How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!

How to get your
A Photo of 2 Old Men
(A Fascinating Tale for People
who are Destined to get Old)
Ray Walter Swangkee 
The Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge,
Box 305E53, King’s Mountain, Kentucky
40442 The Divided States of United Lies!
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“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer
and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests
be made known to God; and the peace of God, which
surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and
minds through Christ Jesus. Finally, brothers/sisters,
whatever things are true, whatever things are noble,
whatever things are just, whatever things are pure,
whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good
report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything
praiseworthy, meditate on those things.” Philippians 4:
6  8, Revised New King James Version (RNKJ)
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Copyright, Dedication, and
The Professor Wordcraft from
The Universal College of Superior Knowledge
This Unique Book is COPYRIGHTED 2003 AD, by Ray
Walter Swangkee, whose God-given Pen Name is The
PEACOCK, who is the Author of more than 200 Inspired Books
and Booklets, which he wrote since he Retired more than 30 Years
ago on Angel Ridge.1 All Rights are Reserved for the Truth’s Sake.
No Portion of this Exceptionally Good Book shall be
Reproduced by any Means for Sale: because it is Gratefully
provided Free of Charge by The Swangkee Association of Truth
Seekers and Treasure Hunters, Worldwide!2
This Special Book is now DEDICATED to those hundreds
of millions of Deceived People of Various Religions, who Need to
get their Priorities in ORDER: because they are not PREPARED
for the Great Worldwide FAMINE that is Coming, let alone being
Prepared for the Return of Jesus Christ as the KING of Kings and
RULER of Rulers; but they have no Idea as to HOW to get their
Priorities in Order: because it is not something that we are Taught
anything about in the School of Fools, the Universal College of
almost Worthless knowledge, nor even within our Faithless
Churches of Graceful Sinners: because, if Enough People should
Think about getting their Priorities in ORDER, and then Act on it,
See the Peacock’s Website for his Free Booklet, called: Justification of
See the Peacock’s Website for his Free Booklet, called: Is it a SIN to Make
MERCHANDISE of The Words of God??
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
X-amount of Businesses would simply go OUT of Business,
including the School of FOOLS, the Universal College of almost
Worthless knowledge,3 and the Faithless Church of Hardhearted
Unbelievers  all of whom Deserve to go through that Great
Worldwide FAMINE, wherein it will not Rain on all of the Earth
for 3 Years and 6 Months, according to the Book of Revelation,
Chapter 11! Therefore, let all Wise People SIT UP and Pay Strict
Attention to what the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge has to
Reveal: because he has a Special GIFT from the Master Farmer,
who has Inspired this Special Book for YOUR Sakes: beCause
everyone who Manages to get his or her Priorities in Order, will
Escape from that Great Tribulation, and will Thank God that they
were Patient Enough in Order to Study this Unique Book, even as
Boring as it might be to some Colorblind People, who Suffer with
Constipation of the Mind, and cannot even Understand that they
are the LEAST Prepared for that Great Famine! Indeed, they have
put their Trust in a WICKED Anti-Christ FALSE Cover-up
Federal Government of DEVILS in High Places, who Recommend
a 3- or 4-day Supply of Water, just in case there is a Terrorist
Attack; but they seem to Know NOTHING about that Great
Worldwide FAMINE that is Coming, if we do not all REPENT!4
In Fact, it is as if those Political Rabbits never even Heard about
Prophecies, or else they have no Faith in them: beCause of so
many FALSE Prophets, who are almost as Numerous as Politicians
and Lawyers: beCause almost anyone can Claim to be a Prophet,
even without Attending one Church Service, and certainly without
(which Capitalizes such Unimportant words as Ray Walter Swangkee, Ford
Motors, Pepsi Poison, and General ElecTRICK; but Fails to Capitalize such very
Important Words as Honesty, Light, Truth, Faith, Hope, Love, Trust, Patience,
Persistence, Sun, Earth, Moon, Topsoil, Water, and World, which is a Mystery:
because it is Obvious that the Earth is much more Important than President
George Walking BUSH, for Example, who has no Power over the Wind and the
Rain, and Certainly cannot Twist the Arm of God, nor put him into a Headlock!)
See the Peacock’s Website for his Free Booklets, called: What will you Do
when the Rain STOPS??, Can Politicians be Trusted??, and: What does it
Mean to REPENT??
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Studying the Scriptures in the Light of Historical Facts: because
that is a Wide-open Territory, or Unexplored Territory, you might
say, which the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge has also
Explored to some Degree; but without any Great Success: because
all of his Prophecies are Strictly for the FUTURE, which never
seems to Arrive! Indeed, it is the very same Problem that you
might Discover while Reading that Holy Bible, whose Prophets
were about as VAGUE as the Book of Revelation, which is
MASSIVE Confusion to most Minds: beCause of its Deep
SYMBOLOGY, whereby one very Understandable Thing is Used
in Order to REPRESENT something else, which is far less
Understandable; but only because all of the Necessary Information
is not Available. For Example, the Seven Golden Candlesticks
Represent the Seven Churches; and the Seven Burning Lamps of
Fire, which are before the Throne, Represent the Seven Spirits of
God, which most Christians cannot even Name: beCause the Holy
Bible does not List all of them in Order! (See Revelation 1: 12 
20, and 4: 5, for the Details.) Indeed, it is as if the Holy Bible were
DESIGNED for Massive Confusion among Ignorant FOOLS, who
Refuse to even STUDY IT  as if they had something more
Important to DO! Therefore, those People certainly have their
Priorities OUT of Order: because, without the Spiritual Guidance
of those Sacred Writings, we become just exactly what we are right
NOW  a Nation of Confused Debt-ridden FOOLS, who have no
Reasonable Solutions for any of our Massive Problems, who are
more than 20 TRILLION Dollars in DEBT to those Squirrelly
Bankers! Yes, the Average American has more than $10,000 worth
of Credit Card Debts, alone (or about 2 trillion Dollars); but then
there are State Debts (worth hundreds of billions), County Debts,
City Debts, Business Debts, Personal Debts, and National Debts
(of more than 7 Trillion Dollars, alone) which have those Added
INTEREST Payments of another 4 Trillion Dollars: because of the
Fact that such Debts will Require as much as 20 Years, just to Pay
Off the PRINCIPLE on the LOANS!  that is, IF we Decide to
make any Effort toward Paying Off such Loans, since the
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
“Economists” say that Borrowing Money and going into Debt is
“Healthy for our Economy”! HUMBUG!! Yes, DOUBLE
Humbug: beCause the only People who PROFIT from such Loans
are BANKERS and Money Lenders, who are the LEAST Worthy
of so much Money: beCause they Do the LEAST Amount of
WORK! Indeed, they take RISKY Chances when they Invest in
such Businesses as ENRON and WORLDCOM; but, generally
speaking, the Big Bankers are the Wealthiest People in the World,
who can Afford HUGE Towering Bank Buildings, and Endless
Sprawling Personal Property, while they Eat thousand-dollar
Dinners with Politicians, and take million-dollar Weekend
Vacations with Pretty Skunks and Lying Snakes; and yet you never
Hear a BAD Word about Bankers on the Evening News: because
they are Exempt from Criticism! In Fact, the Bankers have it
Neatly Arranged in such a Way that they can hardly be Blamed for
anything that might go Wrong: beCause they are the SAINTS of
the Business World, who have much Love and Compassion for the
Poor Souls at Home and Abroad, who Rely upon them for more
Money: beCause it is “MONEY that Greases the Wheels of
Capitalism,” as they say, which is True! However, LOTS of
Money is not only Good for Bankers, and other Rich Capitalist
HOGS; but it is Good for all of US, if it is Used WISELY: because
it can be a Great Blessing. However, if your Mind has not been
MESMERIZED by those HUGE Towering Bank Buildings, which
give to Weak Minds the False Sense of True Prosperity, you might
be Interested in Learning HOW that we can ALL get Moderately
Rich, without Borrowing any Money, without going into Debt,
without Preaching any Lies, and without Selling any TRASH!5
Nevertheless, if there are any CHIEF Criminals in this
World of Woes, the List of such Criminals would Naturally have to
INCLUDE those Greedy Squirrelly Bankers, who HORDE UP
OUR NUTS in their Banks, you might say: beCause they make
See the Peacock’s Website for his Free Booklet, called: Why Buy any more
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Sure that their Bank Buildings are Well Prepared for most
Disasters, including those Tornadoes, Floods, Fires, Hurricanes,
Earthquakes, and Volcanoes: because most of their Banks are
RESISTANT to all such Damages, which might be Caused by
Natural “Phenomenon,” but their own Personal Houses are
Certainly NOT Fireproof, Hail-proof, Tornado-proof, Mouseproof, Rat-proof, ROT-proof, Termite-proof, Paint-proof, Self-airconditioned, and Insurance-proof, like Marble-faced Steelreinforced Concrete Bank Buildings with Granite Floors: because
they do not Desire that anyone should Discover the Truth about
Houses! No, those Poor Bankers cannot Afford to Loan US Tax
Slaves and Interest Slaves Enough Money in Order to make
PROPER Houses, which are as Good or Better than the Swangkee
Brothers’ 98% Rock Houses: beCause, if every American House
were Designed Correctly, and Built with 4-foot-thick SOLID
Walls, which are Faced with Colorful Marble or Granite, those
Poor Bankers could not Collect upwards of 400 BILLION Dollars
per YEAR for Interest or Usury on their Loans! †‡6 Indeed, I
Assume that you have Heard about Compound Interest, the Second
Mortgage, and the Divorce Court, which are all Weirdly Related to
those Friendly BANKERS!7 Nevertheless, do not Allow it to
WORRY you any: because you can keep your Mind on
“…whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever
things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are
lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue
and if there is anything praiseworthy,…” in the Great Divided
States of United Lies! Yes, you may now Meditate on those
GOOD Things that Build up your Faith in the PRIDE and
VANITY of the District of Criminals, in George Washington’s
OUTHOUSE  that is, in the Little White BACKHOUSE in the
District of Colombian Drug Addicts, where you can Discover the 2
See the Peacock’s Website for his Free Booklet, called: Justification of
Symbols, Creatures, and Characters!
See the Peacock’s Website for his Free Booklet, called: WHO are the REAL
Bank Robbers??, followed by: Can Lawyers be Trusted??
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Stinking Holes for the Dimwitcrats and Reprobates to SQUAT
ON, while we Tax Slaves and Interest Slaves are supposed to
Relish what comes out of there. Yes, we are supposed to GOBBLE
IT UP as if it were the GOSPEL TRUTH! But behold, when the
RAIN STOPS, and the Fields have NOTHING in them to EAT,
the Great FALSE Economy will CRASH! Yes, it will be
WORSE than that Great Depression of the 1930’s: because, during
that Time, most of the People still Lived on the LAND, where they
might have Scratch out something to Eat from their Gardens, if it
Happened to RAIN; but behold, most of the People now Live
within Cities of Confusion, where there are few if any Fruitful
Gardens, and few People who have any Idea HOW to make a
Garden Productive, even if they are GIVEN ONE! Indeed, 95% of
the Americans are now TRAPPED within those STINKING Filthy
Cities of MASSIVE Confusion, where they Live in FEAR of
Terrorists, while the Greater Fear should be their Belly Buttons
Rubbing on their Backbones for HUNGER and THIRST: beCause
all Terrorists in the World, COMBINED, are not nearly so
of the Master Farmer being “PISSED OFF,” as they say! Yes, he
could become very ANGRY with such a Nation of FOOLS, who
have had all of the Opportunities in Order to make themselves and
everyone else in the whole World MODERATELY RICH, just by
their Labors, alone; but, instead, they have Chosen to WASTE
their Time, Money, Materials, and Energy on FOOLISHNESS 
such as Running to Work in their Abominable Gas-hog Cars, when
they could simply get up and go to Work at HOME, if their Homes
were set up PROPERLY on the Land that Feeds and Clothes them!
(See the DRAWING at the Rear End of this Book.)
However, most Americans do not LIKE to Work with their
Hands in a Garden, Orchard, Vineyard, nor Homecraft Workshop:
because “that Kind of Labor is only Good for MEXICANS and
Negroes, or the Lowest Class White TRASH,” they say, who do
not Deserve to be Moderately RICH: beCause they did not Attend
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
the School of Fools, nor Graduate from the Universal College of
almost Worthless knowledge, which does not even Capitalize such
Important Words as FAMINE, Drought, Thirst, Hunger, Pains, and
DEATH, itself: beCause they Assume that Burger King and
McDonald Hamburgers are more Important; but behold, when the
Rain STOPS, and there is NOTHING to Eat, nor anything left to
Drink: because of POVERTY with a Capital P, they will have to
Revise their Spelling Methods! Yes, they will Suddenly begin to
Understand the Importance of LOVE, Honesty, Hard Work, Faith,
Hope, Patience, Trust, Persistence, Longsuffering, and all of those
GOOD Things, which they have not been Meditating on! No, they
have not Considered the GREAT Multi-meanings of the Words
“FAMINE, Poverty, Crime, Terrorism, Thirst, Hunger, Sickness,
Disease, WAR, and DEATH,” since they have been Thoroughly
Distracted by the Devil’s Vision of Entertainment on Television.8
Yes, they have been Playing BALL Games, and Dancing at their
own FUNERAL, you might say: because even an IDIOT could See
that we are set up Perfectly for DISASTER in the 360th Degree! In
Fact, few Nations of Idiots ever Existed who were LESS Prepared
for such a Great FAMINE, than we are now, who are so PROUD
of our Wonderful Federal Governments!9 Indeed, more than 50%
of the Eligible American Voters do not even bother themselves to
go to the Polls: beCause they Know for a FACT that nothing is
Gained by Voting for 2 WRong Parties!10 Moreover, they also
Know for a Fact that it does not do any Good to VOTE for The
GOAT: because the Goat has LESS of a Chance for Winning the
Election, than a Political RABBIT has: because the Goat is just
TOO HONEST! Indeed, Honesty will keep you OUT of
See the Peacock’s Website for his Free Booklet, called: Is Television a Gift
from God, or SATAN??
See the Peacock’s Website for his Free Booklets, called: Why am I so
PROUD to be an American??, and: Do you Pledge your Allegiance to God,
or to a RAG??
See the Peacock’s Website for his Free Booklet, called: What is WRong with
C-span??, followed by: VOTE for The GOAT!
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Washington’s Outhouse: because it STINKS from the Top to the
Bottom! Yes, it has been Filled with Elephant Droppings and
Donkey Dung for YEARS: because no one has bothered to
CLEAN HOUSE, since it STINKS too much for an Honest Person
to go in there and Deal with it: because it is Piled up to the Ceiling!
Indeed, the whole Political Game is REPULSIVE to any Honest
Person: because it is Ruled by MONEY, and by the “Love of
Money,” which is the Root of all Evils, as the Apostle Paul
Warned! (See First Timothy 6.) Yes, Politicians can Buy their
Way into their Orifices, if they have Enough MONEY; but Poor
Abe Lincoln would not stand a Chance: because there are no Open
Debates with Honest People like the Colorful Peacock from Angel
Ridge, who could easily put them to Open Shame, if he should be
Allowed to Ask them a few Important Questions.
For Example, the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge
would like to Gather ALL of the Political Rabbits, Porcupine
Lawyers, Squirrelly Bankers, Deceptive Professors, Lying
Preachers, and Misguided Teachers in the whole World,
TOGETHER, for what he Justifiably calls The Great Worldwide
TELEVISED Court HEARING!, where he might Ask them a
few Important Questions, such as this one: “Do any of you
Intelligent People DENY that there are Enough Mountains of
Various Kind of ROCKS, which we could Use Wisely in Order
to Construct GOOD Houses for every Soul in the WORLD? If
you Deny it, PLEASE STAND UP!”  at which Time not one of
those Timid Political Rabbits would DARE to Peep nor Mutter,
much less to STAND UP on their Shaky Legs: beCause they Know
for a FACT that there are Literally hundreds of thousands of
Mountains of Rocks in this World of Wonders: because they have
Done some Traveling; but, Thanks to the Bankers, there is NO
Money for Doing such Important Work: beCause they might put
themselves OUT of Business, since such Houses would Endure for
at least a thousand Years, and would Represent the NEW Money
that would be Minted and Printed in Order to HIRE those Masses
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
of Poor People, in Order to BUILD their own Beautiful $wangkee
Stone DOMEHOME COMPLEXES!  that is, IF we Elected a
New RIGHTEOUS One-World GovernMint! Yes, “Which one
of you People DENIES that we have Sufficient Technology in
Order to Build and Use Solar-powered $wangkee Tools, in
Order to put those Masses of WORKING Soldier to WORK?
 Please STAND UP, if you Deny it!”  at which Time not one
of those Spiritual COWARDS would DARE to Stand up:
beCause they Know for a FACT that we have Sufficient Solar and
Wind Power, and especially after we have Reduced the NEED for
so much Wasted Electricity, by Building Beautiful PLANNED City
States, called: $wangkee Lowtels, Hightels, Castles, and
Fortresses!, which just Happen to have more than 248 Good
Reasons and Great Advantages for Building them and Living
within the Borders of them! Yes, there is very little or NO NEED
for such Abominable Gas-hog Cars within Profitable $wangkee
Fortresses, which have all of the Gardens, Vineyards, Orchards,
Fruit Tree Houses, Homecraft Workshops, and Stone Domehomes
within the Borders of $wangkee MOATS, which are Used in Order
to KEEP OUT all of the Unwanted Creatures, including those Tax
Masters and Interest Masters. (See the DRAWING at the Rear
End of this Inspired Book.) Yes, STUDY that Drawing: because
there are Actually more than 5,000 Good Reasons and Great
Advantages for Building such Beautiful Planned City States, with
NO Great Disadvantages, each of which Governs itself, according
to whatever Religious or Non-religious Body of Wise People just
Happen to Inherit it, at COST! Yes, you Heard it Right, O Drunken
Ducks  those Mountains of Rocks are FREE for getting them,
along with Oceans of Distilled Water, Sand, Gravel, and whatever
Building Materials that we Need, along with Vast Wide-open
Spaces of Under-population, which are just BEGGING US to go
to WORK, in Order to make every Person in the World Moderately
RICH, so that no one in his or her Right Mind has any Good
Excuse or Reason for Wanting to go to War, anymore! Indeed, the
Palestinians can Build their own Beautiful Planned City States, and
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
the Israelis can Build theirs, also; and we can make the City of
Jerusalem the HEADQUARTERS for The New RIGHTEOUS
One-World GovernMint!, where we can Build The Great World
TEMPLE of PEACE, in Jerusalem! Yes, we can provide a Way
for all Honest Hardworking People to get Moderately RICH (no
matter what their Religious and Political Beliefs might be), just by
their Labors, alone: because it is Physically Possible, as the
Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge has Proven with Reason and
Logic, and Offers a ONE-MILLION-DOLLAR REWARD to
anyone who can Prove his Words of Truth to be Wrong!
However, which Priority should be put in First Place 
the Building of Swangkee Fortresses, the Calling Together of
World Leaders, the Publishing of this Great Truth, the
Establishment of Seven Great Swangkee Armies or Working
Soldiers, the Minting and Printing of New Money, or WHAT????
 Chapter 1 
What IS a Priority??
Well, according to the Dictionary, a Priority is the MAIN
CONCERN, or the thing that should have First Place in our Lives.
For Example, Air is more Important than Water, and Water is more
Important than Food, and Food is more Important than Clothing,
and Clothing is more Important than Housing, and Housing is
more Important than Transportation, and Transportation is more
Important than Entertainment. However, there are many other
Important Things. For Example, Spiritual Food is more Important
than Physical Food: beCause, if one does not have Good
Understanding, for Example, he might Drink Liquid Bleach or
Gasoline, and thus Kill himself! Therefore, having Good
Understanding has a Priority over Water and Food; and, in many
Cases, it has a Priority over AIR: because one could be Breathing
some very BAD Air, and thus Poison himself, or even Kill himself:
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
beCause of ASSUMING that the Air is GOOD, since Air is
Natural; but Polluted Air is NOT Natural, nor Necessary: because
it is Possible for all of us to have GOOD CLEAN AIR, as well as
Clothing; Well-made Fireproof, Rot-proof, Termite-proof, Hailproof, Tornado-proof, Paint-proof, Insurance-proof HOUSES,
Workshops, $wangkee Fruit Tree Houses, Swangkee Covered
Highways, and SAFE $wangkee Hotels, Castles, and Fortresses!
Yes, it is Possible and most Practical for all of us who Desire it, to
be Living like SAINTS, rather than be Living like FOOLS,
Homeless Idiots, MORONS, Warmongers, Drug Addicts,
DRUNKARDS, Gluttons, PROSTITUTES, Capitalists, and
SINNERS in general!
However, getting our Priorities ARRANGED in the Right
ORDER is perhaps the BIGGEST MENTAL PROBLEM: beCause
it brings in CONFUSION within the Mind of any Person who
stops in Order to THINK about it. For Example, if CLEAN AIR
should be Priority Number ONE, then we would all have to SHUT
OFF our Gas-hog Cars. PERIOD. Yes, we would have to SHUT
OFF our Industrial GIANTS, and thus COLLAPSE our Great
False Economy: because those Things RELY upon the Things that
Cause POLLUTION of Air, Water, and Land. For Example,
Gasoline contains MTBE’s, for which one single Drop can Poison
the Water in an entire Swimming Pool! However, until People are
dropping Dead in the Streets: because of Breathing BAD AIR, it is
Unlikely that any Governor will Enforce any LAW that Demands
that we SHUT OFF our Automobiles, and just WALK to Work, or
use a Bicycle: beCause our Great False Economy DEPENDS on
the SALE and USE of Automobiles! In other Words, when we get
our Priorities OUT of Order for X-amount of Years, and also get
ourselves ENTANGLED in the Spider’s WEB of CAPITALISM,
we cannot just Suddenly CHANGE our Priorities, and get them
back into the Right Order: beCause we have Crossed the BRIDGE
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
that Separates us from SANITY, and have gone into the Land of
the INSANE, where the Masses of People are not even AWARE of
any Priorities, let alone have any Idea as to HOW to get them into
the RIGHT Order: beCause they have put the “Love of MONEY”
as Priority Number ONE, and Fresh Clean Air is just a Luxury to
them when they go on a LONG Vacation to some Islands in the
Ocean of Forgetfulness, where they might Discover the Smell of a
Salty Breeze, the Taste of a Sweet Mango, the Feel of Pure Water,
or the Refreshing Pleasure of a FAST, whereby they DENY
themselves of Eating all of that Greasy FILTHY Polluting Food,
until it is Thoroughly REMOVED from their Bodies, at which
Time they are Physiologically BORN AGAIN, and even SHINE
with the Glory of GOD, like the Face of Moses SHINED when he
came down from Mount Sinai, after Fasting for 40 Days and 40
Nights. (See Deuteronomy 9: 9, and 18; plus, Exodus 34: 27 
35, which is just ONE Biblical Example of a Holy Man, which
could be True for ALL People, if they were Close to GOD, instead
of Close to Satan and Sons, Incorporated!) Indeed, most People in
most Cities of Confusion, Worldwide, have never Experienced the
JOY of such FREEDOM from their Internal FILTH; and can only
VAGUELY Remember those Happy Days of their Youthfulness,
when they could RUN and PLAY all Day long, and not even get
Tired: because they were so HEALTHY! In Fact, they have long
Forgotten that there was a Time when none of their Muscles were
Sore, even after Working all Day long; and there were no Aches
and Pains within their Bodies: because they were YOUTHFUL,
and STRONG; but now they are OLD and Sick, and even Doubt
that it is Possible for them to REGAIN their Youthfulness, even
though their Bible Assures them of that FACT. For Example, in the
Book of JOB, Chapter 33, it clearly States: “His Flesh shall be
Fresher than that of a Child, he shall Return to the Days of his
Youth…” Verse 25. Moreover, there are many other Inspired and
HIDDEN Words within that Holy Bible, which Confirm the FACT
of Regeneration. For Example, in Psalm 103 of the King James
Version (KJV), it Clearly States:
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
2. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:
3. Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;
4. Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee
with lovingkindness and tender mercies;
5. Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is
renewed like the eagle's. King James Version.
And again, it is Translated slightly differently in the New King
James Version (NKJ), stating:
2. Bless the Lord, O my soul, And forget not all His benefits:
3. Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases,
4. Who redeems your life from destruction, Who crowns you with
lovingkindness and tender mercies,
5. Who satisfies your mouth with good things, So that your youth
is renewed like the eagle's.
Once again, it is Revised slightly differently in the American
Standard Version (ASV), which reads as follows:
2. Bless Jehovah, O my soul, And forget not all his benefits:
3. Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; Who healeth all thy diseases;
4. Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; Who crowneth thee
with lovingkindness and tender mercies;
5. Who satisfieth thy desire with good things, So that thy youth is
renewed like the eagle.
Once again, it is slightly Revised in the Revised Standard Version
(RSV), which reads as follows:
2. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits,
3. who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases,
4. who redeems your life from the Pit, who crowns you with
steadfast love and mercy,
5. who satisfies you with good as long as you live so that your
youth is renewed like the eagle's.
Once again, it is slightly Revised by the Translators of the Living
Bible (LB), which reads as follows:
2. Yes, I will bless the Lord and not forget the glorious things he
does for me.
3. He forgives all my sins. He heals me.
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
4. He ransoms me from hell. He surrounds me with lovingkindness
and tender mercies.
5. He fills my life with good things! My youth is renewed like the
Likewise, the New Jerusalem Bible (NJB) Confirms the Fact about
Regeneration, which reads as follows:
2. bless Yahweh, my soul,
never forget all his acts of kindness.
3. He forgives all your offences,
cures all your diseases,
4. he redeems your life from the abyss,
crowns you with faithful love and tenderness;
5. he contents you with good things all your life,
renews your youth like an eagle's.
(NOTE: The Translators of the New Jerusalem Bible Imagined that
such Words were only POETRY, and therefore they put extra
Spaces between the Lines, perhaps HOPING that someone might
take more Time between reading the Lines, and thus perhaps
MEDITATE on “whatsoever things are Pure, Innocent, Honest,
Lovely, Kind, Praiseworthy, and of a Good Report…” But behold,
even the Reverend Doctor Billy Graham did not Discover those
Words of Truth, even after reading them as many as a hundred
times: because he Claims to have read 5 Psalms each Day of his
Christian Life! In other words, he must have also Imagined that
such Words are just POETRY, rather than TRUTH: beCause, if he
had taken those Words SERIOUSLY, he might have Discovered
The New MAGNIFIED Version (NMV) of Psalm 103, which
reads in Part as follows:)
“Bless the Supreme Ruler, O my Soul, and do not Forget all of
his Marvelous Benefits, who Forgives all of your Lawlessness,
who Heals all of your Diseases; who Saves your Life from all
Kinds of Destruction, Hell, and Misery, which comes upon the
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Wicked People who Reject the Truth; who Surrounds you with
Loving Kindness and Tender Mercies, who Satisfies your
Appetite with Good Fruits, so that your Youthfulness is Renewed,
just like that of the Eagle’s, who gets New Feathers each Year.
Likewise, so shall you Return to the Days of your Youth, when
you Repent of all of your Dietary Sins, and Seek that Strait and
Narrow Path that Leads to Everlasting Good Health in the Holy
Kingdom of All that is Good. Yes, when you Fast and Pray until
you are Cleansed from all Filthiness of the Flesh and Spirit,
Perfecting HOLINESS in the Fear of the Supreme Ruler  who
shall Renew your Strength, so that you shall be Able to Run with
the Deer all Day long, and Walk with God all Night long  then
you shall Mount up on Wings of Great Faith, like the Eagles who
Soar in the Sky; yes, you shall Run, and not be Weary, you shall
Walk, and not Faint: because you shall Return to the Days of
your Youth, when you are Regenerated by Means of Fasting and
Praying, which will Help you to get all of your Priorities in
Order: because you will at Last begin to See, Hear, Smell, Taste,
Feel, and Sense the Truth concerning all Important Subjects.
Yes, you will come to Realize that you have been LIED TO by the
Moneymongers, Whoremongers, Druggerers, and Greedy
Capitalist HOGS, who can never get Enough: because their
Lusts or Longing Desires are Insatiable, or Unable to be
Satisfied: because they have Dug a Bottomless PIT for
themselves and others to Fall into, which they cannot Escape
from until they all REPENT, according to the LAW of
Repentance, which Requires much Fasting and Praying, even as
the People of Nineveh Discovered: because of the Preaching of
Jonah, who Enlightened their Minds with his Inspired Words of
Provable Truth, which were Confirmed by Jesus Christ, who
Warned US that the Men of Nineveh would Rise up during the
Day of Judgment, and would Condemn this Generation of
Hardhearts and Rebels: beCause they Actually Repented
according to the Preaching of Jonah; but this Generation of
Unbelievers and Hypocrites have NOT Repented! No, they have
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
not even Understood what it MEANS to REPENT: because they
have not Studied the New MAGNIFIED Version of the BIBLE!
No, they have not even HEARD of such Words of Truth:
beCause they have CLOSED their Ears, and have SHUT their
Eyes, so that they cannot Hear and See: beCause they have
Vainly Imagined that they already have ALL of the Truth that
they NEED in Order to set themselves FREE from their Prison
of SINS, even though they are Chief SINNERS, being LIARS,
INSANE FOOLS! Therefore, HUMBLE yourselves by Means of
Fasting and Praying, until you become like Innocent Children
with Pure Minds and Clean Bodies, who Think NO EVIL:
beCause the Supreme Ruler of Heavens and Earths without
Number is Coming to this Earth with POWER and GREAT
GLORY, wherein all the Wicked People will be DESTROYED
with DEVOURING FIRE!! Yes, except a Man should Humble
himself by Means of Fasting and Praying, until he becomes like
an Innocent Child with a Pure Mind and a Clean Body, he shall
in no Way Enter into the Holy Kingdom of God: beCause NO
KINGDOM OF ALL THAT IS GOOD. Therefore, Sound the
TRUMPETS, O you Holy Angels of this Heaven and Earth, and
let all Legs SHAKE and TREMBLE with FEAR, and let all
Knees become WEAK like Water with TERROR: beCause the
Supreme Ruler of Mighty Armies is Coming with POWER and
GREAT GLORY in the Awesome ROLLING Clouds of a
FEARSOME SKY, along with tens of thousands of his Holy
Ones, with Fiery Flying Chariots, which are Drawn by Great
White Horses, which are Prepared for Battle against all of his
Enemies. Yes, their Eyeballs will Melt Out of their Sockets:
because they would not Use their Eyes in Order to SEE; and
their Tongues will Melt Out of their Mouths: because they would
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
not Use their Tongues in Order to Speak the Truth; and their
Filthy Flesh will Melt Off of their Bones: because they would not
REPENT by Means of Fasting and Praying like the Men,
Wombmen, and Children of Nineveh, who Fasted and Prayed for
40 Days and 40 Nights, according to the RULES for FASTING!
Indeed, they were not Spiritual COWARDS, like those People of
this Wicked Generation, who are Afraid to miss so much as one
Meal of Hog Slop and Dog Food: because they Fear that they
might Starve to Death! But behold, I will STOP the Rain on the
Land of the Cowards and Home of the Tax Slaves, says the
Master Farmer, until their Mocking Tongues DRY UP; and then
they might Understand that he who Controls the Wind and the
Rain is the One and the only ONE who Controls the Economy,
who Determines WHO will Prosper, and WHO will Fail: because
all Blessings and Cursings come from ME, your Great King and
Supreme Ruler. Therefore, FEAR and TREMBLE, O you
Starfish from Unholywoods: because no Lying Act will Save you
from that Great Famine. No, no Deception will Deliver you from
Hunger and Thirst, when your Belly Buttons are Rubbing on
your Backbones: because I will bring the Seven Last Great
Plagues upon you, and Cast your Evil Government into
HELLFIRE: beCause you did not Use your DUMBmocracy in
Order to Do what is Right for yourselves and others; but you
simply Exploited the Poor Hardworking People, whom you took
Advantage of for your own Gain: because you are Related with
Poisonous Snakes, Stinking Skunks, Vicious Lions, Ravenous
Wolves, Greedy Hogs, Gluttonous Bears, and all Kinds of Wild
Uncivilized BEASTS, who Prey on the Labors of others, whose
Greatest Concern is their own Great God GUT! Yes, if you Loved
me, you would Learn and Obey all of my Commandments, in
Order to Liberate yourselves from Tax Slavery and Interest
Slavery; but I See that you Love the Lusts of the Flesh more than
me, your Creator and Divine Lawmaker; and therefore, you shall
Reap the Just Rewards of the Destruction of your Flesh, while
putting yourselves through Hell: beCause you Love Destruction,
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Death, and Hell. Yes, you Love the Darkness of Ignorance more
than the Light of Truth, and that is WHY that you Waste so
much Precious Time with your Ball Games and Foolishness; but
behold, you shall be Confounded for the Fruitless Gardens that
you have Chosen, and you shall be Ground to POWDER under
the Falling Towers of your Abominations when I Arise to
SHAKE TERRIBLY the Whole Earth! Yes, the Bellies of your
Minds should Absorb a few Good Lessons from what Happened
in New Yuck City on September 11th, 2001, wherein your
Abominable Towers came CRASHING DOWN, and Burned with
Stink for Days on end; but behold, that was only a Small Vision
of Evil Things to Come, if you do not REPENT with True
Repentance: beCause I will Raise up a Mighty Army against you
Lying Hypocrites, and will Reduce your Wealth to NOTHING!
Indeed, I See that you already have a Deficit of more than 44
TRILLION Dollars: because of Listening to Satan and Sons,
Incorporated, who keep Dragging you Down Lower and LOWER
into the Bottomless Pit of Materialistic Greed. Yes, your False
Riches have Corrupted you, and your False Teachings have
Destroyed you, even before the Bombs have Fallen on your
almost Worthless Heads: beCause you have gotten your
Priorities OUT of Order, and have Forsaken Truth and Wisdom,
which could still Save you, if you Repented. But behold, I See
that you are Overcome by your Lusts, PRIDE, Greed, and
SELFISHNESS: beCause you were Born for Destruction. Yes,
you shall be a Sign unto all Future Generations of Wiser People,
who shall Learn a Good Lesson from you, which will be Difficult
to Forget: because the Smoke of your Burning will Rise Up for
Ever and EVER! Yes, I will Cast you and your Wicked Federal
Government into HELLFIRE! That is, unless you REPENT.” 11
See my Website for my Free Booklets, called: What does it Mean to
REPENT??, What is The GREATEST SIN??, Justification of
Capitalization!, and: Justification of Magnification!
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
 Chapter 2 
HOW to get our Priorities in ORDER
Well, as you can See, my Friend or Enemy, we have gotten
ourselves into a Perplexing State of Massive Confusion, whereby
the Masses of People are DEPENDENT upon that Anti-Christ
FALSE Cover-up Federal Government of Devils in High Places,
whose Commander-in-Chief is perhaps one of the most Deceived
People who ever Walked on the Surface of the Earth: beCause of
Rejecting Truth that comes from his own Bible! Yes, he is
Spiritually BLINDED by his Lusts for more Wealth, not only for
himself; but for his Capitalist Friends, who Support him with
multiple millions of Dollars, who could Care Less about those
Poor Helpless Tax Slaves of the Future, who will be Born with our
Burdensome DEBTS on their Shoulders: beCause the Children just
Happen to INHERIT the Debts of the Parents (when it comes to
Government), who have Borrowed Money at their Expense:
beCause those Parents have little or no Love for their Great
Grandchildren, even though they would Naturally DENY that
Statement: because they SAY that they Love them, and they might
Actually INTEND to Love them  even as President George
Walking BUSH perhaps Intends to Do GOOD  but we cannot
Do GOOD without Doing what is RIGHT!12 Indeed, “the Road to
Hell is Paved with Good Intentions,” as my Mother used to say:
because it Requires much more than Good Intentions. In Fact, it
Requires getting our Priorities in ORDER, as in “FIRST THINGS,
FIRST,” as they say. However, WHERE does one Begin to get
those Priorities in Order?? Yes, WHERE does one Discover the
TIME, MONEY, MATERIALS, ENERGY, and especially the
See my Website for my Free Booklet, called: Can we Do GOOD, without
Doing what is RIGHT??
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
KNOWLEDGE that is Required in Order to DO what is RIGHT??
Can such Knowledge be Discovered within a LIE-brary? Can it be
Discovered within the School of FOOLS, or even within the
Universal College of almost Worthless knowledge?? I think NOT!
No, it cannot even be Discovered within a Normal CHURCH:
because few People on this Earth are as DECEIVED as those
Religious HYPOCRITES, LIARS, and DECEIVERS  such as
that Chief Political RABBIT in Washington, District of
CRIMINALS, and X-amount of his Friends  who are Full of
TRICKS. For Example, George Bush Appealed to the American
People for a Federal Tax REFUND, or Tax CUT, and even
Proposed that Families with Lower Incomes should Receive a
Minimum of $400 for each of their Children; but behold, just
before the Bill got Signed, Master BUSH and his Reprobate Coconspirators withdrew the Tax Refund for Families with $10,000
to $26,000 per Year Income, leaving 11 million of the Poorest
American Children WITHOUT a Tax Refund, while Rewarding
VICE-president Dick “Chaanee,” Secretary of the Treasury John
Melting “SNOWBALL,” Secretary of Commerce Don Evans, and
other Rich Friends, a HEFTY Tax Refund into the MILLIONS of
Dollars, as Bill Moyers Reported on his “NOW” Program on PBS
on May 30, 2003. In other Words, George Bush Incorporated had
every Reason to Smile all of the way to the Bank; and they are still
Smiling: because they Managed to DUPE X-amount of
MILLIONS of easily-Deceived Americans, who are equally
GREEDY: beCause it was to their GREED and Selfishness that
George made his Appeal, just to get Elected, by Promising them
Tax Breaks, even though he and all other Politicians Know for a
Fact that we are up to hour Eyeballs in DEBT, which Debts should
be PAID OFF before we Waste any more Money on Foolishness,
and especially before we Refund Money to the Extremely Rich
People! Indeed, it SOUNDS very GOOD to have LESS Taxes; but
it Sounds even BETTER to get a Tax REFUND of an Average of
$4,000! However, you can easily Understand how DECEPTIVE
such a Statement is, by a simply Analogy.
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
For Example, if you were to walk alone into a Room with
Multibillionaire Bill Computer Gates, you would have an Average
Annual Income of about 52 BILLION Dollars between the 2 of
you! However, your Personal Actual Annual Income might be less
than $20,000! In Fact, after all of the Taxes are Deducted, you
might have only $10,000 of Actual Income; and after all of the
BILLS are Paid, you might have less than $2,000! Therefore, your
Tax Refund might be all of $35, while Bill Computer Gates’
Refund might be 35 MILLION Dollars. Likewise, for George Bush
to say that the Average American has an Income of about $30,000,
after Calculating that Average by Lumping Together such People
as Multibillionaire Gates with People like Poor Old Misses House
Cleaner and Dish Washer Bill Poverty, is nothing but a Great
Deception: because it Grossly RAISES the so-called Income for
the Masses of People, who do well to Earn $20,000 per Year; and
after their Bills are Paid, they are almost Broke. Indeed, if they are
not yet Broke, most Americans will be Broke when they come
Home after their Worthless Vacations: beCause they Attempt to
make themselves HAPPY by Spending most of their Money in the
Slot Machines or Gambling Casinos, with the HOPE that they
might WIN the Jackpot, or at least Win the Lottery after X-amount
of Attempts!13 Therefore, concerning that Subject, they have Total
Freedom in Order to Exercise their DUMBmocracy, and Look at
what they Do with their Hard-earned Money when they Vote with
their Feet, by Shopping and Traveling! Yes, the very Fact that
multiple millions of Americans WASTE their Money on
Gambling, is Living PROOF that they have very little Good
Understanding, and are perhaps Related with that Irreverent
LOUDMOUTH Slothgut Windbag Hole-in-his-Head, who says:
“O Peabrain Peacock, you must have been Born out Behind
the Barn, or in some Cave in the Wilderness, in Order to not
Realize WHY that America is the Richest Country in the World.
First of all, we are Free in Order to Do whatever we Want to Do,
See my Website for my Free Booklet, called: How GOOD is GAMBLING??
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
which gives to us much Hope for Doing almost anything that we
might Imagine, while also making it Successful: because we are
Independent and FREE from Big Government, and the Control of
BureauRats, like it is in India, China, Russia, and other Poor
Countries. Indeed, we Prosper beCause of Individual Initiatives,
whereby any Industrious Person can get an Idea and RUN with it;
but you would have the Federal Government take up the Snoopervision of many of those Enterprises. For Example, rather than us
Americans Spending our Money on Gambling, you would Collect
that Money for Taxes, in Order to Build Electric Wind Generators
by the MILLIONS, in Order to provide so-called ‘Free’ Electricity
for all Americans, who would be taking Advantage of Wind Power
and Solar Power, as Opposed to making a few Rich Casino Owners
even more Rich. However, you do not seem to Realize how much
such an Electrical Project could Interrupt our Commercial System,
and even put present Electrical Companies OUT of Business, like
they did over there in Germany, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark,
where they set up those Million Megawatt Wind Generators, and
thus Deprived the Oil Industries of much of their Income, which
was a Financial SIN: because, if any Group of People DESERVE
to be Rich, it is that Group who Exploit the Oil and Gas: because
we have only Used up one HALF of the World’s Known
Resources of Oil and Gas during the Past 100 Years; and therefore,
we still have a LOT of Gas and Oil left to BURN, in Order to
Pollute our Air, Water, and Land, and thus give Medical Doctors
and Drug Stores more Business, which they Need in Order to Do
Cancer Research, and other Necessary Research for other
Pollution-related Diseases. †§‡§§14
“In Fact, O Peabrain Peacock, if you had any Brains, you
would be Dangerous; but I see that you are about as Mindless as
that George Washington and the other Founding Fathers, who
could not Foresee what DUMBmocracy could DO in the Way of
See the Peacock’s Website for his Free Booklet, called: Justification of
Symbols, Creatures, and Characters!
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Destroying a very Blest Land for a GOOD Purpose, which was
once Covered with TALL GRASS on the Great Plains, for
Example, where multiple millions of Wild Animals Roamed Freely
on Topsoil that was 10 feet deep, and the Fishes in the Rivers were
Good for Eating: because the Fishes were not Poisoned by
Mercury from Burning Coal, nor any other Poisoning of the Rivers
and Lakes by Means of Polluting Chemical Factories, Gas-hog
Cars, Buses, Trucks, Trains, Coal-burning ElecTRICK Plants, and
Atomic Abominations: because it was an Age of Innocence and
GROSS Ignorance, when a Man could Ride a Horse from Mexico
to Canada, and not even Discover so much as one Barbed-wire
Fence: because there were NONE from Coast to Coast, and those
Poor Indians were Dressed in RAGS; but now that we have
Progressed with all of our Technology, we have been Blest with a
thousand Kinds of Cancers, and Multitudes of other Diseases 
Thanks to CAPITALISM, which gives Medical Doctors much
Needed WORK, which they would not otherwise have, and would
therefore be Poor Beggars like those Multitudes of College
Graduates who cannot Find Jobs; or, perhaps they would be
Equally as Poor as those American Indians, who did not even
Know what a PLOW is, until we came along and Plowed UNDER
almost all of that Obnoxious Tall Grass, and thus Paved the Way
for TRUE PROGRESS. Yes, those Diseases not only Support
Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Politicians, Preachers, and Teachers;
but they also Support the Masses of People who DEPEND on that
GREAT Prosperity, which is TRUE Prosperity: beCause this is the
Richest Nation on this Earth, which is more than 44 TRILLION
Dollars in DEBTS to Bankers, and the Debts are RISING: beCause
that is HOW any Race of Wise People can Drag themselves Out of
the Stone Age, and Into the Space Age, Computer Age, and
Prosperity Age, wherein the Masses of People Live in Lavish
Firetrap Mouse-infested Cockroach Dens, which are Guaranteed to
come to RUIN: beCause, if all of the Houses should be
Constructed in such a Way that they might Endure the Test of
Time, those Lovable Bankers could not Continually Collect their
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Interest Money on the Loans and Mortgages that they make in
Order for us to Build and Live in such GOODLY Houses, as
Moses Reported in Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26. Indeed, now
that we are so Blest by those Bankers, who have provided a Way
for us Americans to get as much Money as we Need, in Order to
Buy all Kinds of Trash, even if it were never Needed, we are the
PROUDEST and HAPPIEST People on this Earth, who hold
World Records for Depressions, Divorces, Teenage Suicides,
Teenage Pregnancies, Abortions, Murders, Robberies, and Crimes
of all Kinds, for which we have more Prisoners than any Nation on
this Earth: because it is GOOD that Lawyers, Judges, and Prison
Keepers have some WORK to Do, or else our Great False
Economy might CRASH! Indeed, Babylon might FALL; but,
Thanks to Massive Confusion and Great Ignorance, we will
probably Endure it. After all, only too much Truth could Upset or
Destroy our Wonderful System of Good Government. †§‡§§
“Nevertheless, Thanks to the American Way, we also have
more Rich Bankers than any Nation on this Earth; and therefore,
like it not, we can probably Buy our way Out of Hell, even if God
Sends us there: because Money can also Buy his Love, IF we just
Build Enough CHURCH Buildings, SINagogues, TEMPLES, and
BALL PARKS: because God and his Holy Angels thoroughly
Enjoy WATCHING those Young Athletes and Gangsters, who get
into Fights after they get Drunk, after their Games: because God
and his Holy Angels have nothing Better to DO! Indeed, they are
somewhat like YOU, O Proud Peacock, who Studies thy Bible,
Searching for SOLUTIONS that can only be Solved by Preaching
more Sermons, such as this one, which Reveals that all we Lack in
our Society is MORE MONEY, and LESS of thy Endless
Speeches!” †§‡§§ Well, O Sarcastic Irreverent LOUDMOUTH
Slothgut Windbag Hole-in-thy-Head, I have no Idea what “Endless
Speeches” that you might be Referring to: because I Rarely give a
Speech to anyone, and certainly not within any Faithless Church of
Lying Hypocrites: because they would Cast me OUT, just for the
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Cause of my Appearance, if nothing else, since I Wear a ROBE.15
Yes, they would never Think to Ask WHY that I might like to
Wear Robes: because they have already Concluded that if someone
does not Look just like they Look, at least to some Degree, that
someone must be Living WRONG. Moreover, they are like those
Rich People, who LOOK DOWN ON or DESPISE the Poor
People: because they are not in the same CLASS of Plutocrats, or
Rich Hogs. Indeed, many White People Classify themselves as
being BETTER than Black, Brown, Yellow, Olive, Gray, Blue, or
Spotted Green People: beCause it is just Natural for the so-called
“Superior Ape” to Despise the so-called “Inferior Ape,” even
though God does not Despise either one of them: beCause he
Created them for Different Purposes, and many People who are
Proud and PUFFED UP with Pride and Vanity, will no Doubt end
up being the LAST ones to Enter into his Holy Kingdom: beCause
they do not have their Priorities in ORDER. No, they do not
Realize that they could have just as easily been Born into a Black
Family, as to have been Born into a White Family. In Fact, they
could have just as easily been Born in the Jungles of Africa, as in a
City of Confusion in North America: because it was God who
Determined those Events; but for some Reason it did not Cross
their Weak Minds, for which they are very Proud: because
Ignorance and Stupidity are the Crowning Jewels on their almost
Empty Heads, even though they think of themselves as being Welleducated: because they have BS Degrees in Mental Rapeology,
Garbage-ology, Computer-trash-ology, and all Kinds of Technical
THINGS; but, Spiritually-speaking, they are DEAD! Yes, they
have about as much Good Understanding as one of their
Computers that CRASHES, just after someone has done a halfday’s Work on it, which makes that Person SICK: because the
“Save every 10-Minutes Box” was not Checked; and therefore, the
Computrid must be TRASHED, in Order that someone might Sell
See my Website for my Free Book, called: 77 Good Reasons and Great
Advantages for Men to Make and Wear Swangkee ROBES and CLOAKS!
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
another one. After all, when you become as “Smart” as some
Capitalist Americans, you can Arrange all such Computer
Problems in such a Way that no one Person can Actually be
BLAMED for what went Wrong: because each Institution Blames
the other one, being someone like the Federal Government, which
always has the other Political Party to Blame for what went
Wrong. But, if nothing else, it was the Fault of some OTHER
Office or Official, other than the one that should be Responsible.
For Example, all Branches of Government should be
Responsible for Reducing and Eliminating Federal Debts.
However, the Low Court of Supreme Injustice passed several socalled “laws,” which Guaranteed those Debts to RISE. For
Example, we Know that if everyone in the World should Learn,
Believe, Love, and OBEY The New MAGNIFIED Version of
The TEN COMMANDMENTS, there would be no Reason for
Collecting Taxes in Order to Support Policemen, Judges, Lawyers,
Court House Clerks, Prison Keepers, and Corrupt Politicians who
just LOVE those Tax Dollars; and therefore, Knowing all of that,
the Low Court of Supreme Injustice CAST OUT the Bible and
Prayer from Public Schools! Yes, they GUARANTEED Endless
Business for Wicked Lawyers and Corrupt Politicians. However,
the so-called “Righteous” Lawyers, should and would bring those
Supreme Court Justices to TRIAL for such a High Crime, if they
were not Spiritual COWARDS! However, be it Understood, my
Friend, that there is no Method provided within our False
Constitution for bringing such Judges to TRIAL for any Alleged
Crimes  as if they were GODS, and could Do NO Evil! Indeed,
the Judges who sit in the Low Court of Supreme Injustice in
Washington, do not have to Answer to anyone: because they are
supposedly the SUPREME Court. However, it just so Happens to
be that GOD Almighty is the Supreme Judge, and he will bring
“WE, THE PEOPLE” into Judgment for ALLOWING such an Evil
Act of Biblical Proportions to be Instituted as the Law of our Land:
beCause, we Americans are supposed to be FREE in Order to Vote
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
for whatever we Sincerely Believe to be RIGHT. Therefore, we
only Need to VOTE for bringing those Supreme Court Justices to
TRIAL for Passing Unjust Laws against us Tax Slaves, who would
rather Teach all of the little Children to Learn, Believe, Love, and
Obey those Ten Commandments, with the HOPE that at least
SOME of them MIGHT Learn and Obey them, and thereby at least
REDUCE the Taxes; rather than Deliberately Keep those Students
in a Blind State of Ignorance within the School of Fools, in the
Name of a FALSE Doctrine about an Imaginary SEPARATION
Between Church and State!16 Indeed, the Body of any Good
Government must be UNITED as ONE Body, with the Head of
Government being Connected with the Heart of Government, as
well as being Connected with the Liver, Lungs, Kidneys, Spleen,
Stomach, Legs, Arms, Hands, Feet, and all other Parts of the Body
of Government: because they are all Necessary, and they must all
be Working Properly in Order to have a GOOD Government:
because it is Impossible for the Head of Government to be
Separated from the Heart of Government, and still LIVE: because,
without the Guidance and WISDOM of the Pumping Heart, which
Symbolizes the Church, which is supposed to be Inspired by God,
the Head will simply go INSANE! Yes, it SLOWLY but SURELY
has already gone Insane, just like that Irreverent LOUDMOUTH
Slothgut Windbag Hole-in-his-Head: beCause the Head is
COVERED UP with DEBTS, and is now DROWNING in
Plutocracy, which is Government that is Ruled by the Rich People,
at the Expense of the Poor People, who are Swamped with
Bureaucracy, which is Government by Groups of Officials, which
is Concentrated Power in Administrative Bureaus  none of
which have any Idea what the others are Doing, except by Chance!
See my Website for my Free Booklet, called: Should there be a WALL of
SEPARATION Between Church and State??, and see the Rear End of this
Exceptionally Good Book for Unique PETITIONS to our Congress, which
you can make Copies of by Downloading them into your Computer, in
Order to Print and Publish them to all Religious Leaders, in Order that
they and their Congregations might Sign them and Petition the Congress.
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
For Example, there is the EPA or Environmental Protection
Agency, which is supposed to Protect the Environment, which
consists of Air, Water, Land, and so on, which EPA is supposed to
Police the Industries that might Cause Pollution or the Destruction
of our Environment, and thus make us Sick, Diseased, or
Potentially in Danger of some Accident with Harmful Chemicals,
or whatever. In other Words, the EPA should be Concerned about
our Food and Drinks: because the Waste Products from whatever
we Eat and Drink end up in the Air, Water, and Landfills; but our
Foods and Drinks are Controlled by the FDA or Bad Food and
Good Drug Administration, which is another Bureau of RATS,
who have little or no Idea what is going on in the EPA Orifices,
much less what is going on in the Low Court of Supreme
Injustices, who could have Passed a LAW in Favor of the Tax
Slaves who Support the whole Evil System, by simply making it a
LAW that all Students must MEMORIZE that one little Scripture
that states: “Do unto others as you would have others Do unto
you,” and then make those Public School Teachers Responsible for
Teaching what it MEANS to “Do unto others as you would have
others Do unto you.” Yes, we could Eliminate the EPA or
Environmental Protection Agency, as well as the FDA, FBI, CIA,
KGB, SS, and so on, if everyone in the World just OBEYED that
one little Law: because, if you Love your Neighbor as much as you
Love yourself, you will not Dump your Harmful Chemicals and
Poisons into his or her Living Room, nor even into his or her Front
Yard: because you would not Desire that your Neighbor should
Dump his or her Harmful Chemicals and Poisons into your Living
Room, nor Front Yard, nor even into your Backyard. Therefore, it
is far more Practical, in all Ways, for little Children to Learn such
Good Commandments: because then they can Police themselves,
and Govern themselves, without having some Policeman to Watch
over them! Indeed, it is about three hundred million Times (that is,
one Time for each Potential Tax Slave) more REASONABLE to
make Children Learn and Obey the Ten Commandments, even as
Jesus Christ MAGNIFIED them, than it is to Raise up LAWLESS
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
IDIOTS, and then Attempt to Correct them within Expensive Court
Houses and Depressing Prisons. Moreover, any Judge who does
not Agree with that Statement of Fact, should be brought to Trial
for TREASON against the Tax Slaves who are Forced by the Law
in Order to Support him and his Insane Ideas; and if he still
Refused to Agree with that Fact, he should have his Ass
WHIPPED with 40 Lashes, and then be Sent to Work on a Pile of
ROCKS, where he might Sweat some of the Poisons out of his
Brains: beCause his Brains are CLOGGED UP or CONSTIPATED
with too many LIES from that School of Fools and from the
Universal College of almost Worthless knowledge, which do not
even Teach those MAGNIFIED Commandments! After all,
GOOD Government is Good SELF-Government, whereby each
Individual Person takes Full Responsibility for his or her own
Actions and Words, and Polices him or herself: because it is
Physically and Financially IMPOSSIBLE for any Government to
Collect Enough Tax Money in Order to Support all of the
Criminals that it can Produce by Lawlessness, in the Name of Civil
Rights, Separation of Church and State, and so-called
“Freedom,” which is otherwise known as Lawlessness, Anarchy,
or Mob Rule, wherein Democracy Cries out “CRUCIFY HIM!
For Example, suppose that every “Free” Person in the
World should become a Lawless THIEF, LIAR, DECEIVER,
FRAUD, SLANDERER, and MURDERER, being somewhat like
George Bush Incorporated, who Murdered X-amount of People in
the Name of Democracy, Freedom, and Justice for ALL, while
Inflicting much Suffering onto Multitudes of People? Yes, suppose
that the Russians and the Chinese get the Bright Idea in their Heads
that we American Tax Slaves should be LIBERATED from the
Regime of BureauRats in Washington, District of Criminals, and
therefore they simply Drop their Atomic and Hydrogen BOMBS
on New Yuck City and Lost Angels, Californicate  would that be
JUSTICE, since the Fault Lies in Washington, and NOT in New
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
York Bank Buildings, nor in Lost Angel’s Sky-rise Slums?? Of
course not! And yet George Bush Blamed the People of IRAQ for
the Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Center in New York City,
by Suggesting that there was some Relationship between Saddam
Hussein and Osama bin Laden and other Terrorists; but you and I
“Know for a FACT” that there was NO Relationship between what
Happened on the Crime-infested Streets of Houston, Texas, for
Example, and what Happened 20 Years ago in the Low Court of
Supreme Injustice: because, in our Weak Minds, there is NO
Connection between the Head and the Heart of Government! § (I
speak as a Fool: because there is an Indirect Connection.) But, in
the Minds of Bushes; yes, Walking Bushes, there is NO
Connection between Classroom Social Studies and Criminal
Justice: because they are like Arms and Legs, which should Walk
and Work SEPARATELY! However, in America  in the Land
of the FREE, and in the Home of the Tax Slaves  there is NO
Possible Connection between Schooling and Tax Slavery, or
else there might be at least ONE 20-Minute Mandatory Class
on this Important Subject! But behold, there is not even one 2Minute Class on this Subject: because GOD must not be
Mentioned within Public Schools, except if one is CURSING!
Likewise, other than a Hypocritical Prayer in Congress, there must
not be any Mention whatsoever of The New MAGNIFIED
Version of The TEN COMMANDMENTS, in Congress: because
someone might Learn something! Indeed, it would take up too
much of their Precious TIME, just to Read this Booklet within the
Houses of Congress in all Capitals, Worldwide: beCause most of
the Politicians would simply go to SLEEP! That is, IF they even
Bothered themselves to Attend such a Meeting of the Minds! After
all, on any given Day, you could barely find so much as 2 Percent
of those Elected Officials on their Jobs: because they are Courting
Industrial Giants on Extended Vacations on the Islands of
Cannibals, who are Planning on Devouring their Great Great
Grandchildren’s Incomes, long before they have even Found a
single JOB that might bring in an Income. Meanwhile, on the other
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Side of the Ocean of Forgetfulness, there is a Poor Widow and her
4 Children who have NO Income at all, after her Husband was
Humanely MURDERED by a Non-Revengeful Non-Terroristic
Non-Aggressive Non-Cowardly BOMB, which was Dropped on
BAGdad’s Outhouse, which Blew STINK all of the Way over
HERE: because Saddam Hussein and Associates also had their
American-style Bureaucracies: because they Learned it from US!
Yes, the whole World has gotten itself Entangled in this American
Web of LIES, and has taken up the Song of the Drunkards, who
Feel Sorry for themselves for getting so far into DEBT: beCause of
a LACK of Good SELF-Government! Indeed, each BureauRat
BLAMES the other RATS for what has gone WRong: because it is
most Convenient to Do so, since it is Arranged so. In Fact, there is
no other Way to Arrange it, when you only have the Brains and
Understandings of PACK RATS, who Drag all Kinds of Packs of
LIES into Government Orifices, and make Rat Nests within the
HEAD of Government, and even CHOP OFF the Arteries and
Veins that are Connected with the Heart and Liver! Therefore, it is
no Surprise to me that Saddam Hussein was Hording up
BILLIONS of Dollars, as well as Gold, itself, while all around him
there were Countless People Living in Poverty: because he was
simply Acting like another American Capitalist, who Learned his
Lessons from US! Yes, he had Washington, District of Criminals
for a Prime Example, as well as New Yuck City, which also
Hordes up Countless Treasures under the Ground, in the Vaults of
Bank Buildings, while hundreds of millions of Americans are
DEPRIVED of Good Fireproof, Hail-proof, Tornado-proof,
Hurricane-proof, Rat-proof, Termite-proof, Paint-proof, Insuranceproof $wangkee STONE DOMEHOMES! Yes, Saddam Hussein
merely made the Good/Bad Mistake of not Playing the American
Game by the American RULES, which is to give the Masses of
People a Daily Dose of Propaganda LIES, Reminding them that
they are the only Free People in the whole World, who are more
than 44 TRILLION Dollars in DEBT to those POOR Bankers, who
have never Done any Evil unto any Soul. NEVER, EVER!
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
But, do not Allow it to Worry your Head: beCause it does
not matter whether or not we all Live in Firetrap Mouse-infested
Cockroach Dens, just as long as we have Freedom of SPEECH,
whereby we can Telephone C-SPAN any Morning, and Vent our
Frustrations on the Washington JOURNAL  except that no one is
Given Enough TIME in Order to Vent so much as 1% of those
Frustrations, after Learning HOW to get their Priorities in
ORDER: beCause the Devil has Arranged it in such a Way that
one cannot even Begin to get his or her House in Order: beCause
he or she has no Idea WHERE to BEGIN, much less where it will
all End!17 Indeed, it could easily Drive a Person INSANE, if he or
she were to STOP and THINK about the Whole Situation, and how
SWAMPED we are with Crimes, Bureaucracies, Lies, Cover-ups,
FRAUDS, Government WASTE, and all that is Associated with
the Head of our Government, which would never Confess that it
Needs the Works of the Heart of Government more than it can
begin to Imagine: because the Heart has almost Spiritually DIED:
beCause of the Lust for Money, whereby Preachers Arrange almost
every Sermon in such a Way that they will get more Money in
their Offering Plates by Means of their Flatteries, while giving less
and less Truth and Wisdom to their Congregations: because Truth
is not very Flattering! No, but Truth is often Offensive to Sinners,
Thieves, Liars, Hypocrites, Soothsayers, and General Goof-ups,
who have no Idea what Great Riches that they have Deprived
themselves of by their Selfishness, Greed, Lust, Envy, Hate,
Revenge, Grudgeholding, and so on. Indeed, they have the Land of
Israel for a Good Example of Lawlessness, Hate, Envy, Terrorism,
Revenge, and Brutality; and yet it never Crosses their Weak Minds
that the Solution might be Found within that Ancient Book, called
the Bible, which has Endured the Test of Time for thousands of
Years for many Good Reasons; but Mainly for the TRUTH that is
Found in it, which no Politician has ever Proven to be Wrong:
See my Website for my Free Booklet, called: What is WRong with CSpan??
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
because the Truth cannot be Proven to be Wrong, or else it would
not be the Truth!
However, there are thousands of Interpretations of what is
Written within that Holy Bible, which is Unholy to many People,
who Judge the Ten Commandments as something that was Inspired
by Satan, the Devil: because it Limits their Lusts or Longing
Desires, which are without Self-restraint: beCause they are
Criminals at Heart, being Possessed by some Evil Spirit. Yes, they
HATE Restrictions on their Freedoms: because they Vainly
Imagine that Gluttony and Drunkenness, for Example, will make
them HAPPY; but behold, Freedom is NOT the Liberty to Commit
SIN; but it is the Liberty to Do GOOD: beCause only by Doing
Good can we be Liberated from all of our EVILS, including that
Tax Slavery and Interest Slavery; but especially to be Liberated
from TERRORISM and the Associated Crimes that Result from it,
such as the Terrorist Attack on Baghdad, Iraq, which was Justified
within the Minds of millions of Professing “Christian” Americans:
because of what Saddam Hussein MIGHT have Done to US with
his Imaginary Weapons of Mass Destruction, which have not been
Discovered as of this Date: because those Weapons are Stored in
AMERICA! Yes, this is the Country that has MILLIONS OF
TONS of such Weapons, and continually Produces more of them:
beCause it has much to FEAR, since it has much to LOSE, being
the so-called “Richest Country in the World,” which does not have
so much as ONE Profitable $wangkee Fruit Tree House with a
Removable Glass- and Stainless-steel-covered Roof, which
Protects those Mango, Date, Coconut, and Cherimoya Trees from
Frosts, Freezes, Hail Storms, Wind Storms, Tornadoes, Hurricanes,
Lightning, Thieves, Varmints, Bad Insects, and whatever: beCause
of the DESIGN for such a Building, which has 10 to 20-foot-thick
Concrete Walls, which are Faced with Granite Tiles in Order to
Protect the Concrete from Weathering, and also to add Beauty to
those Stepping Walls, which Step up 2 feet, and Step back 2 feet
on both Sides of the Long Row of Beautiful Fruit Trees: because it
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
is Necessary in Order to make it Comfortable for Picking the Ripe
Fruits, by going up the Steps. However, there are other Plans for
other Kinds of $wangkee Fruit Tree Houses, which have 8 to 9foot-high Steps, which one walks onto from a Doorway at the End
of each Step, which is 4 feet or more wide, with a Stainless Steel
RAIL along the Outside of the Step, in Order to Prevent anyone
from Falling Off. In other Words, there are Steps going Up, and
Bridges between the Steps, which Steps are on each Side of the
Fruit Tree House, so that you can easily Pick the Fruits from
Various Levels within the House, without Working Overhead, and
without Climbing up Ladders: because of Using $wangkee Electric
Solar-powered Fruit Picking Machines, which Ride on the Steps
and Bridges. That is, unless it is easy to Pick the Fruits from near
Ground Level with a Short Pole, as would be the Case in a Low
Fruit Tree House for Oranges, Lemons, Limes, Peaches, Pears,
Apples, Bananas, Figs, Papayas, and Plums, for Example. In other
Words, what was Normally only Available to the Extremely Rich
People, will now be made Available for the Lowliest of People
who are Willing and Able to Learn and Work: because that New
RIGHTEOUS One-World GovernMint will simply Mint and
Print the Necessary New Money, in Order to Use that Money
WISELY, in Order to HIRE whomever is Willing and Able to
Learn and Work, in Order to Build all Kinds of Beautiful
$wangkee Stone Domehome Complexes with Homecraft
Workshops, Fruit Tree Houses, Stone Greenhouses, Stone Bat
House, Stone Honeybee Houses, and Stone Domehomes with
Granite Floor and Marble-faced Walls, which are Designed in
Order to Endure at least a thousand Years, before that Devil is
Loosed from his Prison, in Order to go Out and Deceive the
Nations one more Time, in Order to Discover if they have Learned
all of their Lessons.
Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Chipmunk, squeak: “O
Peacock, I have no Intentions of Living for a THOUSAND Years;
and neither do you, by the Looks at that Photograph that is on the
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Front cover of this Insane Book. Indeed, are you the Young Man
on the Left, or the Old Man on the Right?? And are both of you the
same Age, or Different Ages?? Moreover, what Connection is
there between getting Old, and getting our Priorities in Order??”
Well, O Chipmunk, if you had your Priorities in Order, you could
possibly Live for a thousand Years; but you would have to begin
Life like Methuselah began it from Holy Seed. Therefore, you
should Study one of my Free Booklets, called: WHERE is
HELL??, which might Change your Mind about People Living for
a thousand Years. After all, the Apostle John is more than 1,985
Years Old, and yet you do not Believe it: because you only Flirt
with the Scriptures, rather than get yourself Married to them.
Likewise, I See that you do not Believe in Angels; but I do, and
that is Why that I have Seen them Flying in the Sky with their
Great Wings, Bare Feet and White Robes.
Now, as you can See, the Priorities seem to be getting more
and more Complicated: because it is becoming more and more
Difficult to SORT OUT what is most Important, since there are
BILLS to be Paid; but there is no Sense in Paying any of those
Bills: because it is a Waste of Time, Energy, Materials, and
Money: because, if we Elected a New Righteous One-World
Government, we could have SOLAR and WIND Power for
Electric, and thus Eliminate that Bill, for Example: because
$wangkee Solar Electric Power Plants are Unique, which will
Cost about $5,000 per Person for a Lifetime Unlimited Supply of
Electricity, as Opposed to the present 72,000-dollars to $200,000
for a Lifetime Supply, depending on how Long you might Live! In
other Words, your Mind is beginning to get CONFUSED:
beCause, on the one Hand, you would LIKE to Move into a
$wangkee Fortress; but, on the other Hand, you are Caught in the
Devil’s TRAP, being Buried Alive under X-amount of BILLS that
must be Paid: because you have gotten yourself into DEBT.
However, if that is NOT your Problem, then you are Perplexed
about what you should EAT, Drink, Wear for Clothing, or
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
whatever: because all of those are Important Questions, which
Need to be Answered. Yes, should you Buy a New Car? Should
you Improve the House? Should you Send the Child to College?
Should you go to the Doctor, or take a long Fast?? Should you read
RULES for FASTING, or Rules for Feasting?? Should you read
the King James Version of the Bible, or The New MAGNIFIED
Version?? Should you read Peacock Literature, or Romance
Novels?? Should you Eat Whole Wheat Bread, White Refined
Bread, or no Bread at all??? Should you begin your Fasting NOW,
or after you have Saved up Enough Money in Order to Endure the
Stress of getting FIRED for not going to Work, since you cannot
Serve 2 Masters, and since there is no Swangkee Fasting
Sanitarium that you might Commit yourself to, in Order to be
Guaranteed Success, as well as a Good Job when you Complete
your Fasting and Praying???? Should you stay Single, get Married,
Divorced, or Commit Suicide???? Should you go to Church, Stay
at Home, Attend the Bar, take a Vacation, or Jump Off the
Bridge????? Should you take your Money out of the Bank, put
more Money into the Bank, or Rob the Bank??? Should you Buy a
Weapon in Order to Defend yourself against a Potential Tyrannical
Government that Brands everyone with the Mark of the Beast,
Join the Army in Order to Defend that Good Government, stand on
the Street Corner and WARN everyone about that Evil
Government, or just keep Silent???? Should you take up Music
Lessons, in Order to Distract your Mind from Reality; or should
you be Contented to Listen to other People’s Music, since there is
an Endless Variety; or, should you take the TV, Radio, and Stereo
to the Trash Dump; or give them to the Salvation Army, so that
they can Sell that Trash to someone else who Needs to be
Tormented by it???? Should you Move Out, Move In, Move Over,
Move Under, Move Up, Move Down, or STAND FAST???????
Should you Abandon your False Religion, Learn more about it,
Add more Lies to it, or just Accept the Truth from your own
Bible???? And, if you do Accept that Truth, just Exactly what are
you going to Do about it, since a True Disciple does not even take
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
any Thought for Tomorrow, what he shall Eat, Drink, Wear, or
whatever: because he Lives by FAITH, like a BUM, HOBO, or
TRAMP, whose Spiritual Roots are about as Deep as his Eye
And those are just SOME of the Multitude of Questions
that you can Ask yourself, in Order to Quickly Discover that you
have NO IDEA what to Do, FIRST: beCause it is too Perplexing;
and therefore, the Devil will tell you, “Don’t bother to Think about
it: because it will Drive you Insane!” And it would Drive you
Insane, if it were not for the Great Truth that is Found within the
next Chapter!
 Chapter 3 
Priority Number One
RELAX, because it is not the End of the World, yet. No, it
is not the Day of the Destruction of Babylon, as some of us might
Hope: because of already Suffering Long Enough; but it is now
Time to Consider the FACTS.
Fact Number 1  God’s Arms of Love and Mercy are still
Extended toward all of us: because he Understands that we are all
IGNORANT, even if some People do not Want to Confess it.
Fact Number 2  Just as long as God’s Arms of Love and Mercy
are Extended toward us, we can Repent, or Turn Around and Walk
Away from our Evil Ways, and Do ALL that he Commands us to
Do, and thus be Blest for it.
Fact Number 3  He Commands us to FAST and PRAY until we
are Cleansed from all Unrighteousness, which will take much
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Time, if we are Filled with Super-sticky Filth; but, just a 3-day
Fast will Enlighten most People’s Minds, if they Flush Out their
Bowels with Fruit Juices after the Fast: because it will Remove
much of the Accumulated Filth that Torments them. However, it is
Wiser to Change your Diet, FIRST, and then you will be in less
Danger: because it is Possible to Kill yourself, if you Break a Fast
in the Wrong Way. (See my Website for my Free Book, called:
RULES for FASTING!  Volume 2, which Explains HOW to
Do it Properly. However, in Order to Persuade yourself of the
Necessity for Fasting, you should get your Priorities in Order, and
Study Volume 1, before Volume 2: because it was Written in the
Correct Order. However, if you are too Sick to read, you should
begin with Volume 2: because it actually gives to you the Rules
that you must Follow, if you do not Want to Suffer even more.
Therefore, it Requires Good Judgment in Order to get your
Priorities in Order.)
Fact Number 4  Fasting and Praying is the only Way that we can
Reverse the Trend toward going to Hell, as Individuals: because it
gives to us Power with God, who Loves Self-denial, Abstinence,
Willpower, Patience, and all that it Requires in Order to Endure a
Fast in spite of all Obstacles, as Moses, Elijah, Daniel, Isaiah,
Jesus, John, Peter, Paul, and many others have already Proven,
who did much Fasting and Praying. See my Book for the Proof.
Fact Number 5  You can easily Look around you, and See
Multitudes of People who Need to Fast, just because of Overweight, if nothing else; but that is perhaps the Least of the Good
Reasons for Doing it: because all of the Weight that one might
Lose while Fasting, can easily be Regained after Breaking the Fast.
Therefore, …
Fact Number 6  We must make up our Minds that there are
Good Foods and Bad Foods, and that we are only going to Eat
those Good Foods, which are not Poisoned with Harmful Chemical
Fertilizers, Pesticides, Herbicides, Preservatives, Fly Sprays, and
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
whatever you might Discover in the GROSS Grocery Stores.
Moreover, any Highly Refined Foods, Boiled-in-Oil Chips, Snacks
with Lists of Poisons, or whatever Junk Foods there are for Sale,
which can sit on a Shelf for Months at a Time, without Spoiling,
are Obviously Forbidden Foods: beCause they are not Naturally
Preserved like Dates within a Refrigerator, which Keep Well for
10 to 20 Years, or more, if they are Vacuum-packed in a Glass Jar!
Fact Number 7  Not everyone is Called nor Chosen for any
Position within the Kingdom of God, like Peter and Paul were
Called; but everyone is Called to Repent and put Away all of their
Sins: because there will be no Sin or Lawlessness in the
Government of God. Therefore, Holiness is Priority Number One,
even if there are other Concerns within our Minds: because those
Things can WAIT.
Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Cricket, chirp: “O
Peacock, I find it Difficult to Believe that you are in Touch with
Reality: because Priority Number One is finding something to
EAT, not to FAST: because there are already tens of millions of
Poor People in this World of Woes, who have been more or less
Fasting for their entire Lives, and NONE of them are HOLY, yet!
No, none of them have been Transformed like Moses and Elijah,
who Appeared with Jesus Christ on the so-called ‘Mount
Transfiguration,’ which is nothing but a Religious Christian
MYTH: because it has nothing to do with Reality.” † Well, O
Critic, seeing that you Live in the Darkness of Ignorance, you
could not be Expected to Know anything about Holiness, much
less to Understand WHY that all People should Fast, if only to
Deny themselves of one of their Favorite Forbidden Foods,
TODAY, and another one Tomorrow, in Order to make some
Progress on the Highway of Holiness: because they are a LONG
Long Ways Away from that Mount Transfiguration, which was no
Myth: because Holiness is a Thing of Reality, which can be Proven
in a Court of Law and Order, just by Following the RULES for
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
FASTING! However, it would be Difficult for you, O Cricket:
because you cannot Tolerate the Light of Truth; but for those
Honest Sheep of the Good Shepherd, who Know that the Servants
do Well to be like their Master in ALL Ways, there is no Escaping
from the Fact that they must Repent of their Dietary Sins: beCause
NONE of them are HOLY, like Jesus Christ, who could Walk on
the Water! (See my Website for my Free Booklet, called: Did God
Intend for People to Eat Whatever they Want to??)
Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Starfish from
Unholywoods, say: “O Peacock, you Surely do not Expect all
Christians to Exercise as much Dietary Self-discipline as Actors
and Actresses, do you?? I mean, when it comes to their Diets,
Sexual Habits, and Conversations, which might make them Liars
and Hypocrites like US, they hardly stand a Chance! Indeed, one
must Sincerely Desire to be like Jesus Christ, rather than put on a
MASK, like some Actor or Actress, who merely PRETENDS to be
this or that, in Order to be Popular; and thus makes a Fool of him
or herself after the Church Service, when the Mask comes Off, and
he or she is True to his or her own Nature: because Conformity to
certain Religious Ceremonies does not make True Christians, since
True Christianity is much more than Skin Deep, you might say:
because it must come from the Heart. However, there is a Remedy
for such Shallow Faith, and that Remedy is called Persecution:
because it Forces People to Decide which Side that they are on.
For Example, how many People would Willingly Choose to be
Cast into the Fiery Furnace of Nebuchadnezzar, along with the 3
Hebrew Children during the Days of Daniel, who was Cast into the
Lion’s Den? In Fact, how many American Christians could
Tolerate any Real Persecution at all, seeing that they are not even
Willing to Wear ROBES? Indeed, they Feel Uncomfortable just
being around someone who is Wearing a Robe: because it Reminds
them of their Religious Obligations, which they have not Lived up
to.” † Well, O Starfish, you do make a Valid Point; but it probably
only Applies to a small percentage of Americans, most of whom
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
are Familiar with People who Wear Robes, if only at Graduation
Ceremonies at Colleges and Universities, where they come out
with the most Ridiculous Costumes, which they put over their
Normal Clothing, which is underneath their Robes of Hypocrisy:
because such Garments are in Fact just a MASK, as you say; but
perhaps their Robes Represent what they Aspire to become, rather
than what they Presently are. After all, if any Person’s Value is to
be Measured by his or her Clothing, we would all Fall far Short of
our Aspirations, Goals, or Ambitions: because of our Clothing not
Measuring up to the Beauty of those Holy Aaronic Garments of the
High Priests of Israel, which were made of the Finest of Materials,
and even with Gemstones and Gold, which Garments were also
very Symbolical, even as the Tabernacle, Basins, Altar, Table,
Candlesticks, Showbread, and the Ark of the Covenant were also
Symbolical: because God Loves Symbology, even though the
Word, itself, is not Mentioned within the entire Bible, except
within the Revised Standard Version, which mentions Symbol and
Symbolic; but not Symbology: because that Word was apparently
not Used during Ancient Times; but the Actual Use of Symbolism
is Extant throughout the Bible, beginning with Adam and Eve in
the Garden of Eden, and all of the way into the Book of Revelation,
which is perhaps the most Symbolic Book on this Earth. Likewise,
the Word PRIORITY is never Used within the Bible, even though it
is often Referred to by other Means. For Example, Jesus told his
Disciples to “Take no Thought for Tomorrow, for what you shall
Eat nor Drink, nor wherewithal you shall be Clothed…” “What
shall it Profit a Man, if he should Gain the whole World, and yet
Lose his own Soul…” In other Words, get your Priorities in
However, whatever is a Priority for one Person, is not
Necessarily a Priority for another Person: because Different People
are Called for Different Purposes, even as Different Parts of the
Human Body have Different Functions. For Example, it would be
more Important for a Preacher to Learn what his Bible Teaches,
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
than for him to Learn how to Do Plumbing; but it would be more
Important for a Plumber to Learn how to Fit Pipes, Valves, and
Outlets, than to Study his Bible: because, having Water, itself,
might be more Important than having Biblical Knowledge; but,
generally speaking, Knowledge is …
 Chapter 4 
Priority Number Two
Yes, Knowledge, itself, is Extremely Important; but only IF
it is TRUE Knowledge: because False knowledge could easily get
a Deceived Person or Nation of Fools into far more Trouble, than
if that Person or Nation were as Ignorant as the People of the
Jungle Tribes of South America and Central Africa: because more
than one Nation of Proud Idiots have been Destroyed, in spite of
their Vast Worldly knowledge. That is, their False Governments
have been Overthrown by other False Governments: because True
Governments are not in the Business of Conquering other
Governments by Means of Military Might, when they can easily be
Defeated by the Sword of Truth, which is far more Powerful than
any Weapons that are Used for going to War: because no one can
Fight against the Sword of Truth, and Win. After all, the Vast
Majority of the People in the World Sincerely Want to Do what is
Right for themselves; but most of them have no Idea what Right
IS: because they are somewhat like Bill Adulterous Clinton, who
had his own Definition for “what is ‘IS.’” No, they have not
Understood their Creator’s View of Right and Wrong: because of a
LACK of Information, which was Deliberately LEFT OUT of that
not-so-Holy Bible, which you could call a Mutilated Book:
beCause of so many Missing Parts, or Bits of very Important
Information, which could make it Understandable, at least to
someone who might be Sincerely Studying it, who would like an
Answer for all of their Important Questions.
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
For Example, WHERE in the Bible is the SERMON that
Jonah gave to the People of Nineveh, which Caused them to
REPENT? Yes, you could call it the World’s First, and perhaps
ONLY Total Conversion, wherein the entire City of more than
100,000 People Confessed their Sins and REPENTED, according
to the Law of Repentance, which Caused God to Change his Mind
about Destroying them: because they TRULY Repented, whereas
most Professing “Christians,” Today, have never THOROUGHLY
Repented of ALL of their Sins, which Explains WHY that they are
still Sinning: beCause they are Related with Former President Bill
Adulterous Lying Clinton, who is their Shameless Example!18
Indeed, there is more to that Important Subject than Meets the
Eyes, or Enters into most Thoughtless Heads by any Means:
because of their Ignorance, since they have not been Taught the
Truth about so MANY Different Spiritual Subjects. Therefore, as
Surprising as it is to most Professing “Christians,” as of now, they
have not been SAVED: beCause they have not been Delivered
from all Unrighteousness, including being Saved from their Aches
and Pains, which are not Right: because they are Listed among the
Curses in the Bible, not the Blessings. In Fact, those Deceived
People DENY that some of the Benefits of Salvation is to be Saved
from ALL of our Diseases, as it is Revealed in Psalm 103, which I
have Quoted at the Beginning of this Inspired Book. Indeed, they
DENY that God is Able to Save us in all Ways, and to Save unto
the Uttermost Supposedly Impossible Lost Case; but they are
Wrong: because, with God, all Things are Possible, since he
Created Life, Disease, Death, and all Things; and he is also Able to
Heal, Restore, Regenerate, and Resurrect the Spiritually DEAD;
but only IF they REPENT, which Requires Honesty, Humility of
Mind, a Confession of all Lawbreaking, Deep Remorse for what
one has Done Wrong, and Turning Away from all Sins, including
Dietary Sins, as well as Worldly Ambitions, which do not have a
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How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Priority over Salvation! Therefore, until we have Obtained a SURE
Hope of our Salvation, we are in Danger of Eternal Damnation:
beCause of Believing some BIG LIE! (See my Website for my
Free Book, called: WHERE is HELL??, for which I Offer a
ONE-MILLION-DOLLAR REWARD, if anyone can Prove
those Words of Truth to be Wrong.) However, most Professing
“Christians” DENY that there are Dietary Sins, and they even
Back Up that False Belief by taking certain Words of Jesus Christ
OUT of Context! Yes, they Vainly Imagine that Jesus was saying
that we are now Free to Eat whatever we Want to, including
Swine’s Flesh, Mad-Cow-Diseased Cannibal Cattle, Rats, Snakes,
Slugs, Cockroaches, Shrimps, Squids, Octopuses, and whatever we
might Discover for Sale in the GROSS Grocery Stores, including
all of those Highly-processed Junk Foods with their Additives,
Preservatives, and Poisons: because Jesus clearly said, “And into
whatsoever city ye enter, and they receive you, eat such things as
are set before you:…” Luke 10: 8, KJV, which is Supported by a
similar Statement by the Apostle Paul, which many Fools have
Stumbled over.
However, let us Investigate this Important Subject just a
little more: because it would be PRESUMPTUOUS to say that just
because we Visited some Island of Cannibals, that we should Eat
other People, just because they were Eating other People, since
they Sincerely Believe that “…every Creature of God is Good for
Food, and nothing to be Refused, if it is Received with
Thanksgiving: because it is Sanctified by the Words of God and
Prayer,” according to First Timothy 4: 4  5, which Creatures
would Naturally have to INCLUDE the Flesh of other People:
beCause that is the Reasoning of Cannibals, who take the
Scriptures LITERALLY, Word for WORD, without Exercising
WISDOM! (See my Website for my Free Booklet, called: HOW
to get WISDOM!) Howbeit, we might Contract that Brain Disease
that Cannibals get, and go INSANE! Yes, we might even become
as Insane as some of those Professing “Christians,” who do not
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
have Enough Wisdom in their Brains in Order to STUDY all of the
Words of Jesus Christ, before they draw up any Irrational
Conclusions. Therefore, I shall now Quote the Revised Standard
Version, while putting those above Words into Context, in Order
that you might Understand his Message.
1. AFTER THIS the Lord appointed seventy others, and sent them
on ahead of him, two by two, into every town and place where he
himself was about to come.
2. And he said to them, "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers
are few; pray therefore the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers
into his harvest.
3. Go your way; behold, I send you out as lambs in the midst of
4. Carry no purse, no bag, no sandals; and salute no one on the
5. Whatever house you enter, first say, 'Peace be to this house!'
6. And if a son of peace is there, your peace shall rest upon him;
but if not, it shall return to you.
7. And remain in the same house, eating and drinking what they
provide, for the laborer deserves his wages; do not go from house
to house.
8. Whenever you enter a town and they receive you, eat what is set
before you;
9. heal the sick in it and say to them, 'The kingdom of God has
come near to you.'
10. But whenever you enter a town and they do not receive you,
go into its streets and say,
11. 'Even the dust of your town that clings to our feet, we wipe
off against you; nevertheless know this, that the kingdom of God
has come near.'
12. I tell you, it shall be more tolerable on that day for Sodom
than for that town.
Luke 10: 1  12.
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Now, without a New MAGNIFIED Version of the above
Quote, a Normal Person, or Layman, might find it Difficult, if not
Impossible to Understand what Jesus was telling his Disciples to
Do. Therefore, in Order to Enlighten our Minds, I am now going to
Listen to the Holy Spirit as she Reveals to me the Truth of it, and
then you may draw up your own Conclusions, after you have been
Liberated from any False Notions.19
Now, after that, the Ruler or Master Appointed 70 other
Disciples, in Order that they might Teach his Words of Truth;
and he Sent them on Ahead of himself, to the Places where he
Intended to go; and he Sent them 2 by 2, in Pairs of 2, into every
Town and Place where he himself was about to come and Meet
with all of them at the Central Market Place or Town Square;
and he Sent them in Order to Prepare the Way for himself:
because Former Disciples were like Farmers who went Ahead of
the Sower of Seeds with their Plows, in Order to Break up the
Ground before him, so to speak: because it is a Figure of Speech,
with which most Educated People can Relate: because they have
Seen Farmers Plowing up the Ground, Preparing it for Planting
and Cultivating; but these Disciples were like the Reapers, who
would come into a Town in Order to Gather up the Ripe Fruits.
Therefore, Yoshua said to them, “The Harvest of Souls in
Plentiful, and the Fields are Ripe; but the Spiritual Laborers are
Few, and the Reapers are Perplexed: because there are so many
Lost and Confused Souls. Nevertheless, you should Pray
therefore that the Ruler of the Harvest should Send Out more
Laborers into his Fields, in Order to Gather into his Barn those
Good Seeds and Perfect Fruits. Therefore, go on your Ways early
in the Morning, and Teach the Truth that I have Taught to you.
Behold, I Send you Out of the Fold of Safety as Innocent Lambs
among Vicious Wolves, so to speak, who would Rip you Apart,
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How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Tear you into Pieces, and Devour your Souls, if they could; but
behold, you shall be Strengthened by the Holy Spirit, who will
Remind you of the Truth that you must Speak in Order to Defeat
your Enemies: because the Sword of Truth is more Powerful
than their Open Jaws and Vicious Teeth. Yes, you will easily
Defeat them, if you Wisely Use your Sword of Truth, and Shield
yourself with the Breastplate of Faith, and Cover yourself with
the Helmet of Salvation: because they are Spiritually Naked, for
which Reason they have Red Ears; and they do not even Carry a
Sword of Truth: because there is no Truth in them, or else they
would Quickly Agree with you: because you Speak the Truth.
Indeed, if they were Blest with the Holy Spirit, they would also
Hear her Voice, and Obey it; but behold, their Hearts are not
Right with the Supreme Ruler: because they are Filled with Lusts
for Forbidden Flesh, which Longing Desires have Overcome
them. Nevertheless, there will be many People among them who
will Believe the Truth that you Teach to them, and they will
become your Disciples, even as you have become my Disciples,
whom you shall Baptize unto Repentance in my Name; and
therefore, they will Support you, and take Good Care of you:
because of their Love for you: because I will Bless them with the
Holy Spirit, who will Comfort them and Assure them that they
are on the Right Path or the Highway of Life. Therefore, do not
Carry any Purse for Money: because the Ox is Worthy of his
Hire, and you are Worthy of their Support; neither shall you
Carry any Bag with Clothing and extra Sandals: because they
will also Furnish you with those Necessities. Moreover, you shall
not stop along the Road, in Order to Talk with whomever might
pass by: because your Time is very Precious, which you can Use
more Wisely in Order to Preach to Multitudes of People at once,
which will be a far Greater Blessing to all of you. Therefore, if
someone stops you along the Road, and Insists on Learning
whatever you might Know, just say: ‘Follow us,’ which will also
Attract other People to Follow you: because People are Curious
when a Crowd Gathers; and therefore, it is to your Benefit if you
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
come into a City of Confusion with a large Flock of Sheep
Following behind you. Furthermore, when you first Enter into
any Town or City, you shall Inquire who among them is the most
Righteous, who is Worthy of your Visit and Blessings; and
whatever House that you Decide to Enter into, first say, ‘PEACE
be to this Household in the Name of Yoshua Messiah!’ And if a
Son of Peace Lives there, your Peace shall Rest upon him:
because he will Accept you, and not Reject you; but, if not, your
Peace shall Return to you, and you shall Leave that House of
Hate: because the Holy Spirit does not Live there, since the Holy
Spirit does not Live in Unclean Temples. However, if he Accepts
you, and Greets you with a Clean Kiss and a Sincere Hug or
Warm Embrace, you shall Know that you are Welcome; and
therefore, you shall Remain within that same House, Eating and
Drinking whatever Wholesome and Natural Foods and Drinks
that they Provide: because the Laborer Deserves his Wages,
which is a Modest Amount of Food and Drink: because you do
not Desire to have a Reputation for being Gluttons and
Drunkards, which would Dishonor your Master, who has set a
Good Example for you to Follow. Therefore, if they have Sweet
Fruits set before you, Eat those Fruits first, after giving Thanks
to your Creator and Supreme Ruler; and then you may Eat
whatever else is set before you, according to your Appetite, even
according to that still small Voice that Speaks within you,
Suggesting that you have had Sufficient Food for now, even if
you get Hungry again within a few Hours: because it is Better to
Eat more often, than to Eat too much at once: because that will
only Stretch Out your Bowels, and Destroy your Beauty.
Therefore, Eat with Moderation, and Eat the Right Foods for
you: because you can always Choose what is Best for you, even if
you are among the Heathen, who also like Sweet Fruits and
Green Leaves from Clean Herbs. Yes, even as Ignorant as they
are, they still Appreciate the Ripe Fruits from the Trees of Life,
which Give Life to all People who Feast on them, which Great
Truth you may also Teach to your Disciples: because they will
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Desire to Learn what it is that makes you so Beautiful, Healthy,
and Wise. Therefore, you may Reveal it to them; but do not
Reveal it to the Masses of People: because they must Suffer with
Various Sicknesses, Diseases, and Ailments, until they Confess
the Whole Truth concerning ALL Subjects that are Important for
their Salvation in ALL Ways. Indeed, you must Leave them in the
Darkness of Ignorance, until they Confess their Ignorance:
because, if they are not Willing to Ask Important Questions, they
are certainly not Ready to Learn any Lessons from the Universal
College of Superior Knowledge; but they are only Puffed up with
Pride, which Blinds their Minds, which Causes them to not
Understand what is Good for them, for which they get their Just
Rewards at their own Tables, as King David said. (Psalm 69: 22
 36, and Romans 11.) Yes, may they Bow Down their Backs in
Slavery to their Great God Gut Forever, if they do not Repent of
ALL of their Sins, and STOP Sinning. Therefore, whenever you
Enter into a Town, and they Receive you, you shall Teach to
them this Great Truth; and therefore, you shall Eat whatever
Sweet Fruits and Clean Green Herbs are set before you: because
it will not Harm you; but, if you Eat like they have been Eating,
your Peace will Depart from you also, and you will become
Spiritually Dead like them: because People become like the
Company that they Keep. Therefore, if that Company is Feasting
with the Hogs and Dogs, and you Allow them to Seduce you with
their Enticing Foods and Drinks, the Evil Spirits that are within
them will Enter into you also: because of being Seduced by them
for a Lack of Self-discipline. Indeed, they will Drag you Down
into their Hellish Condition, and then Mock you for your
Weaknesses, if you give in to their Temptations; but, if you are
Spiritually Strong, you might also Drag them Out of their
Bottomless Pit of Massive Confusion, and even Save them from
their Torments: because of Clinging to the Rope of Hope. Yes,
you will Instill into their Minds a Greater Hope than they have
ever Learned about before, which is the Hope of becoming
HOLY, like me and like Moses and like all of the Holy Prophets.
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Therefore, Heal the Sick Souls, Restore their Lost Limbs, Open
the Eyes of the Blind, and Unstop the Ears of the Deaf: because
that will Persuade them that you are my Disciples, and that you
have Power with God, which they will not be Able to Deny; and
therefore, you shall say to them, ‘The Kingdom of the Supreme
Ruler has come near to you, and you have Seen his Good Works.
Therefore, you must Learn, Believe, Love, and Obey his Words of
Truth, which will make you Free in all Ways: because there is
Deliverance by Means of the Sword of Truth.’ But, whenever you
Enter into a Town or City of Confusion, and they do not Receive
you with Gladness, you shall go into their Streets, and say: ‘You
People are Rejecters of Truth, for which you will be Punished:
because the Blessings of the Kingdom of God have come near to
you; but you have Rejected those Blessings without a Just Cause.
Therefore, even the Dust of your Town, which Clings to our Feet
and Robes, we will now Shake Off against you: because you are
now Cursed. Nevertheless, Understand this, that the Kingdom of
the Supreme Ruler has come near to you.’ Therefore, I tell you
the Truth, it shall be more Tolerable during the Day of Judgment
for the People of the Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, than for
that Town or City: because, if the Great Works that will be Done
among them, had been Done among the People of Sodom and
Gomorrah, they would have Repented while Covered in
Sackcloth, and sitting in Ashes: because they were only Ignorant
concerning the Truth; but these People are Extremely Proud,
Hardhearted, Spiritually Blind, and Deaf: because they Refuse to
Learn Truth and Wisdom. Therefore, they will Mock themselves
with their own Foolishness, and Destroy themselves by Means of
their own Lusts: because they are also Worthy of the Fruits of
their Labors in the Fields of the Devil, who Rules over them, who
shall Harvest them for his Evil Kingdom: because he has now
Gathered them Together for that Purpose within Filthy Cities of
Massive Confusion, Worldwide.” 20
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How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Now, I Hear a Colorful Irreverent Snake hiss: “O Peacock,
you have ADDED to the Word of God, which is Pure and
Infallible. Therefore, you shall be CURSED with the Seven Last
Great Plagues: because you have Revealed Truth that God has
Forbidden you to Reveal: because it is Reserved for the Future.
Moreover, you have Suggested that the Perfect Foods for Mankind
are the Sweet Fruits from the Trees of Life, followed by some
Clean Green Leaves; but we all Know that nothing is Better for our
Good Health than Pizzas with everything on them, including some
Marijuana and Coca Leaves: because there is nothing that Enters
into the Body that can Defile it, even if it is Battery Acid, Arsenic,
or Die-eldrin: because God will Bless whatever we have Blest,
even if it is Pure Poison. Therefore, you are a False Prophet, a Liar,
Deceiver, and Hypocrite: because you do not Live on nothing but
Sweet Fruits and Clean Green Leaves, yourself, nor does anyone
else: because such a Diet will KILL you! Yes, it Requires
PROTEINS, Vitamins, Minerals, and FATS in Order to keep a
Workhorse Alive, which can only be Obtained from Eating Flesh,
Cheese, Milk, Eggs, and the 4 Basic Food Groups, including
Cereals, Breads, Fruits, and Vegetables; but especially
Horseradish, Pickled Pig’s Feet, Barbecued Skunk Tails, and
Rancid Whale Blubber, which has been Inspected by the USDA,
which is the United States Department of Agriculture, which is
more Concerned for our Good Health, than God is: because, if the
Tax Slaves and Interest Slaves should become too Sickly and
Diseased, they could not Earn any Money for Paying Taxes.
However, Thank God, there are New Babies being Born, who
Increase the Chances for more Tax Slaves and Interest Slaves to be
at least Moderately Healthy, until they get to a certain Age, at
which Time FATE will Determine WHO Remains Healthy, and
WHO gets Sick or Diseased; but, a Universal Health Care Program
would take Care of them, if we had the Right Insurance Plan:
because Jesus said, ‘Before you Disciples go on the Road, be sure
to go to the Insurance Agency, and get Life Insurance, Health Care
Insurance, Accident Insurance, Liability Insurance, and whatever
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
you Need in Order to go on the Road: because it is a very
Dangerous World out there. Yes, get yourselves Swords and
Spears, just in case that you meet up with Highway Robbers who
want to take your Money Bags, or even Steal from you during the
Dark, while you are Sleeping in those most Expensive Hotels.
Moreover, you shall Pack Suitcases Full of Changeable Suits of
Apparel, so that you never have to Appear in the same Suit twice
within one Year: because you are the Blest Ones of the Lord, who
is otherwise known as BAAL: because you should be Baal
Worshippers, since the God of Baal is the Right God: because he is
the God of Possessions, and you are Possession Worshippers.
Therefore, you shall Fill your Houses with all Kinds of Idols,
Paintings of Vanity, and whatever Junk that you can Discover for
Sale: because all True Christians must Prosper after that Manner,
or else they will be Unhappy. Indeed, the more Possessions that
you Obtain, the Healthier and Happier that you will become:
because you will be Able to sit around and get FAT, which is a
Sign of Good Health, even as a Fattened Hog is Better to Eat than
a Skinny Hog; and nothing is as Good as Bacon and Eggs, and
especially when it is Spiced with Hot Peppers, Salt, Garlic, and
Grated Lemon Peeling, after which it is Rolled in Cheese, and
Fried in Whale Blubber! Indeed, I tell you the Truth, there will be
many Unholy People come from the East, West, North, and South,
who will sit down within the Holy Kingdom of All that is Good,
along with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: because they will have
Discovered those more Tasty Dishes of Hog Slop and Dog Food,
which the Angels of Heaven could not Discover: because they are
less Inventive; but behold, he who comes up with the most Tasty
Dish will sit at my Right Side, and will Rule with me within that
Holy Kingdom, which will be Filled with SMOKE and PERFUME:
because I Love that SMOKE and Perfume. Yes, I will sit in
Judgment with my Feet propped up on my Desk, having a BIG FAT
One-Foot-Long Cigar in one Hand, and a Bottle of Champaign in
the other Hand, and say to you: “Now, my Son, what Sins have you
Committed?”  at which Time you will say, “O Lord, O my Baal,
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
we did not Realize that we were Lacking so many Material Riches,
or else we would have gone and Sold all that we had, in Order to
Buy some Stocks and Bonds on Wall Street,”  at which Time I
will say, “You Know that I told you that you should at least put
your Money into the Bank, in Order for it to Earn Interest, so that
you might at least get yourselves a Television, in Order to Watch
my Disciples doing Miracles  such as Transplanting Hearts and
Brains, or at least giving Sex Change Operations: because there
are so many Confused People, who do not Realize what is most
Important in Life, so that they might get their Priorities in Order,
and get Sex Changes: because that would be far less Expensive
than Fasting and Praying, which might Cost you your Life, and
especially if you do not Eat a Gallon of those Blubber-fried Eggs
and Bacon, just after you Fast for 24 Whole Hours,”  at which
Time you will say, “O Baal, I am Ashamed of myself for being so
Holy, Pure, and Innocent, when you Desired that I should be like
that Irreverent LOUDMOUTH Slothgut Windbag Hole-in-thyHead, whose Stomach Hangs on his Knees when he sits down,” 
at which Time …’  and you get the Point, O Peacock.” †§‡§§
Yes, O Irreverent Sarcastic Snake with the Long Twisted Tale of
Lies and Half Truths, I do get the Point; but, does anyone else??
Now, I Hear someone, who is like an Innocent Lamb, bleat:
“O Peacock, I have no Idea HOW that you can Bear with such
Disrespectful and Irreverent People, since my Dad would STOMP
THEM INTO THE GROUND! However, the Problem with
Publishing such LIES, is the Fact that someone might
Unknowingly Misunderstand you, and come to the Wrong
Conclusion, unto their own Damnation, if they should happen to be
one of those Impatient People, who simply flip a book open and
begin to read whatever their Eyes fall upon: because it was the
Holy Spirit who Inspired your New Magnified Version of Luke 10;
but it must have been some Unholy Spirit that Inspired that
Irreverent Snake, who Imagined that he could Prove your
Infallible Words of Truth to be Wrong; but, in the Process of
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Attempting to Prove your Words to be Wrong, he merely Proved
himself to be Wrong, and made a Liar of himself, and even
Misquoted everything that Jesus said, and ADDED all Kinds of
LIES or False Doctrines, for which he will Receive the Seven Last
Great Plagues! Therefore, he was Symbolical of X-amount of
other Snakes and Irreverent IDIOTS, who cannot Discern
something that is GOOD when they Learn it. Therefore, all such
People will Receive the Greater Damnation: because they have
Rejected Truth without a Just Cause.” † Well, O Lamb, it never
Pays to Mock Truth, lest you are Mocked, yourself: because of
Offending the Holy Spirit, who Knows HOW to Confound the
Worldly-wise People. Indeed, she is much Wiser than the Fools
who Mock Truth, and it was she who Inspired his Speech, also, in
Order to Confound him, for which he has NO Answer, which is
why that he cannot Speak: beCause he is Dumbfounded. In Fact,
he merely ASSUMED that his Unholy Bible had the Exact Right
Words, even though it is a Mutilated Version, as you can easily
Understand if you Re-read both of those Versions once again with
Faith: because the Mutilated Version is Self-evident by its LACK
of Important Information that would be Necessary in Order for the
Disciples of Jesus Christ to Understand what they were Supposed
to DO. After all, according to the Mutilated Versions (of which
there are hundreds in Various Languages), those Disciples were
not even supposed to take Sandals with them; but just Walk on the
Sharp Rocks in the Land of Israel without Sandals, which might be
Possible; but not very Practical: because of CUT FEET! After all,
there was a Good Reason for all of those People to Wear Sandals
or Shoes of some Kind: because that Land is FULL of Rocks, and
a Broken Rock can be equally as Sharp as Broken Glass, if you
Strike it just Right with your Foot, and then SLIP. Therefore, it is
Obvious that Jesus was not saying to NOT WEAR SANDALS; but
only to not bother to take any Extra Sandals along: because,
whenever their Sandals were getting Worn Out, someone would
See it and Give to them some New Sandals. Likewise, the same
thing Applied to the Burdensome Clothes: because there was a
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Time for NOT taking any Thought for Tomorrow, and another
Time to take up some Deep Thoughts for Tomorrow: because there
is another Scripture that Reveals that Fact, wherein Jesus told his
Disciples to take some Money in their Purses. See Mark 6: 7 
14; Matthew 10: 1  15; and Luke 22: 35  37. Therefore, there
is a Time and a Purpose for everything that is Done under the
Sunstar; but, Knowing just WHEN that we should Do this, or Do
that, is the Great Question! However, that Question is Answered
by Doing Enough Fasting and Praying, which gets you into Tune
with the Holy Spirit, who then Teaches to you what is Right and
WRong, and Shows to you the Way that you must Go in Order to
 Chapter 5 
The Conclusion
Unlike most of my Books, I am going to actually give to
you a Conclusion for this Subject: because the foregoing
Information might only make some People more Confused than
they already are. After all, each Person has his or her Priorities,
depending on what the Day has brought forth. For Example, when
the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center came CRASHING
DOWN in New York City, almost all American Adults put their
Priorities on HOLD, at least during the first few Hours, at which
Time they were Glued to their Televisions with Anxious
Anticipation for what might Happen NEXT: because it got almost
everyone’s Attention, which was no doubt the Desired Effect that
the Terrorists Intended for it to have, which came near to Crashing
our Great False Economy! Yes, it was a Tragic Disaster, which
was another Murderous Act of Injustice  except that if any
particular Buildings on this Earth could Symbolize the single most
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
EVIL Economic System in the World, it would be those Huge
Capitalist Buildings, which are Representative of what will
Happen during the Future when Babylon FALLS, as it is Revealed
within the Book of Revelation, which seems to be right on
Schedule with Prophetic Timetables. Indeed, the Priorities in New
Yuck City were Suddenly and Dramatically CHANGED on
September 11th, 2001: because about 3,000 People got Killed, at
once. However, in Reality, after that Dreadful Day, there have
been more than 600,000,000 People in this World of Woes who
have Died from Hunger and Diseases in other Countries, and
almost no one in this Country has Shed even ONE Tear for them,
nor gave even ONE News Report about it, nor Contributed any
Money for their Poor Families: because we are Truly
NATIONALISTS, who are far more Concerned for our own Skins,
than for anyone else’s; but especially for the Skins of American
BANKERS, as Opposed to the Skins of those Poor Sickly
Americans who Lack Fresh Clean Air, Pure Water, Good Foods,
Proper Clothing, Well-made Fireproof Houses, and all that I have
Proposed within this Inspired Book. In other Words, the News
Propagandists spent a thousand or more times as much Time on the
Terrorist Attack in New York City, than they spent on the 40,000+
People who got Killed in Car Accidents during that same Year; or,
that they spent on Reporting about the 900,000+ People who Died
with Cancer, plus the Heart Attack Victims of Self-inflicted
Punishments, Stroke “Victims,” and so on: because the Attack in
New York City just Happened to Hit a Financial Target, rather
than a large Hospital, for Example, where it could have possibly
Killed far more People: because of the Difficulty with Evacuating
them before they Burned up.
Nevertheless, the Attack in New York set the Stage for all
Kinds of Unpredictable Events, which had a Chain Reaction for
which no one has any Idea where the End of it will be, except for
God and his HOLY PROPHETS, who are apparently keeping
SILENT: because it is such an Evil Time in the History of the
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
World. Indeed, one could easily Lose his Life for speaking just one
Word that might get Misunderstood: because People are so Hottempered, Hateful, Revengeful, and Murderous. In Fact, that was
the very First Effect on the Mind of our President George, who
Vowed REVENGE by calling it “JUSTICE.” Yes, he said that we
would Hunt Down those Terrorists, and bring them to JUSTICE,
even though most of those Terrorists are still Loose; and upwards
of a million Potential Terrorists are being Born each Day 
Thanks to the System that Produces them! However, there is no
Justice when you Attack Gang B for the Crimes of Gangs A and C:
beCause they are 3 Different Gangs. Therefore, by Attacking Gang
B, it gave Gangs A and C the Perfect Opportunity and Good
Excuse for Attacking US once again: beCause of the Injustice of
the Attack on Gang B, in spite of the Fact that all such Gangs are
EVIL, including the Gang of Spiritual Outlaws in Washington,
District of Criminals, who will Answer to God for their Crimes:
because 2 Wrongs do not make anything Right. Indeed, we cannot
Do Good, unless we Do what is Right; and it is not Right to
MURDER Innocent People in any Amount of Numbers, and call it
“Collateral Damage,” as Opposed to COLD-BLOODED
MURDER! After all, if it had been Russia and China who
Attacked US American Citizens for the Crimes of George Bush,
we would have to Agree with that last Statement: because we are
not to be Blamed for the Sins of our Government  at least I am
not to be Blamed: because I had no Part in their Decisions in
Washington, and neither did most of you. In Fact, it would be the
Equivalent of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) making
a Raid on a New York Gang of Outlaws for the Crimes of a Gang
in Houston, Texas, when the Real Criminals are in Lost Angels,
Californicate! Yes, I Know that all New York Bankers are
INNOCENT, and so was J. Edgar Hoover, John F. Kennedy,
Joseph McCarthy, and Robert McNamara; but not according to the
Honest History Books, which must Report all of the Details,
including the Lies, Sex Scandals, Secret Covert Wars, and so on.
However, the Real Criminals are seldom if ever Mentioned by
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
News Reporters, Government Officials, Preachers, Teachers,
Professors, Lawyers, Judges, Doctors, and whomever might
Expose them: because they would simply be Reporting on
THEMSELVES! Indeed, they are ALL Criminals to some Degree,
as I have Proven within my Good Books; but the Worst of those
Criminals are the BANKERS, who Control the Great False
Economy! Yes, those Bankers Determine WHO will Prosper, and
WHO will Fail: because you can hardly do anything without their
Help, if you have very little Money. (See my Website for my Free
Booklet, called: Can Bankers be Trusted??, which will Enlighten
your Mind more than you might Imagine!)
For Example, we all Know that American Firetrap Mouseinfested Cockroach Dens should be Replaced with Fireproof,
Tornado-proof, Hail-proof, Termite-proof, Water-damage-proof,
Insurance-proof $wangkee Stone Domehomes, or the Equivalent
thereof; and yet neither you nor I could Obtain Enough Money
from a Banker in Order to get into the Business of Producing
MILLIONS of such Homes: because there is no Banker from here
to China, who would RISK the Investment: beCause, if it should
Catch On, all of those Bankers would eventually put themselves
OUT of Business: beCause such Houses would seldom if ever
Require any Repairs, Rebuilding, or whatever; and therefore, given
Enough Time, Bankers would not be Collecting any more Interest:
because those Permanent Houses would eventually be Paid for.
However, under the present Evil Economic System, almost all of
the Houses are GUARANTEED to Deteriorate, Rot Down, Burn
Up, Blow Away, get Eaten up by Termites, Flooded Out, Slid
Away in a Mudslide, or Destroyed by some other Means: beCause
they are Designed by Satan and Sons, Incorporated, who Work for
the BANKERS! Yes, they are all in the Stew Kettle TOGETHER,
my Friend or Enemy; and they have a very Neat CONSPIRACY
against the Average American TAX SLAVE and INTEREST
SLAVE, who is so Distracted from Reality by all of his or her
TOYS and GAMES, that he or she does not Realize how BADLY
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
that he or she has been SNOOKERED, Bamboozled, RAPED,
Robbed, and Deceived to the MAXIMUM, including those News
Reporters, who Supposedly Report the WHOLE Truth!
However, when you Begin to Realize that God Created
FREE ROCKS, Mountains of SAND, and billions of tons of
Gravel, just like he Created FREE AIR, WATER, and FOOD, you
also Begin to Realize what an ENORMOUS LIE has been put into
the Minds of the Proud Spiritually BLINDED IDIOTS who cannot
SEE those Mountains of Rocks, and Conclude that we, THE
PEOPLE, could just CLAIM our own ROCKS, just like we
CLAIM our own AIR and WATER! Yes, we, the PEOPLE, should
not have to BUY our own Rocks, when they are FREE for getting
them; but we should only have to Buy the Labor and Tools that are
Required in Order to Harvest those Rocks, which can be Harvested
by HUGE Solar-powered $wangkee Land-moving Machines,
Rock-cutting Machines, Rock-polishing Machines, Electric Trains,
and whatever Tools are Necessary in Order to TRULY PROSPER,
as Opposed to PRETENDING that we are in Heaven, when we are
in Hell! (Yes, I Know that the Environmentalists will be in an
Uproar to Hear such Words; but that is only beCause they have not
Studied my Master Plan, which provides a Way for making Life a
thousand times Better for the Wild Animals.) However, until the
Tornado or Fire comes Sweeping through your Community, and
Touches you, Personally, you are not likely to give it much
Thought: because you have an Unlimited Amount of False Faith in
the FACT that it will never Happen to YOU; but, “if it Does
Happen, it will be God’s Will,” you say!
However, God is not Willing that any People should Perish;
but that all should come to Repentance, and Change their Ways of
Living: because he Provided an ABUNDANCE of Rocks for us to
Work with, as well as Knowledge and Technology for Handling
that Work with the Least Amount of Waste of Time, Money,
Materials, and Energy. Indeed, you may Complain and Murmur
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
from now until Doomsday, and even Riot and Protest on the
Streets in Washington, and elsewhere; but none of it will Do as
much toward our Objective, as for you and I and everyone else
who is Interested, to simply STOP DOING ANYTHING! Yes, just
STAY IN BED and SLEEP, until the White Fathers in Washington
WAKE UP: because, if every Tax Slave suddenly becomes SICK
of their Bad Government, and goes to BED, and no Work gets
Done, and no Taxes get Paid, they will be FORCED to come to
their Right Senses; and all of that without any Bloodshed, Riots,
Broken Windows, Burned Out Towns, Lootings, Murders, Rapes,
and whatever. Indeed, it is called “Peaceful Resistance,” since
everyone is SICK. Moreover, just after 3 or 4 Days of Fasting, you
will even APPEAR to be Sick: because you will be PALE, Weak,
and SICKLY: beCause of the Elimination of Filth and Poisons
within your Body, which make you Weak! Therefore, Save your
Hard-earned Money, and STOP BUYING any more of that
TRASH and JUNK FOOD, and begin to Do your Fasting: because
that will SAVE THE WORLD, and especially if TENS of
MILLIONS of Wise People Do LIKEWISE: because it will have a
far Greater Dramatic Effect than any Terrorist Attack, and only
George Bush Incorporated will have any Tears in their Eyes:
because they will be the only LOSERS!21 Indeed, whomever Does
their Fasting and Praying, according to the RULES for
FASTING, will be BLEST beyond Measure, and a Few will even
Escape from the Great Tribulation by Means of a Great
Mechanical Eagle that shall Fly Away into the Wilderness!22
Therefore, how Long are we going to Procrastinate the Day
of our Salvation, and Torment ourselves in this State of Poverty,
wherein a Person can hardly Breathe? Yes, how LONG are we
going to Allow ourselves to Tolerate that Low Court of Supreme
Injustices to get by with Spiritual MASS MURDER?? Yes, how
See my Website for my Free Booklet, called: Why Buy any more TRASH??
See my Website for my Free Booklet, called: WHERE is The City of God??
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
LONG are we going to put up with those Greedy Bankers, who are
no more Worthy of Riches than any of the rest of us? And how
LONG are we going to SUFFER for a Lack of Good Food, when
we could all be Moderately RICH in all Ways, as in “Healthy,
Wealthy, and Wise”? The Truth is, my Friend or Enemy, we are
going to have to make up our Minds to get our Priorities in
ORDER, beginning with GOOD HEALTH: because, without
Good Health, what is there to Live for, since Life Begins with
Good Health, which makes it Possible for us to Do other Things
that are not so Important; but perhaps Pleasurable, such as Reading
a Good Book. Indeed, if you are Spiritually BLIND, and cannot
even See the Words of Truth, what Good can they Do for YOU?
Therefore, Seek ALL that is GOOD, and Begin by
Confessing how FAR AWAY that you are from that Tree of Life,
which is in the Paradise of Good Health and True Happiness,
which is Reserved for the HOLY ONES, who are Pure in Mind,
Spirit, and Body, who have Overcome the Temptations of the
Devil, and have gotten the Victory over all of their Sins through
the Grace, Forgiveness, and Truth of Jesus Christ: because only the
Truth has the Power to set us Free from all of our Sins, including
those Dietary Sins, which are the Basic Causes for all of the other
Sins. After all, when was the last Time that you Heard of one of
those Poor Skinny Starving African Children committing Murder?
Never! No, it never Happens: because of what you can Discover
for yourself, if you will only Practice a little Fasting. Indeed, after
a Week or so of Fasting, followed by a Proper FLUSHING of your
Bowels with Fresh Fruit Juices, you will Think that you Woke up
in Heaven the next Morning! Yes, then you will Know what is
Priority Number One!
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Rough Top View of a square $wangkee Fortress
Rock Terraced Gardens for Flowers,
Vegetables, Vineyards, and Fruit Trees,
stepping down from Castle to Fortress.
Beautiful Terraced Gardens
surround Hotel for Visitors
Post Office,
Court House,
Barracks for
Bank, etc.
Health Care Center
Tunnels run
throughout City,
servicing 1,000
Wise Families.
Auditorium, or
whatever the
Vote for.
Palaces for
-ping Maul/
Entertainment Center
Arched Windows
Swangkee Covered Highway with Mulching Rocks & Weedless Gardens on Roof
Moat for Water Storage,
Fishing, Swimming, Ice
Skating, and Boating.
Domehomes, Homecraft Workshops & Sales Shops surround City
Underground Tunnel Entrance is only way into
Fortress. Underground Parking Lot is outside of
Self-governed Planned City State.
This Fortress is surrounded by Hay Fields, Forests, and Unmolested
Wilderness, so that Buffalo, Deer, etc., can roam the Great Plains once
again, and the Gardens can be Protected from Unwanted Creatures.
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Explanation of Previous Drawing
Most People think of a Fortress as a Castle, or Place where
some Benevolent or Tyrant King might Protect himself from his
Enemies; but $wangkee Fortresses are Designed for ALL of the
People, whose Gardens, Orchards, Vineyards, Homecraft
Workshops, Sales Shops, and Beautiful $wangkee Stone
Domehome Complexes are within the Borders of a $wangkee
Moat, which surrounds the Planned City State, which helps to keep
OUT all of the Unwanted Creatures  and especially those Tax
Masters and Interest Masters, who are the Chief Thieves and
Robbers of Honest Hardworking People, whom I call Tax Slaves
and Interest Slaves. Such $wangkee Fortresses have far more than
248 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Building them
and Living within the Borders of them, with NO Great
Disadvantages! See my Book for the Proof. You can find it on my
Internet Website, at:
Please notice the 2-way $wangkee Covered Highway/
Freeway, which alone will Solve hundreds of Problems that are
faced every Day by those People who drive on non-covered
highways, which Problems involve Icy Roads, Blinding Sunlight,
Stop Lights, Worn-out Brakes, Wasted Gas, Accidents, and all that
is Associated with the present System of Confusion, and the Tax
Money that Supports it. Also notice that the Gardens are in
Beautiful Terraces within the Fortress, which makes it a very
Pleasant Place to Live and Work, at Home with your own Family
and Friends, which is the Ideal Lifestyle, having lots of Space to
Work and Play within a Peaceful Fortified City State, where you
can Live with other People of Likemindedness, who Gladly Obey
the Laws and Rules that they all Vote for, which is True
Democracy, as Opposed to Dumbmocracy, Tax Slavery, Interest
Slavery and all that is Associated with the Evil Empire.
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
NOTE: The following pages contain Petitions that may be Copied
from the Book, itself, and then be Printed and Published, according
as each Group of Wise People Decide. For Example, the next page
can be Downloaded into any Computer that is Connected with the
Internet, and then the Petition can be Selected and Copied and
Pasted into a New Document, from which it can be Printed and
made into a little 8½-inch by 5½-inch Booklet, with the Petition
just under the Front Cover of the Booklet, which is followed by the
SIGNATURES of whomever Agrees that such Things should be
Done. Therefore, because there are Differences of Opinions
concerning what Things should be Done, you can Discover more
than one Petition, for which you may Choose whatever Parts that
you like Best, and simply DELETE the other Parts, if you are
Unhappy with them. In other Words, you have my Permission to
Modify those Petitions, in Order to make them Satisfying in the
Belly of your own Mind. However, the Main Objective is to get as
many Signatures as possible, and then Mail those Petitions to your
Senators and Congressmen/Congresswomen. Moreover, you can
Discover all Kinds of Photos of National Parks and whatever on
my Website, which you can Use in Order to Enhance the Front
Outside Cover of the Booklet, and bring some Attention to it. You
could also Print the following Words in large Bold Letters:
Petition for True
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
PETITION to the Congress of
The United States of America
We, the Undersigned Citizens of the United States of America,
PETITION the Congress of both Houses in Washington, DC, to:
1  Call for a Great International Meeting of the Intelligent
Minds, including Kings, Queens, Ambassadors, Prime Ministers,
Presidents, Governors, Dictators, Dimwitcrats, and Reprobates to
come Together for a Great Worldwide TELEVISED Court
Hearing, within the Vatican Building in Rome, Italy, in Order that
all such Leaders of all Nations might be Asked a few Important
Questions by the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge, King’s
Mountain, Kentucky, who is the Author of an Inspired Book,
called: How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!, which can be
found Free of Charge on his Website, at:
2  Make an Investigation into The TALE of The PEACOCK,
and The ROPE of HOPE, in Order to Discover whether or not
there is any Reasonable Excuse for any more Poverty, Worldwide,
Understanding that a Righteous One-World GovernMint would
simply Mint and Print the Necessary New Money, in Order to Use
that Money WISELY, in Order to HIRE whomever is Willing and
Able to Learn and Work, in Order to Build all Kinds of Beautiful
Planned City States, called: $wangkee Hotels, Castles, and
Fortresses!, which will Represent that New Money, without any
Loans, without any Interest or Usury, without any Property Taxes,
and without any Income Taxes.
3  Publish the above mentioned Books in all Public Schools and
Libraries, Free of Charge, at Tax Slaves’ Expense: because those
Books contain the Knowledge that can Liberate us from Tax
Slavery and Interest Slavery, which is of Greatest Interest to all of
us Slaves, who are SICK of it!
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
PETITION to the Congress of
The United States of America
We, the Undersigned Citizens of the Late Great Divided States
of United Lies, PETITION the Congress of both Houses in
Washington, District of Criminals, to:
1  Bring the Peacock to TRIAL for TREASON, for:
A  Exposing too many Lies, and:
B  For Revealing too much Truth: because we Tax
Slaves were Healthy and Happy, until the Peacock Messed up our
Minds by Shining the Light of Truth into the Darkness of
Ignorance, which Blinded our Spiritual Eyes, so that we could not
See the Beauty of The TALE of The PEACOCK, and The
2  Bring the American Tax Slaves and Interest Slaves to TRIAL
A  BELIEVING the Peacock’s Tale of Lies, and:
B  For Doing NOTHING about it!
3  Ship the Peacock and all of his Property, including his 98%
Rock House, back to Germany, where someone might Appreciate
his ROCKS: because, we, the People of the Late Great Divided
States of United Lies HATE Paint-proof, Fireproof, Rot-proof,
Termite-proof, Insurance-proof, Marble-faced Concrete Walls and
Onyx-covered Concrete Floors: because we might Slip and Fall
Down on them and Crack our almost Worthless Heads WIDE
OPEN, and thus Leak Out what Few Brains that there might be in
them, and thus become like President George Walking Bush
Incorporated.  †§‡§§
4  Brand all of us Tax Slaves with the Mark of the Beast.
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
PETITION to the Congress of
The United States of America
We, the Undersigned Citizens of the United States of America,
PETITION the Congress of both Houses in Washington, DC, to:
1  Bring the Judges of the Supreme Court to TRIAL for
CONSPIRACY and TREASON against the American Tax Slaves:
because of the following Reasons,
A  It would be Good if all People in the Whole World
should Learn, Believe, Love, and Obey The New MAGNIFIED
Version of The TEN COMMANDMENTS, in Order to Reduce
or Eliminate most Taxes, which are Collected/Confiscated/Stolen
by Force from us Tax Slaves, in Order to Support Police
Departments, Wicked/Righteous Lawyers, Just/Unjust Judges,
Prison Keepers, Court Houses, Prisons, and all that is Associated
with Lawlessness.
B  Anyone who Disagrees with the above Statement of
Fact is either Ignorant, Stupid, Spiritually Blind, Corrupt, Wicked,
Insane, or otherwise Unqualified to be a Judge of any Kind.
2  Bring the Congress to TRIAL if they Refuse to Hold and
Support the above mentioned Petition, or even Refuse to Sign their
Names to it in Readable Letters.
3  Bring President George W. Bush to TRIAL for TREASON, if
he Refuses to Sign this Petition, and also to make Sure that it is
Executed, since he is the Chief Executive of his Branch of
Government, lest he should be Executed for High Treason against
us Tax Slaves, who HATE Tax Slavery and Interest Slavery.
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
The following Alphabetical List of other
Interesting Literature by the same Author in
10 Categories can be Found Free of Charge at:
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How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Should the Ten Commandments be Posted in Public Schools??
The School of FOOLS!
What is WRong with C-span??
What is WRong with the Book of MORMON?? — Volume 1!
Category 5 ― Money/Economy/Prosperity
A List of Swangkee Wages!
A List of the Evils of Capitalism!  Volumes 1 & 2!
A Reasonable Solution for SWEAT SHOPS!
A Reasonable Solution for TRASH DISPOSAL!
Are we Tax Slaves?? And, What Positive Things we can Do in
Order to be set Free from Tax Slavery!!
Are you a BAAL Worshipper??
Are you Poor — and not too Proud to Confess it??
Can Bankers be Trusted??
Dear Reverend Ralph Workaholic Beiting!
Does the Colorful Peacock have a JUST CAUSE for NOT
Paying Taxes??
How Could We Afford It??
How GOOD are CARS??
How much would you Pay for an Obedient Goat??
How we can All get Moderately RICH!
Is it a SIN to Make MERCHANDISE of The Words of God??
Looking for a JOB!
The Colorful Peacock Debates the United States Congress over
The KO$T of a Dipstick! (A Hard Lesson to be Learned at a
Great Price) By Raa Obzervutiv Swangkee
The History of Money!
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
The New and Wonderful MONETARY and ECONOMIC
SYSTEM of The New Righteous One-World
The Strange Things that People Do in Order to Get more
What does it Mean: “The Destruction of the Poor is their
What does it Mean to PROSPER??
What ever Happened to the Good Old Days??
WHO are the Real Bank Robbers??
Why Buy any more TRASH??
Why do Lying Preachers Prosper??
Category 6 ― Social/Moral
A Head to Heart Speech!
A Nation of Prostitutes!
Can Lawyers be Trusted??
Can Peacocks be Trusted??
Can we Do GOOD, without Doing what is RIGHT??
Dear Adam and Eve!
Dear Simon J. and Brenda P.!
Did the Creator Intend for Peacocks to Marry Chickens??
Distractions from Reality!
How GAY is GOD??
How Good or Evil is GREED??
How GOOD was Women’s LIBERATION??
HOW to Run Away! (And when not to.)
Is America Number 1??
Is God GAY??
Is Television a Gift from God, or SATAN??
Is the Peacock a RACIST??
One Nation  Americans Remember September 11
Should Handguns be BANNED in America??
Should we OBEY our Elders??
Should Wives OBEY their Husbands??
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
SURVEY of Religious Spiritual Political Social Moral Labor
and Habitual VALUES!
of Shame) by The White Cow with a Red Face, The
Black Cow with a White Face, and The Red Cow with
a Black Face!
The Paradoxical Human Mind!
The Swangkee Association of Truth Seekers and Treasure
Hunters, Worldwide!
Were you Born to be a Master, or a Servant??
What does ADULTERY Mean??
What is IDOLATRY??
What is the Greatest INJUSTICE??
Why am I so PROUD to be an American??
Why should Men Wear BEARDS??
Category 7 ― Health/Gardening/Farming
A 100% Weedless Garden! (Not Hydroponics)
A Sure and Free Cure for PIMPLES!
A Sure Cure for Chronic Constipation of the Mind!
A Sure Cure for DEPRESSION!
A Sure Cure for Pimples, Blackheads, Boils, Lumps, Tumors,
and other Collections of Poisons and Filth!
All-Mineral Organic Gardening! (A Unique Tale of True
Knowledge) By The Little Brown Earthworm
Are you Addicted to a Weed??
Before you Commit Suicide, TRY FASTING!
Can Medical Doctors be TRUSTED??
Did God Intend for People to Eat Whatever they Want to??
Did STRESS Kill Jon Jackson??
How to PREVENT the Common Cold! (A 90-minute Tape
RULES for FASTING  Volumes 1 & 2, by The PEACOCK
Swangkee Fasting Sanitariums!
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
The Farmer’s DILEMMA!
What is the PUNISHMENT for Dietary Sins??
What Makes People CRAZY??
What Makes People HAPPY??
What Makes People LAZY??
What Makes People SICK??
What will you Do when the Rain STOPS??
Why does God Allow SUFFERING??
Category 8 ― Construction
248 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Building and
Living within the Borders of Beautiful Planned City
25 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Building and
Living within Beautiful Swangkee Stone Domehomes!
40 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Making and Using
$wangkee Solar-powered Electric Cars, Vans, Buses,
Trucks, Tractors, Bulldozers, Trains, Ships, Toys, and
Planned City States! (A Unique Solar System)
77 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Men to Make and
Wear Swangkee Robes and Cloaks!
A New Jerusalem in the Great State of Flexible Texas!
A Reasonable Solution for Unnecessary Pollution, Poverty,
Crime, and Taxes!
How to Live a Simple Life!
Profitable $wangkee Bat Houses!
$wangkee Fruit-picking Machines!
$wangkee Lowtels, Hightels, Castles, and Fortresses!
$wangkee Palaces!
$wangkee Solar Electric Power Plants!
The BURDENS of The Independent Jackasses (A Tale of
Woes) by The White Jackass with 2 Long Ears,
who can Hear!
The IDEAL Place to Live!  Volumes 1 & 2!
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Category 9 ― Crime/Terrorism/War
A Coward’s War!
Are you a Spiritual COWARD??
Did the Victims of the Oklahoma City Bombing get their
How Successful is the War on Drugs??
HOW to CONVERT our Enemies!
Reflections on the War in IRAQ!
Should Christians RESIST EVIL??  Volume 1!
The Mystery of the Oklahoma City Bombing by Timothy
James McVeigh!
The Peabrain Peacock Investigates the Kennedy Assassination!
Those Good American GANGS!
What does it Mean to MURDER??
What PRODUCES Criminals??
What would JESUS DO??
WHO are the Real Criminals??
Who are the TERRORISTS??
Who should Pay for the World Trade Center in New York??
Why do Terrorists HATE US??
Category 10 ― Miscellaneous
Did Men Land on the Moon??
Does God Hate Astronauts??
Does the Earth MOVE??
God’s Christmas Present!
Grandma and Grandpa Swangkee  Volume 1
Mountain Grizzly Bear Meets his Match!
Small Minds are Impressed with BIG THINGS!
The Great Ice Storm of 2000 AD!
How to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!
Was the Holocaust a HOAX??
Where did Adolf Hitler go WRong?? ― Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!
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Glory with the other so-called “Tale Feathers” of the Colorful
Peacock from Angel Ridge, who gets New “Tale Feathers” of
Various Lengths and New Enlightenment every Year.)
The First Thought that probably Enters into
the Mind of a Child is AIR, which is quickly
Followed by FOOD, which is quickly Followed
by LOVE, Warmth, Protection, Care, and so
on: because that seems to be the Natural Order
from the Time of Birth. Therefore, Priority
Number One should be Clean Fresh Air,
Followed by Pure Spring Water, Followed by
Good Wholesome Food, and so on. However, in
the Divided States of United Lies, we have our
Priorities in the Wrong Order, whereby Clean
Air, Pure Water, and Natural Foods are
Secondary to getting more Money, obtaining
Entertainment, and having Sex  at least for
most Adults, who have their Priorities
Completely OUT of Order. Nevertheless, just
Exactly HOW should we go about getting our
Priorities into the Right Order for the most
Favorable and Desirable Results, since this is
the Age of Terrorism, Fear, Worry, Stress, Tax
Slavery, Interest Slavery, and all Kinds of Evils
that Torment US? The Answer to that
Important Question is found within this Book,
which is Guaranteed to Surprise you!