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15 May 2014
10 October 2013 Issue
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Martim, Mostafa, Khrisha and Anna
We are grade 5 students and we have been working on our Exhibition issue, which is hacking.
As part of our taking action, we wanted to create awareness about this topic. We would like to
give you some helpful tips on how to protect your identity online.
1. Don’t give out your personal information online, such as where you live or your phone number.
2. Keep your password a secret from everybody you know.
3. Treat people on the internet how you would like to be treated in person.
4. Store your personal information, like passwords and credit card numbers, somewhere safe
and offline.
5. If someone finds out your password, you should immediately generate a new one, write it
down somewhere safe and try to memorize it.
Article of the field trip
On the 30th of April, the exhibition group living with a
disability went on a learning experience to the Dubai
Center for Special Needs. We met many wonderful
children that were truly role models despite their
Lilia: We all got split up into different classes to
spend 45 minutes with wonderful disabled students.
The first 10 minutes in the classes were very different,
they were filled with affective things to help the
students with disabilities such as special math books,
reading books and stuffed animals to help their anger
issues. My mother and I met many wonderful students, we also got to greet them so we can
understand their inner feelings better. I definitely think that these 45 minutes in the classes were
very educational and indeed helped us with our research!
The Dubai Center for Special Needs indeed has a different set up and different
activities compared to regular schools. Lots of charities donate money to provide better activities
for the school witch also adds extra rooms to the place. The tour guide, Ms. Lois showed us
around the center. We saw pottery rooms, woodwork, art rooms, a regular room to teach
students how to be responsible, P.E gyms and a great big theatre. These activities help the kids
be independent and get them interested in the arts. We all loved our trip to the center! It made
us realise how lucky we are to be healthy and strong. We all hope that the whole of RWA does
Kellie: We can all see that when you enter such a beautiful school with wonderful children
you do ask yourself: “what do they do that’s so different from what we do at school?” When we
entered the school, we saw that it had beautiful classrooms filled with great activities to entertain
and teach their students about. They had woodwork, arts and even a musical theatre! Now that’s
something very special that these disabled kids love to do. So when you wrap this up, people do
see that these kids are different, yet they go to school and learn just like we do! Rather than
being dis-abled, it would be better to say that they are differently—abled.
Amir: When we first entered the center, I felt exited
to meet new and amazing students. When I officially
met these students, I felt happy to become friends
with them as well as scared that something would go
wrong. I also met a 17 year old girl that had trouble
getting her folder out of her bag and that touched me
deep inside. When they put us in different classes, we
could see that they were really happy to work with us.
At the center, I started to observe
the different kinds of disability there were. I saw
some students that were blind, deaf and couldn’t
speak. I also saw some that couldn’t stand loud
noises or had paralyzed body parts. Some of the
disabilities were more severe than others but all
the students were very nice and caring deep
inside. Most of the students had nannies esaccompanying them because their disability is too
severe. I still wonder why some kids need
nannies and some don’t. We can all see that there
are a lot of disabilities yet more are to be
Joining Hands For Our Children
PARIS has had a very successful year and
with this success comes both congratulatory comment and rumblings of
discontent: these are all good signs of a
healthy, democratic organization. No
matter which camp you find yourself in,
you should consider nominating yourself
or your competent and appropriately 'driven’ friends or
acquaintances for these positions in order to advance or improve
PARIS and thus advance the interests of our children.
Positions available are:
 Chairperson
Vice Chairperson(s)
Important Dates:
ELECTIONS on Wednesday, the 28th of May
from 8am to 10am in the 2nd Floor Lecture
Second Hand Uniform Shop
Open on:
8am to 9am
2pm to 3pm
2pm to 3pm
Located in the PARIS room behind the
Communication Coordinator
Events Coordinator
Class Parent Coordinator for Kindergarten 1 -Grade 5
Class Parent Coordinator for Grade 6 to Grade 12
Second Hand Shop Coordinator
There shall be only one (1) Chairperson but there may be either
one (1) or two (2) Vice Chairperson(s). You may nominate for
more than one position.
Please send your nominations (including contact details for the
nominee) to [email protected] as soon as possible but
in any case no later than 25 May as I will need to check acceptance with the nominee. You may self-nominate right up until
the AGM.
We are looking forward to welcoming you on board!!
——————————————————————————-Everyone’s favorite event THE took place
on the 8th of May in the MAIN ATRIUM from
08:00-3:00pm.There were lots of sweet
treat, healthy snacks and popcorn too.
Thanks to all PARIS member and parents for their help and
——————————————————————————-If you want to give your pot plant a new home,
you are most welcome to donate it to the school.
How can you learn or improve your spoken
Join Abeer ([email protected]) every
Tuesday (8:15am to 9:30am) at Starbucks
(Jumeirah Road).
Want to have a simple conversation but
don’t have the confidence or vocabulary? Join Maree (055-5824388) on
WEDNESDAYs (9am – 11am).
Polish up your spoken French. Join Natacha
([email protected]) & Stephanie
([email protected]) for more information.
Contact PARIS
Thank you students and parents for helping us
spend the money by submitting your ideas ….
And the winning idea is OUTDOOR PICNIC TABLE
AND CHAIRS and the possibility of WATER SPRAY
[email protected]
For all PARIS updates view the PARIS board
in the main atrium
School Clinic
Sports Act.
2D is as persuasive as can be!
2D have been busy persuading readers to agree with
their ideas! They have written about having no homework, more time for recess in school and about bringing iPad in school amongst other topics.
They have learned to organize their writing using persuasive text structure (opinion, reasons, examples, conclusion) .They are now able to elaborate their ideas to
present a persuasive argument!
3G persuades people to take action for the environment
During the last few weeks grade 3G has been trying hard to persuade people to take better care of the
environment. The study of our unit entitled “Humans impact the natural world” has shown the students
both the negative and positive effects of people’s
actions towards nature. The third graders have
completed a piece of persuasive writing, with at least three
arguments, to discuss their chosen impact and educate people into
some of the causes and effects of human actions. These ranged
from deforestation and pollution to planting trees and keeping
animals out of captivity. Each student gave an oral presentation,
first to their classmates and then to parents during the Reporting
to Parents session at the culmination of the unit. These arguments
were backed up by a visual display, a Powerpoint presentation, a
poster or a comic strip.
I have been impressed with the commitment and knowledge of my students during this topic.
Gill Assi
3G Teacher
Grade 5 Corner
The past seven weeks have been very busy for Grade 5 students as they prepare for their PYP Exhibition
which takes place this week. Now, as we enter our final week, the students are finalizing ideas, planning
their boards and preparing their presentations. The students have all been working on ‘Taking Action’
recently and so far we have had beach clean ups, fruit sales in school, planting trees and educational
talks to our younger students to name just a few things.
We would like to thank everyone
for the tremendous support we
have received this year in the
lead up to the PYP exhibition,
and we look forward to seeing
you all on Wednesday Evening.
Grade 5 Mandarin Field Trip
On April 2nd, the Grade 5 Mandarin
students went on a field trip to the
China Sea Restaurant in Deira.
The students watched as the Chinese
chiefs prepared dishes for lunch. They
saw Chinese noodles being made by
hand, the chief skillfully stretching out
the dough, thinner and thinner.
Students practiced their speaking skills with the Chinese waitresses. They were able to introduce
themselves to the waitresses and made a big impression on the workers there. The restaurant staff were
amazed that we had so many different nationalities
learning Mandarin.
The lunch was wonderful. Students enjoyed roast duck
pancakes, fried prawns, tofu, broccoli, noodles, fried
squid, and of course, Chinese dumplings. It was all very
delicious! Everyone had a great time, speaking Chinese
and learning how to use chopsticks.
Mei Ling
Mandarin Teacher
School Clinic
Sports Act.
Message from the Head of Secondary School
Dear Parents,
Academic Honesty
One of the IB Learner Profile attributes is that members of the community are Principled: they act with
integrity and honesty.
RWA Secondary teachers recently underwent training in the use
of the internet based Turnitin software. This is used to review
students’ work to help us ensure academic honesty in coursework and internal assessment. It will mainly be used in the IBDP
and IGCSE courses. Turnitin identifies sections of work that may
have been plagiarized. The two training days were run by our
ICT teacher, Ms Qureshi, and were attended by IBDP teachers
from all departments in the Secondary School.
As noted in the IB documents on Academic Honesty, with the growth of the internet and its use, the
abuse of electronic media is now prevalent within the academic community. There are an increasing
number of sites that actively encourage students to plagiarize and even purchase essays. We have no
control over the emergence of these sites, but we are trying to inform our students about academic
honesty and dishonesty and will use the internet itself for detecting academic dishonesty when possible.
RWA has an Academic Honesty policy that outlines responsibilities of students, staff and parents with
regards to helping ensure all work to promote personal integrity and good practice.
Academic honesty also includes proper conduct in written
examinations. We are currently running both external IGCSE
and IBDP examinations for our Grade 10 and 12 students respectively. On June 1st, we will start our internal end of year
examinations. Students have been given a list of expectations
for their conduct during our exams and we have been very
pleased with how the vast majority of our students take their
exams seriously and prepare well for them. If students take
time to plan a good revision programme and stick to it, they
should not be tempted to cheat.
Wishing everyone the best of luck in their upcoming examinations!
Carol Meyer
Head of Secondary School
Raffles World Academy
School Clinic
Sports Act.
Big Heart Foundation - Aid for Syria
Representatives from the Big Heart Campaign (Aid for Syria) came to
RWA on Sunday 11 May to collect a cheque for Dhs3,395 from raised
by students in Grades 6, 7 and 11 students at Raffles World Academy.
There was a Gr 6 and 7 student-led and devised campaign (10
minutes of extra lunch break for 10 dhs) as well as a sale of Big Heart
bracelets which was ably led by Grade 11 students (notably Sara
Catani, Marcello Romagnai, Valerio Nera, Gianmarco Cannizzo,
Sebastiano Mirabella & Davideo D’angelo).
You can find out more about the Big Heart Campaign at http://
Well done to everyone who donated to this worthy cause.
Many thanks,
Ciara O ‘Donoghue-Head of Gr 7, Marie Jones-Head of Gr 6 & Courtney Wyche- Gr 6-8 Coordinator
[email protected] 2014
We are very pleased to announce that students from RWA participated in a movie making competition
during [email protected] at our sister school, Dubai International Academy, and secured positions in the competition. Second position was secured by a group of grade
8 students, Alicia Hartung, Martina Ghoraishi and Maryam Daya. They were required to make an advert on a
garbage can, which I must say was quite a challenging
and a stressful task to achieve in roughly two and a
half hours. Third position was secured by Aylin Rana,
Hala Koheil and Sharmaine Mehta from grade 11.
Well done girls!
Zunaira Siddiqui, ICT/ITGS teacher
School Clinic
Sports Act.
E– Team
Dear Parents and Students,
The month of May is upon us! Once again we have a lot taking place as the year draws to an end. The
highlights in Junior School are the PYP Exhibition and Presentations taking place in the sports hall from
May 13 to May 15. I was lucky enough to be present last year and was very impressed with what the
students had researched and shared with teachers and parents alike.
In Secondary School, the PE Department has organised the annual Swimming Gala for boys and girls in
our school. Once again the four houses battled it out for supremacy with Shams coming on top in the
boys’ competition. We await results for the girls’ competition that will take place soon.
As the year comes to an end, we are all organising the events calendar for next year. We strive to improve on the quality of current events and also hope to bring new ones that can help our students have
fun and learn at the same time. We will soon let you know of the great ideas our staff and students have
come up with to bring new ideas to the fold.
Dear Parents and Students,
May 22nd will be the last day for ASA’s at our school for this year. In the hectic days leading up to May 22,
we will have some venue changes and cancellations. Please read the following information carefully.
May 4- May22
All ASA’s in Junior
School Gym
All ASA’s in Junior School Gym
moved to KG Activity Room.
Gymnastics moved to Downstairs Sports Hall.
May 13-May 15
May 22
All ASA’s in
Sports Hall
Colin Scicluna
ASA and Events Coordinator
PYP Exhibition
Last Day of ASA’s
School Clinic
Sports Act.
E– Team
Dear Parents,
Please find attached and here below some very important information about next year’s
vaccination program at Raffles World Academy . Please read carefully and get back to the
Health Office before June 10th with the attached form duly signed, as we need time to analyse
the Data and inform the Department of Health, Dubai Health Authorities.
Below you will find the list of vaccinations provided by Dubai Health Authorities (subject to
DPT/OPV (Tetanus, Diphteria and Polio) 2nd Booster
MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) 2nd dose
Td/OPV 3rd Booster
Td 4th Booster
HBV (Hepatitis B Vaccine) 1 dose
HBV 2 dose, after 2 months from previous dose
HBV 3rd dose, after 4 months from previous dose
Mantoux test and BCG vaccine (tuberculosis)
5- 6 years old
5-6 years old
10 years old
15 years old
5-12 years old
5-12 years old
5-12 years old
Any age
Your prompt reply is highly appreciated.
Please do not hesitate to contact the Health Office for any concerns.
With kind regards,
Dr Jinane Chalouhi
School Doctor,
Raffles World Academy
Tel. 04-4271366/04-4271376
Email: [email protected]
School Clinic
Sports Act.
E– Team
Dear Parents,
Raffles World Academy will be providing vaccination to students under the umbrella of
Dubai Health Authorities (DHA).
Nurses from DHA will be conducting the vaccination program at school; you will be
informed in a separate e- mail about the dates and times.
Please send your child’s ORIGINAL VACCINATION BOOK and tick the case below, IF YOU
AGREE on your child receiving vaccination at school.
I give my consent for my child to receive the required vaccination by Dubai Health
Authorities at RWA
Child’s name ……………………………………..…………………………………Grade………… Section:…………..
Parents name and signature ………………………………………………..……………… Date…………………….
Parents contact details…………………………….…………… email address ……………………………...……
Telephone number ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………
RWA Health Office
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 04-4271366/04-4271376
School Clinic
Sports Act.
E– Team
Boys Grade 6 Table Tennis Tournament
32 Grade 6 Students competed in the tournament which was held in
the first week of May.
After some very hard fought matches
Maxence Rivier 6C and Aryaan Kulkarni 6B made it through to the
final. Despite Aryaan’s late charge, Maxence held out to win the
game 21-16 and take the title of Grade 6 Table Tennis Champion.
Tony Azoulay
Head of Physical Education
Grade 4 and 5 Girls Basketball
We had another fantastic year with the primary schools girls basketball team. The girls faced stronger and more stiff opposition throughout their league but gained much insight into the game, it's rules and
skills. Captained by Anna Monus throughout the it campaign, they
battled full heartedly for every ball in every game and encompassed
the phrase "big and ugly" to enhance their defence skills. Returning
stars Emilie Vaandrager and Julia Hajagos really assisted all newcomers to learn our plays and they all displayed a huge improvement in
playing the game. We are already looking
forward to next seasons
league. A huge congrats to all involved!
Laura Comerford
Girls Basketball Manager
Grade 7 Table Tennis Tournament
20 students in total competed in the tournament which was
played throughout lunchtime this week. Jean Mansini 7B defeated Kaspar Nagels 21-14 in the final of the Boys Grade 7 Table Tennis Tournament. Nakhla won the house competition as their players won double the amount of matches than any other houses.
Tony Azoulay
Head of Physical Education
Netball Match Report
Grade 3-5 Girls—Tuesday 6th May 2014— 2.30-3.15
Score: WIN 4-0 to Raffles World Academy
Raffles World Academy girl’s netball team had a friendly match against Raffles International School on
Tuesday 6th May at our home campus. This was such a memorable experience for all 12 girls as it was
their first ever match. In fact the girls only started playing the sport a few months ago, prior to which
they had no experience with the game. They all did such a fantastic job, winning with a four goal
lead. The girls were:
Player of the match was awarded to Mariana in grade 3E (center court position) Mariana was extremely
energetic and a true team player throughout the whole game. Well done Mariana! Thank you to those
parents who came along to support the girls and cheered them on in their winning victory.
Emily Hunton
Primary School Netball Coach
Boys Grade 6 – 8 Swim Gala on
Sunday 4th May 2014
Boys Swim Gala Exhibition Race
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
The third annual boys swim gala took
place on the 4th of May. This year’s
event was the closest yet with Shams
winning on the very last race by 7
points. It was great to see so many
enthusiastic participants and the gala
highlighted the improvements in speed
and technique that the boys have
made in their PE unit.
The gala ended with an exhibition race consisting of our 6 strongest swimmers and a staff team.
The boys swam an individual medley against the staff who each swam one length of the medley
relay. Mr. Wasseem just about managed to hold off a strong challenge from Yazan Al Bawwab to take
the first place for the staff team which also included Mr. Quigley, Mr. Jennings and Mr. Koopman.
Thank you to all the parents who turned up to cheer the boys on and to our team of IGCSE PE students
who successfully managed the finish line.
Tony Azoulay
Head of Physical Education
Official place judges - Grade 9 IGCSE PE Students, Ms. Bergin and Mr. Patrick
School Clinic
Sports Act.
The E team had huge success in this year’s Environmental month. Students and staff at school were busy during
the month taking part in a No Lights Day (in keeping with the international event – Earth Hour) doing green
themed bake sale, making pledges to care for the environment, a green mufti day, collecting oil (OIL4GOOD) and
the grand finale of the recycled material fashion show.
Well done to all those who took part in the recycled material fashion show, with such wonderful outfits (all made
from recycled material of course!) Our judges had a tough time deciding our winners. In the end our prize winners
1st: Navinya (6E)
 2 : Catharina (7E)
 3 : Maryan (8A)
 Runner up: Faizan (8C)
Another E team competition that ran through the month was our OIL4GOOD competition. We had a 50% increase
in our oil collection during the month of April! Thanks to all who brought in their oil in April (and who continue to
now). Natascia from OIL4GOOD kindly donated gift vouchers for the top 3 students who brought in the most oil:
1st: Hiromi Ota (6C)
 2 : Abdullah AlShirawi (6D)
 3 : Aunie (7A)
RWA and the E team are proud to be the first school in the region to be part of the recycling used oil ‘OIL4GOOD’
scheme. Any used oil (from cooking oil, tins of tuna, etc) can be saved and deposited in green collection bin in the
back atrium (near the E team notice board outside the canteen). Once our bin in full of used oil it will be converted
into biodiesel to run cars and perhaps one day even our school buses! For more information please visit: http://
Our E team worked hard to prepare for the student led assembly and other activities during the month. As a small
token of our thanks we were able to ‘adopt’ a gulf turtle in their name. We also were able to do this for PARIS as a
thank you for all their hard work. Three out of seven species of marine turtle are critically endangered, our
‘adoption’ allowed us to donate 450dhs to Gulf turtles and contributed to conservation efforts as well as raising
awareness to the issue within the region. For more information visit:
For the remained of the year the E team will be keeping up their efforts by coming up with an innovative and
imaginative art piece to display all the pledges made during environment month. It should be appearing around
the school somewhere in the next week – watch this space!
Sophia Howe (SS Co-Eco Coordinator)