How to Set Up Registrations Your Guide to Successful Events

Your Guide to Successful Events
How to Set Up Registrations
Conferences, workshops, seminars, talks, AGM's, merchandise
sales, meetings, member events,
golf days, charity fundraisers,
fun runs and much more...
Why Manage Registrations Online?
Managing registrations online is the greatest time-saving device ever
created for event organisers. Finally, there is an online system that is
as powerful as any out-sourced solution, yet so simple to use you can
set up registrations and manage bookings yourself without any training
required. And, most importantly, it's affordable to use for all your
booking needs; the smallest workshop or AGM to large conferences
with multiple activities, events and destinations.
TryBooking represents a quantum leap forward for event and
conference organisers. At any time you can instantly report on the
number of registrations, total revenue and with TryBooking, all
information is available to export to people concerned: who has
booked into which workshops, class etc, extra activities or even dietary
requirements for the kitchen!
Gives the whole event prestige and a very professional start
to your event or registration
Office staff do not need to handle queries, phone bookings or
try to decipher ineligible applications. There is no manual
data entry – all data is on hand to export in CSV format as
required or use our range of reports
Attendees can register 24/7 from the convenience of their
own home or office
Fully customise the registration form, booking pages, the
ticket /confirmation receipt and collect any data required
Save money with no need to print tickets and receipts
Reduce overall banking fees and time spent going to the bank
to deposit cheques and cash
Reduce on site security issues
Instant audit trail and real time reporting on all aspects of
the event
Cash flow improves – transfer monies at any time so
registration revenue is in the bank before registrations close or
the event begins!
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“ I wanted a low cost, more
flexible solution for RSVP's,
payment and data collection ”
Rhiannon Mahony, Economic
Development and Tourism Officer
City of Port Phillip
Tips to Success - Make the
Switch to Online Bookings.
If this is your first online
registration experience, make
sure you discuss and promote
the change to your members,
shareholders and general
This document provides
useful suggestions about
how to successfully engage
your stakeholders and ensure
your online transition is easy
and comfortable for everyone.
Click here to download this
free resource.
Set Up Your own Registrations Online
Setup wizards will guide you through this simple process at .
Please note all registrations are referred to as an 'event' in the
TryBooking system.
1. Login to your TryBooking account or create a new account.
It’s free and takes just minutes!
2. Create a new event (please note a registration is referred to
as an event for this purpose). For an example please visit
3. You will need to nominate a venue location, which could be
as simple as your club or company name or be the name of the
4. Set the Date that you want your registrations to close on and
then set the date you wish for registrations to open.
5. Set the ticket PRICE for your registration. If you wish to
collect payment for additional activities or workshops that
patrons may wish to attend you can define these too.
6. Now define your capacity for the event (total number of
registrations accepted. If you have unlimited capacity, make
your limit high.
If you feel your event will over subscribe, say yes to a wait list
and add some keywords for quick searching and click 'finish'
and the basics are in place.
8. Many registrations require additional data collection. This can
be done by clicking on 'data collection' after your basic event is
set up (see customise your event details).
9. During setup of this basic registration, you will receive a
unique booking URL. This link brings people directly to your
registration pages. Publish this URL on your website and
encourage bookings with a large REGISTER HERE button on
your website. Promote this link in your newsletters and any
promotional material.
For example: visit (make sure you
publish your complete URL address, which includes the unique
event code after the
10. Once you are happy with your booking pages, don’t forget to
click on “To make a Booking” in your dashboard and run
through a test booking to see if it goes as you expected.
Exit just before you enter the shopping cart.
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“ I love your website, it's
amazingly easy to use and
really well designed! ”
Louise Fischer,
Project Administration Assistant
Playgroup Victoria
NOTE: No one can register until
reached. Until this time only you
(the account holder)
can view and change your
registration details.
11. Don't forget, you can go back later and add additional dates ,
images and collect additional data and much more...
It’s Easy for people to Register Online
People can register directly from
your website or from any web
browser using your unique URL
Your customised registration form
will become part of the
registration process and
registrants must enter all specified
data and clearly read all terms and
conditions to complete the
registration process
Once registration is completed and the credit card payment is
processed (if required) through our secure service (Verisign) a
booking ticket and confirmation receipt will be automatically
sent to their email address for instant printing
You can watch how your registrations are proceeding with the
TryBooking Reports and once registration closes, export any
data for further analysis or to build your member database
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“ Once TryBooking is set up,
the system really takes care
of itself. ”
Jackie Hetherington,
Team Leader Youth Development
and School Leavers Working Group
Surf Coast Shire
Customise Your Registration Form.
Now you can go back to your Dashboard, and customise your
registration form and enter all data collection fields you have on your
hard copy forms.
Data Collection: Add all data fields you wish to collect;
registrants name, address details, workshop information,
dietary requirements. Make sure you enter the data collection
in the logical format you want data collected ( as per your past
pdf print out versions so the online format
Tip: Use a list of values to collect data which has only a few
optional responses (ie Yes or No, define age brackets, dietary
requirements). This keeps your data neat and clean. You can
also have mandatory and optional data fields.
Headers – adding headers (extra text) can provide clarity to
explain data groups being collected such as Personal Details,
Company Specifications, Medical Information, dietary
requirements et.c
Early Bird Discounts – consider a special price or
complementary merchandise for advance registrations. Make
the discount or incentive significant enough to encourage early
Event Registration Homepage: make this page match your
promotional material. Add graphics and your logo and make
sure your Event Homepage has all the details people need to
register for your event
Create an exciting ticket design (or confirmation of booking
receipt) that compliments your booking page and promotional
Terms and Conditions – make sure you include any
pertinent information related to your registration including
cancellation policy, medical treatment, refunds etc.
There is a full suite of management tools to help you track
your registrations. The Instant Revenue Report provides instant
information on registrations, there are guest lists, name tag
capabilities and everything you need for your event
Think about whether barcode scanning will help your event. If
you anticipate a large crowd, TryBooking’s GateKeeper will
quickly scan ticket barcodes to speed entry. Please contact us
for more information
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“ Now that we've had such great
success with online registration,
we plan to use the information to
contact young people prior to and
during their stay. ”
Jackie Hetherington,
Team Leader Youth Development
and School Leavers Working Group
Surf Coast Shire
The standard ticket
template can be changed to
be a booking confirmation
receipt or tax receipt. Just
add your ABN and that all
prices are GST inclusive.
On Event Day
Export relevant data to produce large display boards to
welcome attendees and to provide information on where to go
for specific classes, workshops etc.
Create individual attendee lists if your registration involves
choosing to register for certain classes or activities at your
If you anticipate a really big crowd, setup your GateKeeper
scanning stations
For registrations on-the-day use TryBooking’s Quick Sale
function and consider a credit card scanner for fast processing
to eliminate queues
Make sure revenue from registrations on the day are recorded
in TryBooking. This will ensure you have a complete financial
reconciliation for post event analysis and to aid in planning
your next event registration
The Wrap-up: post event analysis
Understanding your registrations is the best way to start planning for
next event and with the TryBooking suite of management reporting
tools, this is a breeze!
Go to your Dashboard and click on…
Event Revenue Itemised: which tickets sold, how many by
ticket type and total revenue??
Print Name Tags or guest lists – these can be printed
instantly in any size or colour from your dashboard
Sales by Ticket Type: who booked to what specific
workshops at the conference or for which activities
Map Bookings: for a snapshot of where your attendees
came from
Export Data: to bring all data into your own spreadsheets to
store and analyse in any form that suits you.
Archive Reports and Files
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“ By registering young people
we gather information about
the people attending so we
can plan more accurately.
The process also allows us
to collect valuable data for
documentation, statistics
and reports at the completion
of the year. ”
Jackie Hetherington,
Team Leader Youth Development
and School Leavers Working Group
Surf Coast Shire
Tips, Ideas and Inspiration…
The more registrations you take online, the less work
you have to do before, during and after your event!
Easy ways to encourage online registrations:
Do you want to speed up registrations? Send a reminder
email to Book Now and include the URL link to direct patrons
straight to your booking page
Keep your online booking period open as long as possible,
particularly if you have unlimited capacity
Make your Answering Service work harder. Change your
message to encourage patrons to book online. Succinctly
communicate the benefits including immediate confirmation
and perhaps the avoidance of an administration fee
Reminder Emails are an excellent way to build anticipation
and communicate pertinent information. Use the instant email
facility to send a personalised email to attendees when they
register. Include reminders about parking, dress code, maps
and start times to reduce office queries
Send a post event Thank You email, Just say “Thank you
for attending” in a more personal, and timely manner. It’s
these little things that bring them back again next year!
Tips to make your job easier!
Pre-sell merchandise or conference programs. It's easy
to set up in your registration and helps plan inventory
Print Name Tags or guest lists – these can be printed
instantly in any size or colour from your dashboard
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“ I've saved so much time in
managing the bookings for our
market stall holders. TryBooking
is just what we needed. ”
Adrian Cox,
Manager & Councillor
Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre
Willoughby City Council
1. Can Attendees still register by mail or pay at the office
with cash?
Yes. To ensure an accurate financial reconciliation your office
staff should continue to put these registrations through
TryBooking (use the Quick Sale function). They can instant
print tickets or email tickets to the specified address. We
recommend an additional handling fee for tickets purchased
through the office to encourage online sales.
2. Do I need to plan for additional resources?
No. In fact, once your registrations are set up attendees book
24/7 themselves and there is no need for the office to spend
time managing cash and account reconciliation. You will even
find your enquiries are significantly reduced if all pertinent
information is on your Event Booking Page and your
registration form is clearly set out.
3. What if I need help?
TryBooking is designed so you can set up and manage your
own registrations. We encourage you to “have a go” – setup
wizards will assist you and there are helpful FAQs on our
website. If you still need help, give us a call.
Tip! To quickly book tickets
through the office add a
bookmark “To make a
booking” on your office
computer. Click link then
enter details.
You can enter all cash sales
into TryBooking individually
or each day as one
transaction (to save data
4. I have a seated dinner at the conference. Can you help
organise this?
Sure. TryBooking specialise in seated functions and a separate
event can be set up to manage the table arrangements. This
can be booked and paid for at the time of registration, along
with other selected activities or merchandise purchases.
5. Can attendees book for extra activities, workshops etc
at time of registration?
Yes. It's easy. Just set up as many ticket types as you require
and name according to the sub event. The final registration
price will then calculate total amount to be paid based on the
ticket types selected.
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