How to Setup UW Accounts
Instructions for Residents and Fellows
New residents and fellows must setup their UW NetID and UW Medicine Account passwords and UW
email by the end of May. If you are starting off-cycle, your program administrator will notify you when
you can retrieve your passwords.
UW NetIDs are administered by the Office of UW Technology. A UW NetID is your personal
identification for many UW online resources and applications. It is also required of everyone associated
with the University of Washington who plans on using online central administrative programs and
computing services. You will maintain this account throughout your life, even after you end your
association with UW. You will use your UW NetID to:
 Log into the MedHub Residency Management System
 Access the UW Medicine Learning Gateway eLearning Modules
 Complete HIPAA Training
 Access your MyUW page from which you can check your personal UW information (employee
payroll records, benefits files, update your UW Directory information)
Maintain your UW Medicine Account Password
Turn on UW email accounts along with other computer services
Access Catalyst surveys
To access:
1. Go to
2. Select the 2nd option, “I have a UW NetID but no password,” and then click on next;
3. Select "UW Faculty, Staff, Retiree or Affiliate Employee".
If you have difficulty establishing your UW NetID and password, please contact UW Technology for
assistance at [email protected] or (206)221-5000. You can also visit this site to retrieve a
forgotten password.
UW Medicine Account
Your UW Medicine Account login is the same as your UW NetID, however you should have a different
password. A UW Medicine Account enables access to the main applications used at UW Medicine
 AMC (Academic Medical Center) Domain
 ORCA (UW Medicine inpatient EHR)
 EpicCare (UW Medicine outpatient EHR)
 MINDscape
 UWCores
To access:
1. Go to
2. You must retrieve your temporary password and then change the password to a new one.
June 9, 2014
If you have difficulty establishing your UW Medicine Account password, please contact the UW
Medicine ITS Helpdesk for assistance at [email protected] or (206)543-7012. You can also visit
this site to retrieve a forgotten password.
UW Email
Every person who has a UW NetID has a default email address of [email protected] or
[email protected] (they are equivalent). Official UW messages for you will be sent to your default
email address. If you are using some other email service, you can set forwarding via the UW Email
Forwarding page. More information about the domain is available on the Using the
Address webpage page.
UW email may not be setup to forward outside the UW Email Standard - University of Washington
(, UW Medicine (,, or affiliates (, Rev
February 2010,,,, email address and
services - when communicating UW Medicine information.
Employee Identification (EID) Number
The EID is the Employee Identification number that the UW randomly assigns to each employee. It is
nine digits starting with the number 8, appears on your Husky Card (your UW ID Card), and is used for
various identification purposes at UW. The number is required to sign up for parking, Husky Card
accounts, identification for Benefits, payroll records, IMA membership, and many other purposes.
There are two ways to initially obtain your EID:
1. You may receive this from your residency/fellowship program administrator.
2. Once you have setup your UW NetID, from the UW Homepage (, click on
MyUW at the bottom of the page and login with your UW NetID and password > click on
Faculty/Staff at the top of the page > then select the Employee Self Service (ESS) link. Your EID is
located on the top right-hand corner of the page under your name.
June 9, 2014