How to Pick a Breeder Check List

How to Pick
a Breeder
Check List
Genetic Testing
By Amy & Matt Schuning
Vaccines and De-Worming
Will the Breeder Help with the
Are the Dogs Home Raised?
Are the Parents Available to See?
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Knowing what to look for when choosing a breeder...
Don’t rush! Once you’ve decided
on a breed, take your time finding a
breeder that produces dogs with
the desired traits. This is a big
decision, you are adding a member
to your family!
Here are our “top five” for
selecting a breeder:
Genetic Testing
Ask if the breeder does genetic
testing of their stock (the moms
and the dads). Specific breeds
come with higher risks of genetic
disorders. For example,
vonWillebrand’s in Poodles,
dysplasia in
Labradors or
cataracts in
While knowing
the parents are
clear of genetic
issues does not
ensure that their
offspring will be
clear, it does
drastically lower the chances.
Research disorders commonly
associated with the breed you are
looking to purchase. Ask a
veterinarian if there are tests for
that specific disorder, then ask the
breeder if they have run the tests
or if any of their dogs have shown
evidence of that disorder.
Vaccinations and
Very important. Ask the breeder for
specifics on which vaccines they give
their dogs. They should supply you
with those records during the purchase
transaction. Make sure they have dewormed the puppies AND the mother,
or at least started the process (and
what you will need to do in order to
complete the de-worming). Get your
puppy to the vet ASAP for a check up.
Most breeders will give you a health
Will the Breeder Help
You with the Selection
You are adding a member to your family and your breeder should understand
that. They should help you select the
very best puppy possible for your
household: are children present, are
there other animals in the house, do
you plan on sporting or competing with
your dog , etc.
other people and they may even
begin to understand that “potty”
happens outside. This will help
you, the owner, immensely during
the house training process.
Are the Parents
Available to See?
You can get a pretty good idea of
what a
and physical
stature are
going to be
like as an
adult by meeting the parents. Puppies are statistically more apt to
gain behavioral attributes from
mom and physical attributes from
dad. While the training you give
them has a lot to do with the type
of dog they will turn out to be,
genetics also play a role. Seeing
mom with her pups will give you a
lot of insight.
Are they Home Raised?
Does the breeder have the pups in
their house? This may seem silly, but a
lot of important imprinting happens in
those first few weeks. They begin to
learn house manners, they begin
socializing with other dogs as well as
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