How to Tutorial: Closed Captioning with EduStream

How to Tutorial: Closed Captioning with EduStream
EduStream, which provides community colleges with a
centralized resource for video-on-demand capabilities,
offers an integration with AST's CaptionSync. The
integration allows EduStream member organizations
to caption any videos that they upload to their
EduStream account with just a few clicks. EduStream
member organizations that are part of the California
Community College system can use their DECT grant
accounts to pay for qualified captioning performed
using the EduStream-CaptionSync integration. This
tutorial describes how to setup both your EduStream
account and your AST CaptionSync account to
enable the automated captioning workflow, as well as
how to submit your videos for closed captioning from
Setup Steps
1. While logged into your CaptionSync account, go to Settings -> EduStream Settings, and copy the
token to your clipboard.
2. In another browser tab log into your EduStream account, go to Edit My Account -> CaptionSync
Account, enter your CaptionSync user name, paste in the token that you copied from CaptionSync
into the Token field, and click Save.
3. Finally, check your caption output format settings, and update if necessary to include the preferred
EduStream output format, which is SubRip subtitles (SRT). You can view your output format
settings under Click to see outputs on the Caption/Transcribe tab, and change them using
Advanced Settings->Output Types. Be sure to check Save Above Settings as Default, and then
Apply Changes.
CaptionSync™ Tutorial – Closed Captioning with EduStream 4/2012
Closed Captioning with EduStream.
Submitting Content for Captioning
Once you have completed the setup process,
you can submit video content for closed
captioning using either of the following
1. When uploading content, click the Caption
using CaptionSync box on the upload
screen. This opens a text area box that
allows you to add notes to the transcriber.
2. On a playlist screen, click Edit next to any
video that has a Caption Status of Not
Captioned. There is a similar box that you
can check to request captioning from
Automatic Sync’s CaptionSync service and
enter notes to the transcriber before
The rest of the captioning process is automatic. The file will get sent to your AST CaptionSync account,
and the caption output file will get sent back to EduStream within the designated turnaround time. Once
your videos are captioned the Caption Status field will change from Pending to Captioned, and videos
will show a CC icon on the EduStream player, allowing viewers to toggle on captions.
If you have questions, first see our CaptionSync Support Wiki under the ‘Help’ link in your account. It
has answers to many of your queries about the workflow associated with CaptionSync.
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CaptionSync™ Tutorial – Closed Captioning with EduStream 4/2012