How to Find Good IT Professionals Presented by Allison Hutton

How to Find Good IT
Presented by Allison Hutton
& Jeff Hutton
April 30, 2014
Our Background
◦ Over 30 years combined in the IT Staffing Industry
◦ Led recruiting departments that placed over 40 people per year in
IT positions
◦ Supervised over 50 employees or independent contractors in a
variety of disciplines
◦ Multiple presentations on best hiring practices, effective use of
sub-contractors and how to best utilize 3rd party recruiters
◦ Actively involved in hiring IT talent today for a variety of industries
and skill sets
About Us
Job Data Per Month in the US
The Scary Truths
Per Million
Projected 2018
4.6 years – median number of years that wage
and salary workers had been with their current
employer, in January 2012
70% - percentage of all US workers who are not
engaged or are actively disengaged on the job
◦ 50% are not engaged
◦ 20% are actively disengaged
Those Who Have Jobs
Ohio has more than 190,000 jobs open today,
despite nearly 400,000 Ohioans looking for work
40% of businesses had unfilled positions for at
least six months because they cannot find
qualified applicants (nationally)
365 - number of Systems Administrator Jobs
Open in Columbus Ohio
What About Ohio?
What’s the Problem?
Approximately 46% of new hires fail within
the first 18 months
Almost 50% of employers have settled for a
candidate who is “just good enough” because
finding the perfect candidate took too long
HR does not equate Recruiting
Hiring Practices Today Are Broken
First Things First
 A very good, very detailed, very focused job
description (yes this is hard work)
 Know what a successful candidate is for your
◦ Consider past hires
◦ Competitors or similar organizations
◦ Current employees
Keep in mind many of the people doing the work
at your company today probably don’t meet your
hiring criteria and couldn’t get through your
hiring process again!
What Can You Do Differently?
Job Description, Required Skills and
Responsibilities: Technical Skills Required: Configuring
Servers, Support on Tickets, Netbackup, Avamar, EDL, VBR
Provide engineering support for the Distributed backup
environment which consists of the following:
Configure new server backups
Complete restore requests for existing backups
Troubleshoot issues in the environment
Work with vendors on support tickets
Complete internal work requests
Technologies used: Netbackup, Avamar, EDL, VBR
Example Job Description
Systems Administrator / This resource is responsible for working with various
vendors to balance the architecture of the client to the software requirements
of XXXX packages. The work would include but not limited to architectural
documents, server sizing requirements, troubleshooting technical issues in a
distributed computer environment, connectivity issues, aspects of performance
tuning, technical coordination between various groups.
Years of Relevant Experience:
6 plus years ; 4 year college degree or equivalent technical study.
Role Description:
•Function as the liaison to the various support groups with whom the Software
Production team interfaces.
•Develop the technical infrastructure maintenance strategy.
•Manage the system management resources.
•Act as a system's management expert.
•Analyze, determine, and document requirements in terms of system
management needs and implement them.
•Installs software with or without vendor support.
•Troubleshoots technical issues in and around the software package (security,
network, database, server, IIS settings) - works with the appropriate group(s)
to resolve issues.
Example Job Descriptions
Systems Administrator—IT Project Portfolio System
Reporting to the Portfolio Manager, the System Administrator’s role is to provide oversight and guidance to the
IT project portfolio and portfolio and project management (PPM) system to support the strategic initiatives
across the XXXX Family of Companies. This position will administer the department PPM to provide necessary
reporting, data integrity, quality, and training to support overall portfolio governance. This individual will provide
guidance and consultative support to project managers and leads in project management and PPM best
practices. This individual will support management of a portfolio of IT projects and focus on driving continuous
improvement of the portfolio and help to drive ongoing maturity in portfolio management. Specifically, the
System Administrator will have responsibility for PPM administration, support and training, and portfolio mgt.
Core Responsibilities:
• Provide direction and guidance to users of PPM to ensure consistent project process and information.
• Serve as administrator for department PPM system to provide maintenance, support, training and ongoing
consultation to users and stakeholders.
• Participate in the development and execution of technology project roadmaps.
• Define, prioritize, and manage individual projects and the overall portfolio.
• Provide ongoing status updates, visibility and communicate relevant information and metrics from the IT
• Assist in the development of key performance metrics to track portfolio performance.
• Identify and provide support to improve performance of at risk projects.
• Focus on continuous improvement of the IT project portfolio.
• Work with key business stakeholders across the family of companies to prioritize business needs and
• Create and provide reporting on key portfolio metrics and information to support data driven decisions.
Additional Responsibilities:
• Contribute to short-term and long-term strategic and tactical planning efforts, budget information and
allocation of resources to support the corporation.
• Maintain knowledge of multiple company business functions and initiatives to identify where conflicts/synergies
exist between technologies and business process.
• Define and promote effective IT best practices.
Example Job Descriptions
Fish in the right pond
 Seek out passive candidates (almost 70%
 Expand the pool
Fishing Techniques
Employees (current and potential) are
brand builders for your organization
 Think about the: work, vision,
opportunity, career path, impact, chance
to make a difference
 Respect for Millennials???? – VP by lunch
 75% of job seekers are using mobile
Hiring is Brand Building
Put together a list of questions based on
ability and aptitude and consistently ask
them to every candidate
Reserve all judgment for at least 30 minutes
Look for “red flags”
Most organizations hire on someone’s ability
to GET the job not DO the job
Interview Techniques
Be professional and encourage the candidate to
be truthful
 Ask open ended questions
 Examples
◦ What is your most significant accomplishment in your
career and why?
◦ What are you most proud of that’s not on your resume?
◦ Tell me about a time when you set a goal and didn’t
achieve it?
◦ What in particular excites you about this opportunity?
◦ What gives you the most satisfaction from your work?
◦ What’s the most difficult challenge you ever faced and
how did you overcome it?
Good Interviews
Group interviews (oxymoron(s))
◦ It takes skill and training
◦ Clarify expectations/roles
◦ Specific reason for being involved
Interview Practices
Full time, ongoing effort – ABR
 Intuition is not a skill
 Aptitude and Attitude are Great… but
Hiring is Really, Really Hard Work
Checks and Balances
◦ Trust and verify
◦ Protects everyone
◦ Slow to hire, quick to fire
Hired! Now What?
Allavanti Group
Final Thoughts and Questions