How to Create a Gmail Account

How to Create a Gmail Account
A Gmail account is an email that is created through Google.
From your internet browser, go to Google (
Click on Gmail in the black (or blue) header bar above the Google heading.
Click on Create New Account in the upper right corner. This is usually a red box.
Complete the registration details on the right hand side.
Enter your first and last name.
Choose a User Name. Your username is the actual email address, which ends in You can write it either as a single word, or separate the words with an
underscore, or with a dot. You cannot use spaces. So for instance, if your name is
Tom Smith, you can choose either of the following:
tom_smith Tsmith
Capital letters are optional. If you were to choose the last option, then your full email
address would be:
[email protected]
You do not have to use your actual name in the Username field. Any word or words
will do as long as they are not separated by spaces. So, your username could be (if
you wanted it to be)
mum_of_the_year mickymouse999
If the name has already been used, Google will prompt you for an alternative, and
suggest some that are available. So, for example, it might say Tomsmith is taken
but suggest the following:
If you are happy with that, just click on Google’s suggestion. Otherwise, try another
name, or word.
Choose a password. Pick a
password you will remember, and
note that passwords are case
sensitive – if a capital letter is used
you will need to remember that.
You do not need to enter a Mobile
Phone number, but it helps if
Google ever need to contact you
about problems with your account.
Leave the field Your current
email address blank.
At the bottom of the form is a
section that begins by asking you
to prove you are not a robot – to
make sure that it’s a person asking
for an email address, not another
programme. You are asked to
type in the two pieces of text you
see displayed in rather strange
If you have problems with this, you
can click on the symbol on the
right to select a different two
pieces of text.
In the example screen left, you
would type mboursh and robai, but it
will be different for each user.
When you have done this, tick the
box saying you agree to Google’s
Terms of Service. You should then
see a screen similar to the following.
If not, it will be because you have
either not completed one of the
mandatory fields, or because you
have not interpreted the robot text
correctly. The message at the top
of the screen will explain where you
have gone wrong.
NB If you have omitted anything or
got anything wrong, when you have
corrected it you will have to re-enter
your password details before you
can leave this page.
On the above screen the red box allows you to add a photo. This is optional. To
complete the whole process, click on the blue box saying Next Step. You should
then see the screen below.
If you click on Continue to Gmail, it will take you into your email account, where you
should already have some emails from Google.