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COSMIC AWARENESS is the Nan, that expressed itself through Edgar Cayce, Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed an d
other great avatars who served as ' ( .ha,i cis ' for the 'Ife,atk.ny 1 atber• and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the Now Age
of spiritual consciousness and awareness . Since 1963 Cowan Awareness has been communicating through certain carefully-trained channels .
The information contained herein was received from dcen, super-conscious trance states and 'interpreted' by an entity affiliated with C .A .C .
This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age and those who shall inherit the Nctn . e . Throughout the man y
thousands of 'Readings ' given through these channels, Come Awareness repeatedly tells us not to believe anything, but to question, explore ,
doubt, and discover for yourself, through your own channel, what is the truth . Cos»ttc t52trareness will only indicate and suggest . Members of
Costae Awareness Cormnanicatrons arc invited to send in questions (on anything of general interest) for possible publication in this Ncwslcttc '
Paul Shockley
Trance--Interprete r
This Awareness indicates in relation to the desire of entities to understand what is occurring upon this plane ,
there are many sources of information . This Awareness indicates that many entities read their daily newspaper ,
that others read magazines . This Awareness st ests that there are others who read particular information bulletins or newsletters which are focused in certain topics in specific areas to give information which they desire .
This Awareness suggests that in terms of general information in regard to everyday personal living, particularly in terms of the external or exterior situations which will have affects upon one's life . This Awareness suggests that there arc certain comments which are appropriate at this time which this Awareness wishes to shar e
with entities who are interested in discovering not that which is but the affect of actions, but rather that whic h
is behind the scenes and is the cause of actions . This Awareness indicates that wherein entities burltoIooo l
toward causgs rather than affects, they become morce_ran hle of understanding what is occurring upon t ,
`Teat this time .
NOTE ; This reading Is not copyrighted . Entititss are raquoatud to copy and disseminate to others as soon as possible .
This Awareness indicates that there have been inquiries from various persons questioning the validity of certain information . This Awareness indicates there are many entities who are satisfied with the general media, the- '
accepted media, and news broadcasts or newspaper accounts of events . his Awar' ' ess err r r' 'r
al sense your newspapers from the controlled press relate information which is approximately 65% accurate,
with:somc slanteec Interpretation amounting to approximately 35% including the total false information .
This Awareness indicates that this does not impl that the controlled media is telling the whole truth, bu t
rather that t le trot i w nc it • ocs revea ma-- se a )roximate '
.r, accurate and
; inaccurate . Tins Awareness indicates eat In re ation to the whole truth which is pertinent and which is important to your being in Ted, t ]e con u'ci. e press releases a : roximatel 40% of the information . This Awareness indicates tha t
- approximately 60% of the information when wouact mtorm . masses Is withheld .
This Awareness suggests in relation to various magazines, that this can be of a higher level in terms of th e
amount of information being released . That the major news magazines release approximately 60% in .formatLue
which is informative, withhoidin approx. ;ntarci4 %This Awareness indicates that the information which i s
released Isgenerally slanted by approximately 40%.
This Awareness indicates that the privately directed newspapers such as Counselor, the Liberty Lobby, tha t
these newspapers are more informative, moving into greater depths of exposition ; that these also have certai n
slanted approaches . This Awareness indicates the Counselor as being slanted toward conservative and racial . bigotry in its interpretation, yet also giving in-depth information which is not available in the controlled press .
This Awareness suggests that entities who can read beyond the bigotry can receive certain valuable informatio n
from this paper.
.wareness indicates that the Spotlight, published by the Liberty Lobby, as being one which is most
_inform five . this ens a i' roxima w~er.•c )y
o as being withheld partially due to the need for surviving. This Awareness indicates the Liberty obby as withholding certain information which is too angerou s
to express . This Awareness suggests that. this in terms of information which it has available to it . This Awareness suggests that the amount of information available to the public through the Liberty Lobby newspaper a s
that which is roughly double in terms of its in-depth truth-telling publication from what entities would receiv e
in the controlled press . This Awareness suggests that in terms of the quality of that information, this as slante d
somewhat but being closer to truth than most other sources . This Awareness indicates this as being somewha t
of a conservative nature and avoiding areas of truth which do not fit into its view of the general situation .
This A= a
ss indicates in relation to the U.S . Labor art news Japer (blow Solidarity) , this newspa ~e} r as
which delves dce )1v into t ie events and causes o . the events . T ins ex osimi at a hi• h level f a , rot 1mately 85% of that which occurs behind the scenes—this as being approximately 65% accurate and the rest as
being slanted according to its own interpretation . This Awareness suggests that the newspaper as hiding certai n
information, not because of danger to itself for releasing this information, but rather because this informatio n
does not fit into its view of things . This Awareness suggests that this particularly in relation to the connectio n
between the banks and the computers and the pre-planned depressions for the purpose of enslaving entities wit h
the electronic fund transfer system . This Awareness indicates this organization may move into this at a late r
time when the organization begins to recognize certain factors relating to this . This Awareness indicates that i n
a general sense this organization as being somewhat close-minded on certain issues in certain areas in order to
present its own particular philosophy and viewpoint . .
bents,- - tie
This Awareness indicates that another in-depth source of information is that which is known as the Dr.. .Beter
Newsletter presented on cassettes . This Awareness indicates this information on these cassette tapes as being i n
very deep behind-the-scenes detailed analysis of what is occurring . This Awareness indicates this entity as appearing to be an alarmist in many ways . This Awareness indicates however that the information which this entity
does give as that which is of approximately 85% accuracy--that the depth of exposure is that which is approximately 90% in-depth, whereas 10% as being withheld for personal safety reasons .
This Awareness indicates that the information being released by Dr . Iieter as being of a degree which is clos e
to being
this Awareness indicates this as being more narrow in its focus, yet in regards to its particular infor mation release, this as being more accurate than the information coming through this Interpreter . This Awareness indicates that the present. Interpreter for this Awareness (Ed 's note : Paul Shockley) as having approximately 85% to 90% accuracy in translation ; that the information being of considerable depth and of a broad quality touching on many topics .
This Awareness indicates that the information of the Dr . Bc°ter tapes as being centered particularly aroun d
political-social conflict and economic topics ` This Awareness irtrlirar~g Chic info natinn_y~ t~~E_1~1ti
Byt_er _
as beinc r ` •'m r uality and accurac - than me '.r • ation which is released on the same topics through
_this Inte rp .etc . This Awareness suggests that entities interested in t e behind-the-scenes a .c ivities etweelm the:
world powers and within the economic and political structure will benefit greatly by listening to these tapes o f
Dr . Beter--that theublications of the U.S. Labor Party as also a source of in-depth information . This of a more
broad nature, but that this information as being somewhat slanted to their own particular point of view.
This Awareness indicates that the information relating to the economic and political intrigue which this Awareness has been giving through this channel as that which shall become diminished in the coming months, as
there are other sources available for those who wish to continue receiving and exploring the in-depth concern s
regarding political and economic intrigues . This Awareness indicates that It is in no way minimizing the urgenc y
of these political and economic intrigues, but rather is informing entities of the necessity to begin searching i n
other areas other than through this Interpreter for information relating to this .
This Awareness suggests that entities in receiving the information from those papers mentione d
the Liberty Lobby, the U .S . Labor Party, and the Dr. Beter tape;—shall find themselves entering into an aware ness of what has been occurring behind the scenes for some time, and what is in the making for the comin g
months . This Awareness indicates that in relation to the Dr . Beter tapes, there are some very strong urgencie s
which are being exposed—this beginning particularly in the October tape and to the present . This Awarenes s
indicates in relation to the U .S . Labor Party, this information as beginning in approximately August (1978
This Awareness indicates that entities wishing to understand the Kennedy assassination may order the Augus i
25th paper from the U .S. Labor Party. This Awareness indicates that this information available also in their rec ently released book called Dope Iiacorparated.This Awareness indicates that this organization as releasing muc h
information, but that some of the information is so extreme and so slanted as to condemn many entities unnecessarily and in an unwarranted manner . This Awareness indicates that this organization as being somewhat to o
harsh in their absolute self-righteousness and condemnation of others, yet this organization as also releasin g
information that is not available anywhere else. This Awareness suggests that entities in reading, in listening t o
these news releases to keep an open mind, to listen to the various sides, and to compare this with the information coming through the controlled press .
This Awareness indicates that the December (1978) tape of Dr . Beier relating unto the death of thePop4,.
John Paul 11 and his re lacement by an actor, and the leukemia bein suffered by President Carter---this Awareness indicates that this tape as eing of sue i an unusua and extreme nature t at many entities will wonder a t
it and will be somewhat shaken . This Awareness suggests that it is not intended to assist entities in falling aslee p
or becoming comfortable before their television sets . This Awareness indicates this entity is attempting to awake :
the masses, and therefore delivers inf rirmatiomavlucILClocs have a shocking affect.
This Awareness suggests that entities who are afraid of information which might affect their future and wh o
would rather sleep through the potential problems which might arise in their lifetime would be better off t o
continue reading the information from the controlled press, the comic section and the various comic books o n
Or, perhaps even better, the information which entities receive from the daily programming of
the market
their television sets.
This Awareness indicates that for those who are afraid of the televisionset this Awareness su esrs that o u
close your eyes in a comfortable position and visualize flowers and angels pampering you an a lowing you to.
be put to sleep in great comfort .
I bad a question about Dr. i3eter ' s tapes and the problems besetting President Carter, but I think Awareness has given enoug h
information on that just now, so I won't ask the question .
This Awareness suggests that the question may be asked .
Okay . Several C.A .C . members have sent us some recent tapes put out by Dr . Peter Beter. Iris recent tape contains information
that President Carter has been injected by certain entities with cancer-causing substances . According to Dr. 13eter, the President
now has two types of cancer in his body, and that the recent news stories on his hemorrhoid problem was a cover-up—that he wa s
really at the Walter Reed Hospital getting cobalt treatments . Dr . Beter insists there is a vast conspiracy happening in high levels o f
the government and the President is one of the pawns in this game . Would Awareness please varify if Dr . Beter's information on
this has any basis in fact, and if so, please elaborate on what is going on?
This Awareness indicates that this as being tragically so .
This Awareness suggests that as has just been indicated, the Beter tapes as being approximately 85% accurat e
and that the Interpreter for this Awareness as also being approximately 85% accurate ; therefore, the acknowledgement of this Information through this Interpreter by this Awareness, that the probability of this answer
being accurate as that which is approximately 85% .
This Awareness suggests that entities wishing to learn more of this, to order the Deter tapes and to listen t o
these in TOUV SeSSiOns to inform friends and neighbors . This Awareness suggests that in order to avoid continued use of this channel for this political and economic exposure, this Awareness is suggesting that entities begi n
spreading out their feelers into other areas for information—not to rely entirely on this Interpreter to inform
them on all these various levels . This Awareness suggests that some information may be available through thi s
Interpreter, but suggests that this not be your sole source of information .
This Awareness suggests that any entity receiving the information regarding the political and economic cone-erns facing entities upon this plane will do well to augment their studies by receiving information from thes e
other sources which have been mentioned . This Awareness indicates there are also various other independen t
newspapers and magazines giving information ; that the ones mentioned here as being particularly important fo r
those who wish to be informed . This Awareness indicates that you also read that information being released b y
the controlled press and by the controlled magazines to understand their side of the issue and what they wish t o
that of the Dec - u }ir i'sts that entities order the recent Dr . Beier to es, r This Awareness stt..ron
ember re ease, 'I his
This Awareness indicates that this entity has been warning about the potential danger of a nuclear war whic h
may occur. This Awareness indicates that this danger as being one which cannot be ignored . This Awareness
indicates that by listening to these tapes, entities can be informed of the events building behind the scenes an d
may in fact erupt in such a nuclear war . This Awareness indicates that entities in seeing the causes may becapabl e
of recognizing such when it becomes obvious from that level that a nuclear war will erupt, and in this manner
may be prepared to move or take action as may be necessary .
This Awareness indicates this is not to imply that the nuclear war will occur, but rather that the danger of thi s
is building and has built during the past several months . This Awareness suggests that the Beier tapes may be abl e
to inform entities of these dangers more quickly than through this channel, particularly if the finances of the organization Cosmic Awareness Communications is hampered in releasing the information as quickly as might b e
This Awareness indicates that there can come a time wherein each member of C .A .C . will need to rel ; on his
cm r ooet er the various accts an In ormation reco. ism.inntiuiimaminanni s cifw7lTIMMIMIX
eived from various sources . This Awareness indicates that it is good for entities not to re y entirely on one sourc e
of in ormatlon for their livelihood or their understanding . This Awareness suggests that by examining all thes e
sources which have been mentioned entities can be gin to understand for themselves the general direction of event s
which will be occurring.
This Awareness suggests that you keep in mind that the Beter tapes are of an alarmist attitude intended to shock ,
but are basically accurate at the time of release . This Awareness suggests also you keep in mind that this entity ha s
been releasing shocking information for quite some time and that many of the predictions this entity has mad e
have not come about .
' This Awareness indicates that the predictions of nuclear war by the U .S. Labor Party have not come about .
This Awareness indicates that much of the reason why these predictions did not come about was simply becaus e
these entities did predict this and alert certain key elements in government which had an affect upon the othe r
powers and did, in fact, assist in diverting the course of energies which would have led to those atomic or nuclear
hears .
`76.• Awareness suggThis Awareness suggests that a nuclear war was planned and in motion in 197
ests is In the springtime . This Awareness indicates that this was again put oil until the next year . This Awareness indicates that it is again in motion as a planned action—this being prepared by certain elements who believ e
it is possible to have a limited nuclear war .
This Awareness indicates that the concept of a limited nuclear war as that which can he beneficial for certai n
elements in terms of economic growth . This Awareness indicates this as a very dangerous game ; and that entitie s
wishing to look at the potential causes and effects which will or may erupt in the future, shall benefit greatly b y
learning more about these forces which are acting behind the scenes, behind the headlines . This Awareness indicates that what ro
.1 ' ges of the controlled press are basicallyplanned six monthsormore zn advance .
This Awareness indicates that entities will do well to tap into these sources which explain what is occurrin g
behind t c scenes, and in this manner shall become likened unto prophets, to prophesy and predict the futur e
with an accuracy that may astound your neighbors . This Awareness suggests that the purpose is not to creat e
prophets, but to inform entities ahead of time so that they may profit by the information .
rl ;
If it would not do any harm to Dr . Meter, would Awareness indicate whether this entity gets some of his information fro m
psychic sources ?
This Awareness indicates that this entity as receiving most of his information from sources which are loyal t o
him and which are likened unto double agents, working within the Beast system and releasing certain informtio n
through channels to allow this to be released to the pudic . This Awareness indicates that the use of this entit y
as likened unto a mouthpiece for these double-agents .
This Awareness indicates that there is some occasional situations whereby the entity Dr . Beier as being falsely
informed and receiving information that is not valid, that is incorrect . This Awareness indicates that in general
the information as being approximately 90% correct.
This Awareness indicates there are some areas which are fabricated by his imagination or by mistaken under standing or communications . This Awareness indicates there is very little psychic release of information give n
through this entity other than that which intuitively ties together certain relationships . This Awareness indicates
this entity does have that faculty in his thinking and in his understanding to bring together various pieces of information into a picture or pattern, and in this manner presents certain concepts of general and overall scenerio .
This Awareness indicates in this manner, the entity as expressing from certain levels of awareness as a kind o f
channel, but that the basicinf UWQVULQQreceived as being from behind the scenes operatives who are releasing information th.rour h a rra ovine t me of o seratio
,`,f 44
This Awareness indicates that it wishes to keep the members informed of what is occurring, but also wishes t o
take away some of the heavy energies and vibrations which have been placed upon the shoulders of the Cosmic
Awareness Communications and Aquarian Church membership, particularly those working with the channel ,
with the Interpreter, so that these organizations can move on from political and monetary and economic channelings into the spiritual development courses and into healing information, herbal information, rituals, an d
other areas of concern which this Awareness wishes to release through these organizations . This Awarenes s
suggests that It wishes to begin assisting in setting up charter groups, centers for spiritual development, and ass isting in meditation groups whereby these organizations can begin to function and express themselves in the ma nner of which they were originally intended .
This Awareness has used this channel for economic and political information due to the extreme urgency u p
this plane during the past several years . This Awareness indicates that most entities upon this plane have little .
idea of the extreme ur,ericv of what is occurrin T . This Awareness indicates that essentially the entire solar system ,
an many star systems nearby are focused u sont is cart : watclnn_ t .e s rama w uc Is occurrin here, wondering i t e cart s use I sla )e lown apart as w . its e in ancient past .
This Awareness suggests that many entities on many levels of vibration are focused in attentive awe at the event s
which are occurring upon this plane . This Awareness indicates that the majority of actors upon this stage do no t
reJize the urgency, do not realize the awesomeness of the play, and are quite content to sleep their way throupopping pills, smoking dope, watching television, and over-indulging themselves in gratitude for their own opportunity to sleep, rest, and enjoy themselves .
This Awareness suggests that the majority of people upon this plane, if they survive, will owe their lives to a
very small percent of those entities who arc aware of what is occurring .
This Awareness indicates that the majority of those, if they survive, will not even know that anything ha s
occurred, for they shall be too concerned with what happened on `Charlie's Angels' or one of the other television shows :
This Awarne. ss
tes that while entities watch the tube, the e eater show noes on beneath their eet an d
behind their backs, and they are totally unaware of that s low .
U .S . Labor Party
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Dope Incorporated
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