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Electrolytes: Norms and Imbalances
• Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP)
Sodium, chloride, potassium,
glucose, CO2
• Magnesium, phosphorous
• Calcium
Calcium levels
Ionized calcium levels
• Panic Values/Life-threatening
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel:
Indications and Implications
• BMP Plus
CBC with Differential: Interpreting
the Components
• Hemoblogin & hematocrit
• Anemias/polycythemias
• Thrombocytopenia
• Left shifts & right shifts
• Leukopenia & leukocytosis
• Pancytopenia
Renal Function Tests: Acute vs.
Chronic Influences
• Creatinine
• BUN/CR ratio’s
• Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR)
Cardiac Enzymes: It’s All in the
• Troponin I
• CK
Coagulation/Thrombotic Risk
Panels: Clues to Clotting
• aPTT
• PT
• D-dimer
Urinalysis: Beyond the Dipstick
• Parameters measured &
• Culture
• 24-hr urines: What are they telling
Blood Gases: Identifying the
Underlying Abnormality
• Arterial Blood Gases (ABG)
• Interpreting ABGs: It’s easier than
you think!
• Venous Blood Gases (VBG)
• Mixed Venous Blood Gases
Labs and Sepsis: Taking a Team
• Cultures
• Lactate
• Base Excess
• Specimen collection
Lumbar Punctures / Cerebral Spinal
• Gamma globulin
• Total protein
• Glucose
• Cell Count
• Bacterial Meningitis
• Viral Meningitis
• Encephalitis
Nurses • Nurse Practitioners • Clinical Nurse Specialists
Mastering Lab Interpretation
1. Recognize what clinical clues the components of a complete metabolic panel add to the
basic metabolic panel.
Questions? Visit, or call 800-843-7763
2. Analyze arterial blood gases and discuss when venous or mixed blood gases are utilized.
3. Describe what arterial blood gases are telling us about our patients’ statuses.
4. Interpret cultures, lactate and base excess in the septic patient.
5. Identify the difference between a calcium level and an ionized calcium level.
6. Differentiate between bacterial meningitis and viral meningitis based on lumbar puncture
8. List the components of a cardiac panel utilized in a suspected acute myocardial infarction.
9. Explain what cardiac enzyme findings tell us.
10. Recognize life threatening electrolyte imbalances.
Seminar Schedule
7:30 Registration/Morning Coffee & Tea
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4:00 Program ends
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By Mikel Rothenberg, MD
This audio CD is a reference library of 46
heart and lung sounds. There is a brief
verbal description before each sound
is presented. Normal heart and lung
sounds are included, as well as the more
common abnormal sounds encountered
in clinical practice. You can test your skills on the
unidentified sounds at the end of the CD, for which an
answer key is included.
Laboratory tests are an indispensable
part of the array of clinical tools.
It’s essential that all health care
professionals understand why specific
tests have been ordered and what the
results might implicate. This reference
book provides both the “need to
know” information, as well as the more
in-depth “nice to know” details relevant to your patient's
lab results. Inside this text you will find summaries, up-todate references and pertinent case studies. You will better
understand how your response to these lab clues really can
improve the care provided to your patients!
By Diane S. Wrigley, BS, PA-C
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Laboratory Tests Made Easy: A Plain
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11. Identify when a urinalysis is positive for a urinary tract infection.
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7. Predict renal function based on BUN, Creatinine, BUN/CR ratio, and GFR.
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