How to check a ProtoMat (SMCU II) with “LPKF MotionTools”

Service Instruction
How to check a ProtoMat (SMCU II) with “LPKF MotionTools”
Install “Lpkf Motion Tools” including “all configurations”:
Start MotionTools
Make a connection with the ProtoMat:
Service Instruction
If connection successfully established (it must show two devices with their S/N's, SMCUII and
Status information:
you can get status information about the voltages and temperatures under: "View" "Statusinformation"
Parameter check:
After that go to "Configuration" - "Comprehensive Parameter Check" - "Start"
Service Instruction
With this you can get more detailed information if the hardware is OK or not.
If this ran through successfully you can try to move the axes.
Axis movement:
"Actions" - "Easy Move" - choose "smcu.acx" in the upper section and in the lower section
"smcu.acy", choose "linear" and "mm" at both sections and press the button marked with "REF" for
the zero check. After that you can enter a value and try to move the axes.
I/O circuits:
open menu: “Configurations” – “I/O ports” – “”
Service Instruction
Service Instruction
press “Start process” (the red status bar will become green)
with the buttons of the “output section you can switch the outputs on and off:
out 3 = vacuum system switch on/off
out 5 = green status light on/off
out 6 = yellow status light on/off
the red status light is switched in a different way and not reachable via this control.
At the “input” section you can see if the I/O’s behave correctly:
in 3 = filter full
in 5 = hood switch
the filter full message should return “green” if:
the vacuum system runs and the filter is not full. The vacuum sensor of the filter full
circuit must work certainly correctly. No return, means no green sign – indicates that:
the filter is full
the vacuum sensor is set wrong or defective
the I/O fuse is blown or the SMCU is defective
Service Instruction
If the I/O fuse is blown, also the hood switch in port should not return “OK” (green) if
the hood will be opened.