For the 3 Gen Classmate PC Instruction of Crisis Recovery

Instruction of Crisis Recovery
For the 3rd Gen Classmate PC
How to Create Crisis Disk:
1. Plug USB stick into your machine and then click the WINCRIS.EXE icon to execute the program in
Windows OS. It will popup one window for your options.
2. Select the USB stick you want to make it as Crisis Disk from the driver checklist in case you attach several
USB sticks.
3. Under [Disk Format] option, select “Removable”, and then press <Start> button.
4. Warming message for double confirmation to erase all the data in USB stick and create crisis disk. Select
“OK” button to proceed.
Note: please backup your important data in the USB stick if any before executing Wincrisis.exe to create crisis
5. When Format Disk Complete dialog appear, press ‘OK’.
6. Press ‘No’ to finish the crisis disk creation.
How to Use Crisis Disk:
1. Attached USB crisis disk on USB port.
2. Hold on the key combination of ‘Fn’ and ‘R’ on system and then press power button to power on system.
3. System will keep on beeping and reboot automatically when finishing update BIOS.
Note: in some cases, a beep code may imply error occurred. If in that case, you may double check your crisis
disk. Below lists beep codes and the error scenarios accordingly:
boot loader check fail
store boot sector check error
MiniDos check error
Certificate file check fail
phlash16 tool check fail
BIOS image ckeck fail