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Elimbah News & Views
Monday 9 March 2015
Volume 1, Issue 6
Congratulations to the following students for securing leadership
positions at Elimbah State School for 2015.
House Captains for Brolga – Deacon L and Jana N
Ph: 5432 1333
House Captains for Bandy Bandy - Imogen H and Daniel B
email: [email protected]
House Captains for Banksia - Jay C and Emiell C-W
Band Captain – Joseph Z
Student Council - Tiarhn L, Skye P, Hayley G, Mason C, Angie F &
Deputy’s Desk
Kaleb R
Chappy Corner
Student Leaders - Paris B, Kye C, Alyssa F, Mitchell H, Dee-Arna J,
Superbus Winners
Chloe M, Mikaylah M, Brock M, Damelzah R, Alesandro S, Taylah S,
Student Achievements
Ruby T & Faith W.
P&C News
All school leaders, house captains, band captain and student council
representatives will receive their badges on parade this Friday
20 March 2015 and afterwards are invited to have a celebration
morning tea with the school leadership team.
A gentle reminder that we have school photos on Wednesday
18 March and would appreciate our students looking their best for the
The National Day of Action
against Bullying and
Violence is scheduled for
Friday 20 March 2015. All
students and staff are
encouraged to support this very
important day by wearing an
orange shirt or accessory. This
day is an opportunity for students, teachers, parents and the whole
community to take a stand together against bullying and violence.
This annual day provides a focus for schools who want to say
Bullying! No way! and to strengthen their everyday messages that
bullying and violence at school are not okay at any time. Please take
the time to access for some great parent
resources on this topic.
See the next page for more bullying and violence
information for parents.
Have a great week
Tracey Sharpe
Community Notices
Wed 18 March
School Photos
Sibling Photos—8-9am
P&C AGM - 6.30pm
Thur 19 March
Men & Boys BBQ - 4.45pm
Fri 20 March
Wear an Orange Shirt for
Bullying and Violence
Tues 26 March
Cross Country
Yr 4-6 Elimbah Sports Ground 9am—11am
Yr 1-3 School Oval - 2—3 pm
Mon 30 March
Boys in Education Day
Ewen Maddock Dam
Starring On
What can parents do if bullying happens?
What can parents do if their child tells them they are being bullied?
There are five key steps for parents if their child tells them they have been bullied:
1. Listen carefully to what your child wants to say
2. Reassure your child and ask open and empathetic questions to find out more details
3. Ask your child what they want to do and what they want you to do
4. Discuss with your child some sensible strategies to handle the bullying – starting a fight is not
5. Contact the school
What strategies can parents suggest to their child who is being physically bullied?
The Bullying. No Way! website provides information about various strategies. These can be tried to
avoid physical bullying situations:
1. Avoid areas which allow the bullying students to avoid detection by teachers
2. Stay with other students
3. Talk to a trusted adult at school or home
What strategies can parents suggest to their child who is being verbally or socially bullied?
The Bullying. No Way! website provides information about various strategies. These can be tried if
the child feels safe:
1. Walk away
2. Try to act unaffected or unimpressed
3. Try to deflect the bullying behaviour (e.g. pretending to agree in an offhand way ‘okay, yeah,
4. Say 'No!' or ‘Stop it!’ firmly
5. Talk to a trusted adult at the school or at home
What should parents avoid telling their children to do?
Strategies not recommended for dealing with bullying include:
Fighting back
Bullying the person who has bullied them
Remaining silent about the problem
What can parents do if they are told or suspect that their child is bullying others?
The Bullying. No Way! website provides information about things to do. If a parent suspects their
child has been bullying others, they can talk to their child about:
Why they have been behaving this way
Taking responsibility for their behaviour
How to sort out differences and resolve conflicts
How to treat others with respect
The effect of bullying behaviour on others
The need to repair harm they have caused to others
The need to restore relationships.
Parents may also like to talk to their child’s school to come up with a plan to help their child learn
more appropriate ways to behave.
with Chris Godfrey
Hello everyone –
Attention all blokes, fellas and gents! This Thursday is Elimbah’s inaugural Men and Boys BBQ! The
event is for Year 3-6 boys and their dads, uncles, grandads or other significant men in their lives……
The occasion is informal and relaxed – and just an opportunity for the men and boys to spend time together and
have some fun too!
Each Y3, 4, 5 and 6 boy will be receiving a flyer this week with the information and a form below indicating whether
they will be able to attend. Unfortunately boys will not be able to attend without an adult, so please try and come
along for a sausage and a play………….
Paper plane competition!
I visited 1H last week to see how the buddy-reading routine is going with the year 6 class- 6M.
Each week 6M children pair-up with a year 1 buddy and read and share books together. There are many positive
outcomes happening through this simple activity:
The year 1s get to see real role models enjoying reading
The year 6s develop important mentoring skills and empathy for their younger school mates
Both sets of children see reading as an enjoyable and worthwhile activity
Any initiative that increases reading mileage for any age child is always beneficial
Thanks to everyone who participated in the Walk to School event on Friday – it was great to see so many children
walking, riding, scootering and car-pooling!
Have a lovely week
Student Achievements
Student of the Week Awards for Friday 6 March went to:
Lachlan - 1H, Elizabeth - 1L, Warrick - 1R, Charli - 2M, Jake - 2H, Zara - 2C, Stevens - 2O,
Skye - 3J, Jacinda - 3P, Noah - 3D, Harry - 4M, Mischa - 4/5B, William - 4/5L,
Jackson - 4/5S, Jackson - 5G, Larissa - 6S, Samantha - 6M, Taylah - 6H
Our lucky Superbus winners for last week were Elizabeth - 1L, Chloe Belle - 1L, Jay - 3P,
Aaron - 3J, Amelia - 3J. They each receive a $2 tuckshop voucher courtesy of the P&C.
Congratulations Prep
Superbus Winners
who each receive an ice block
School Photos
School Photos will be held this
Wednesday. Photo envelopes must be
returned before or on the day. Sibling
photos will be taken in the STIC from
8am - 9am.
Please ensure your children arrive on
time on photo day in the correct school
uniform. (School Polo or check uniform
is o.k)
Additional envelopes are available for
parents requiring an extra set.
Envelopes are also available for parents
wishing to get a sibling photo taken.
Sports news with Rachael Muller
Our school cross country carnival will be held on Thursday 26th March, 2015.
Yrs 4,5 & 6 will be running the course over at the Elimbah Sports Ground from 9am to 11am.
Yrs 1, 2 & 3 will be running the course at the school oval from 2pm to 3pm.
Letters will be sent home later on in the week with lots more detail on this annual school event.
Parents are more than welcome to come and watch and cheer on their children!
Glasshouse District School Sport
The Glasshouse District Netball trials will be held this Friday at 3:30pm at Tibro's netball
Club at Glasshouse Mtns. Girls turning 10, 11 & 12 are invited to trial.
Please collect the information forms from the office if you are interested.
Inter school Softball
Our teams competed in week two of the competition last Friday. The girls were
narrowly defeated in both their games, as were the B boys. The A boys team
continued on their winning streak beating Maleny and having a tie with St Michael's.
Well done to all three teams. Next inter school softball games are on Friday 27th
March, with the first game being the last round robin game of the comp, and then the
I know it is not Father's Day, but when I read this poem I liked it
so much that I just had to share it with you all. Thank you Dads
for being such an important part of your child's life.
Have a fantastic week!
With you on the journey…
Chappy Dorothea
Elimbah State School 100 Year Celebrations
Our school turns 100 on 17 October 2015
Look our for updates in the upcoming newsletters, regarding our 100 year
celebrations. If you would like to get involved or join one of the planning
committees contact Kerrie Howden at the school office.
Lines from the library with Donna Pickering
Parent-Teacher Interviews – Online booking system (PTO)
Have you booked your interview time yet?
Parent-Teacher interviews provide a wonderful opportunity for parents to touch base with their child's
teachers. They are really important and shouldn't be missed. Parent-Teacher interviews will be held for
Prep to Year 6 students from Monday 23 March to Thursday 26 March. Interviews are of 15 minutes
duration. Parents can book an interview time for their child using our online booking system Parent
Teacher On-Line (PTO) which will remain open until 3:30pm on Friday, 20 March.
Parents are able to access PTO by clicking the PTO icon on the school’s website. The icon is located on the school’s
homepage. If you experience any problems, please contact the school office on 54321333 for assistance.
Book Fair got off to a wonderful start last week and will
continue right up until Thursday this week. On offer is a
wonderful selection of engaging and affordable books
suitable for every reading level. Your support of our Book
fair also puts new books in our school library! Each child
that purchases a book from our fair goes into the draw to
win one of four $15 book vouchers. Our first 2 winners are:
Lucas from 1L and Jasmine from 4M.
We will draw another 2 lucky winners out on Thursday morning. We look forward to seeing you and
your family at our Book Fair this week!
Monday 16 March
Tuesday 17 March
Wednesday 18 March
Thursday 19 March
Super Bear
This week Super Bear is heading off to 3P! He is sure to have a week packed full of learning!
Thank you to the children of 3P who are always on their best behaviour when they visit the
During 2015, a sample of Year 6 students across Australia will take part in the National Assessment Program
Science Literacy (NAPSL). At Elimbah State School, 26 students have been selected to participate in NAP-SL. The
test measures student performance in Science literacy at a Year 6 level. The selected students will participate in
NAP-SL on Wednesday 25th March. For more information you can visit:
Focus on Learning
6S students have been working towards achieving their
Year 6 Maths goal of identifying and ordering fractions
and decimal fractions and their English goal of planning
and constructing a short story.
The students have been successfully participating in whole
class, group and independent activities that include
adding and subtracting fractions, converting mixed and
improper fractions and ordering fractions on a number
line. In Week 7 6S produced outstanding results in the
terms post –test which focussed on fractions. Well done
in Maths 6S!
In English we have been reading a range of short stories
and have had lots of opportunities to write our own short
stories. We are focussing on the 7 steps to writing success
and hope to apply these strategies to our assessment item
later this term. We are all getting very good at Sizzling
In Technology we are working with Lego Robotics.
We have been having a lot of fun learning how to
design and create different parts for the robot to
complete different missions. In groups we have
also be programming a series of commands for the
robot to follow to complete missions. Our goal is to
all be confident in both the building and
programming of the robot.
From Mrs Searle
In 3P this term, we have been working hard on developing our understanding of number and number concepts. In
particular we have been focusing on arrays and partitioning. The children have been steadily heading towards mastery
of these two concepts.
Arrays are visual representations of objects, pictures, or numbers in columns and rows. Arrays are helping us to
understand the concept of multiplication.
This array has 4 rows and 3 columns. It can also be described as a 4 by 3 array. Instead of counting in ones, we have
learnt we can count in 3’s four times (or count in 4’s three times). Either way we know there are 12 stars.
Being able to partition numbers in different ways is helping us work out large sums in our head. By breaking numbers
down into ones, tens and hundreds, it helps us to calculate mentally.
An area that the children have really made significant gains in, as a group, is telling the time on analogue and digital
In our writing this term, we are focusing on using correct punctuation along with Sizzling Starts. A Sizzling Start means
you begin your story with some action. Like something you would see in the movies. And we all dream of being in the
Paul Paroz and 3P
P&C Monthly Meeting
18 March 2015 at 6.30pm - AGM
New Faces & Ideas always Welcome!
Hi Everyone!
The P & C Meeting will be held at the earlier time of
Open every Monday
6.30 this Wednesday. There will be a set agenda so
8.30am – 9.30am
any reports or agenda items need to be submitted to
Uniform Shop- [email protected]
our Secretary Amanda Fletcher before 5pm Tuesday
17 March. No further business will be accepted from Order forms are available from the Tuckerbox,
the floor on the night. All are welcome.
Admin or online for between shop filling. Smart
Card, Cash, Cheque or Credit Card can be utilised
on the order form, please note on the form if you do
MARCH 2015
not wish to leave card details and I will call you and
Straight after our usual monthly meeting, ALL do it over the phone or let you know when I will be in
for you to come in and meet me.
positions will be declared vacant and the elections
will take place. We will look at our financial situation Paid orders can be left at Admin for collection or
as of the end of December 2014 and decide on our delivered to your nominated student's teacher.
cash donation to the school in General Business. If
you think you may want to take on a position this year Uniform Shop Convenor- Sharon Webb, 0410 468
007 (Txt is fine), [email protected]
and would like to find out more, please do not
hesitate to contact me. New faces are more than
Congratulations to our 10c race winners! A huge
effort by everyone at the school! Thank you for
supporting our fundraisers, all profits are returned to
the school to benefit your child/ren!!
Thank you to Mrs McAllister and the Bike On team for
a great Ride2School morning on Friday!
appreciate your hard work and dedication!!
Don’t forget, school photos are this Wednesday.
Make sure you bring your biggest smile!!
The Centenary Committee will be meeting this
Wednesday at 5.30pm. Pop along if you want to find
out what's happening!!
Please forward your feed back to us, we can’t fix it if
[email protected]
Have a great week!
Garden Angels
Work and other commitments
are increasingly encroaching on
everyone’s time. This goes for
the Garden Angels too. We all
know that many hands make
light work, therefore if you have a small amount of
time to assist with maintaining the school gardens
it would be greatly appreciated. It can be any time
of the day, any day of the week. Even if it’s just
pulling a weed out as you walk past, picking up a
piece of litter or replanting a trampled plant. Every
little bit helps. If you’d like to help out more let me
know. With all this lovely rain, the weeds need a
little extra attention so please feel free to help us
Carolyn Hurley
Garden Angels Co-ordinator
0418 199 327
Student Banking
We have a new menu item we are introducing this
week and we have Free Taste Testing for the
kids. It is low-fat creamy sorbets in natural fruit
shells the Mango & Apple ones you can eat the
shells. We will have 5 flavours to try and we will
be selling the Red Apple Sorbet & Mango Orange
Sorbet for $2.50.
Taste Test is on Tuesday 17/3/15 at 11.15am
down at the Tucker Box
TUES- processing SUE & BO BO
WED- BO BO processing KERRY.D
Please remember that we only keep a small float in our
till draw, we are unable to break a $50 early in the
With Health & Happiness
Michelle Lederhose
[email protected]
Save and win a trip to Disneyland!
This year, School Banking is taking you on a mission to
Planet Savings. There are eight new awesome rewards
to choose from, plus we’re introducing a new Grand
Prize competition where you could win a family trip to
How to enter
All you need to do is simply make 25 or more School
Banking deposits during 2015 and you’ll automatically
go into the Grand Prize competition.
Find out more at
The Grand Prize
A family trip for up to two adults and two kids to
California’s Disneyland, including:
• Return flights to LA and airport transfers • 5 nights at
a Disneyland hotel
• 3 day pass to Disneyland
• Enjoy Space Mountain, roller-coasters and hundreds
of rides
Meet Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters •
Thank You to Darryl Nuttall and his team at Charmlaw
( Pauls Milk ) who kindly donate our 6 litres of milk
each week.
SCROLLS – bacon & cheese and vegemite & cheese
Milo & Juice
TOAST- vegemite, jam & honey
FRUIT- oranges, pineapple, watermelon & grapes
The Brekkie Club Team
AUD$2,000 spending money
Lost Property is stored near the Uniform Shop in
baskets. It is sorted once a week and named
items are returned to your child's classroom.
Please ensure ALL your items are named, and if
you have lost something, please come down and
have a look!
Thanks Susan
Want a head start on your nursing or
paramedics career?
Or just want to attend some of the largest events in
the area while making new friends along the way? St
John Ambulance (Qld) Caboolture Combined Division is
currently looking for new members aged 8-17 years.
No joining or membership fees – just a zest for life and passion for
helping others. All uniforms are supplied free of charge. Training occurs
every Wednesday night in Morayfield. For details, email
[email protected]
Have you got an interest in property? If so,
call today for honest & reliable Real Estate
Alex Dunn – A past Elimbah State School
student & a name you can trust.
0413112720 [email protected]
Richardson & Wrench Real Estate
Tuesdays 9am-11am at Soldiers
Memorial Hall
Come and join us for a fun morning
of craft and play!
0-5yrs welcome - $3 per family
Please bring a piece of fruit to
Contact Tamara
0408 787 355 Or
Kirsten 0401 353 986
Professional Ironing by PJ
6 years experience
$15 per hour (Minimum 1 hour)
$2 each way pick up and delivery
Fast return (Usually same day)
Casual customers welcome
Tuesday / Wednesday positions available
Please call or text PJ on 0405 462 894
SL Electrical
Complete Pest Control
Industrial, Commercial &
owned and operated
business providing
prompt and professional
electrical services.
All common household pests controlled.
House Inspections-Termite SpecialistsFree quotes for Termite Barriers.
Fully insured
Qld Health License No 014466 - BSA727 252.
For prompt and reliable service phone
Bill or Michelle
Operating 7 Days
Ph: 0419 660 574 or 54 324516
Email: [email protected]
Ride-on Mower &
Motor Bike Repairs
All makes & models by
Qualified Tradesman with 15
years experience. Also selling &
buying second hand Ride-Ons.
Call Lee on
0432 187 644/0412 084 482
Ph: 0411863136
Available—my home or mobile
service available. Very
reasonable rates.
299 Morayfield Rd, Building C,
Ph Jenny on
0422 317 140
Elimbah Bowen
Do you have
Sporting injuries/tennis elbow
Back pain/ sciatica
Stress/tension & much more….
If so maybe Bowen is the way to go.
Gentle and effective
5432 8828 / 0419 876 064
Health rebates may apply
Kylie’s Home Beauty Salon,
affordable beauty treatments,
without the salon prices. Mention
this ad to receive $5 off a
treatment of your choice, only
with your first visit. Passionate
and Qualified beauty therapist.
Over 10 years experience. 42
Court Elimbah
Phone Kylie on 0422603825
Classes offered at the academy*
Hip Hop
Show Jazz Baby Dancers
Performance Team
Development Class
Adult Dance Fitness
Stretch & Acrobatics
Please call the number above for
enrolments or enquiries or email:
[email protected]
*Age restrictions apply.
Elimbah Co-Op
Drop in your old batteries for recycling and you could win
a Byron Bay getaway. Come and see the team at the Coop
for hardware, pet food and solutions to many challenges
around the home & garden. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC—Find
us at the end of English Street—near the railway car park.
Phone: 07 5496 7637
8am—5pm, Sat 8am—11.45am
Advertising in this newsletter does not necessarily represent promotion or endorsement by Elimbah State
School, its staff or Education Queensland
Our very own resident of our school discos,
Colin Ph: 0409 311 885 for quote.
Tim James Mechanical
Mobile Car Servicing You
Can Trust in the Moreton
For all your
Logbook Servicing, Fixed
Price Servicing, Tune-Ups,
Brakes, Clutch, Radiators,
Mechanical Repairs
Call Tim on
0407 914 065.
Elimbah Little
Ages 6 mths – 5 yrs (Pre-Prep)
Local family owned outdoor,
heated swimming pool
Qualified Swim Teacher
accredited through ASCTA &
Swim Australia
$10.00 per 20 min lesson
For bookings & enquiries
please contact:
Kylie on
0402 043 858
Boxing and Bootcamp
Pink Fit outdoor Training, ladies only bootcamps, metafit (Hiit) and Personal Training. Bootcamp and metafit
times are Monday and Thursday 9.15am and 6pm,
Wednesday 6am and Saturday 6.30am. Supportive and encouraging and fun, get results, all fitness levels are welcome.
If you are wanting to improve you health and fitness, Come and
join the team!
For more info, Please contact Kylie 0423924448
Fit Strong Healthy Happy
If you're looking at improving the look of your home or
boost the resale value , then painting is an easy and
affordable way.
We offer a variety of different services which include: Interior &
exterior painting, timber stain, special
effects/textured walls, roof restoration (recoating& painting), 2
PAC floors and flake floors & kitchen restorations.
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver
you the best service in the industry - Call for your FREE quote
TODAY! Phone Steve on 0433418349
Advertising in this newsletter does not necessarily represent promotion or endorsement by Elimbah State
School, its staff or Education Queensland