The Good We Do The ACE Academy Scholarships, May Fair and Babies

President’s Message
Scholarships, May Fair and Babies
The Good We Do
Last week was one that showcased the good work we do
as members of the Vacaville Rotary Club.
On May 9th an impressive number of you showed up
to volunteer at the Dixon May Fair. Each special
needs child who came to enjoy the
fair was paired with a Rotarian who
was there to assist with riding the
rides, seeing the animals and all the
May Fair has to offer. Smiles were
everywhere, and not just on the
On May 12th, you were there to honor and cheer on
the latest Vacaville Rotary Scholarship winners. We
are fortunate to have such a bright and well-rounded
group of future scholars here in Vacaville. Those who
attended can attest to how grateful each
student was to our club for helping to make college possible for them. The money you commit to our scholarship program makes a big difference to these kids, and
ultimately, to the future of our community.
Recently, we received a note of thanks from Diedre
Eckles, fellow Rotarian and executive director of Alpha
Crisis Pregnancy Center. Our club helped them purchase
25 “shaken baby dolls” that Alpha is using to educate
young parents about the devastating effects shaking a baby can have. If the dolls prevent even one parent from
shaking their child, we very well may have saved a life.
Sure, Rotary is about our lunches, programs and
parties, but mostly it’s about the good work we do, and
last week, we done good.
May 22, 2014
Janet Dosker & Jeff Erickson
The ACE Academy
ACE Academy for
Architecture, Construction & Engineering combines rigorous
academic and technical education for
juniors and seniors
interested in the richly
rewarding career paths in the design-build industry.
This hands-on, innovative educational method
ignites students' creativity and performance
through project and competency-based learning.
ACE's 2-year program incorporates state-of-theart technology tools and college accredited curriculum, career coaching, internships and industry
With us today to tell us more about the ACE
program is Jeff Erickson from ACE and Janet
Dosker from Buckingham Charter School.
Upcoming Speakers
May 29 — Joanie Erickson
Solano Coalition for Better Health
Upcoming Events
June 25 — Dark (for Installation Dinner)
June 27 — Installation Dinner, Hampton Inn, 6 p.m.
Will Wylie, Vacaville Rotarian for
50+ Years, Passes Away
Will Wylie, a Vacaville Rotary Past President with perfect
attendance for 55 years, lost his battle with cancer earlier
this month. Will was known for his humor and gentlemanly
nature and helped lead our club through many changes in his
long tenure with us. Go Bears!
Mark your Calendar Now for
the June 27 Installation
We know how popular you are and how your dance
card fills up. That’s why this friendly reminder is here for
a calendar marking the evening of June 27.
Beginning at 6 pm at the Hampton Inn, we will have a
couple of beverages, some nice conversation, a nice meal
and will celebrate the installation of our new president
Tom Thurmond and his board.
Dinner will be a savory and
sumptuous meal prepared by the
acclaimed Chef Daniel. Dress is
dressy and/or business attire. The
cost is $50 a ticket.
Don’t let this Rotary tradition
pass you by with another commitment that won’t be nearly as fun.
Next Up: Vacaville Rotary 2014/2015 Officers and Directors
President: Tom Thurmond
President Elect: Carol Landry
Past President: Rob Sesar
James Haskell
Jeremy Craig
Michael White
Mark Creffield
Jan Larsen
Shea McGuire
Bob Kyle
Chris Donhost
Treasurer: Milton Steck
Secretary: Cathy Mathews
Sergeant-at-Arms: Scott Reynolds
Program Chair: Jerry Sullivan
Cool, Easy
Sunrise, Holiday Inn Express, 7:15 a.m., Tuesdays
Eventide, Pietro’s #2, 6:30 pm, Wednesdays
Davis, Community Church, noon, Mondays
Fairfield-Suisun, Kroc Center, 12:10 p.m., Tuesdays
FF-Suisun Twilight Club, Rockville Bar & Grill,
6:10 p.m., Mondays
Cordelia, Courtyard Marriott, 7:15 a.m., Wednesdays
Dixon, May Fair Grounds, 12:15 p.m., Wednesdays
Pictured here are the winners of the 2014 Vacaville Rotary
Scholars, along with President Rob and scholarship coordinator Greg Banks and the Rotary scholarship judges. Congratulation to all of the winners, and special thanks to Greg, his
wife Susan and all the other Rotarians who participated.
Board of Directors
President — Rob Sesar — 453-0196
President-Elect — Tom Thurmond — 448-6976
Past-President — Mike Vieira — 446-2794
Secretary — Cathy Mathews — 451-6681
Treasurer — Milton Steck — 448-5430
Sgt.-at-Arms — Scott Reynolds — 425-1250
Club Committees
Club Administration
President: Rob Sesar — 453-0196
Secretary: Cathy Mathews— 451-6681
Treasurer: Milton Steck — 448-5430
Programs: Dallas Jackson — 446-7014
Sgt. At Arms: Scott Reynolds — 425-1250
The Rotary Foundation
Mike Conner — 448-6273
Public Relations
Chris Motes — 290-5806
Club Service
Chris Motes — 290-5806
Chris Donhost — 448-4900
Community Service
Louie DeBartolo — 453-1111
Shea McGuire-Keane — 301-1349
Vocational and Youth Services
Sherri McBride — 447-5600
Charlie Ricketts — 529-5729
Chris Donhost — 301-0739
Carol Landry — 297-2062
Julia Chandler — 447-0198
Program Committee
Dallas Jackson — 446-7014
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