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How To Get
Good Grades
In Ten Easy Steps
by Linda O'Brien
Teacher's Edition
All righl,1 re,lerved
R{oo,1 imroducmry
leller olJllt'ud,
Dea' SWdelll",
Wilen you gel 3r",d !j,<JJ,.,. )"'''' p,m'nIS, rda/ion,
(lnd leachers are pw"d af ,l'<JII, ",'h",'1 /j' mOrt' ,tim, a~d
mo.'T imparlanlly, yo,"'t't'l g,l,ld al>"", \,,,,,,,,,<,1/ WilelllN
yo" (Ire an "A" sludt'nt, ,.,' (1 ,I'm,I.'''' "'h" mdl' dr':alllj' vi
gOli",~ A" ,his booklel can help yu" iJllp,,,,,.',, .>',,/Or :;r",IN,
Sludc"t,. who gel As krlow I}~H ir:r i",{">nil"t 10 be
()I'I",,,,lcd, The_y know holV to "rudy, Iww to ,,,h' /loles,
"nd h" ... 10 re<JJ 11 lex/book, They k,ww trick.> I]"" help
,hem memorize rllings and ,rlralej{ies th,,1 help Ihum
';/"'OJ'e Ihe ";fiJI! anvwer,,' "n leSIS,
This booklet will show you Iww to do all of the""
tlungs and more, !{ you read and follow Ihe ,I'ulfge,.tions
in Ihis book, )'ou'll be on Jour way 10 gelfing Ihe beSI
gradn you've ever r"'lien.. You may not be able to get Ihe
grades you w"nt ovemirda, (;nd it will require some wr>rk
on your pan, bul ~(YOI; wam w improve you,. j{mde,I'
Ihis booklel carl d~li'nilely help you do it,
Linda D'Brle'l
.lnl''', Sarah, Ma,.ia, lenl",ine,
High ,.,'h",,1
n,,,,i, 11'1,i KMII) me< ao'" Mudenl panel I<> i?i"" uS
ideu, (lnd wJ,'i,.. ~ ')T! h,,'" m i?el good grades, they had
3r~m idhl," ,It'" we've plwed (luO/a from ,hem Ihrough­
..III Ihi,' b<,<,l[,1
W,' 'hank II,ese sludems for Ihei, inpltl,
d"d Lt'e lJufJ~ ,h", you fi~d Illdr ideas helpful,
Go ,hn;.ugh Ihc TlIble of
Table of Content.
C(lUlenlll. TaI.l Hb()ul
[he rael lhal gerting
good gn>dcs
\\'b.ll.t Kind of a Student
You? .'
Believe ill
SI.'r TLL.'(!
~. proc~ss
De Qrgllnized
S'.'r Thu
l\fanag~ YOU!"
Time Well
51,",1 ["'Ill
ill the
,, __
Sr,.!! fill:
Take Good NQles
SIre SL,
Know How to Read a Textbook
Stud.\' Smart
_ _
_ .
__ ... _.... __ . 16
Stefl EiQhl
Use Test-Taking Strategies _ _
__ . 21
Redm·e Test Anxiety
SUp Trn
Gel Help When You Need 11
Tips for Pannls
_ __
more [han being smart
or >Iudyil\g hnrd. II',
"Iso ubou( ooing
organized, getting along
with Ica~hCJ~, ere, It Is
lhal involves
manv ,lep'.
What Kind of a Student Are You?
How ,luuenl, take Ihe
quiz. mId 'hen discuss
Ill"'r ~wrcs.
En~",.mge ,Iudelll:; ID
I'e I]nne,!.
T" fi"d OU! w!lm kind of a student yuu "'~. ,-mil Ihr fa/lowi"fi 10
que>'!i""j' "tid 1"1.1 check: marks in ,he 'pilln 'h,JI bejl deJaihe JOU,
(Thi~ will {ake 2 mil/.l<{"".)
1, 1 cOlllplelc h,'",ew",'~ ""i!,-nmems.
2. 1 havc ~llJ IJCL'r;;:M}'
molenal, when
J go I" ddS' lb'mk, pcueil, ere.).
3. I
use (he Iime
le~dl~" )';L
ve us lu
Gb;; hJ g~1 ,IMr~J Qn hOTIlewor~.
I lake good nOI";.
5. 1~,k ~ud answer <i uesliolls in <::lass.
6. II1>e (rich 1o memorize iU[orWJIj"u,
7. Mtel' reading an assignm~nL in a
textbook. I know wllm]'ve I'eod.
ti. I gel
9, I
10, I
~longwell wilh
gOQd m takiug tesl,.
~lll h~ppy
willl Illy gr"de,
G,w ;" 'u"d( ZpOilllS for e~chAllvaysresponse, 1 for each Some­
1'/lIi'S r~'l'"u.;e, 'md 0 [or each Never response. Add up your ,~ore.
What Your Score Means
A,\; ,Iudenl. ifIhey
think I~~lf ,n",'
the kind, <)1 ,ludent,
lhe,,' 'tre
"""ur~leh ue.,~ribe
10-t5 poinls: You ore a vel}' good 'luden!. Thi, b"o~lCl \\'i II ll~wly t>e a
review fOl' Y~LL. L, wuld, however, help YQU rai'e your gr"ue, el'en hiJ;h~r.
14-10 pQints: YOQ are a 'Iudenl. who r,ould bt
With this booklel., ,.0" will he able 10 illll'roW y<Jur grau~s
heHer grade,.
9_5 puiuts, You're pr,,~,'I\I;, n"l S-~lliL1S very good graue,. This bocolkl
can help you change II,",. 11 ""[lId ':'~11 ~h~ng" how you feel allQm ""hQ"L
Your g,:.dcs
oryo~,' .W"",
he a d"aSIer. Memorize lhis booldel-,
~''')'''('' <YlI>
hdp you improve your grade,.'
Srep One
Believe in Yourself
"To .ucceeJ, we mur>t.rlrll
thai we can." Michael Kordil
In order [or you La .lnccooJ. yon bave 10 believe in yOllrnelfand in
you" abili ties. Here's a I iitle slory IO help illu;rraIe Ibis idea:
Read rhis pa!o>e aloud
and discuss Ihe impol'­
IanC~ of Ixli~vij)!! in
A'k "tudem' 10 think
Two high school athletes art' preparing co compete against eacli
ofIhe people ill Iheir
other. TI,e)" are rhe snoRe she, and rhe)' I,a" aboul II,e same all!­
~ves who bav~ helped
Ieli" ubi!ities. j,'vayune u,,,,w,,e-' (hut it will b" an exl.'iJing ,,,,ach.
Ihem beli~ve in them­
The ,1,nt athlete run.'
He 1"0'"' COl/fide,,!, and 0.' ire ,,'uil,',
selv"s. Wbal have
he c"nli",,"" 10 warm It!' oild SII'ercIJ. Tlie people nearby can hear
me,e people done mal',
hi~, m1tltel'i~g w I,i"",-d~ "I'm n,aJ)'. I can ,1" it."
b~~n h~ITJfnl"
Tlie .1,"""",1 ulhlere appears. HI! .,Iowlx .,h"j/'Ie.< ""I wilh hi,,'
head dO»'1/, oJ!d as he wairs. he stands and.fidgers w;tl! Iris ward,.
71!O$e nearby I",ar him ",,,ller, "1'", IIlmna get tilled."
Two athleres. mme size, some abiliUes....... Even before Ihe
cOII/peti/;"" sran" eVeI)'one kn(fws who's going 10 win,
Whel.her you're all arblcw prcparing for cornperilion or a slUdem
taclling a di fficuh ""bject. il'" important Ihal you believe in your~el f.
You illUSIl'Ccogniz.: l.he IaIenls and abiIilir..g l.hal you possess, and you
mnst kno"" and believe, lhal you can ,ucceed.
Takc a minu te now, and wl'itc down thc COUl'SC;; you' IC 1,1kiug in
tbe grili below. Tben in lhe "Grade" column, wrile do"'n the bigbe~I
grade you think you can earn in each r,oun;c 1mB grading p.:riod,
Hav~ sl.uuenf' Iill in
the grid
Dis"us, lh~ irnport,,"ce
of ,etling goal", Also
discu"" Ihe dil"(e,enee
Ixl.ween ,hort-tenn ,,"d
long-lerm g<>ak
Have sludc.lJls make
,Olne ,horr-lern1
acndemic goal;; (g~l nn
Aon my ne"tmalb quiz,
do all of m}' b"mework
lbi< week, ew.)
Tbink of'lbese grade~ a, your academic goul s for tbi~ grading period.
Ed;"",' in ymtrsdj; and btl;,'ve (hal you Can acbi<:~c Iliese 1:°,,18.
Step Two
Be Orl:anized
IJyou'r~ organir.ed, YOlllUlVe whal you need, ""hell .you nefd
il. Thi.\' .l'eclion will giY~ you .<everal ideo!>' On how 1o g€l orgallized.
You, oj <'Our,~e, fflustdelermin~ what's going to work. best for you,
Before reading lhi, ,e~­
.slu,kuIS 10
ru,sc,-ibe lhe =tho<!s
lhey u,e 1.0 rccol'd
a"ignrnenls_ How,jo
Ihesc method, work?
Ask. for examples of
large a"ignrnelll"_ As a
group. bre"l these Large
assigllll'.cJ\l)I down imo
,eveml ,m>tllcr assign­
U~e au a~.signment notebook.
Get an aS8ignm~nl nOI.ebook, 1.1k~ it
wiIh yOlllO every dass, amlu,~ one page for eaeh doy';; ~~signm~nl.l.
When yon-rE given an a,signmem, wrile il Oll lhe page undcr the dme
iI';; due. For e_~arnplc, ,I" Wdlly is Jan_ 11 and yOllr history rcacher assign,
page.' 50-65 for IOlllorrow, ",rile lhis assignment 011 IheJan_ 12 page.
\\7h~n vou're given a large a"ignmem, H,C youI' as;;igllmem Hole­
book!O bl'eak the a8'ignmclll (Iowninro smallerparls. Porexample, jf
you havc anEnglish papEr due allhe end o[lhc week. you conlLl break
ll:tiB ass; gmTlem Llown inlo ,ron-lier pan:, by giving yourself [hc following
[Olll' ,cpara1e Msignmems:
.Ian. 10: gel re,OUrCeS at librar)'
.Ian_ 11: uo outline
Jall_ 12: wrile rough drafl
Jan, 13: write r,nal Llmn
__ --1M II
'0 -'lu,"­
__ .__ .__ . •
.... _n_ _
------ --------­
"Using WI "ssignmem notehook Ilel)',\' lIIe or!5Mi~e "'hM J have
do_ It uL", help_, me get ,h,nRS don" m, "III" ,"0 Ihull'm nor rurn,n~
a,18'p>lRu,,,,-, 'n 1"le rJr incomp!ere_ -, John
"WI",n 11011.. ul my nss!RmHen' not"hoo" ,,111,e end oJllle day, it
I'emind," me ofwllicll I,ooks I "eed '" 'a~" i"""e' Muria
Ilring a Ihr",,-rmg nOle­
boot(wiIb dividers for
classes) and '1 persona]
3_hole punch IO da,,_
ShoW ol.udclllS how easv
iI i' 10 in,~rt uol"s and
J;se three-rim!: nOI.ebooks fur cln~s nMes. Tlll'ee-rin~ nnleboob
work wdl becanse yon ean ea,ily in,en hamlnnls, anLl if you miss a
cla;;s, you ~an copy someone else's note, and inscn them where they
belong. BIlY ~ personal 3- hole punch and pnt il in yOUT nOlebook, You'll
[hcll bE able to pllllCb youI' handon!>; righl there in cla,s and in!lnedimely
pnllhcmin your nOlebook wil.1I youI' nOles for the <lay_
Use folders for schoolwork. Have a ditlerent color pockel tolder fo.'.'
each class, In Ihc~c foldcr;;, keep eun-em a,signlllCul, along wiLh all
reIUmeda%ignment~, quines, and Ie;;t~, Old le~l$ and qui77e~ eanhelp
you ,llud1' Ior fulme Le~ls, and ~ley may come in handy iIlhere', ever a
quc;;liou aboul youI' grade, In each of your £o!d~rB, k,'ep a.l'ccord of
your 1'''1, quiz, 'md homework grades r", that cia", (Keeping a record
of your grades eliminates ~urpri;;e, at report ca.'.'d lime,) If you're evcr
un,lurC a~ Lo how YOLl'rc doing in a cla~s, Lalk Lo your toacher,
Show how pochl
Iolde", c:;n be used to
keel' papers, le'I.>, and
assigllIIl<:nl, org1illi~e<1.
Al'" di"cn" ways mal
srmknlS can h.ep I.rack
of Lhe graJes Ihey
""'.-rite down all of n,y yades Then' nlwnl'-' know where l Sla",;
in all nil' classes," FJ.-ad
Have phone numbers for clns~mates. Make ~ure Lhal you have a
phoue numbel' fol' Mlea,! oue person iu each clas>. If you're ahscm,
you '1llhell have 80meonc you can call 10 find our whM you 've mi~led,
Phone numbers are also helpful when you have a queslion aboul an
a,sigaIDc!lI. Or an upcoming WSI.
Read and ,jiseu," Ihe
lemaining sectious and
Ihe Slep Two Re\'iew,
Ask sl.udcnl8 Ior ad­
ditioual orgauizalional
idea, andlOl' IiI'"
Keep your locker and buckpuck neal. Nevel' pulloose papel', (home­
wOl'k a~sigmnent~, handouts, el<:,) in youI' locket:, backpack, 01' folded
up iu a book, Alway,1 plllihem in ~le appropriale folder or uOlebook,
and alwaj'o keep yonr locker and backpack Ileal, clean, ami organized,
Get organized before }'OU go tn bed. Pm completed homework ill
~IC appropriaLe foldcrs, and pul.cverylhiug you uad for I.hc aeXl day in
the same pflliOe elliOh night. If there's wmelhing you need 10 remember
Lo do in Ihe morning, leave yourself a nOle ~o LhaL you don'l. [orgel il.
.l)~eli.n a,~sigmT1entnolehonk;__
·Use three.ringn'llehO(lbf(l1- diIr;,~nntes;
•USe folders fOI- ~honlwn:rk .
• Have .phone uumhenfor c1n~I!IltlIl~I$:
Keep your locker and hilckpack ueJ'lI~
Get.organized.beforeyou gO,tllhed.
A'k 'rude"" to evalu­
ate meir org:aubU.iOl\al
,kills OLl a ,cale oI 1-5.
;;I.udclll.\ li61. Ihrcc
Imug, they can
do to become b"ner
Step Three
BdOIf' begiLLnin~ 1m;
"1"1>' ",ril~ TInI~ r.UllI­
ag~meRl on II", O"Jrd
A,k Y,w ,,,meone 1<'
J,'lijl~ tllI< [On"
Have ,I,,,km, ~i\'c
~",mple, of pr"bl~nl'
lhey've had "'ilh lime
management in lhc pasL
A,l sludclll, IO deter­
mine when lhe)' &l,udy
Haw sl,udem,
malo:;, up ~ "sdu;,lnle"
fo(' Ihe;(' afrer-school
houri! for lhe nexl sev­
eral day"
Ask ,lUdeUIs 10 identify
Ihing, IhHl,lmve ";;aho­
raged" lheir 'IUdy plans
ill rJ.lC pO_S!, A'k Ihemlo
think of wHyS th.~llhey
can p'f','em being ",abo­
laged" in Il,e fuIUre.
Your Time Wen
Wilh good lilnf monllge...~"I, you, have lime for I1w thingsj'ou,
to do, 'md you, "till ha~e linw for thf thillgs you, WUJ,I to do.
IJ~e d,\~~ tjm~ and st!Jdy halls. Alwoy.1 u8e [he time (e~eber8 give
von Lli d~", l" 'Lin on your homework, ID as k que,l;on", Or [0 gel help.
"Ifl ,",,,II;' ".-,,, my sl,~l-" hall and rhe ,inl" 'ead'Ns gil'" us j" class,
1 di)/1'r hal" nc~,I,I' ~," much !wm'''''''Jrk ro do al night. .. Jem~li"e
CreMe your o~'n stud)' Illun. Snme ,luden!> slUdy besr al. niglu;
olhcrs smdy be,t earlier in ~I" llay M.lny smdenl' also have aClivitic9,
sporls, and job, lhm, lh~y have l<' "'-' ,,.l ,,,.-,>,,nJ.
f)ele.-mine how much I(Joe y"" .va ilabl~ ~'Il:h dJ". 1;J}." ~ Ie>,>k
allhe amoulll. of bomewL>f~ :,()~ h.w", ~lld Ihen llnelo)''' <1m!." plan.
To hdp keep you organiud ~"ll "OU lrad." II)' h' h~\-'~ J pIau 1I11l1Uld
by the lime you g:crbome trom ",hL",1 ~~~h JJ}' F,>,. c'x.1mr]e·
3:00 - ",00 Ban" p,acllC.
S,OO - 6:00 0" ,,,,,h hr.n'",",'k
7,00 _ 8:00 SIUdy 1m hi>I,"y 4"i, "'- d.' l>i"hogy que"i"L"
Prepllre for ~3bot3ge.
JJ~nl; fy
any 'hi u~ ,h~1 fc'liid inreu up' <!r rui n
yom sfudy pion, and fi~u", OL1I how 10 t,Lmj/lJle ,1r ~v"j<l il
"/ "se,; 10 ge' i/1'eI7"1"od by p~v'l' <111;, N",,' m,'
umil 9:()(), a",1 I mde ,ute Ihal n,) h,'..""" ,>I'k :,
.1,,,,.. ~ \' Jl,""
"1 cnn', Ii, dow" "" lite ,outh ",d """,'1,- TI-' ",orij I ju",~ "II
homcl<,o,k done, III liu, ~,~' ~<,,,,~,,·,,,.k r"'~"I,.",, L,', '/I " ~<'.' J",,<
5ltp Three Review
Manage Your Time Well
• u~~ class time i1iid~ludy h ..Il~.
• Create your own s'tudy,plu'n.
• Prepare for
l ,-"II
Step Four
Be Successful in the Classroom
rry,," .f<lflow fhe ad~ice ill fhis .ectwn, you'U enjoy school more
atld you'U gel better grade,f.
911 time. every duy. Wh~n you llli~s ,chool, you llli~,
1~~Wr~\, mIle'. Cla3~ di~cua,ions, a,signment" qui 7,7es, anulesl'_ IL
due.;n' t Inul,~r how gOOlI you are abulllmaking np your work; you can
nevn Lnak~ u~ all of whal. you mi,s, even when yon 're ont of school for
uuly une duy. You thel'efo!'e need to ueciue thal you will be in school
e.'cry JoJ>" Unle,~ you have an extcnded illness or a chronic heahh
pwbklll, you :lhoo1d miss no more lhan five Or ,Ii" days of S(',hoo! a year,
Dbcu," [eawns why
l&;}rn how to alInnl to different leachers. In the classroom, the
leachcr, arc in charge &nd lhe~' mah Ihe rule" Yon may have oo~
[e,Kher who says yvu're t~1fdy if ~on're n('l] ill ~'('Iur ~eal when Ihe beU
ring8, anu another leacher who c.,,,~idcrs yl'U ""n Iiille" if ~'('Iu' "e ;:01
one fool. inside the d.,or, It iJ,,~,n', n1" I\er whelhl'r l'r n('l' yl'U .1!:'IT,'
with the fir~[ leachn'a rule; il onl'll m~I1el', Ihot :,on are in ~'"m 'eal
wilcn [he belll'iogs, P",1 of )'"m eJll""li"n" 10 le~m hlw. W ad~pl w
differenl pen;onalil.ic" lcaching ~Iyle,> and e'\lp~'-I"li"n'
Ask BI ,,,1~nl s if I.h~y find
Ui!JCIlmCe, in Ih~ir
IJ,:;ll;her, WiIh regards IO
",Ie, "nu da" re<.juire­
mellI'. A'k them (0
Thull< <Jf "'''yo IhC'Sc
tie in
"Ji''' really impormm m kn",,. "0"" ,ral'l'e'., ImJ '" I"" .., ~1,,,1
thq wanl, Are Ihey sJria abo"' ""In' nn ,J.r) ,·,,11,,·, ,mJ ?nllic
homework? n(J they gi>'" poi"I'· .lvr part;',p,,'ivn;" b,tui
Be prepared fol' each class. To he pr~p"reiJ> yrm nttd 10 h~w boub,
paper, ele. wilh you when yon go 10 tla;s YOII <llso "ud 111 IIG'" all
ofyour homework done. When YOll' V~ dL"'~ YOLOr home<\'ork, you gel
more oul oflhe cIa.I~, the lcclUrc ma](~s ll'Orr ;ellse, ~l1d you ..:~tl par­
l!cipal,' ill cla;;s discnssiOl1S_ (If yo" haoen 'I drme your hom~w<lrk, you
Illay not even undef'tand the lccrure ~nd cla;~ d];;~u:laion.)
Being prepared al:lo means tho I you're 'eady tel learn, Tr~ l,wng ,I
couple of secondl as you walk inlo eaLb eb;';' to Ibini: "he'm wh'" y,'n ',e
going w bc doing rhat day, This wi II In"ke i' u,ier fur you ro ,ltif[ your
aUention anulo fOOLl~ 00 [he subjeCl when rh~ .:las> Ir"rJS,
or coursc, 10 be physic.lly 'I,d "",,,,"" Yal~rl. yOll n~eJ 10 eal righl,
exerci~e, and gel enough sleep.
8lUden~ mi" school ruld
wilclher Or UOlIJJ.cSC
rea"ms are v,~iu.
Maire a chart ,howing
valiiJ and invali<.l reaSOn>
for missing schooL
rni;;ht make
,!tel r <ch",,1 e~perience
ru'Jrc \'ul,,~blc
~il in lhe front of th~ d .. ~s ifpossible, It i;; easier 10 pay altenlion
JnJ ro 5'ay Ln\'<Jhe<l "'heLL yOLl ~il in Ihe froll! ofrheclaB>roOm, II's also
~~,i~r lo a,k: quell ion, and Ii) ;;ee Ihe board, overheaLh, ele. II' you've
b~~l\ J"igll~d a 5~at in ,h~ hack of the cla~~rooIll, ask your Icacher if il
would he [I".,,,hl., [<or you to mov~ clos,'[' to rhe fronl..
I);,cn,,· ho,", (;ki'll ~x­
pre"i,"''' 'lIlJ boJ~ mt'v,.
m~nr; ~"-" commnmcme
whal a person is Think; ng
and feeling. Discuss
anJlor role pilly 110''''
nonverbal behaviors COTIl­
lllUlJk,~Ie Ihonglll_ and
emOlions (e,g" im"rcSled,
bon'd, diogllol"J, angry,
happy, WOllieJ, prond,
defealed, aloof. S}'lnpa­
ThcEe, afraid. _nrrrised,
,Iislrac"'d, excited).
Be >lwnre or Your hody language and "(lnyerbnl hchnvinr, Thi,
gu idnn,e ,0unleicH", .'lmy illn,lIalCf' lhe imporran('~' of body language:
--a"" ,I"." ,l "',~dent named Jason comp/aim'd 10 me Ihal
Iris J::ngli,11 teac·h.-r "IL"",!';' picked 011 him. JaSf))) assured me
Ihal he neVer lalk"d ow in das,<, lhal lie alwa)O' did hi" home­
work, an,llhar he did e>'"r"ll!ini? fds leacller asked him 10 da.
Thefallawing week 1"",.,- il1 JasO":I' F.ngUs}, <:la,,", 10 talk
abo~t ,chedulillg, la.,cm, wi"., "-a., .';lIi,,~ in ,he b""k "'LV, neVer
,<poke oul ~r t!lrn, he ne,-ec wllt'd In I'i" lI"i~lli,,'c.<, iJlld he did
every,hing he was ,<uppo"ed w d". N"'~"II,,,k.I·.I·, a.I' ml' I'c,-.<<'II­
luliOrt "'cllll on, 1 became IIWI~ ,m;} """', i"h"''''fd wil}, hi,~,
Wby? Because of bi" body I{II/g""!?i' ~"d ",,,,,,,-rl'al hlwn,>"
Thrm,gllOur Ihe "eric,d, JaStm IW,,,jJ ".~j:.rr 11" ./i.",,,.;.,
and roll his eyc", or he'd slump 1Ji.' .,!Jrmld,',.." 1.-/ hi.< hmd d,,'p
back, a~d ,hen be'd sigh. ;"Stm',- J"nm'iuc
dt'Uri." .<,,)'i,,~
10 me, '17,;'- i" ,1'1"I"d and Imnn:;, Glut J d,m'l '''''''I I" du Ihi,' '
I fmllld Jason's behavior di"""o1di,,~ ,,,,d irri,mi,,~.
1 also di.<covered ",by lawn l1>ull,,', E"gli"l, I~M},U wa~~'!
gelling along very "'611.
Tbe nexl day I c"lled J"sun i,,,o mJ' Jlli,,~
10 him ",11,,11 had "b.,erved 'lie previous Jar J""'II ... ,1." g<'l1u,
indy surl',;,-ed 11",1 1 /!;,d <cL'h' N(,I!Ut! h;", ill ril~ d,l.,'.<
L"'' '
Have oue or lllor~ SIIl­
dell",; ~ome up io Ihe
fn.'DI of lhe room 10
'... h",,· ~"">. il i~ for
lh"D110 ,,,. what" gojl]~
Ih~ d~ss"'r>IIl
-",k ~ n'Jllnl~", l" "'k
I"-<on' < nonwrt>ClI
Iht' >!r>ry
What Jawn JiJn' [ unJ",,1 ~"d " rhar wb~n 1"JChe's ~r''' li[l in f'om
of a classroom, rhey see eWr'ylhin~ They In,]w ",,-'ho i' p~yin~ n[[tn_
lion, who's taking nOld, and who listening to the cia'" Ji,;~u",i"n
They ~Iw know whe's doing homework for another elass, IHiring p~j'­
~r>n,ll nr>t.~, J"y,zreaming, anJ "nappin~" (even When students lhink
Ih~)-" W posiri"lwd thei[' handl anJ hooks to hiJe ilj, If you choo,oe 10 do
,1U)' (If Ih~,e 'h mg''- Jon' l kid yourself into thinking that your te,",her~
Jou' I ClOI k~, ~v~n if they Jon'l say anylhing. Teachers notice, and Ihey
('oncILJd~ th~t you uon't care aboUl whal's gOLng 01'. in their class. lL',
m'l e~oug-h for you 1.0 ;;ay lhatyon want 10 gel good ~aJcs; your body
la.ngLld';!~ and nonverhal beha" jor h.,ve Ii) communicate lhis also.
Al'ol'al'& do vour homework.. DQ uol look J( liornewort a~ s<Jme'hillg
yon should do; (!link "f !lome"'Jrk~, '"mel!lin~ yuu rnu~1 duo Sinu, a
'ig:ni CLc·"m ponioll of YQ\Ir gr<tdc i.j u~uall y based ou homewort, your
gr'lde d mp, ~Vtl)' "me Y<!U m".\ an a,.,i;;nment. AI waY' ha"e hom.,­
wc,,,k <:c'mpl~t"<l <In li m." alld whenever p'""ble, d'J exl ra credi\ work,
Ii',."" d'm'r dQ
."<',",' ''''h·~'-'·''
ho",e"orf, "hih }'our ~rnJe," fJrnJ
"cd," /r ''''/'CQI'''
,',,~r sradR.
em>! II
",a' ;'our If'"de., (lr~ ;mp",tanl ,,, ~,,"," Greg
PlIrl jdPlll~ in clo\s. Many leacher' gi "e parlicipalioll point9, These
m' a"y puim; I') gel. aud par1l<:ipal ing: irl dns, helps keep yon focused,
Panic ipali 11;; :1I.;<! male, dIe d<l" mur~ Lnte,e,ling:,
"it I "me ""I, 'he
,~d'·" ~
cI".,·., 0"""
U~ t'Jc~ver.
{if purl;dpme, Ihe Ume
A.\~ .\~Id~nr;s
10 chan:
huw much rime Ihey
'pend each day doing
homework. Also ask
Ihem 1,ow mud' rime
I.hey 9pend c,'>Ch day on
the wmpuler, walching
TV,playing video
g3me~, and w.lklng Oil
Ihe phone.
Have ihem diBcn,s how
doing humeworl (or nul
doing homeworic)
afl'¢cI, lh¢ir gcade9,
1,,'.1;1.1/"''' Joh"
··1):... .-1,""',· lih· if
pilnicipare and try 10 all"wer 'heir
'''Q''S.'' Sarah
"h.~ .'·o~
Be a !luud gruup mcmbcr. The number (me reasun people get fired
from (h~ir j<lb, is bccau~c mey cau't gCI aloug wim the people they
work will'
'heref<!re not ~urprising that bu~ine,l~es are encoOTag­
ing sehuob [0 Icach ~Iudenl.s how 10 work together iu small gr<Jups,
When yc'u ha,e l<! do agroup pmjeel, 1) do your ,hare oflhe workalld
do il welL 2) 'KCCP( that cvel)'one is different and try to be open to
all idea~, and JJ .\upport the other memhen; ofyoOT gmup.
Treal YUOT le~cher, ami
da.l,male, Ihe same way Iha! you be I.r~atcd, Be POhIC, look ai
yOUl' teacher;; when lhey're ;;pealing, amlli,ten when olheVl are lall,-­
ing. Al~o, be "cry aware of your IOlle ofvoicc. The same worm, in a
different tout "I' "oice, can ~ommuni~ate a very ditTerenl me,6age,
Rem~mher Ihalleaeher, are people 100. They enjoy having: SIU"
dcms say hello tv Them iu the halls, and they appreciate it when \i.lldents
,how "n i"le",,] In th"m. Furexamplc, if a lcaeher', beell oul. ill, a
SiUlple CuOlmeT)] likc, "I hope yuu' re feeling better" ean brighten thaI
te"~h",', Ja~. T~;]rha, alw apprccia!c il. when ,1Ildcllts make posiliYe
comments (e.r., "J likc 11'1; book we're reading"). A Ihank you i" of
""u,,~, "I","y,\ appn><'ial"d (f. g., "Thank9 for I.he extra heip, "),
Treal olhel"8 with courtesy and
Ask sludenls how Ihey
reel aboUI doing gnmp
1'1'0jCCI9, Have them
Ibini< of reasons why
teacher>' assign gruup
Havc 6IUdems lhink
ahoul huw counenus
ll,e ;;tudent. in their
school are.
Aok every sludellt [(1
make a puinl of speak­
ing to aI lea~I oue
Icncher in thc hall, or
before or after d"",
wirhIn Ihe ne::<r day,
"Teachers like it whell you mlk to Ihem. mul illels the", know
rila! you care, Teachers are busy rhough, so if you hal'e a question or
a problem. see them before 01' a]ier class and ask whea if would be
conwnienrror J'ou 10 mlk to 'hem," Maria
Ask sIlIuem, to drink. of
way' Iheir parem,; are
involved jnlhcir cduca­
tion. Have lhem
sugge,t way' 10 involve
Iheir p~l'enIS more.
A>.l( sludcDls 10
Ihink of
],ave helped them ,olve
pl'Oblc.lJls in Ihc pa~l.
After goingrhmugh
Il,i, section aJ'd Ih~
St~p Fum R;,vi~w,
hav~ ,Iudenls do,e
A, a ''pop quiz" (or for
~xtra cl'edi, poims), a,k
"udenl' l() li'l a, man)'
ofIhe 10 ,Irategie,
diseu"ed in I.he
Be SU(~,e,sful in I.hc
Oa"I'QQm ,e"rion as
Ihey Can,
Il\Yob'uour parents. Make your parcur,; your allies. When a p3Icm
a,ks you whal you did in ,;chooL lell dlem. For example, "Well, ;n
biology we sludied plwrosynlhesi, and we looked (1/ slides under lhe
micm,wpe. Tomorrow we have a lab.. ., They'lll()ve the fael Ihm
you 'Ie lalking io I1,em ahoui ,,,hoo1.
Whcncvcr possible, le[ your parcm,; help you wil.h your homework
alld your studying. You can ask them!O drill you on vo~,abulary word,;.
reat! Over a paper you've wrillen, li"en to y()U praeLi~e a 'peeeh, and/or
help you study fo!' a Iest. You'll gel bertcl' grades, yourpal'cll1s wHi
appreciale you giving Ihem Ihe opportunil)' to help, ant! Ihe)" 11 ,ee for
d,em,e!ve8 thaI you're really [lying Ii) do well in schooL
It' you arc having a problem willl a s"bj~cl, leach"r, cia", or fellow
~ILLd"nl, let yourparenl' know. They can help you deal wilh whaiever
dlC si[ualion i~, and jf nccessal'Y, they Can intervene On your hehalf.
Be Successfuliu the Class["oom
• Be in.schnol, on time, every' da}',
oLearuhnw to adapt to difTereni.teachers.
o.Be>prepared i'oreach class.
o Sit inthefrontoft.he dllssifpossible.
oBe aware'OfYOllfbodylaugullgelllidnonverbal bcliaviOl'.
• Always doyourhoniewo~k
oBe a good groupmembei:;
o Trea1.·othei;;. \ofitb·counesYlilidresped.
o In:voh'e yiJurpanmts.
Step Five
Take Good Notes
ns" u.jually IIIalerial thaI's bee» pusellled ill class. It is
thf'r~rore importllfll to /uHf' good /lotes/rom JIIhkh to study.
IllIlldiv{' li~t~nH. In order (0 rake good 1I0Ies. you mU;;I be all
"""ve li"ener.
Kdlr i.1 li.l·renin!, to the r<JJ1i" w!rile .dle'; gelli"g ri!adJ,/or w:/wu'­
D.I 11'llp' .,.,,"eral sung.I', and then he announce.I' that he'.' g"i"f{
1(1 playa Ile ..· ieleose by Kell}'sfavori,e anisl, As soo" as she hears
rhi" Kell~' stop.' geniilg ready, she silS down. and she Ilsrens lmenll,r
I" II,. ;cmg "" (I,e ",diu. A,· ,,'Ire li.'/"n.\', Kelly Irie,. I" cale'h ev~ry
word in order '" underswIld lile mea,,;n8 oflhe Iyr;cs,
Di""u"" lhe difference
hdw~ell h~ari.-'-'.g and
aelivc ~slclling, Have
'ruden" give example.
of limes whea Lhey hilve
been aeli ve li<Iener".
In 1his sccn~, Kelly went from pussive listening lJ:J active lis1euing.
When you're aClively Iiolellillg ill c!a~s, you are n01 jusr hearing lhe
words 1hc 1eacbcl' is saying, you're nlso thinking about. und nyillg lJ:J
ullderstalld, The .i.nfOJ'Ulanon thaI\ being p"'semed.
pay atttmtion You can think fa~terth&n any­
one can lalk. This is one of The rea~on~ lhal your mind Bomclimn
wanden; when you're Ii.'len;ng 10 a leclllre. When you take note", how­
ever, your mind has somethillg nddirionnl to do, and you don'l hnve
lime to lhink abonl anything e1~e. Taking nole" lherefore help~ you ~lay
focused (Taking uow.< also ghow.< your 1eaeber lhatyou 're illl<cTe.<led
in the class alld l.hat you're paying attention.)
A,k 'illdem" IO li<I Lhe
claJ;;;e, ill which lh~y
need IO lnkc,
Have l.hem rale Lheir
nOIemking ,kill, on. a
Sc.ll~ of 1-5.
Recognize important informlltion You can often hear" change in
your reacher's voice whenhe/she i~ going to say ~omething dlal's im­
portant for you 10 know. Teachers often 'peak louder, ~peak ~l()wer, or
Ihey give verbal cu~s like 'the mO;;1 significnnt oU1eome," '"Ilk: main
point" "lhe most important reasoll," uthe Three cause~," eIe.
Anything your teaehu wrile.s On lhe board Or overhead .Ihouhl be
cOEsidel'ed very impo\'tam. Don ble underlille or pilI a ;;Iar beside thi;;
infomlalion (or any infonnalion dla6 very imporlant) so Ihal you'll know
III give it special alIemion when you're 51udying laIer.
Dem(}n"trate lmw
Ieachel~ use cue. In
signal importallt infor,
malion. Make a li"t of
slgmtl words alld
phrase,; that teacher,
n,e. k'k 5lUdenls IO
)jSIcn fol' sigrull words
aud phm,e, in lheir
(}ther eh'ses, Give 51U­
ctclll.\ extra crcdll if dlcy
lurn in a li.l pf 5.
"I use a yellaw ~wl'ker to highligirt thing> in Illy note.' 'hat are
Have 'ladem' share Ihe
"h~~ IrOOll~
thai are e38Y to read.
Pul lhe nllme of I,he e111~S, the dale, and the page number at
the l.op of each page 1l1' notes,TIl;s is easy I() do, and il wi II help
you keep yonr nOles organized,
Wrile on every olber line aud only use oue side of the paper.
Your nOle~ will be neater and ea~ier 10 read, and you'll have 9pace
if you wam to add SOllWlhi..u.g lawr.
Use symbols and uhhreviaHon~ ,.'henever
ing ~ymbol~ will help you take nOlI'S faSlel'.
'l' mb'Jls, ubbr~"ial,ions,
",,<I "(rick,'"
, ,"=
uol eqnal
Discuss and uemon·
mate Ihe ide" of putl,ing
key wOl'ds in mal'giu"
Show how Lhi., leeh­
niquc can be n;;ed (Q
,;uJy for lCSlS.
The nexl, lime your
.In&nls lake nOlI" in
dass, holve thcm Iake"­
01' 5 minme, before Ihey
pUI, Iheir Llole, away 10
read Over lheir UOleS, 10
t-,11 inhbnks, ,md 10
check key words.
gI~alcr Ihaa
Ie" ,han
The fo1­
np 01' ;nCll,aslng
down Or decreasIng
resulIing iu
mo;;l impol'lanlly
for exalnpk
~ ...
Lean a wid~ lUugin I}D the Irll ~ide of .. lIclJ pa!!~. A.s .~<lll're
Iiokinl: nnl~ idrnHf~" kl'~' wonl~. and lbell , th<'l>t' k.,~ ",onls
in IlJe marl:in~. K"y word, i'('pjc~. pe<:'l'le, place,. e"enh. ~I~,)
help you m~"n;,.~ y<>ur Ihl''':;])I.,. alll; Ihey make your no'e; ll'Ofe
nnd~r~l<lJ,~abk. Key wonl, ore ~J,,, helpfall<!
when yon're
reviewing fr.,' ~ le,1 J"" tL)\'er lip )'"ur IlQ(CS, look nl each key
W01'J, "nd Ihe" ItO' yomitlf W ,te whal y<JU I'elnelnt>el' dt>"U( (hal
tQpk, per~Qn, pi uce. or ~,elll '(S<!e KVlh". ',\' WileS Vll pug" 12, J
ppnril or I'ra5abll' pl'n 10
k~ ..p ~'nnr
m,les neal.
Go O\'~r
your DOt.e~ a~ ~oon.:ls DosBible. Whlle the Lnf"rn'd(I',>n i.~
srill fresb in your mind, gl) ,,,'~r ,elUC nelle.' :lnJ d'll'i fy allyl hill:; Ih~I's
confusing Fill ;1' Ihe 'P~~~I, nnd make "Ul'e rh"l ye'l! L,~ iill "r(h" key
word, Wril1lJ1 il, Iht mru'gin", Of <,'e'nr"e, ".'hil~ ~nLl'r~ geliug "ver YOUl'
nme., yon ~r~ ~IM) "fL.<in{' lhis iL1tC>rU1arioLl in ,YOU L. memNy
If yOll art redl,}' Ie"; mL~ ~h"LlI g~[l; n;( [he h"'1 gr~c1" plbsibk ill a
class, c"mpl~td y ..,Jel y0U r n0r,'s, re unimr0rr"nt ;nfomu[i,\n
and rewrilt Ilt~ L'~:'II usmg }e'ur clwn W,J[J" YLJU[ nLJle.' "ill b~ deMa,
nnd a, y"" r~w"il~ them, you'll ~lso be kal'1lil'.g the material. This i,
lime eon,umillg, bUI ,i,t pay' ofr,
A,~pl. .f ~::I<
I" ltty ,..£>«1­
. •
Get conies of clas~ nOlI'S if you're absent. When j'LlU :ere UbSf Ill. 11
1S your respon.libihly 10 fllld out whu' you've n1l.I>;OO, and w ~d; yom
le"-,;her(~) for handoull and a'"ignmenls. Do not a,;;ume th~1 ~i"",
jJCacher(~) will tell you if [here', sOllleIhing you ne~o..Il() kHc>Vi oJl dc>.
Gel eopie.1 ot' auy lloles you" ve mi,",,,l, and pUl them In your nOleb"ol
as soon as !",,"ihle.
"If ['naw f"m goinp 10 mi"" _,,:Jwol, Ilr)' 10 ger ,"vel "h<nd "i
{(I'm oul sick. I make WN' to gel til<! WOr< and Ill' noli, 1 ""<sed
'he Wr:" nexl J".I'. / reaUy H)' not to mi".' ,,,:!ulO!lh""gh - in SU(~ a
pain to make Iliin!5s up." Greg
T3ke-.'Good . . N<ites
• Be all llttive listener;
" Rel'Ognlzeimporloot inflJnnatitm.
• Take mlte& tblll are easy tli·reiut
• Go owr your Dole~ a~ ~ooDas,poS$ible.
• Get l'opii'.s of da&~ oQt~sify()il'reabsent.
After going over 'his
a 5 "'inure
lecture on sOmC lopic of
imel'C81. Ask ;;IUdelll"
10 mle notes u>cing as
many of !he idea"
prcscmoo in llii;; Heclion
as po'.ible.
A;;l 'hem whieh
norem.king idea' lhey
used and oomp:rre lhe
key word;; they cho'e.
s~mplc, give
Step Six
Befon' r,-;ldmg: Ihil
Know How to Read a Textbook
,,,,,I ion, "_'k "",kllI< jf
LIt"y cycr have l'r"o!em,
,-cmemherin,g ""hul
mey rC3d.
4ulhors u,e !e~1
t~oJll"" and In;,ml 10
htJ" "udenl'; rememher
anJ undel'slalld whul
Ihey '''''J,
Use ~The Bcal\e,'
urrid" un page H 10
demonslr~1Il' ,'""nning.
lot-nile, "-" a dass.
know 11 ...", 10 read a IfXtbOOlt, .\'011 "olllpuhrnd ""d
nmembeT ",I'.at you Ttad.
TexlI",olo: alii hoI'" have ~JJ I'~.;K/y donc a lot of lOllr work. for ~ <)u
They 'w ;n.,erl;'<! boldfaceJ ;ubrllle~ thal Idl ~"'U exacUy whal yOH' rc
gOLn;; t" be rcading 'hout They'vc pur "I.' cor the imporl~lIl wOJ'd, in
bold or ilalic prin!. 'lLId they 'wadded piclUre;, eharl~, ~r:q)h." Ii"l~ of
,'oeabulary w~l·d;. ~ummal'ie~, and rcview que"jOIl5. 'rh" textbook
au thors h~ve <l'"1e aU of rh" 10 nlllke i t ea"icr fOn'cHllO learn and ITlnill
lbt lllt'o-,-,nmtioll rhey 're r"-",'n,ing.
[n Ihis seeli,,", y<Ju wi II di<covel' how t" use me;;e ·'lrMaing to"I,,"
You'- 11 "1'0 leam b, 'w 10 1) Scan. Z; Read, and 3) Rui"w. Ouce y"u
know bow i" ,can, re"d, and rel'iew, you will be able 1.0 comprehend
and rememher \Vh"l you l'e..dlhe fil's! Iirne IllfulIgh.
fu;.ln. Scanning ~ivc;; you a quick overview of'\h~ marerial y'oll'r"
goin(' w rea<1. T" scan, mi,d lhe litle, I.b" ;;u Dtilltl. ~nd everylluQ,- in
bold ""d Ltalic prill[, Look mtbe picillre" gr~,~hs, aml cbar'!;;, g" ovcr
lbe review qncs!ion,. end r~ad tbe SUlllin.:>.ri",.
On rhe following pdge yon' Ufmd un article "houlthc neade.1 tnkcn
trom a mu,j( Iti~IOry lexrbook.. rr . . 0'1 were lO scan 1.1,e p'gc, you w()u)d
read Ihe Idle. The 8ealk9. and ea.;h o[ toe s"<:li"u hcadi"&,, The
Beq!!c" dominate the music indu~trl·. The Bl'atle~ get lhdr ~l:lrt
in liverpool. The Heane~ ~hauge their image, Thr Henllc~ lind
8ncees~ in H", US. and The DeaHl's go their sepllrllie ways. T"u
would r<:ad everylhing i.u bold prill!: Pnul McC.rtne)', Ringo Slllorr.
George Harris"n, John Lennoll. Briun E:pitelu, am! Rork n"d
Ro!lll:1ll or Fame, You would al~" h>olo: Ul tbe "Bes' Se/i;" 0: Bealln'
1Ibu!!Is" Cbafl, .1nd you I"ould read thc l'evjew qu~~IiLJn~.
Scanning pt<lvideo you will! a great de') ot' ,nr,'nnalion in" wry
shofl "~l"Um oHw'e. (Loul:: at how mucb you I~arn,-,j about The B~~t1e,
jn,l [rc'nll'eading Ihe JeClion beading"" in a<ldi.Iion 10 pl"widing you
wito an ",,,diem overview of tb~ n1m~riai, "conning: aho rro,vides you
wi tb a kj ud fJt' "iuffJl'm,ti()n li'.1m"work." H~\' "'g lhis f.I.'auleworlo: oj
lopic' anJ main idM~ u,ale.' it much ea~ier 10, under~lalld, and
lernembcl' me more dc!ailed informalion,
" " . LnoL",,!~' r~'i.u, ~.'m"
n, ... J« ..",""
m.,', ;"""'"
~,~ '" '''' yo;>; ~
A,'J "k"" ,m.."",
I,,", 0"•.,~'" ~." .';'f"o...,
'" ",'U~,
...., "."0; ",n, B,";,'.". ''''''' ,"r', '""~" ,"C.•.•, ""." ".,ii,'""
,.., Jwo",."J "0 'oc. ",""''' i,d"",>, She,' "~"",,., ,', '''''', '0' R"",,'
""",... "'~,,. n-~ Om''', "'" ", "',,_
~'"'' ,,,,,,, '0
~" "~',", '~',
,.;"", ,,~'"' '",~m;,.' "'~""'ot i. lb' =­
"~,,,.m', ~,.,'
,,~, ,',~"S,' ?'!'
pm """, k«"" "'." ,"m'"~ reL,_L
,,, w,~,-,,,"m"" ,Of",. "d"'" A""" ,r
"""i" ~,cl '''''"o~L~', ,",
,"'" "r ," c'"'''' ",' ",oy' "J,~ T'" ",,1'.,
,,"om, Mo.'.'
0' '''0 ,",.,. ",., ",,,.,~"
,,;.~, ,",ceo ~,.'" II.m,,, '"' "b.
TO' ....." '" Ih,;, ~l"~'" w'ry'
L,.... otJ, ""'.,,>"'" ."'•.' "" ".' ... ~
",,,,;'~'" T>~, ''''''-''. ,." '"" ....", ," ...
',. ,'~ m' of " " "" ""mo'" 0' ,,,
"-'''D h,; """" '0"" m """"",L or,u,;,,,,,
Ii, ,~"'~ """~, "',' m"~,,",e, d •• ,'"
T., ....." ,oL "~"'."'. "''''''-''
" ,o",,,m,,,,, ," lOS' -'00' ll,O"" Ow
PwL "'>C'.",,') b,,~, r"'"'' "',,'~ '"
"c',L h,,"
,,,,','" '''''' "",." C,'o,,_ ""rrr."", ",
'0' "'''''D. '11" , .., ""
oo""l" """",'] ", '""
.J~" rI,,')'
""'.'1 " .", •.• ~, "r CO",,'" " '''m.
""". '_~, n.. ~'''. ""'"
",'B ~",i_
H~"~., ~,,,,,~,,.",,).,",
~","' ,,~,'.nl Am,"',", "., "",
,,' ""'" '" '.,
, ".''''
,',oJ ",,",,',,'
'" "'" ",,,
,,,",,,,,. j" ,~"m . . ,ro "~Ii' y. ,,0, 1" " ' "
~.' or,", di" .., 'co'""" ,.~,,", ,...,
,"'er 'oj," wrf~ y,..,,,,". '0 .\"" ", "10,
...1,"'" whlL' Go"", H",;,o"
.. ,~,>. ~~,"" JLl' ,,,' "''' "<boo' ,,'
,< ,,, '~"".
Th<o,,".'''' <''''''~ ",'"'" "._
,,, """i,.'", "'." ,,,,"'''' .,,, '"'' w,m
""''-'"~.~, ,wJ
""''''''',. ,""",,, .., ".'''' ",'0""
m.,'" i.
,r "'"
,"J,~ . d
'""''''""''. 'b.- "",,, ".~. ",'•. ,,1
d~ .... "'"' .... "."., ...., ,. "'""
"'" "y.
,,~ ... ""~
..... 1m...
u" ,,"'",,". """ ",m"-',"" ro, """,,
• ,,0
,,' M .. """""
,o''''P'' ",,"
>C ...
.,.' ,rr' rho "'",.
L~, i~.
'."0""" Ol""
JA.. ~''',,,
.... '.""
. ."
j""",",~ """ i'~" I'w",n",o·. '"''
"'" ,Ii,''',· """',-",00" h"'",~ ~ "'"
.-" "". 'J""~ L",'' ' '" ""~'. ,,,' r,,,.
'''0'"'''' ''",''~, .'",rt', ",r,". '''.'''',
'" ""',,. "",mm" Ri'<, "", '." "",'.
10 ,,,, ,co." Th''''', kd,,' o,•.-J"'r
~,,,- ""'''"
",,"'j,"~,,", ~~,,,f,,'.~' "". ,", ,..,
,) ,....
,~, ""'''''' "•. ~m' "'''"''
""' b,"'''eiA, "~,,
.,',- ". 'x
"'" ~ "" ,"",,,,..,
':' "'"., 1<.' ,'" •• r.."O; ;>0" ""'i, ''''''0­
j" ,. .=' ,•.
... """.. ,. tl~ c,.
;.' A'., ,.",..,." '<'. ,.-, ." _ . , •..• "
,,, 1\." "" Il~'b' m,,,',,"" >OJ",,",
",~ ~'lU'"
",.. ""'" ""," Th'.'.,,'" "'~,
,,~. ~,­
,,'.,0 ,,~, " ,,',' ",'
Read. When you,- rr.~J irlg lla~ a pLLrpo.le, your comprehens.ioJl impmve"
and i!'~ ea,i~r fl"- you 10 lray focuscd. To give y<mrreaJing purpo~~.
uy !111'11ing "~,ch bt>lclfacecl wbIitle into a queslion. For example, YOIl
coLLhllunl Ibe ;;UhIi tie, Tile B(,OIUe~ ctLange Iheir image, inlDlhe qucs­
tinn. "Wllat did Ih~ Bealle, do h' c·bOl1 ge 'heil' LUmgeT' Keep your que,­
(ioll ill U!iml~,< )'on read. and WbCl1 }'Oll rini.h th~ ~ecIion, see.iJ you can
~",Wet yOUf queBtion, Your que~I" 'n will giVe you solllc1l!illg specific to
JOJk for. and il wi II llelp keep yonI' mjJld from wOlnJering: You willtherc·
fnre "memlh'l' mol'C of whal y"u ,~"tl.
Take,~ [e;>:;ll,ook
pr"~(i"e mming
inro '-ln~stiom. Tell
~lnJe"l, Llwt if ihey me
H,.", 'md lI>'hy, they can
eo,;ly rum m<'sl.he~d­
mg' mlt> qlL~>t\nn".
,tart 10 rcad a ~ection, look 10 ,e~ jf lhere are any vo_
cabLlbl" WQNI, name", place,. 01' event'; in h<JIJ Jr ,Inlic pl'inl, and then
ask you l"e If. "Why is Ihis word. p~n;Qu, placc, Of evenl importalll r'
You ~houIJ. or course, have an ~"' wer (0 I.hat que;;tion ""hen you liJlilh
readiug me seeli"n. For "xamrl~. ~fter reading 'The :Bt':Jtl~s mange
their image" "~cli(ln. )'C'U ,houldknQW who Brian i1 When
you have cornplclel y fiuishcd your reaJing, you should ~lsQ he ,,-bl~ 10
"n\wu all of lhr RHiew Que~tian6.
Tdk:e a
l~ .<1 book tJ,al
your ;;ludent<; Me
currenlly u,iJl~ ""d gr>
tJ1rough a w"pJo (If
pages IOgClhtr ~<ing the
""". It'",,!, ~u(1 L"vi~",
Okay, you'"" ~CaJUied and reaJ rh" material. This .il ""hen
IDcl,t smdeni, will .Iay, 'T m done. "anJ d,w~ Illcil' book. Takin" ~ row
eXtr" minUles 1'01' l'Cyicw, how~vcr, will make "- huge differcnce m whm
you' 1'C a~le Ii) r"",elllb~r lal~r. When you review, youlo,k the mfoml;l_
(ion inlo y.'nrbr~jn before il hn~ n chauc,~ 10 e\3p"'~I~
To revi~w.~" back 1.0 Ihe beginning md ~o mwngh the ,arne pro"
cess you did wlle!'. you scanncd the matt'r;"I. rhi, lIme. a, you read lh"
boldfac~J ,ubtillc" re~13le lil.- pnrpose or poim of each section
In your,dfusmg your own wonk lb y<JU look mthc voc3buJarv word,;
Ulld the won!;; in hold aud italiL p,im. lh.iok aboul what lhey n1eau and
why lhey arc Bigllijicunl Jf you rcally want to lock the infoJ7Dal ion into
yuur brain, review everylhing again a illy." lwo Wi,'I'. W.h.:n '>"'U go 10
,luJ)' fOTlhe Ie,., y"u' II be amazed wdl ~'ou already know th"
Whik ilmay lake a link practice to gee lhc .scan, Reud. and Re­
yUo\l' p,,><;els dowu, you' II ~I"'n r~alizc thaI. I.his pcOce.IS doesu'[ IDe~n
more work; il jU~I nle"flS bCllcr compreh"nsion,
bci-ler grade,
b~lTrr I'eleution.
](no,\\'lfow to Rend a TextboQk
ScanSJ~~ekd~g ~lIbtitles, words inbiild;lIdilalic print,
siIJIinIane~.cllarls, and reviewqlleslioD~.'
.Reyiewbyst~~g.the malerianoche~k YOllr.cOitlpre':
STep Seven
Study Smart
Students who "study smarl" find 1/",1 they lpend Ie.".' time
and yet I"ey gd belief grade..! ,
Find a good place tn slndy. AlIhough ii's u"u~lI:: 1:'e,1 10 h~yc QUC
place where YOQ smdy reglllal'ly, il dOCSu"l.. lUaTin ","hae y,>" .,1",1Y '"
long ao illla~ a >nrface lor "'Tiling, it's well lit, untl i(" c('mfoJ1•• bk. In
addiIion 10 papel', pens aud pencils, yOUl' .I[udy an>a ,lh'>1I1tl he eyu 'rred
wi Lh a calculalor, tliclionary, IhesaulllS, and a one- v('lume e'K}'d('JXdi~
Some studcul<i necd it 10 bc quiet when rhey ,I LId,': 01 h~,,· "~II "'wk
wiIh mU8ic or the TV On, If you like 10 listeu w music Vi he II y'>ll ,llItly,
n}' E;;lCni;ug w classical music. Research ha.1 ~hoVin lhal da,,,c"l mo­
sic Can aclually improve your coucemralion. Yon. 01' cour<e. mUST de·
termine whm worh he5l for you.
"J like 10 lislen 10 mu";c while I'"" doing
wMk, bur nol when I'm sludy;flg," Mariu
Ask ,Iu,,knb ",hNe
lh~. ,t"dy be"L 0"
they need, t U,' b~ q" i~l?
Do 111.:,\' ,Iutly tlill'et'­
~"'\':I Jel"'nJ; "g "u ""hnl
\:iu,j e'l' ,Iudyi~~ I he~
h:l~~ 10 tl,,·)
b",",""P"'.I)'!" J,,'mr­
"!fl have a problem sWdyl"g, J chauge 10, '''ie'"" 11':; J,ina vIM"
raking n break," Greg
Gel ~tllTtl'd, GeUing: ,larled OU yOllr 'IlLdying i, n,uall y the ha.rdes1
parI. Don't pm il off un ti I laler, don '1 malc~ exeu,e" and dOll"r wail
until you're '"iulhe mood." Begi~ wilh '''melhing ,imple or a subjee1
that you lij;;e. alld ju;' ;el ~1.1ned.
K..!!l.rn:.,,-:"!Ir le~ riling .~tyll', w~ ,1 U Il';UJl diffcrcIllly. Some .,I",leut,
learn beH by .'""i~g the ruH~ri ~I l" i"u~1 leamer8), 80me leanl be,l from
heann ~ the ",forma"o" (auditl)r)' kar,,~rs), and somc leam beNt by do­
ill>: (k.inCS[hC[l~ karll~r' 1, TlliLll aboUl how you learn and aLIjusl. how
;"'u '1I\dy ,u;;cCll'dingly
Vi,"~! I"amer,' I"am be,;l f .. "m films, pkIUl'eS, TV, reading, and
deul('D;'!I',11 i0~'. If YOu'- j'( ~ vi,ual kJ.mer, lake notc.l, u.le l1ash card",
ch~rl.,. mtl tli"tr-.mL;. ("n" riLlure,; ill ':I' '"r mind, and make lTSC of color
T" ~'[)nr Twlcl, Audi,wy k;uucr, learn b~Sl from leclures, di,cu"ion",
TV. film,. ~nd ffil,.\; (; [, !'OLL',~ 'In aud il"ry leamer, read a] oud, have
di'c'u"i"ol, 1i,le" 1('11.11"';', "el'je", ;11 fNITL11.ion oUlloud, and ule ruem­
<'IV lri(;h in",,] .in t rhylhm anJ 'h;--me. rf ,I'OU are a kiue;;IlIelic karner,
A,k smdeul> if Ihc}'
know Ih~ir le=ring
,I.y Ie. How do they
learn besr')
A,j;; "rude",s if IlIc}'
a(ljl19llhcir ,Iudying:
III :lny way IO HCCOru­
modaIe Iheir leantiog
you learn b'''l fwmrole playing, lab.l, andhands-onactivj(ies. TlymOY­
ing al'Ouud while you Hudy, uoe tDols and objed, whenevcr possible,
wrile or lype note", and role play idea~ and coucepls.
'"'n,u,,1 be a vj,aallem'ner beca".'e Il,uve 10 see ",Iwr I'n' toying
10 learn." John
a general rule, the more
~en.le6 you
iuvolve and Ihe wider vari­
elY ofmetbod~ you use while studying, the more you remember. Will­
iam Glasser, a well-known author and expert in the field of edueariou,
8,Y8 that,
"51,.,d,'''1-< leam 10% of ""ull Ihey read, 20';'0 of ",h£)I
II..,...· h<',,~ 30% nfwhat they see. 50% of what 'hey see and
",'ar, 70% of "'hal i< di.<cuued wilh Olncrs, !il)% n{ "'hol
'Xl'e,iNl<'~ p<'r.)mwllj-, (m<1 95% ol whol In,'.!' INJd' /()
else. '
Read thmugh ibis tisl
md a,1< SI.udem. io II')'
10 eome up adililiorull
QrgaDiLr )'our ~ludy lime,
• l3ef(lfe ,'<'II "JJTt 10 study. ma~e .. pla~ Deddc' n:<l.:tlj" whal j"ou
\\'"nl I'l g.~l Jl'll~ ~nd ~e ,mk:r Ln whleh you'"e g,)in~ l(I <1" it Make
·sun' lh.ll yr>llr rbn l <T~~li3ri~,
Pri,m Li, ~ }'(lur w(lrk in (l,,1~L' [<l ",a1<~ ,;ur,' lhm j""u have ~noLlgh
rime l(lr 1he lhi,,~. Ih~l ar,' Ibe m,,,t imrmum
lfH'U have ""m~lhmg Ih:lI .eem, o\'el·whelmLn~.break d. down
inlL) ,mailer
If y"u h~H ~'mclhill~ III mcmmiLe, work on that fir\l,
('I\'Cr iT again ~[ Ih~ end of your siully se"i<ln
AI""";>,, allow Dlore [jwe !han you Ihin\( you'll
Siudy yom le'''1
subje-el firq
lYpU of a~,ignmenl" (e.g.,
then go
gel it uul ot'lhc W;lj".
English, do mJlll, ['cad
Know when aud how to ,ake break>. Research ha,; ~l",wu thai
students learn the m061 during the t'n;1 aud lasl.leu minutes 01' "ny
,ruuy "',I'ion. Tty srudyiug for 20 luinules and then lClking 3 short
bl'c.~k (ge' a drinl<, gelll p and SIrelch. elc.).
"When / slUd)', [rake ",hor! breaks between suhjec!.,." Emd
Know how 1.0 Mudy for
Know whal. the reSl is goi II£. IV COn,r .\0 Ih.L[ you' I[ know what 10
,lllilly. For essay tesls, iI', jmpoI1~ul 10 lUL,j,'r.'lalllllhe big picture
and 1.0 know Hillin poinls ,Iml k~y foCi;. rOr' f,ll,iu·l.hc-blank and
mldl.iple-~hoice tesl.s, you l1eed TO JIlt"" detailed informmion.
• Pay.parlicularly dO,le ml.em,"n in d:t!;. Ihe d~y hdore a lell. This
i, when1eachers oli:en go over infonnalion lhal you' Ii need [0 Iillow
Have aU of your rcading done nhead "I' time.
"J II!' I" fiN "iI 0{ II., r"",ding done a caul,ie at days
Il<e Inl. "I h('~ I i"-" ""od to ski'" and re.'jew," Gn:g
H'your le~Tboo!:: h~s l"~ .. ic'w queslion" he sure you I::n01" Tl,e an_
swers h' "I I "r I)-,,,,n .'1.1.;<:1. go thmugh your ICXlbook: ami m~b,
that yOIl ''lOW Ille mt~lllng of all the wonls in bold and i ta1J~ print.
J f a leacher give:; yo" ~ rtview, study il until you kllow every_
Ihing Oll,l Th~ll u,e the review shecl. to COLllC up wlth questions
I.hatyoull,ink mighl be on Ihe I.e~t
You 'eally know SOtlli:lIuug if you Can n rlJlll ;1 in your owu words.
taching the mmerial '0 yow'self in fWD l of" ",irr,,,.
Review often and review oUl.loud, Wh~ll )'0" rniew, yr'li mow.
iLL tormal;on from your short-I.erm Hir Jllury iUrD your long -Ienu
memor'"- Ref'iew iI' the key If) iearmflg aJlylhing.
• Write !I"",n any uames, dates, fQcmulas, elC, thaI. you need 10 re_
membcr on all illd,,~ card. Tah lhll card wil.h you I.hc day of I.he
le,1 and go over 11 a~ of[eu a<; you ,'aD hefore you take the I.est
A,k: oludem, to ~r'ain­
<(or'll) to 'l« if ,hey ~au
VJm<J up "-';[0 nd.:lilloual
idea' [0 I'dp Ih"m ,ludy
f<'J I~,t, andlo, "'~"'Q­
nze lllf<)rmmro',
OIhc' lip;:
'Jlll>owmi l"nn., USc"
llitlricks 10 help wn memorize lufonniltion.
Use fla9hc~rds lJJ
\'"".dl,,14ry words, faels, and li~I,.
"/fyou IUJW ,-1 lu' 10 ,'mnv",-', ,'p"ari i' out over ~
oj'lime, <lIlJjus! teep going over and over il,"
\\'rjle down Whill you wam to memorize and sjar~ al iI, CI",e YOllt
ey'e, and I'.y to sec It.-in your mind, Say it, and ,helllQo),. ~T jt 'lgaiU.
0,. II", until y"u lcuQW iL
higil1ighIer lvhtll
r~\'icwing classroom
of Ihe
popu]"r rhvme "3ll days
has S"p\~mbn ArrLl ..
Ch~\1el1ge ,Indenls lo
mau ~p a rhyme o"onl
"JlllNhin~ Ihey're ~m­
renLly sludying. (Sug­
~C" lh"y u<c a nu "'el)'
rhyme >lId) a, '-Mary
Had a Liltle Lamb,")
If you ~re an umlilol'y learner, u~e rhyming or rll);lhm ID help you
l'1~morize Ihing;:. II-hke Dp a mp or memoriu 10 a l>e~1.
RJght betore you gu hJ sleep, gu u,o, auy Illl<" HIm-ion thul you ",,,nl
lU "'member. Yourt>mill will commir itIO memory whik you .;eep.
U'e acronym. ID help you memori7.,. For ex~mple, th., anonym
HOMES c~n help y,'u mmcmberthe GleatLake' (Huron,,
Mkl,ig.HO, 1'.l ie, SU!,u;o~)
U,e the fir,t lellcr otthe worth you waut ID remember to mate. up
a 'lupid, \illy ;:enll'u("('". rOT ~;>;.aml'le. Jet's ~ay Y')U nee.J 10 rem~m­
bn the pLlllet' [or au upcc'lniug I<;,r Sml.make up 3 Itupid sen­
ho!1ce like, '"My Y~ry elegant mmhor ,iu.' ,~onp~~ u r 11m" piglel'"
(Mercury, V,'nus, Earth. Mars,Jupilf<!", Saturn, U/Unu" Neptune and
Plul\J) A~ MJOn a" y;'u ge' y'ullr [.;:st- ,ay thi, \e.u.tence to yoLt'~eJf
3ud al rhe IOp ofyolJr tesl wJ'ile MVDMJSUNP - Ihe firsr lenCTof
ear.b 0' Iht plauel~. When y"u ne~d 10 wIi'" il Ihe 'l,lJ]le~ d lhe
pla, ,ell 011 (h~ W'l, ~"lU'lI ;,1< eddy lj.~v~ YOut 1u,mol'Y ~He wIil(~n
OUl. Thi~ technique ran be llled in many ways. For eX3mple, if you
need r~ r~meJ1lber !I:e 5 m~1J1 C"Uie. of Ihe Derre~"ion. I.]k~ 5 key
words rrnd Hie [he, to m~l<e up a ndiculuU5 ,{mWllC~
L'N" f", ;1J! ~a,)' OJ" k'gi",tl "",oncClio". For ell.mple, Ie' remPlll!>er
th'l( HoU!~r wwre !h~. Qdy""Y. jll'I think, "HG,,;~r j~ ;ilJ ,)dd "'-Ill"."
images to help Irigger your me:nory.
i"rag" ""'lid lJelp )'ou ,,,member' 'haf
naWlhorne wrote The S~arl<"t T"lle.t lEE" \'i.ualize a larue ted
Je~f<!" A willi u big th,>m ;:Iicking ill it ~~ying "f-fJ!" Som~\imcs 3\'>0­
n"'i>J35 need/a ill' ~ linJ.. 'llO'" complicated. far eHlnpJe, W re­
member Iha\ Do;;to"wky WWI~ Clim~ and Puuishm~Ul. visu::Jiz" a
guy named Do, pb};ingwith J t"ywhi1~ he's ,DElW ili.ill~ (Dili-toy­
,10 I. 5>Jille",,., ~~cll. at hUll. "Yo" c~,,' ( t'ldy wilh ~ (.,'y "u ~ sl,; hill'
Tl:w.I';; a ~rillle and YOll' 11 he punilhed I" Get !lIe idea? It can Jctu­
~lJy bo fun coming up with yourowu 'illy linages, and, 'hey W"'~.
Give srud~lJ(s a Ii ,t of
wonls rdaling 10.l
,ubjecllb~y'''' rLlITcnlly
,(udyjllg. f{;\Ye lh~ru
"",1<e up a "'upi~ .ilIy
,",ulencC u<ng me firsl
ldl'-'I' of e~"h wonl.
Give ,Iudents some
ilcms to "'I'1emb<,{ ami
have dlem II')' nsiug
lbc;;e mem~IY lech·
J)i,GUs;: II>. writing
pmcess. hck a hi~h
LJJIClC,II,-,\-,ic (c.g., lIte
pl1lS and ""DS of ,,,h'>o1
,lllif')TIn:; \. ~rains[Qrm
ideas, and make an
U s~ ri~iC:Hlou",
For ..~.mpk
il rid;;;lIl()ll~
Know ho,.-IQ ..'rile II p~n ..r. Th" tey I!) writin? u j!.ood paper is 10
~pread I! ,_ut o\'er" llIu"h lime~! p,I"ibk WIilir,g" papn' ,houM b~
a proc~~', nol. a one-lir:r.~ event. S lart oft by brai ll>wrmiu;j aud :a~i ng
notes; lh"l1 mat" illJ ouline. From :.our ('luIJine, write a rough draft.
Rewrite Ihe p"per umll y"l' have it just the way you walll il, amI then
wri.te the fluaJ llmft, II' ~ ,mpollalll 10 plll your paper a"'''y at leaSI once
or lwi~e Juring lhi~ proce8;;. Whrn you take L( ou [ 'ILld read it agaill,
you' lJ S~~ and hear lhings lhai you llill,,', nQt;ce bdc'(e.
To gel" good grade on iI. paper, YOlllJl\j!r I) [L1IlLII" the direclion~
~xa~ll y, 2) have "omeone el,e reall y"ur pope'.. (() gi I'e ye'u suggestioll~,
.1 ) m alee sure Ihal lhere arc uo spelJing (If gr"mm"li~al em,,,,, 4) make
SUre' your paper look> neal, and j) alw,,;.'" lum your p~re" LU olllime.
Use trick~ when making a pruentalifln Or speech.
• U~e prop~ when eyer pOSiiibl.e. Props, such a~ post."r~, booh. Or
~po,.tmc":cquiplJlctd,give Y'JU .IOmething lo lool ~t and somelhi.Il~ Ie>
do withyr'\Jl' hJuds. I¥e>u on al:il> put nOles On the back of them.l
When you giw a pre'enlalion '" 'reecho preleud thal you are tellillg
your beS! f,;el1d "",',em; ni really imponam.
HTectiYe speaters makc eye ~e'nr,\c[ with those in their aJldience,
If thi, i~ ui fficull f,,' you 10 do, JOl'-k ar their forchead8 inHead.
J.Cllrn word;:esDllik If you don't know 1I0w 10 typ., '.lr how [0
use a computerfc>I woru proce,"ing, "ee your cQul1"elor Jod ,LgO lip for
a keyboardil\g or ~ompulcrciass a~ SOOn a~ possible.
Sti!j;iSeven Review
Stndy Smart
• Find a gOfldplnce t:rfsl.udy.
• G~.I started.
·Know yourlearoing style.
• Organj:ieyonr.stlld~·lime.
• KUlli'how to study [{lr ti"llIS•
.~Usetdcks to help you m~mflrize informilti0n:
'J{now how to write 0 paper.
·IJiielrkk9 when making a presentation or sp~ech.
• Leurn word proccssil'igi
A;k s<;u<I,'nls how they
led al'oU[ making
<]X'echcs J.1ld
I"m,. H~,"e .,tuden";
,hare ,de"-' of u,wgs
Ih:.! k"e "'urkeu for
Remind ,ludenl' thaI
crmrs C~D1101 b~
wrrecleU hy u,ing
g = and 'pen
Use Test-Taking Strategies
III. orarr to do well 0'" any leu, .~au //lust Mudy hurd olld be
prepared. dO/ie /It"" ,~Oll Call Il'rthe, impro.e 'jour test
per!lJfmOrU;r by using thCSf Jell_laking sirategie.•.
!/.."ld ,hrough Lh~~~ lip'
anti "sk ;;I.uden!" fur
nddjliOfl~1 jJe~j.
Have ",,,,k,,,s note
whkh ,ip, I.hey alL,,"Jy
GillJ!I'f to a good sl nrt. Have e\'~r)'\lii:lg you n~.,.j for the 1"_" (pen­
cra,~hl~ p"n,
,'a!culalor, CICj, If )'OU have a c('Iurle of millLJIe,
befor~ the ICst start~, try ]('I reb,,_ Think about somelhiug d;;e or talk [(I
yOU!' da", rnd!t<" As 1;00n "-' you gel your le,lt wrire anything that YDU
wanl. to remembel' ((:,1.<'''_ ,j,\[~$, equalion,. [o:-rmula\. memQry aids, e!e'.l
in Iiglll pencil "I til" I.op ofY"ur lest. Pu' Y')lJr name on yom 1<181., and
r':'ld 'he dir<lu;ULl\ carefLLlly.
DenloR a plan. Bef(l!t' y('U b,,~iil answering qO(';1 ioilS. quickly 1(1(11::
0\\'" Ih~ enlire le,l and develop a pial), For eUlllple, ira onc-hour 'e"l
has 2.~ mulliple-chl,ia '-!llcSli(lns and 2 ~S5ay queslion•. you couid p\iUl
10 rmllUle, her l~~ mulllple-choice qlleS(L,'n" 20 mlllulel fnr each essay
qUCSIimT, ""d IlJ minute~ 10 check over your answer~.
Murk the quesl;on!llbal yon want til retun.1Q. As you go ,hro"gh.
I.he lest, pul a dOlor lighl check mark by .'lily answer yOLL 're nOI lure of.
After you'vc gone lbmugh all of Ihe qU~Slion" go bnck 10 tbe OIiCS
you've ma,ked and Iq them again..
Don', Dauic if you d(ln', kn~,w the answer, 1(' ,h~ til'si few qLlC'.
linn,. Somelimes;l mkes" few mUlule, f"r your brain to gel in gee,.
Chance.1 are you'll know t.he a;lswer.; when you comc back ill lhern.
r ncr~Jlil' your odd.
multiple-choice qnesli"n."
yon'rcreading ~ IllIJlliple--chokc questio". uy [0 come up wiell
lhe an,wer in yOUl head hefore yOIl 1<!<Tk al lhc alls'Il'er chvi~es.
1f you're noe sure of all answer, elimimre the choi{~,s "'o~ know are
iurorrect hy crossillg tbem o~t. Then m&I..r an ~duca,ed guess,
It two or dlC rh(li~~, are similar ()f oppo;j~. nne of dlcm i, probably
!.he COHeel ~,,",'Ilcr.
K.~J all "I the ~~,,,"<,,(;iloic(;s, Al kas( a ~ouplc ofl.he an;;werS
"'iIi pl'J~ahly ,QU ~d 11 ke 'hey could be (;on'ed; don' l be lempteJ to
'"wl the fir"t "ne thal"nund,1 good.
'( ;.;.(. (i,r
,,, help )'''u Ii'i.:~ 'he U"I, So",,,i"'t" qltesrions give
lh~, c~~ heip you an""" other q,.<c",t;{}n.1'." John
Lonl.. (or 1.... 1' word& in Irufl'False queslions. Slatement, Witll al·
,,',Ho', flaf~ f\',''-~, "II, and none in lhem are usually false. Slalc­
m"nL.' wilh ".,·t",II.'o', ()fI~n, s,)mclimes, mOSI, and many in them are
u:'lu;l11 y lfll" R"ad TI'ue!blst, 'I ue~ti(m~ w,ry carefully: One word will
ofl~n clNenni n~ \"h~[ha;1 .<[J(~ment is True or False,
Know how to Ilpproach
Read each queslion and then ,larl "..jlh the ~asieSl one. (This will
give yO\1 confidence, and you'll h",'. lime I" lhink aboul how to
answer ihe harderqnesliono,) NUle how jn~IIY poinl;; ea~h f;~a:-' is
worlh, and adjusl the time yOIl allol 10 each que"ti('ll "cl·"nlin~ly
Before you do any wl'iling, brainstr>rlT'l. J"IIJ,""n lh~ J,,~)' wmd.,.
ideas, ~nd poinl' lhal you wallllO COWl' ill ~OIU ~Jl~Wn. H you ha"T
rimc, organizc rI,ese idea' and point' ;nlo' ~ ,imple uUllin", Jf nt>\.
jUol nwnber lhcmin the order you Wr,~ll(, pre,~n[ Ih~m
Begin "'Jiling. Wrilc legibly, and us<:' dear, concjs~, c(,mpl~l..' .eu­
tences, (SI-udie, have shown th~t W h~n 11VL> icl~n [i~al ",,,~,y,, are
graded, lhe one Ihm', ea,icr 10 gCl; Ihc hJgh~r gr.'de i Lu
your opcning paragJ'aph, re~Iate the qu~,! ion, ~ncl t~ II the re acler
what he/,he can expecl 10 learu from yonr tS;Jy. 1n yow' middlt
p.'l'agraphs, pre;;ent ex~mple~, Jelail'. ~"idenLe. and f,le'l,; 10 >up­
purl the point9 YOII' l'e making, 1n yO\l]' lin' 1 par"g'A,h, re",,-[e [he
moat imjJonant points, dr~'" condu,ion,. ilnJ wril~ a hL'id ",m­
mary, Finally, reread your emil'c CS;Jy and ma'<:e ,:ol'rec[,on,
If yo\\ don't know Ihe answer.lo an ",,"y <j ue,l;on, [a~~ " '-" "lpl~ "I'
minute" to wrile down .....-hal you (10 (nO"" about Ih:t.' 9ubJ':d. You
may hit 011 something and get pml;,,1 d&.li L [I' yOll don' I have time
lo complele an essay, wriw YOllr tcacher a nolcexpioining thai you
ran OUI ofrime, and lhen t>rieny li'i the poinls you would have ~(JV­
~r~J. A"am. )'<'ll migl)! gC[ panial ercdi!.
PQ,nt QuI thal ""ri,i ng an
i, Ilkc
",.,,,,"~ ~ 'nLnL-P~peL'· 1t
C,\~y ~'l\W'"
lin;;lc "';Li.n
"ledsupp'Jrted ",ill,
'''le''<ml, wherem,
Lc'rlLI.'" de,a; I,
ImllW"C vOUr math te~I.~core;;. I) Beforc yon starll.O solve a prob­
lem, lTy [0 c;;rijnale whar the an.lwcrwill be. 2) Hyou'!'e having dlffi_
cully Wllh a problem, try drawing a piclure or a diagram, 3) Don't
;;pend too much time OIl one prohlem. Hyon get .llUmped, go On. aud
come back to 1\ la\cl·. 4) Show all of Y'JUC WOl'K £""0 ,I' YOJu ge' the
wrong ~n~wer, if y,m were ,m the ri ~l" track, '.-ou TTU)' gel partial u"dil
Be prep.aud lor open b"OK t~~h. [)ming an open tJook: ""r, y<m
be able 10 !<xut"inforrna<H;m" To hel" yQU do t[lis, 11 big-h_
light YOUI' n()re~, 2) PU1 ~~lr~.>licK no'e·; '" bQQkUl~rk, ;n your ICJJb,"'l h)
heIp you Iocare imp\'r[~Ol jllforrnaliOJn, aud 3) rewrite ;lll of lh~ u,Iol'­
mmion you know }'ou'll n~cJ 00 J ~~rar<lle ~nce, of pap~r
I[ Ihele'S lim~, ~hr('k ~ 11 "f ~"ur <lLla\\-'~", ~H'n
you feel terl.lin are n'crf _'J (You may M\'~ made I c<ll'de~~
mi~raKe.) Alwa)'s u-,<, "II oi Il,e ,illl" tll,'1 y,w'r" ;;i".'n I" fo1k<" 1,,;-1.
Cheek )'our Illlswer'.
Tel1 oludcn(.~ Ihallhey
.hould see leaehe,.,
privaiely if Ihey need
IJJ discuss an auswer
On a Icst
Go ovg.. all relurllPd 1.. ~IIl, Ol'~e }"ur [nIlS 1'~lUm~d, ",-, ,we.- e,,~h
queslion you mi.~seJ and "nll'·\U the COhee' au,Wer, You IU"} ;<,_, "ne
'Jf more of the~e qUe,ljo~' JgJiu Alsc> ~heCK w mal~ ,ure lhnt your
le;;t W.~8 graded connlly. lTeach~" ,umuime. make mj;Hl](~'-J Keep
a record of your leol !,'O'~', "uJ keep relnrn~d le.IS iu y"ur [oiM]',
• Get agiJod-!ltad.
• U~vClop a phm,
• Murk the quesHous thllt you waut to returoto.
• [ncrease your odds on multiple-choice qui':stioli~:
• Look for key words iD'TruelFalseque~l-ioos;
• KilOW.h<iW to approach essay quesUons.
• I~ll!'Ov~your math test score~.
• Beprep~t~~foropen book t~SK
• Cbeckyc:mranswers.
• Gil over aJlrelurmd:te8ts:.
Step Nine
Reduce Test Anxiety
A little IIfl.riely be/lire a tesl impro~e.\' your eaneen.lratian an.d
alertneiis. Ex"eSiii~e worry, or tesl anxw~~, will loweryour teiil seares.
lI.'s pos;;ible fol' smdenIi; wiih ie;;I anxiely lo gel Ihem;;el"es so
worked up Ihallhey ean'l. [hinkclcarly. Thc brain is like a computer in
thaI it eonlaillS a great deal of informaliOll. This informal'ion i, u\eie;;s,
however, if you're nOI able [0 "acces8" ir when you nccd it. Having le,1
~nxieiy is like not having Ihe password for your compuler. The infor­
ma;ion i' I'here, hut you can' I gel 10 i lTo rcduce reSI auxlcry, Mudy enough to feel confident Ihal. you
know Ihe material. Then lry to replace Ihe worry and negative
wiIh Ihoughl' thal are po.,ilive and relaxing. Some of Ihe f"llowing
suggc8rions lIlay help you:
St<l!1. studying early. The nighl before a le~l, review Ihe malerial
ami gel agood uighl~ ~Ieep. Cramming iuerea,es rCSI. anxiery.
MClllally Pl'uctlce going ,hlDUgh Ihe te;;ting experience. Close your
eye, aml see younelf calmly and confidcnlly wdlking into Lh" le,1.
See )'our,elf answering Ihe que~li"ns correclly. and Ihen ,ee YOllr_
"elfTeceiving Ihe grade you wanl. Go dlroUgh ihis menial imagery
exerci se several times hefnre the day of Ihe tesl.
Walk inlo Ihe le.11 wilh your head lip and wilh your shoulder" hack.
How you aCI can definitely affeeI how you feel. If yon aCI eOl'.fi­
denl, you may jUSl find Ihal you fed mOre conlidcnl.
A'k. oludenl" if any of
Ihem h""e evel' ti"zen
whik lal::i.-'-'.g a ICSI. Ask
Lhem 10 ,hare how iI
felL Wha1did 11,,,y do
(or whaI could Ihey
have done) 10 reduce
Ask alhlcles and
mll,icians whaI Ihey do
before a r,(Jmpelilion Or
concert In help Ihem
perfmm Iheir he'l.
Ri:mind 'Iudenl' of
Step One, Believe in
Here are commOll rel"xarion technique;; for you I() Iry:
J) Tate a deep breaIh, hold iI, and Ihen ;;Iowly release Ihe brealh
and Ihe len.liou. Do Ihi" until you Icel your body relax.
2) Swrr ~t tl,e top of your head, t1exing and then relaxing each PflIT
of your hody.
3) Clo"e yourcycs and kiyoul' anns hang down MyouI' sldcs. As
you ,elax, visnal ize the tension from your heaJ, neck, and shoulders
n"wing down yom aml" and 0\11. rhrough yom tiuge!1.lps.
Have _111denl8 try Ihese
fci"x.uiol'. Tcchniqucs.
,.i O".le y<Jnr ~y<;;; ao.d vi""d '£~ "'ann 5"Ij,jhin~ """,,rung <lVer y<;Ju,
md\ill~ away ,he "'1l,iQ n a~d ldJ.;l;; CIg dll "f ,Your nlu,d"s.
5) Thill\. or" rLKe whiTe y'-,\]
f~d ~<r)' rcl,,~ecl
and calm Cl<);e
yc'Uf f)'~" ~nd "l~u~l!f.~ ~rjn~ in lh~l rl~';e.
p(}&ll'''~ thiTllifl~ ,'nll ",la~~"l)u l~<'hnjq,,~< J1'~ like ~I'Ylhing eli'<'.
Til: mO'" YC>U pr.'c lie'. lbe.Jil. Ih. b~lln )'(1Il g.ct, 11' ",'" c('nlinuc t" b~\·e
pl'oblems w,ill le'l an.U~ly_ tal k. 1fl )('llT CllllD'el<:>r,
Get Help When-""~
lru,lIl;fy lru: ,upport
p'Xlple in y"ur school
and discuos how lhes¢
people can be [,clp[ulto
your Sru<lClltS.
Ask. ,tudent, ifil1ey feel
IhM !lara..<sment is a
prohl~lll ill their schooL
If so.lli,;cuss whaI
smdenlS should <10.
At some point, )'ou're going to have a qllC;;li('n l'f" plobl~lJ1l'('n­
cemJng a class, schoo) rule, teacnel', or fellow \ludeul. MOll yuesli"o,
call bc answcred and mo,t probkms resolved if )','u nplam d'e ~l\ua­
tion 10 !he appropriate per"on (q;., secretary, prlnclral. "',lchc r, Wun·
If you need academic help, Or if you hav" a cJals-relulrd pn:'blem.
talk w yonr teachel', If the pl'ObJem conlinues, 01' if you in) Ih,! Y0n
ean'llalk to your teacher, see yOlll' counlelol'. If yon eYer fed lllllmi­
daiild or haras~ed by an01her stud em, tell a teacher. eonuse!ol', "l" prin­
cipal immelHately. lfyou ever have a problelll anll yml're 11m '"re
where t\) go for help, lalk [0 yonr_c\)un~eJor.
E\'ery s!udem has hislher share of normal iilenage pl'Oblems. Som~.
'!.Udell!', however, have pl'\)blelllS lh~[ are;;\) ovclwhelming thartbey
Cal'.nOl pay at.temi<Ju;n dalS 01' concel•. lInte On [heir schoolwork. Even
though [heymayputup a good froul, lhese sludeul~ ne('.d to gel help.
If you are dealing with any of the followiug, pkase talllto a pareI'!
ur coun,elur immediately: alcobol, dnlg~, pregna!lcy, an abu,ive Tela­
I.i\>l'.ship, an ealing dj'ol'lIer, a health coucern. pro blem.~ at home, de­
pressiou. Thousauds of,rullcnto across the country are ~Ilugglillg with
these sameploblems. The .~marl ones get help.
did "II the thil~gs wc are capable 'if doiN!"
would iilerally <l,"toll(.I'h 'Hlrst/ves." TI,o"',,-' Edi,o"
TIps for Parents
l'iJur cllildren Iwed you 10 be in/ere.tell and inwl~ed in their
ocade",i" prognn. YOI/., cllildren must, h(J)fICYu, be usponsible
for IlIti, (.til''' grade", alieildanee, anti behavior.
sl.udcnl.s lale
their parenls to ICad lhi,
Be inlere~ted. Make sure lhal your child Know.' lhal his/her academic
progress is jrnpor1anl to you. Atlem] all open house" and parenl confer­
enCei'. Know \,,;hen each grading: period cnds, and make sure I.hal. yOll
,ee all progre~s reports and report canis as soon "-, they come out. If
you do nOI gee a progre,s rep orr or rcporl. card, iuuncdialdy callihe
school and l'equ<!st. a copy. Do /l.0>}II3[ assume Ihar someolle will call
you !( there'", a pmblenL
DiscU6~ classes
and of. goal;;, Sir down wilh your SOD 01' daughlcr at
Lhe kginningof each grading period and help him/hu ,el reali~tic aca­
dcmic goals for1!:1al ICl'm. Your child will bellerundemand whal your
expeclatiom are, and having g(}'t1~ will give your child ~omeLhing to
"".,)rk Lowank For example, al Ihe beginning of Ihe grading period,
KMhy and hcl' p"rCI\IS decided thQt ,he ;;hould be able to earn A's in
malh, ,ocial "Iudie~, Engli,h, PE, and art Since Kathy finds Spaui,h
and hiology a little more di fficllll, Lhey decided Ihal in th"'e two 'llh­
jocl.s, they'd be vcry pleased with B's.
Th":mghouLLhe tenn, recognize effOlt and impruvement. Acknowl­
cdgr. car.h ar.adcmk- Bucres:;, cve.n if ir"s only a good g,rad,'. on a quiz or
homewol'k assignm.ellt. At the end of a terlll, vou
can offer "rewards"
if goab are mel and/or "cou,eq ~cnce.I" if they're not Rcward.1 are
panicularly goodwhen you want Loellcourage a change in alIendance.
dror\, Or behavior. (Evcnlually, doing well wii! bc ita own rcward.)
COI1~eqllence, ,hould he logical whenever pos~;ble. For example, a
logical cotl5cquencc for routinely being lal" I" ochool is an carlier bed­
time. Never take aWliY a po~i tive activi ty (~port" ~chool pl,,-y~, music ­
le,»ons, oC()ulillg, Cle.) a~ a eouscqucllCC.
Be available to hel». Bc available whelp willl homework, bUI don'l
give more help Lhan is wan led. YOllrsonordallghlermay nor <Isk again.
Keep in mind mal il is youI' child's fCBPOIlSibiliry W be organized, 10 gel
homework done, and to prep<Ire for Ie,t,.
b()(}klet home and ".,k
J,i~'t~n. T~lk III you!' drilJ "rout
whm', "n,!,p~ni e.g ill ,~cho\\ "" a
[< "" f.
E/!c{lur~l:e iuvolwmenl.
SrJ,Je"", "ho .,,, in~nh'rrl in -'chonl-wble<:i
l~U. lUre; enjuy ,d)<)ollJ>Jre, "nr! t,I,<;;,' l:e'IC'rJ'l)' hJI'e ~rcnrer 2c~,k/11ic
'Ue,'e" F Ilwklm",e you' r,hilJ [,<, be :n 1'01'''0.1 it! <W~ or mort' ."l;Y;lic',
UI :;dlOO!.
[lOti";L i'dJindl!Lbs.
1\01 ake 9nr~ [hal y"Ul' "hild is 1I~1 ';P~Ll';'
10" ;nucn lim~ I'auj-,ing IV, ?lavi~g collll''''''[ t'-dm-c", "l'1"jk m~ (~l
Aloo, lua!(e ,mc 111a( j"'nr chi]d j, fOl, "''',,};'ing (,<>0 m~l:y
D(wr.< ','r wu, king wo In~~ aL 'joh_
'lI"-'<,nL' n\~~e "
«ilD" ',i'l lor fUre'.l'o,
l!!I-ILqrhllll "<lo~'::
• Don' : lIa~ abollt SCh'JJl UI ~) del,,", Y"ur dild ..... i11 tuno y<,o (lUI
• DO<l -t ~J1""v 'our.,),i:<ll.<l mi% \'L\i"oJ ",,10'9 h~!J;~p i~ '-e~ll\ ill You
wit! "'~u a m~,:;"gc tl\1(, ,,clIO' ,: i<n 'I., ,;rnpor,nllf
• DOll'! uilicne ille~d~r in f..,-,,,! of Y'"'' GhJ<l Yon; cbild w.n 'TIlly j.)se
r~,p"C< fcr 1e:>d,er,
• 001"[ J '];Jlc ,"on.' ~hilcl', f,ilurt'-;; IOf ,UC,ci',Ss~,) )'UU" own, Yo"''- "~ild
'My \er grllil1g rOOl' ~>T~de;; 'S a "·ay w rebeL
• Don' r b~e ex pectw(j~s Ih,ll ar~, u!lr~a'i,[io, K(](j",i~g I",(,h~ ,>,,11
never h~, a\)l. 10 meel Lbeen, your chil~ fllaX d<cido to a,,( <. wu tty.
A,k m,JeIJ[, if U1"l'
1)a,e, 'loJ clJ\,i~~ (" ,JJ
r.o ll!i' "1'iI" r;,,' Par~mc,"
Wvrk with th.. ~l. Know l'lat teacher;;, counoelors, M~ pr:uci·
pall~'" rhrle IC help you!' rhild geT me be't ~ililC",ion 1'o"i!)lo A
he:ll.h pmblelll, a de2lh 'n rh" r~"tily, ',"1: " elivorc~ can affeCl yo~r cnild '5
dr/iruJe a",I""'l! in ~,'h(1fJl If :;u;b a GirClllnmlUce ,bnlll~
",i,e" ,,,II the, s~h"<Jl "nd tell lhe-m wh~l'~ g-Oill.'( nil ][ y,"u b"'" a
"r "on.'er~ I,h~t r,:l:ue, l'-i ",(=,fie
rOo, Olr,el <J"c",ioru'
If Your CbiJd
~"', "'l!'~~m.;
,~~chr r nr r l.~"
tall ror.
c.lJ YOOfchilJ'5 ('OllD,c!or
Notlloillg Wl.'ll in School..
~o" ci,Hden(, "'lro Jon'! d" well jn 'Th.:lol)'e,·1 ~ kr fa; lure, 'nK':
"'" ff\I,\H\1ed, Ji,coungeJ, ~!lJ S<Jmclll><lS Jllj;J)', 11>l' "I ""n', ('ore
allilude lhey display l~ usually a def,'nBe Ill,'challism. II.' s impm1am fol'
Ihese students IO know that lheir parenl, have not given up On lhem.
They al", need lO know lhm their parents nrc inwresled, supportive,
aud willing to t.ake the lime 10 help them figure oul how 10 be more
succe"ful in ,",hooL
Smdcllls who are uot.(loiug well in schoo! u~ually have problem8 in
one or more of the following area~:
AHeudance: It i8 extremely important for 'lmlenl' to be in s~hooL on
lime, every day. Unles, achild is [fIJly ill, hclsheneeds to bein SdlOOL
AnprouriateneS8 of Courses: We caunot expecI studen!.!; to get good
grades if they are .i.n the wrong cla"e,. If any oryour child'.1 ~oUr,e,
are too di ffi~lLh, 100 ea~y, or nOI righl for hlnllher, call the school couu­
.sclor, You may also wam tD look inrn caleer-oriented (vocaiional) plD­
gram" Many sludenls arc happicr and more successfnl in Caleel' aud
Ieclmology program' where there i~ a mOre "hands-on" approach lO
Accollutability: II's humau nature to be lempted to "~jack off' when
we'rc uot held accountable. How seriously would mosl wurker, rake
their joh if they knew lhal dleir bos~e~ would ue-ver know how hard
Ihey we.'.'e wOI' or how many days lhey had mi,~ed?
Your child needs 10 know that.someone cal'es alld ihat someone is
checking on how he/she i" doing. Your child alS(> needs lO know thal
successes \\'ill bc rccoguizcd and ihat. poor performance> w i.lI be no­
Iiced. See every progre,.1 reporl and report ~ard, and if your child has
a low grade in a c1a~s, eoulaCI rile tencher, Your son or daughter also
needs tD know 1bat you will be cOl1sistem in yimr inlerest
t\lcohQII Drug Abuse: Smdent, who ahu'e alcohol anJ/or drugs are
onen di~lracled lO lhe poilll whcrc Iheir school pe.rfol'mance is affencd.
[f you know or ,uspeel thaI your ~hild i, drinkiug Or using drug" talk lO
him/her. If you uced infonnalwnor advice, lalk to yourdOCIorol' to ihe
5chool coun~elor. They can help you.
II you bdiel'e rhal Ihere are mila rea.wm for yor,r child tlOi
doing well ill school, mak.<- an appOinlmenf 10 see your son Or
da.Ilghter',I' couIl"eior. Recognizing Ihallllar!'s (l probiem;s Ille
firM, und m",-t imporlanl, Slep in../inding a salUlion.
Final Thou.ghts
R""d Ihe,e qUl'''''' ;lj\d
ask. SIU(\eIllS 10 d,O(l',
one lhal. ,hey relme 1.0.
Have lhr,lfi ",ri.te 0
paragraph about. why
Ill;, qll()Ie i~ lIlEmingfuL
A"'k. ,lllllenl~ Lo br;ng
ill adJil;onal '1Holes that
they find meaningfuL
;lj'~ ",'"nat W~ lef'e~\~\lly u" E~cdkl\cc. ,hell, \; n<)\ an
~~l. pUt ,1 h.,hi, Ansl"l/'­
Tile Iro;;cdy "flife ,j('~,n't 1i,' In 1",1 reacll"ng
tf~~~dy liH 111 h~"i[1~ nc' ~,'allo re,,,-h.
~(,UT g:1'Jl
"-i,,,~in .~"n.,
Tne nl"'1 ",. bo t>~l'e"e' lie. COli dc' ;;",n~l hiliof' i, rr"p"nJ)' r1)'ht.
and sO 18 the 1I1'J[, who t>l'li<>~'~' he tan' t ,~1,,'''''111~'''
• The whole world
"~f" a,',dc for tlie pen<:>11 ",11" know' ",'h=
he is going. Anon)'''''''''
}]e '" ho
never fell never c1 imhtd
Successfu1lloopk haw,leame<.l m 111~k~ Ih"m,eh'e~ do 1he
tiling lhal has w be done wilen il. ha' 1<;> t-e d"lIe whellier
they like ir 01' uot Aldo~" }Tuxle,l'
Failure j, rhe OPDontln.iry 10 begin again mOle illle Iii ,elltly
}Tenry F()rd
•;; are (Ilually Jis~lJ;scd 3$ hard work> ,(' Hwot
p.:opJe dOll' I. recognil,e I.hem. Ann tal'lda.'
The greatestthillg in I'b;~ world i~ DOl. sO much where we
arc, but in wlla' direction we are moving.
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Many of life',; faiJul'M are people ",1'0 ,lid uot ,-eaJiz.: how
close rhcy ",.-ere w sncce88 when [hey gave lLp
Thoma.' Edi"on
All ,hings are djffietrl t before I.hcy are MSY, Thoma" p"Uer
You are neyer a losel' you quir'll)'ing. Mike Dirk"
Succet;\ it; a sl.ate ofminJ, lfyoll wanl. success> s\ar1.l.hin1f
iug or yOllrself at; "success. Anonymo""