How to Setup iPad Exchange ActiveSync , delivering push

How to Setup iPad Exchange ActiveSync
IPad can be used for business, it supports MS Exchange ActiveSync, delivering push
ARAMARK email, calendar, and contacts.
Please Note that this document is for all Business Sites except for ARAMARK Uniform
Services. Separate instructions will be provided for Uniform Services employees.
Configuring Exchange ActiveSync
1. On the iPad's Home Screen Tap the Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account
2. Tap Microsoft Exchange icon.
Now you will enter your Exchange account information:
3. Enter in your full Network Email address
4. Enter in your Network Password
*** Anytime you change your
ARAMARK network password, you will
need to change it here as well! ***
5. You can optionally modify the Description
to “ARAMARK Email”
6. Tap Next and the iPad will attempt to auto-discover and configure the Exchange account
Note: This can take up to 5 minutes on slow networks or if autodiscovery is not
If Auto-discovery does not work, you may have to manually enter the Domain and
Server name. Please refer to table below for this detailed information.
Exchange Server
United States & Canada
Argentina, Belgium, India, Ireland,
Spain, United Kingdom
China, Colombia, Korea, Mexico,
Consult your country’s IT Staff for
7. Tap Save and the iPad will verify the configuration
8. By default, the iPad will synchronize all three data types (Mail, Contacts, and Calendars)
with your Exchange ActiveSync server.
9. The iPad will finalize the configuration and return you to the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
menu while your iPad communicates with the server.
Note: It can take a few minutes for calendar entries and contacts to show up
10. You will then be prompted to enter in a “Passcode” for the device. ARAMARK email
will not complete it’s configuration until a new passcode is setup. Tap Continue.
11. You will be required to enter in the “Passcode” twice in the required field, once
“Passcode is entered a second time, tap Save.
12. Once the “Passcode” is setup, click on the Mail icon to access your ARAMARK email.