latest at the Plumbers
Licensing Board
Plumbing Industry Reference
The Board consults with a Plumbing
compliance and licensing matters and
in reviewing regulations regarding
plumbing work and trade training
standards. The 12 member Group
comprises licensed plumbers and
representatives from the training and
education sector.
The MPGA is represented in the Group
by Murray Thomas and Tim Swift.
Current issues include the production
of Technical Notes and proposed
changes to the current plumbing
work and licensing regulations.
New Technical Notes
The Board has released two further
Technical Notes to assist the plumbing
industry in:
(a) the correct use and installation of
Air Admittance Valves (AAVs) in the
venting of sanitary and drainage
plumbing work; and
(b) safety and sustainability factors
to be considered in heated water
Copies of the Technical Note Series
have been posted to all licensed
plumbers. Further copies can also be
downloaded from the Board’s web site
and available over the counter from
the Board’s offices in Osborne Park or
by calling 9282 0478.
Board changes
Mr Kim Byrne has resigned from the
Plumbers Licensing Board following
his appointment to the position of
President of the Master Plumbers &
Gasfitters Association of WA.
The Minister for Commerce will appoint
a replacement MPGA member on the
Board and this will be advised in the
next edition of the Construction and
Plumbing Journal.
Prosecutions for
plumbing in 2009
(a) In February, the Board successfully
prosecuted a former licensed
plumber for continuing to perform
plumbing work without a licence
between 2006 and 2008. The Perth
Magistrates’ Court imposed a fine
of $500 and costs of $324.
(b) Also in February, fines of more
than $11,000 were imposed by
the Court on a man convicted of
falsely advertising his services as
a plumber in local community
newspapers between April 2007
and February 2008. The man had
used false licence numbers and
was prosecuted under the State’s
fair trading laws.
Phil Payne
Plumbers Licensing Board
Working with the
plumbing industry
to serve the
Western Australian
Infringement Notices
The Board reminds all licensed
plumbers that as a result of an
inspection or investigation, its
Authorised Officers may issue an
Infringement Notice(s) for prescribed
offences that carry fines of between
$100 - $500 under the Water Services
Licensing (Plumbers Licensing and
Plumbing Standards) Regulations
Check out the Board’s website www. for details on
the Plumbing Industry Reference
Group, the Tech Note Series, Board
prosecutions activity as well as other
useful information and links.
The Board congratulates Kim in his new
role with the MPGA and thanks him
sincerely for his astute contribution to
the work of the Board since June 2004.
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
Industry Features - Energy Safety
Have your gas heater
inspected by a professional
before each heating season
by Kevin Hooper
With the “space heating season”
upon us, it is important you make
your customers aware of the need to
service their gas heaters and unflued
room heaters. Most consumers
are able to wipe the fronts of the
heaters removing any surface dust,
but a manufacturer’s recommended
service should be undertaken by an
authorised gasfitter.
“Gas heaters are
renowned for
their reliability
but their life is
When servicing these two types
of heaters, special consideration
needs to be given to those that
are permanently installed. It is
recommended a thorough inspection
is undertaken of the integrity of the
flue system. As the flue is usually
hidden from sight, the sign of an
inefficient or partially blocked flue
is discolouration of the front facia
of the heater and accumulation
of rust from condensation in or
around the heat exchanger.
the venturi tube for an accumulation
of dust, spider webs and lint. This is
best cleaned with compressed air or a
strong vacuum. Check the operation
of the fan if fitted. This is an area of
most neglect, as a fan running out of
balance due to the accumulation of
lint and dust is noisy.
The final check is to operate the
heater checking the burner pressure
is comparable to the data plate.
Whilst the heater is running, check
the operation of the flue. Smoke
matches are available for this simple
test. Confirming the correct operation
of the heater is peace of mind for your
For unflued gas heaters, most of
the above applies whilst servicing
the heater, however, as an unflued
heater relies on air movement within
the living space where the heater
is installed, it is important to check
that both the low level and high level
vents are clear. High level vents can be
blocked by insulation that may have
been installed after the installation of
the unflued heater.
Gas heaters are renowned for
their reliability but their life is
finite. A leaking heat exchanger
can cause the combustion
products to enter the living
space, which is not an ideal
situation as far as health is
concerned. Having checked the
flue and heat exchanger, inspect
the burner tiles if fitted, for any
cracks and deterioration and
replace if necessary. Check inside
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
Finally, once you have completed
servicing the gas heater, it is a
requirement [see regulation 23,
of the Gas Standards (Gasfitting
and Consumer Gas Installations)
Regulations 1999)] that you fix a
service sticker to that gas appliance.
Your business
The new Business Tax Break
Make the MOST of our partnership with the Commonwealth Bank and the new
business tax break!
There has never been a better time to purchase new assets and make the most
of the new business tax break.*
Your business could benefit from an extra 30% tax deduction on eligible assets
purchased before 30 June 2009. That’s in addition to any other deductions
that your business might normally be able to claim, such as deductions for
depreciation or borrowing costs.
achieve this?
By helping businesses acquire plant, equipment and vehicles, asset finance allows
you to borrow up to 100% of the cost of an asset and take maximum advantage
of the new business tax break, whilst choosing from a range of financing and
repayment options.
Take advantage of up to 1% discount off the Standard Asset Finance Interest
rate valid up to and including 30th June 2009 to all Master Plumbers & Gasfitters
To find out more, contact Linda Sherwood on 9460 0543.
*Based on Government announcements to date and subject to legislation. You should only act
after consulting your taxation adviser to determine how the rules might apply to your business.
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
Industry Features - Your business
ranked 21
in world’s
best cities
Perth has retained its top 25 ranking of the most liveable cities around the world,
according to a new survey.
Australia performed well in the 2009
Worldwide Quality of Living survey,
with Sydney placed 10th, Melbourne
18th, Perth 21st, Adelaide 30th and
Brisbane 34th.
However, Auckland was fourth in
the survey - the only other southern
hemisphere city to make the top 10.
global consultancy firm Mercer to
help calculate remuneration packages
for expatriate workers.
"Both Australia and New Zealand
boast some of the most liveable cities
in the world." Mercer spokesman Rob
Knox said in a statement.
The survey ranked 215 cities against
a range of political, social, economic,
environmental, personal safety and
public service criteria.
The survey, which ranks cities by a
point score awarded against each
criteria, is calculated annually and
Mr Knox said Australian results were
largely unchanged from 2008.
Australia's other capitals were not
included in the list, compiled by
"Economic growth in the Asia Pacific
region is outstripping most other
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
parts of the world." He said.
"Multinationals can send their highperformers Down Under to gain
experience in a mature market, but on
the doorstep of, and with exposure
to, one of the fastest moving regions
in the world - while at the same time
providing the benefits and security of
living in Australia or New Zealand."
European cities dominated the top
10: Vienna (1), Zurich (2), Geneva (3),
Vancouver (equal 4), Auckland (equal
4), Dusseldorf (6), Munich (7), Frankfurt
(8), Bern (9) and Sydney (10).
Industry Features - Your business
Caroma Dorf opens new
design and selection centre
Australia’s leading bathroom fixtures
and fittings supplier, Caroma Dorf,
has announced the official opening
of its new Concepts Centre at 39 King
Edward Rd, Osborne Park.
and Gainsborough products in user
friendly, hands on displays, allowing
visitors to see, touch, and feel the
products before recommending or
specifying them.
The new destination showcases
the latest bathroom design ideas
and products from Caroma Dorf, in
addition to kitchen sink displays from
“The Caroma Dorf Concepts Centre is
an excellent resource for homeowners,
designers, architects and any one else
who is interested in the latest kitchen
and bathroom innovations.”
The Centre will be a valuable resource
for the trade and design community,
as it will enable builders, plumbers
and architects to refer their clients
to the showroom to select products
on display, before making their final
purchases from one of the many
plumbing supply and retail hardware
distributors that stock Caroma Dorf
A team of experienced consultants can
offer advice that will assist designers
and tradespeople in the specification
process before committing to a look or
design. The Caroma Dorf consultants
can also provide the latest information
on water and energy saving features
and government rebate incentives.
The high quality showroom features
some of Australia’s best known brands,
including Caroma, Dorf, Fowler, Stylus,
Clark, Irwell, Radiant, Hansa, Dux
Due to recent changes in Government
environmental awareness, Caroma
Dorf has developed a portfolio of
friendly, advanced water saving
products and energy efficient fixtures
for both residential and commercial
applications. Recognising the need
for a solutions approach, Caroma Dorf
can offer advice on how to best reduce
water consumption in addition to fully
installed retrofit solutions for homes
and commercial premises.
According to Bob Harry, WA State
Manager for Caroma Dorf, “The
Caroma Dorf Concepts Centre is an
excellent resource for homeowners,
designers, architects and any one else
who is interested in the latest kitchen
and bathroom innovations.”
“The Concepts Centre is not only a
product display and selection centre
for those building or renovating their
homes as builders and developers can
refer their clients to the centre where
our experienced staff can guide
consumers through the upgrade
process and point them towards
fixtures and fittings that best fit their
lifestyle and budget”, he added.
“The Caroma
Dorf Concepts
Centre is an
resource for
and any one
else who is
in the latest
kitchen and
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
Enviro West
Sustainability in
The innovative
novative Enviro West™ training program has been designed to provide West
Australian plumbers with the relevant information, knowledge an
and skills, now required to
meet sustainability requirements for plumbing in Western Australia.
se information is based on the latest industry information and regulatory
requirements including: AS3500 National Plumbing & Drainage Standards;
the Building
ode of Australia; AS1547 Guidelines for Greywater reuse (onsite dispersal
spersal of effluent
and design) and Water Services Regulations 2000.
The Enviro West Sustainability in Plumbing training course is open to plumbing contractors,
licensed tradespersons and apprentices currently working in the building and construction
industry. Upon successful completion of the training program, course graduates will
receive a Certificate of Completion and will also be accredited on the Master Plumbers
and Gasfitters Association of WA’s Enviro West website (if members of the Association
at time of course
e completion).
Industry Features - Your business
Maximise marketing during
the economic downturn
It’s no secret that consumer spending is down and there is a real possibility of
more bad economic news to come. The normal reaction of retail businesses
when the economy heads south, is to place marketing on the chopping block!
If you are involved in the retail
industry, you already know that
marketing (including point of sale,
advertising campaigns, website and
catalogues) generally spends more
money than any other department.
But this doesn’t mean that it is
the department with the most
room to cut budget. Cutting the
marketing budget only reduces
the opportunities available to
build market share, boost product
awareness and memorability in the
mind of the consumer, and dampens
profitability in the long run.
it’s more costeffective to
market to existing
customers than it
is to get new ones”
Align your messaging with pain
points (i.e. emphasise value, cost
savings, free trials, special discounts
and customer testimonials centred on
increased revenue). Don’t forget about
your customers. Even when they are
spending less, keep in contact. One
idea for retail stores is to hold private
sales events for your best customers.
Remember, it’s more cost-effective to
market to existing customers than it is
to get new ones.
sales training for your team. Do some
mystery shopping to find out what
your customers are experiencing and
what opportunities exist to increase
Use the web. Make sure your website
is relevant and up-to-date. Investigate
the use of social media to have more
people engage with your site and send
out regular email newsletters with
relevant content for your customers.
Many of the directories allow you to
list your products and services for free
and offer measurable results. Online
tactics are the way forward.
Focus on what sells. There are some
small retail shop owners who remain
hopeful that they will continue to
do well, especially in the field of
environmentally friendly products
because of society’s heightened
awareness of green living.
Use the ‘slow’ times to improve your
sales processes. Do some research
on your competitors and invest in
Review your offering to the market.
Are you stocking an ‘affordable’ option
for those feeling the pinch or are you
staying high level? Investigate new
technologies and options that are
available and save yourself, and your
customers, some money.
Remember, now is the best time for
you to review your current offering.
Ask your customers what they need
and offer them options in cost and
A recent survey showing the
marketing budget by company size,
showed that whilst larger companies
are slashing their marketing budget,
many small companies are leaving
their marketing budget unchanged,
in some cases increasing it. And
these companies may just be your
There are several points to remember
when looking at your marketing
this year. Move your focus to direct
marketing rather than brand
marketing (i.e. Email campaigns,
direct mail and advertising). Direct
marketing is measurable and
trackable in terms of return on
investment – and often cheaper than
brand marketing.
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
Industry Features - Health and Fitness
Taking care of yourself
In recent months, the Master
Plumbers & Gasfitters Association of
WA, along with various other NPAA
organisations, have encountered
a few members suffering from
depression after experiencing a range
of events in their lives, including
difficulties, overwork and stress
created by difficult staff situations.
I'm sure a few blokes have already
switched off and think these blokes
are just soft. Unfortunately, men are
the least likely to seek assistance
when depression occurs.
“Dealing with
depression can
be challenging,
however, with a
clear mind and
some assistance,
change can be
Up to 2,070 of the population will
suffer varying degrees of clinical
depression in their life time and
services to assist people in coming
through depression have improved
significantly, as we better understand
the causes and recognise how to
assist people to recover and resume
their normal lives.
The slowing of the economy is
affecting some sectors and not others.
How it affects plumbing is still unclear.
Even thrifty, diligent and cautious
people dealt a financial blow which
has been beyond their control. All this
can take its toll on your health, your
relationships, your families, your well
being and how you see your future.
A member of the Plumbing Industry
Association of South Australia owed
a very significant amount of money
by several non paying clients, was so
affected that he became physically ill
with stomach pains and headaches.
He stopped everything but was still
paying three plumbers to sit around
doing nothing. After weeks of
inaction, he finally sought help from
his doctor who is assisting him in
managing his depression. He said "It
just all became too much. I just drove
around town unable to do anything or
make any kind of decision. I just told
the guys to knock off early. I didn't
answer or return customer calls and
just felt numb and sick. I just thought
I was sick and didn't realise my
symptoms were depression, triggered
by my financial worries.”
“One of my guys realised I needed
help and physically took me to my
GP. The GP has been terrific in initially
arranging medication, counselling,
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
advising me to work with my
accountant and a financial planner to
straighten the mess out and one of
my plumbers has taken over looking
after customers while I get on top of
“Not only would I not be getting help,
but my business would now be down
the toilet without the support I've
had. I urge anyone who has a lot of
stress or worry to get help.”
Dealing with depression can be
challenging, however, with a clear
mind and some assistance, change
can be managed.
Beyond Blue has produced a
booklet "Taking care of yourself after
retrenchment or financial loss.” This
booklet has been prepared to address
the fallout of the financial crisis and
the subsequent loss of employment
confronting many Australians. It
contains questionnaires that people
can fill out in the privacy of their
homes to make sure many of the
important issues associated with
changes in their lives are addressed.
The booklet is a helpful guide to
depression and offers practical
advice on how to obtain assistance.
If, after you've read this booklet, you
are feeling uncomfortable with any
issue, please don't hesitate to seek
help from the relevant professional be that a financial advisor or a doctor
- or anyone else who may be of
Industry Features - Health and Fitness
Stress Less ... Work Best!
Are you looking for ways to reduce stress in your
✔ Do you spend all day at your desk with little
activity except making yourself another coffee?
✔ Are you overworked and under exercised?
✔ Are you suffering from headaches and muscle
✔ Do you have difficulty sleeping and are looking
for ways to clear you mind?
Work related stress compensation claims have increased in
Australia by 40% over the last 10 years. In 2004, a study by
WorkCover found career related stress accounted for the
longest stretch of employee leave in Australia. With this is
mind, it is imperative for employers to be aware of ways to
help their staff reduce stress levels. But it needs to be a team
Top Ten Tips on how to combat
stress in the workplace
1. Prioritise your exercise like you prioritise your
Regular exercise can help you to handle stressful situations,
so prioritise exercise into your weekly schedule. Use your
diary and book in regular times for exercise. Treat these
times like an appointment or a meeting with an important
client; if you can’t make the time then re-schedule but never
2. Technology timeout!
Next time your laptop crashes or you are experiencing
networking issues, make use of the downtime by going for
a quick walk. The exercise and fresh air will clear your head
and you will be de-stressed and ready to get back to work
when you return. Even small amounts of exercise contribute
to your overall wellbeing.
bringing additional sugars and oxygen that may be needed
when you are thinking intensely. Talk to your boss about
starting earlier so that you can take the time to do a lunch
time class.
6. Why weight?
Working with weights can help alleviate stress and ease
tense muscles. Get the best results by booking a time with
a personal trainer. They will ensure you are performing the
moves correctly, motivate you to work hard and the great
social interaction will all help relieve stress.
7. Walk and talk!
Why sit in an office to discuss ideas for that next project?
Grab your work colleague and stimulate the creative juices
as you hit the pavement.
3. No Time?
8. Put your mind at ease
Kill two birds with one stone by reading a report or research
paper while on the stepper or the bike. Organise to meet
a friend at the gym, that way you can fit both exercise and
catching up with friends into your busy schedule. If you find
you get caught up at work, go to the gym in the morning before the day has the chance of getting away from you.
The controlled and meditative moves of mind/body classes
allow your mind to expand and you learn to let your
frustrations go. Participating in Pilates, Yoga or Tai Chi will
help you develop a more relaxed and happy outlook - which
is great in times of stress.
4. Kick, punch and sweat away the stress with
Exercising with a group can be highly motivating and helps
you commit to a time. Grab a friend and head to a Martial
Arts based BodyCombat class or maybe sweat it out in an
indoor cycling class of RPM!
5. Suffering brain strain?
Take a timeout and head for a quick trip to the gym or go
for a run. The exercise improves blood flow to your brain,
9. Sleep well
Exercise will increase the chance of sleeping soundly as the
body has more reason to shut down and rebuild. Try to avoid
thinking about work and wind down before getting into
bed by reading, having a warm glass of milk or meditating.
10. Endorphins means less stress
It doesn’t matter how you get the endorphins. A day on
the golf course or a game of tennis is two great examples
of ways to involve exercise, fun and social occasions with
relationship building opportunities or business meetings.
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
Industry Features - Occupational Health and Safety
Plumbing industry guide to
Education the key to reduce compensation claims within
the plumbing industry
With compensation claims for injury
and poisoning made by the plumbing
industry rising by nine percent in
the last financial year, Pro-Visual
Publishing has responded with a call
for education through its Plumbing
Industry Guide to Safety 2009.
Between the financial years of 2004/05
and 2006/07 the Australian Safety and
Compensation Council reported an
increase from 675 to 735 injuries and
poisoning claims.
The safety guide, which was sent out
free of charge nationally in February,
addresses this issue by focusing
on minimising powered hand tool
injuries, slips, trips and falls and harm
caused within confined spaces.
The Master Plumbers & Gasfitters
Association of WA, member of the
National Plumbing Associations
Alliance, believes the guide to be an
invaluable resource for plumbing
contractors throughout Australia, as
it continues to build awareness of risk
assessment and OH&S procedures.
“Workplace safety plays a vital role
in the protection of everyone in the
plumbing industry,” said Murray
Thomas, CEO, Master Plumbers &
Gasfitters Association of WA. “The
use of these resources will ensure a
safer workplace for all and minimise
Also featured in this year’s guide is
OH&S management plans, principle
contractor obligations and sun
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
By displaying the chart prominently,
employees have a daily reminder
and employers are reducing the cost
of workplace accidents, illness and
The guide was distributed to all Master
Plumbers & Gasfitters Association
members and other plumbers and
gasfitters across Australia. Additional
copies are available and all guides
are produced and distributed without
cost thanks to sponsorship.
For further information, or to obtain
additional copies of the chart
please call (02) 8272 2611, email
[email protected] or visit
Industry Features - Occupational Health and Safety
Out with the old, in with the
There are special risk factors to consider when managing the safety of young
people in workplaces. It is important for employers of new and young workers to
be aware of these issues.
responsibilities for workplace health and
What are EMPLOYERS’ responsibilities for
workplace health and safety?
To work safely
As an employer, you must ensure the work environment
and the way workers carry out their work is safe and healthy,
regardless of the type and terms of their employment.
This includes protecting them from both physical and
psychological workplace hazards, such as slippery floors,
lifting heavy loads, faulty or unguarded machinery and
equipment, chemicals, bullying, violence and fatigue.
Look after yourself and others by:
Following all reasonable instructions for doing the job
Following workplace procedures
Not putting yourself or your workmates at risk
Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) as
Reporting unsafe situations and injuries to your
immediate supervisor, employer and/or health and
safety representative
To ask if you’re not sure
Take induction and training seriously
Know and follow the health and safety requirements of
your job
If you aren’t sure how to do something safely, ask for
help or training before you start the task
Work is important, but your life is more important
Some ways you could ask your immediate
supervisor for help:
‘I’m not sure how this works, could you spare a few
minutes to show me again?’
‘I think I’ve got the hang of this, but can you watch to
make sure I’m doing everything right?’
‘I’m still a bit uncomfortable with this, would you mind
explaining it/showing me again?’
To provide a safe and healthy workplace
Consider the tasks you give to new and young workers,
given their skills, abilities and experience.
To provide training and supervision
As an employer, you must make sure workers have enough
information, training and supervision to enable them to
work safely. This training should:
Show workers how to do their job safely and how to
recognise hazards on the job
Provide and show them how to safely use the necessary
machinery and equipment
Provide and show them how to safely wear and use any
personal protective equipment, such as gloves, safety
footwear and goggles
Show them how to report any safety concerns or
Help them get to know the workplace layout, their
immediate supervisor, health and safety representative
and workmates
Make it easy for new and young workers to ask questions
– don’t assume they will ask.
Report your concerns
Talking health and safety
If you are concerned about your own or your workmates’
health and safety, talk to your immediate supervisor,
employer and/or health and safety representative straight
away. This might be about slippery floors, lifting heavy
loads, faulty or unguarded machinery and equipment,
chemicals, bullying, violence or fatigue.
As an employer, you are responsible for sharing information
with workers about workplace health and safety matters,
If you work through a Group Training Organisation or
Labour Hire agency, report your concerns to them as well.
If you are a work experience or structured workplace
learning student, you should also speak to your teacher or
trainer about your concerns.
Asking for their input when looking at any workplace
hazards and ways to control those hazards
Discussing new machinery and equipment when it is
introduced into their work area
Discussions at team or toolbox meetings where health
and safety concerns can be raised
Discussions with health and safety representatives
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
Industry Features - Industrial Relations
It isn’t big to make others
feel small
In maintaining a working environment
where employees are not exposed
to hazards, employers should take
reasonable steps to reduce the risk
of employee exposure to workplace
Workplace bullying can be defined
as repeated, unreasonable or
inappropriate behaviour directed
towards a worker or group of workers
that creates a risk to health and
While some workplace bullying may
involve verbal abuse and physical
violence (overt bullying), bullying can
also be subtle intimidation (covert)
such as embarrassing or degrading
work demands.
Overt Bullying
Abusive, insulting or offensive
Behaviour or language that
frightens, humiliates, belittles
or degrades, including criticism
that is delivered with yelling and
Inappropriate comments about a
person’s appearance, lifestyle, or
Teasing or regularly making
someone the brunt of pranks or
practical jokes
Unjustified threats of dismissal or
other disciplinary action
Covert Bullying
Acts of sabotaging an employee’s
work by withholding information
required to fulfil tasks
Hiding documents or equipment
Constantly changing targets or
work guidelines
Overloading an employee with
work and impossible deadlines
resources and training
Isolating or ignoring an employee
on a constant basis
Workplace bullying can take place
between staff members or between
workers and the customers, students,
contractors or visitors. It may involve
managers and supervisors or other
As well as the safety and health
implications, bullying behaviours in
the workplace may contravene antidiscrimination legislation or may
amount to criminal conduct.
Who is at risk of being exposed
to workplace bullying?
All workers and other people at
workplaces are potentially at risk of
experiencing some form of workplace
bullying. Some examples of those
more at risk include the following;
• People with a disability
• People from different cultural
• People with different religious or
political views
• People in precarious employment
such as casual and labour hire
• Whistleblowers
• New workers, such as apprentices
and trainees
What are the effects?
Workplace bullying can have
harmful effects on the organisation
and the individual, including
high absenteeism, sick leave and
staff turnover, reduced efficiency,
increased levels of stress, anxiety and
sleep disturbances, incapacity to work,
loss of self-confidence and self-esteem,
reduced output and performance and
poor morale, erosion of worker loyalty
and commitment.
What isn’t bullying?
When investigating allegations of
workplace bullying, be aware of a
person’s legitimate authority at work.
For example, the reasonable direction
of tasks, and proper performance
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
procedures of a company should not
be construed as bullying.
How do I minimise Workplace
There are a number of ways to identify
potential hazards that may cause an
injury or harm, as a result of exposure
to workplace violence bullying. Talk
to people who have experience with
workplace violence and aggression
in your industry. Encourage workers
to communicate their feelings
concerning workplace violence and
aggression or review absenteeism
and sick leave records.
Once the potential for exposure has
been identified, employers should
develop a policy and procedures
in consultation with employees
and other workers to manage and
eliminate the existing issues and
prevent further issues arising.
A workplace bullying policy clearly
demonstrates the management
commitment to addressing workplace
bullying, while the procedures
should provide a clear process to deal
with workplace bullying incidents
that may occur. The workplace
bullying procedure should also
include reference to investigation and
complaint handling processes, issue
resolution and grievance contacts.
Organisations should:
foster healthy cultures and ensure
a commitment to promoting the
safety, health and well being of
employees through effective
management systems;
ensure employees receive support
if they wish to raise workplace
bullying problems affecting their
set achievable targets, policies and
plans and ensure there is enough
time to do the task, ensure staff
selected to do the task have the
necessary knowledge and skills;
provide a consistent approach in
your management style ensuring
Industry Features - Industrial Relations
“Workplace bullying can be defined as repeated,unreasonable
or inappropriate behaviour directed towards a worker or
group of workers that creates a risk to health and safety. “
that managers and supervisors
treat staff in a fair and equitable
manner, and;
if change is to occur, communicate
the reasons with employees, what
it aims to achieve and the timing
for change to take place.
Managers should:
encourage workers to come
forward if they are being bullied
and protect them from retaliation
when they do;
check for existing bullying
behaviour at the workplace
(eg. monitor patterns of sick
leave, workers’ compensation
data, attitude surveys and exit
develop a written policy on
workplace bullying and ensure
all employees have access to the
ensure the policy is either
incorporated into a existing policy
such as a sexual harassment
policy or form part of an overall
harassment policy;
appoint and identify a contact
person for workplace bullying.
The person could be a worker
(ie. Human resource manager) or
an outside agent who provides
clear advice and guidelines on
managing workplace bullying;
develop a procedure for dealing
with workplace bullying and
ensure it is communicated to all
experience workplace bullying to
keep a diary of alleged bullying;
nominate an appropriate person
(which could be themselves) to
approach the alleged bully and
ask them to cease bullying;
ensure a thorough investigation
is conducted;
initiate disciplinary action for the
bully if necessary;
develop and implement a follow
up procedure;
provide the contact person,
other workers with training
on the policy, procedures and
investigation procedures, and;
include information on the policy
and procedures in induction
programs, awareness sessions,
noticeboards, staff newsletters
and meetings.
RAUTITAN his 311
- Easy installation
- German Technology
- Superior Flow Rates
- Permanent Leak Proof Jointing
- Comprehensive Range
- 1 Fitting, 1 Tool, 1 Connection
[RAUTITAN metal composite and polymer
pipes 16-63mm]
[The RAUTITAN stabil pipe system can be installed using
all existing RAUTOOLS except L1]
T: +61 8 9456 4311
REHAU Pty Ltd: 46 Tacoma Circuit, Canning Vale, WA 6155, AUSTRALIA
Ph: +61 8 9456 4311
Fax: +61 8 9456 4319
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
MPA Skills
The Apprentice
Sheena Finlay
GTA (WA) has been working closely
with the Department of Education and
Training (DET) to formulate guidelines
for Group Training Organisations
(GTO’s) experiencing host placement
difficulties. GTA (WA) management
committee did not agree to all the
guidelines, as too many points of
difference were highlighted. The
management committee and DET
were to meet again towards the end
of March to enable the guidelines to
be agreed to and set in place.
A workshop for GTO’s will then be held
and Field Officers from various GTO’s
will be invited to attend this workshop.
Management representatives from
MPA Skills will also attend. The
purpose of the workshop is to network
and discuss options for dealing with
apprentices being returned due to
lack of work and to share information
on various strategies GTO’s currently
The Plumbing pre-apprenticeship is
going well and we in Group Training
are looking at employing as many
of the successful completions as
possible. Please talk to one of our
Plumbing Field Officers if you are
interested in training one of this
group. Feedback is that they are a
terrific bunch of young lads and worth
giving a start.
So why not take the risk out of
employing an apprentice and use
MPA Skills Group Training? Contact
MPA Skills today to discuss our special
subsidised rates, made possible by a
joint initiative with the MPGA.
New starts
The following apprentices have
started their apprenticeship recently.
We wish them all the very best for the
next four years in their chosen trade.
Thank you to the host employers who
have offered these apprentices a place
within their companies and are taking
the time to train them.
February – two accidents. Tendonitis
to wrist and foreign body in eye.
Dylan Boswood, trained by Sanwell
Pty Ltd
Dane Williams, trained by R & SJ
Peacham Plumbing, Kalgoorlie
Curtis Brodie, trained by Curtin
University of Technology
Jack Garrett, trained
Plumbing & Gas
Dewalt Shoeman, trained by I.D.O.
Successful completions
Congratulations to the following
apprentices who completed their
apprenticeship. Thank you to their
host employers for their commitment
in both time and effort:
Hayden Beerkens, trained by Lupica
Plumbing and Drainage
Mark Connors, trained by BGC
Plumbing, Ballantyne Plumbing, Gas &
Electrical (WA) Pty Ltd and completed
with Legal Plumbing
James Fernandez, trained by Caesars
Plumbing & Gas and completed with
Eltech Services Pty Ltd
Jack Downie, trained by Lynx Plumbing
Services Pty Ltd and completed with
Caesars Plumbing and Gas
Eli Mace, trained by Lupica Plumbing
and Drainage
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
Sam Wiedemann, trained by Charter
Plumbing & Gas
Accidents – Workers’
March – two accidents. Laceration to
leg and foreign body in eye.
Occupational Safety and Health
- OHSE Subby Pack
The OHSE Subby Pack is a toolkit for
self employed persons, suppliers,
service providers, contractors and sub
contractors in the Australian Building
and Construction Industry. This toolkit
has been devised for use across states
and territories to help develop and
review occupational safety and health
management systems. The toolkit
can be accessed at: http://www.
PDF/Guides/SubbyPack.pdf or by
contacting WorkSafe directly on 1300
307 877.
MPA Skills
Mike Wren
On behalf of the training team, I would like to
welcome on board Peter Mayhew (pictured below),
as our new Post Trade Gas Installation and Gas
Servicing trainer.
Peter comes to MPA Skills with over 30 years
Industry experience with his area of expertise being
Gas Safety Training and Assessment. A qualified
licensed Plumbing Contractor, Peter has previously
worked as an OHS advisor and auditor and has
designed, developed and implemented Group
Training packages across 4 countries.
Originally from the UK, Peter chose the plumbing
and gas trade as it was interesting and varied. He
believes that the biggest challenges facing Plumbers
in WA today are technology and environmental
Outside of work, Peter enjoys Boating, Fishing,
Motor Cycling and Diving and in 5 years time, he
hopes to be a partner with MPA Skills!
Good luck Peter – we wish you all the very best!
Construction & Plumbing Journal - May 2009
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