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What you’ll need:
Pool Care Solutions
Chlorine Remover
Pool Sanitiser
How to
have a
free pool
Ultimate Algaecide
Aqua Boost
For a thorough explanation on the correct use of these products,
please refer to information contained on the packaging.
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The ideal solution for people with asthma or sensitive
skin that have allergies to chlorine.
• Controls bacteria in swimming pools without the use of
chlorine or bromine.
•It must be used in conjunction with
Filtrite Ultimate Algaecide and an oxidiser
such as Aqua Boost.
Step 1
• If pool is green, shock dose with chlorine to eradicate algae.
• Use Chlorine Remover if necessary. Chlorine level
must be 0 before adding Filtrite Pool Sanitiser.
Step 2
• Add 60 ml per 10,000 litres of Filtrite Pool Sanitiser.
Mix in a bucket and distribute throughout pool.
Step 3
• After 24 hours add Filtrite Ultimate Algaecide
at 80 ml per 10,000 litres.
Step 4
• Ensure water balance is correct and pH
maintained between 7.4 – 7.6.
*It is not uncommon for pool water to go cloudy after initial dosage.
Water will clear after 2 or 3 days from filtering.
‘Following these
simple steps to
have a chlorine
free pool’
Ongoing Maintenance
• Add Filtrite Pool Sanitiser weekly at 60 ml per 10,000 litres.
• Add Filtrite Ultimate Algaecide every week
at 80 ml per 10,000 litres
• Add Aqua Boost weekly, 50 gms per 10,000 litres.
For cloudy water or after heavy bather loads, shock treat using
Aqua Boost.
Do not add chlorine or bromine to pool water
Make sure you have a FREE professional water analysis of your
pool or spa water at your local Clark Rubber store every 4 weeks.
Ask for your FREE water sample bottle.
How to have a chlorine free pool
Why have a chlorine free pool?
Chlorine is a very effective sanitiser for swimming pools,
however for people with sensitive skin or allergies to chlorine,
Clark Rubber have an alternative. Filtrite Pool Sanitiser is a
revolutionary non chlorine sanitiser for swimming pools. It is
registered and approved by the APVMA.