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March 2014
Pregnancy ~ Incorporate the Holistic Way
By Betty Lou Marsaa
mother of 4 healthy children and CEO of Betty Lou’s Health Foods, Inc.
You want to have a baby? How exciting! If you are fortunate enough to prepare for the miracle that will take place, your baby will be
able to benefit from a good quality prenatal vitamin that I recommend taking at least 6 months before you conconcieve. When vitamins
and minerals are on board, your chances of having a healthier baby improve. Folic Acid, 800-1000mcg, is a B vitamin that may prevent
your baby from having a NTD, or neural tube defect (spina bifida) The spine in a baby develops before you even know you are pregnant,
which is why it is so important to take prenatal vitamins in advance. A natural prenatal vitamin differs somewhat from a pharmaceutical
one. The natural prenatal vitamin does not have artificial colors, excipients or binders. It is easier to digest and break down in the digestive tract and contains an easier to digest iron, making it gentler on the stomach and not constipating.
Extra calcium and magnesium are important to supplement during pregnancy, especially if you are not a good dairy product eater. Calcium/Magnesium is important for your bones and teeth to stay strong and healthy during your pregnancy. Your baby’s skeleton and teeth
buds are developing, making it essential you provide calcium for your baby as well, or the baby will draw the minerals from your body,
weakening your own bones and teeth. This also becomes true later when you breast feed. The kind of calcium you take is extremely important. You want it be easy to digest and absorb. By taking absorbable calcium along with magnesium, you will lessen the change of
constipation, charlie horses in your legs, kidney stones and high blood pressure. Stay away from calcium carbonate and oyster shell calcium.
Iron is a common mineral that you may have to supplement your diet during pregnancy, as anemia (low red blood cells) is common. Iron
can cause constipation, so an alternative available is Gentle Iron (bisglycinate).
An important supplement to take during the last trimester (3 months) of your pregnancy is a DHA supplement made by Neuomins. R
( docosahexaenoic acid) it is important to take 200 mg a day during this optimal time, as your infant’s brain, eyes and nervous system are
rapid developing. A baby can not make its own DHA, so you must provide it by supplementing. This is also true when you are nursing,
as the DHA goes through the breast milk to baby.
It is extremely important that all pregnant women stay away from artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame. Aspartame is a neurotoxin
that has been linked to miscarriages and infertility. Alternatives that safer are honey, maple syrup, turbinado sugar, and xylitol.
I always recommend a high quality acidophilus (probiotic) during pregnancy. Acidophilus is good bacteria that helps keep bad bacteria
at bay. If for any reason you are prescribed an antibiotic during your pregnancy, it is of utmost importance you take a refrigerated acidophilus either 2 hours before taking the antibiotic or 2 hours after and 4 full weeks following the antibiotic therapy completion. This is
important because the vaginal canal is supposed to be the lined with healthy acidophilus. When the baby passes through the birth canal,
it’s mouth, which up until then is sterile, becomes lined with acidophilus. This keeps thrush or yeast away and also helps improve the
newborn’s immune system.
During the last 6 weeks of your pregnancy I recommend drinking red raspberry leaf tea. Red raspberry leaf tea has been used for centuries in Europe, China, and both North and South American. The tea has been noted that it helps tone and strengthens the uterus, which
may help the childbirth process.
As the pregnancy progresses, so does the growth of the abdomen and breasts. For women who are concerned about stretch marks, cocoa
butter is an age old remedy. Today popular products that may help the skin maintain elasticity are Emu oil, vitamin e oil, stretch mark
lotion, almond oil, jojoba oil, to name a few.
Eating nutritious healthy foods, taking supplements every day, getting plenty of rest, exercise and seeing your doctor on a regular basis is
what you can do to insure a healthy pregnancy and baby. Enjoy the Miracle!
The information in this article is not intended to provide personal medical advice, which should be obtained from a medical professional, and has not
been approved by the U.S. FDA. NOTE: Information presented here does not replace seeking advice from your physician.