APRIL NEWS 22016 - St. Elizabeth Catholic High School

is to value learning and excellence through collaboration and
innovation as a Catholic community.
A Publication for Parents of the St. Elizabeth Catholic High School Community
Dear God
As we gather
for this special feast day,
we give thanks for our St.
Elizabeth’s school community,
which has been educating
and guiding students for the
past 28 years. Remind us
that nothing is impossible
with God’s help. Bless all of
the staff and students of our
beloved school.
n Let them remember to
be as warm and welcoming
as St. Elizabeth was to our
Blessed Mother Mary at the
Visitation, when she was
so overjoyed that “when
Elizabeth heard Mary’s
greeting, the baby leaped
in her womb, and Elizabeth
was filled with the Holy
Spirit.” Luke 1:41
n Bless and guide us for
many years to come. Let
the Holy Spirit fill us with
this same joy. Teach us to
value honesty, hard work,
hospitality and joy. Teach
us to appreciate the unique
gifts of ourselves and others.
Let us join together to be
peacemakers and makers of
the future, who recognize the
presence of Christ within each
of us. We love you, we praise
you, we thank you.
Find us at: seh.ycdsb.ca
April / May 2015
Mr. John Heinrich, Principal
On May 15, over 300 students
from all of the high schools of
the York Catholic District School
Board gathered at St. Elizabeth to
participate in the annual Horizons
Leadership Conference. This was
the first time in the school’s history
that we had hosted this event and
to behold what went on was a
testament to the hard work of our
student leaders and their teacher
mentors. The theme of this year’s
conference, What’s Your Everest,
provided a focus for the day. It was
a wonderful day and a momentous
event for the school and, certainly,
many thanks must be extended
to Isabella Suppa and Michael
Aretusi, student moderators for
the day; as well, it is necessary to
provide thanks to Mrs. Acacio and
Mrs. Mariani for their leadership
and assistance. The day was a
success due to the hard work of
all involved! n Thanks must also
go out to the St. Elizabeth Media
Team. This group of focused and
dedicated individuals, under the
leadership of Rosa Pierri, grade
12, has begun a comprehensive
program of providing media
coverage to our events. If you
follow our school Twitter account,
@StElizabeth2013, you will see some
of their work on display. Included
has been their work for Cinderella
and, most recently, coverage of the
Horizons Conference. Feel free
to follow our YouTube channel,
STEZiMEDIA to see their outstanding
contributions to our school. n As
was mentioned previously, the
school production of Cinderella was
a resounding success. Anyone who
saw it experienced the wonder of
the efforts put forward by both our
students and teachers. This was an
outstanding event. We premiered
with a Gala evening resplendent
with a town crier and adorned with
refreshments. Trumpeted to the
opening night event, we made our way
to the stellar performance. Thanks
go out to all involved - the list is long
and the names are many. Suffice to
say, all of these dedicated and talented
individuals made this year’s school
production a sight to behold. n I
am also pleased to report that the
school will be undergoing a massive
upgrade to our wireless system.
With the financial assistance of
Catholic School Council, we are
able to install over eighty new
access points and provide upgrades
to our server and network. This
will allow us to better serve your
children as we continue to refocus
in order to reflect digital trends
in education. n As we proceed
toward the end of the school year,
to final exams and graduation, to
the many cocurricular events, to
prom and banquets, I am always
mindful of the great work we do
in education. We remain joyful in
our service to our students and to
the community of St. Elizabeth
Catholic High School. n We would
like to welcome back Natasha
Novelo (English) who was on
maternity leave, and Mr. Jim
Nicoletti, Vice Principal, who
will be looking after the Grade
11s for Ms. Sandra Abate, Vice
Principal, who is on maternity
God bless.
Mlle Guinci, FSL and International Languages Department
On April 1, our Modern Language classroom was transformed into a French café as the grade 10 and 12
French students hosted their very own Café Français for all grade 9 students taking French during semester
2. The French café was greatly anticipated by all grade 9 students as they took a short break from their hard
work in class and enjoyed a warm chocholat chaud and a delicious croisssant. While being entertained, they
participated enthusiastically in the dynamic French games and activities prepared by our wonderful grade 10
and 12 students. The energy and excitement was high all day as students enjoyed this fun opportunity to interact with their peers
and teachers in French. This unique and cultural café experience further developed the students’ appreciation and commitment to
the French language and culture. The French café ambiance and setting, truly immersed the students in the spirit of a French café
as they practised their French skills. What a positive and dynamic learning experience! n Students were greeted at the door of the
café with a warm, Bonjour, comment ça va? Entrez! and were given a French button J’aime le français made by the grade 10 and 12
students as a token of appreciation for their participation. n Mme Hrycyna and Mlle Guinci would like to extend a heartfelt thank
you to all the dedicated grade 10 and 12 students for all their help and hard work in assisting with all the preparations for this
event. Their readiness and eagerness to lend a helping hand was greatly appreciated!
Mme R. Bernabei, Department Head of FSL and International Languages
On March 6, the St. Elizabeth FSL and International Languages Department celebrated
INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. International Women’s Day has been observed since the early
1900s, a time of great expansion and turbulence in the industrialized world. During this time,
women’s oppression and inequality was spurring women to become more vocal and active in
campaigning for change. In 1910, an International Conference of Working Women was held in
Copenhagen. A woman named Clara Zetkin tabled the idea of an International Women’s Day.
She proposed that every year in every country, there should be a celebration on the same day,
a Women’s Day. International Women’s Day was the result. International Women’s Day was
honoured for the first time in Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland on March 19. The
date was later changed to March 8. International Women’s Day is now celebrated in a number
of countries around the world. As a part of a longstanding tradition introduced at St. Elizabeth
by Mrs. Dolores Nero, retired Department Head, each female staff member received a mimosa
flower upon their arrival to school as a token of appreciation. The yellow mimosa symbolizes
vitality, joy, wisdom, and warmth. Annie Peck, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, Mary Lou Williams
and Hedy Lamarr were honoured this year and drawings prepared by our students Nicholas
Morales, Tristan Grovu , Ashley Caguana and Katherine Kalamaris were displayed on the
second floor, in front of the library. International Women’s Day is a true demonstration of the
strength of women and the FSL and International Languages Department was proud to honour
the female leaders in our school and to thank them for their many contributions to the St.
Elizabeth community.
Francis Lao is a Grade 11 student and a budding professional. He spent
the majority of his childhood in hospitals fighting disease and disability,
while cultivating his curiosity and affinity for the sciences. Currently,
he works in a research laboratory towards a better understanding of
Kawasaki Disease, the illness he once had. In addition, he takes an active
role in his community coordinating, organizing and leading councils and
events. Francis enjoys dressing dapper, and charismatically presenting ideas and issues,
especially those pertaining to STEM, the environment, and social justice. Combining his past
experiences, leadership skills and scientific passion, he joined MSAC to represent STEM and
advocate the new sexual education curriculum, as well as those with diseases and disabilities.
In the future, he hopes to become a skilled toy wizard, fight stigmas, and apply his scientific
prowess to help others.
2 April 2015
Mlle Volpe, FSL and International Languages Department
On March 27, all academic French classes were treated to a special theatrical mask presentation in the school’s cafeteria
presented by Faust Work Mast Theatre. n A single actress upon the stage, along with over 25 masks transformed herself into
different characters by altering her body language with minimal costume changes. The students were in awe as the different
personalities came to life, the actress left unrecognizable. The actress spoke both French and English during the presentation.
n Christina Giusto (grade 12) and Nigel Campbell (grade 9) were asked to come on stage. They each chose a mask and
acted out an impromtu scene based on the direction from the actress. Students did a great job of getting into character and
allowing themselves to let the mask dictate their movement. Faust Work Mask Theatre is “committed to exploring and
celebrating the art of the Mask, to challenging and delighting audiences of all ages with a unique synthesis of
theatre, physical comedy, music, dance, and poetry.” (Faust Work Website) n Faust Work has appeared since 1983 at a
variety of venues, including The Sydney Opera House in Australia, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, The Kennedy
Center in Washington, D.C., The Kentucky Center for the Arts, and The Maui Arts and Cultural Center. The Theatre’s solo and
duo shows tour annually to theatres, festivals, universities, corporate events, and schools throughout the United States and
Canada. They offer performances suitable for a wide range of venues, from larger performing arts centers, to festival tents and
school gymnasiums. They conduct arts residencies, workshops, and seek opportunities to collaborate with other artists and
companies. (Faust Work Website)
Mlle O. Hrycyna, FSL and International Languages
On April 17, Mlle Guinci’s Grade 10 and Mlle Hrycyna’s
Grade 12 classes visited the University of Toronto’s George
Ignatieff Theatre for an afternoon of French plays: George
Dandin by Molière and Le Commissaire est un bon
enfant by Georges Courteline. La Troupe des Anciens
expertly presented 2 classic French plays that received a
lot of laughs. George Dandin, a play about an honest rich
peasant who is deceived and out-smarted by his young wife
of noble-birth, offered the audience a very poignant social commentary on mixed
marriages in 17th Century France. Le Commissaire est un bon enfant, a play
set in 19th century France, which had the audience chuckling and then laughing
out loud. The slapstick comedy about a
good-natured French police chief who ends
up in quite an embarrassing situation when
a witness holds him hostage in his own office
was truly a theatrical delight for our students.
After the plays, everyone was able to enjoy
a sunny afternoon with lunch at the U of T
campus. Bravo to La Troupe des Anciens for a
job well done!
The FSL and
International Languages Department would like to
congratulate Grade 11 student, Vanessa Sinagoga,
who has won the Provincial OECTA Young
Authors Awards/Prix Jeunes Écrivains in the
Grades 11 to 12 French Nonfiction category. This
is a great honour for Vanessa and for St. Elizabeth.
n The awards will be announced officially at the
OECTA Spring Council of Presidents on June
11 and 12. n Vanessa’s work will be published
and the publication will be distributed to every
Catholic school, board, and MPP in the province.
n On behalf of all the teachers in the FSL and
International Languages Department, we wish
Vanessa continued success in her French studies.
St. Elizabeth Catholic High School 3
Mme R. Bernabei, Department Head of FSL and International
On Saturday, April 25, 2015, the
St. Elizabeth French Scrabble Team
participated in the second Annual
French Scrabble Tournament at St.
Theresa of Lisieux Catholic High
School. The three teams consisted of
Samantha Fallahi, Victoria Spada,
Vanessa Sinagoga, Valentine
Semella, Simona Tersigni and Lisa
Belc. The students showed their
skills in French Scrabble and St.
Elizabeth contributed $307.00 to
the Sick Kids Foundation . It was
an enjoyable day and a wonderful
experience for our students. Our
Junior team Samantha Fallahi
and Victoria Spada made it
to the semi-finals and all the
teams demonstrated skill and
determination. I am very proud of
all three teams and we hope to take
part again next year. Bon travail!
Department Head of Health and Physical
The winter St. Elizabeth Panther Athletic
Teams have completed their season and
there are several athletes that deserve
special mention as they qualified to
compete at the OFSAA championships.
Michael Aretusi from the Swim team
qualified and competed at the OFSAA
Swim Championships and finished 18th in
Freestyle. Eight boys from the Wrestling
team qualified and competed at the OFSAA
Wrestling Championships: Norden
Cocja, Thishan Fernando, Sebastian
Galzote, Nicolas Morales Williams, Jacob
Palomo, Jaden Pereira, Mark Toniolo,
and Martin Zaanoni. Sebastian Galzote
deserves special mention as he captured
a THIRD PLACE bronze medal at the
OFSAA Wrestling Championships. Wendy
Sanajko qualified to compete at the OFSAA
Snowboarding Championships. Finally,
4 April 2015
Michael Chan qualified to compete at the PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION
OFSAA Badminton Championships at the DEPARTMENT
end of April.
The Physical and Health Education
Department is looking forward to some
Listed below are the teams and the
warmer weather to get outside for our
teachers that have volunteered to
outdoor units such as soccer, rugby, flag
coach Spring teams. Good Luck in your
football, softball and ultimate frisbee.
upcoming season!
The grade 9 classes took part in their
CPR unit at the end of April. The grade
10 classes are looking forward to going
to True North Climbing for their indoor
rock-climbing field trip. The grade 11
and 12 fitness focus courses are working
out in the weight room and the girls are
doing workouts such as step, boxercise,
Junior Girls Soccer – Mr. Santos,
circuits, pilates, yoga, and zumba in the
Ms. Allegretto & Ms. Colburn
gym, as well as workouts in the weight
Senior Girls Soccer – Mr. Sturino,
Ms. Guinci
room. The grade 12 activity course will
Senior Boys Rugby – Mr. Sedran,
go play tennis and golf as well as bowling
Ms. Maranda, Mr. C. Walsh & Mr. F. Walsh
at facilities nearby. We look forward to
Girls Slo-Pitch – Ms. McKeough &
focusing on healthy active living between
Mr. Chiera
now and the end of the semester so
Boys Baseball – Ms. Watt & Ms. Murgaski
students can realize that keeping active
Track & Field – Ms. Acacio, Mrs. Buzdon,
and eating healthy is an integral part of
Ms. Mascarenhas & Mrs. Ussia
living a healthy and productive life.
What is a Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)?
The SHSM is a Ministry-approved program offered to students, at no cost, that helps them make successful transitions to a
variety of post-secondary destinations. It is designed to meet the needs of students who want to pursue an apprenticeship,
college or university studies or employment in a specific sector. Creative Destinations prepares students to make successful
transitions to the workplace or post-secondary studies in the Arts and Culture sector. Students who successfully complete
all program components will earn a Red Seal on their high school diploma which indicates that they have focused their high
school experience on a career path that matches and develops individual skills and interests.
Components of the SHSM
n CPR Level A
n Standard First Aid
n Instructor Certification
n Portfolio Development
n Training in a Technique
a field trip to a college,
university, or workplace.
Participate in
activities that enable
you to explore and
reflect on a variety
of sector-specific
experiences and
careers (e.g., guest
speakers, job shadow,
Explore and experience
the different postsecondary destinations
within the sector (e.g.,
a field trip to a college,
university, or workplace).
In either Grade 11
or 12, complete one
assignment during
summer internship that
connects courses in
English, Business Studies
or Canadian and World
Studies to Arts and
Connections to the Community
Creative Destinations responds to a high level of student interest in the Arts and Culture sector
and a wide range of in-school and community-based opportunities to identify and develop
God-given gifts. St. Elizabeth has established relationships with many local leaders in the arts
community – both individuals and organizations – and has an association with some of the GTA’s
most prominent and diverse leaders in the arts including: McMichael, Canada’s Wonderland, and
Our partners will host students for numerous events and will also connect St. Elizabeth
with local organizations that support arts education. Up to 40 students will take part in
a two-credit summer co-op experience with one of these partners where they will have an
opportunity to explore various careers in the field of arts and culture
Benefits of an SHSM
Develop God-given gifts and find purpose and meaning in career choices
Focus on a career path that matches interests, skills and goals
Connect present-day learning to post-secondary and career goals
Develop specialized knowledge and skills
Earn industry-recognized certifications and career-relevant training
Make connections to real-life industries and programs
Develop the essential skills and work habits that employers are looking for
St. Elizabeth Catholic High School 5
Mr. D. Paolini, Arts Department
Voted ‘Trip Of The Year’, March Break 2015 was certainly the adventure of a lifetime and a
‘Magical Mystery Tour’ for the 24 St. Elizabeth students
along with Mr. Chetty, Mr. Paolini, Ms. Walcott, and Brian,
our tour guide. We set out for London and Paris with high
expectations of visiting and experiencing two of the world’s
most exciting cities. Upon arriving in London England, we
were met by our private coach and the adventure of enjoying
the many fantastic sights and sounds of the British capital
began. It included everything from Big Ben, The Tower of
London and The Crown Jewels, The British Museum,
Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square and Nelson’s Column,
Fish and Chips, and full English breakfasts, The ‘Tube’,
Carnaby Street, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace
and ‘The Changing of The Guard’, Westminster Abbey,
Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre to The Beatles Recording
Studio, Abbey Road, a ‘DOUBLE DECKER’ Bus Tour of
the whole the city of London and a Tour of Warner Bros.
London Studios – ‘the Making of Harry Potter’ films, as well
as a cruise up the River Thames and an evening adventure
aboard The London Eye. All this and much, much more was
to define our trip to London England. n After five days in
London, it was off to Paris France by way of ‘The Chunnel’.
Our group was able to stretch out and enjoy the crossing
of ‘The English Channel’ arriving in Gare Nord, Paris two
hours later. There, we enjoyed a walking tour of our immediate
area of Les Halles, The Pompidou Centre, Notre-Dame
Cathédral and the Latin Quarter. Many other sights were to
follow such as The Eiffel Tower in the evening with the tower
ablaze with it’s fantastic ‘light display’ and a visit to Montmartre [the artist’s district of the
early 20th century and home to Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Renoir and Monet to mention a few].
It is also renowned as the locale of The Moulin Rouge, where we stopped for our obligatory
photo. n Some of the other highlights of this trip included visiting the Louvre
Museum, the Musée d’Orsay walking atop the Arc de Triomphe at night, then
strolling along the Champs–Élysées. We visited Père Lachaise Cemetary and the grave
sites of Jim Morrison of The Doors, Oscar Wilde, Chopin and Annette Giacometti,
model and wife of 20th century artist Alberto Giacometti. At the Notre-Dame
Cathédral, we walked high amongst the Gargoyles, taking photos and looking out over
the city. A day trip to Versailles and a tour of the Gardens and Palace of the ‘Sun King’
Louis XIV then over to the Musée Rodin, the home and now museum dedicated to the
sculptor of some of the world’s most iconic figures such as ‘The Thinker’. With evenings
dining in fantastic French restaurants, we spent our final night cruising along the River
Seine. n On behalf of Mr. Chetty, Ms. Walcott, Brian, and myself, I would like to thank all 24 students with whom we had
the privilege to travel to London and Paris. You are a wonderful group of young people that we enjoyed being around and
sharing your excitement at being together. We would also like to wish Bon Voyage and Cherrio to the many grade 12 students
who were on board this London Paris adventure as they head off to various post-secondary institutions in September. May
you always cherish your memories of London Paris 2015 and that you are able to return there one day.
Demetria Aravena, Tia Cammalleri, Vanessa Corbo, Sierra Datri, Frances Decarolis, Alissa Dinatolo, Amanda
Forestieri, Isabella Germanese, Daniella Gileppo, Natalie Grossi, Michaela Grossi, Blake Harris, Caeley IzurietaMartinez, Celeste Leva, Olivia Librandi, Vanessa Loureiro, Magdalena Luszczynski, Lenora Macri, Francesca Mattoni,
Isabella Minicucci, Rosa Pierri, Alexandra Polibin, Audrey Soares, and Isabella Suppa.
6 April 2015
Mr. D. Paolini, Arts Department
On April 17, the grade 9 visual art RAP students
visited the Royal Ontario Museum to engage in the
study of Asian statuary. This practice has been part
of RAP for quite some time. This study allows our
younger students to work from public collections
in order to hone their observational skills. This is a
unique opportunity for our students; from this, they
complete 3 tonal studies that often result in a more
mature response to
the works under study.
We are very proud
of this opportunity
and remain thankful
for what the ROM
affords our student
From the ROM to the CLASSROOM
The purpose of the exercise was to study and become familiar with statuary of historical
significance by means of observation and recording. This ability to observe and record is the
gateway students use to SEE and UNDERSTAND. To observe to draw directly from objects
or from one’s immediate environment is a worthwhile and valuable experience, unique to
the visual artist. n To transcend the academic experience of observing and recording from
statuary not only, their drawings and digital reference of the same statue, but from that
intangible knowledge which is a result of direct observation. In the classroom, their smaller
studies were enlarged so as to reinterpret them and to see what is familiar from a different
perspective and make new their work to share with
a wider audience. n To enlarge the studies was
for the students another new experience and with
a whole new set of visual challenges to resolve.
With this increased size in scale, the visual student
has more area to cover and the responsibility of
maintaining credibility and honesty of the statuary
first observed. I believe this group of students,
through their commitment and hard work have
been overwhelmingly successful.
Mr. Y. Chetty, Arts Department
Illuminati is a high profile annual art installation for St. Elizabeth CHS students in the
Regional Arts Program and regular Comprehensive Program. The show is a Celebration of
the students’ artistic and visual achievements for the year. n It is a combination of site
specific artwork and other pieces designed to fill the large working space of the York Catholic
District School Board Centre for the Arts theatre. Additionally, we include classroom themebased project work conducted throughout the year. It is one of the largest art shows in all
of York Region. One of SNAP’s writers, Alysia Burdi, is a graduate of our Regional Arts
Program. Please come join us for this wonderful celebration of students’ achievements at
the YCDSB Centre for the Arts theatre, 525 New Westminster, Drive, Thornhill on
Thursday, May 21, 2015 at 7:00pm.
St. Elizabeth Catholic High School 7
Mrs. S. Grove, Department Head of Science
BioGENEius Challenge
Under the supervision of Dr. Rae Yeung at SickKids laboratories
(Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning), Francis Lao
successfully generated mtDNA fragments. Francis has analyzed
the effects of these fragments on a Kawasaki Disease (KD) mouse
model. His goal was to see if mtDNA may induce inflammation
in Kawasaki Disease and Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). His
project is entitled:
“Generation of mtDNA fragments for the testing of
immunogenicity in KD and JIA”
The Regional Competition took place at Connaught Campus of
Sanofi on April 28. Francis presented this project in this Sanofi
Biotech Challenge to his peers and a panel of judges. The Awards
Ceremony took place on April 29 at the Connaught Campus of
Sanofi on Steeles Avenue. We are so proud of your dedication and
efforts in this research project.
Upcoming Science Contests
Grade 11 Chemistry
May 21
Grade 11 Physics
Ontario Association of
Physics Teachers
May 20
Grade 12 Chemistry
May 14
Grade 12 Physics
University of Waterloo Sir Isaac Newton Exam
May 7
If you are a senior student interested in writing these
contests, please visit the science department.
Georges Braque, a contemporary of Pablo Picasso, is quoted as
saying: Art disturbs, science reassures, however, the new Biologythemed science mural hopes to enlighten and awe the St. Elizabeth
community. The Earth and Space Science mural is now complete
due to the dedication of its talented artists, and we hope that the
new team of artists assembled will further inspire students to
create. Many students have shown interest in participating in the
Science Department’s artistic endeavours, so if they have not been
approached for this mural, keep in mind there are still two more
strands: PHYSICS and CHEMISTRY that need to be represented.
Continue brainstorming and making sketches. Students are more
8 April 2015
than welcome
to speak with
Mrs. Buzdon
in room 303
their ideas.
Painting of
the Biology
mural has
begun. A
group of
have been dedicating their time to complete this work of art
under the guidance of Mrs. Buzdon. We are hoping to have it
completed by June.
April 10 was to be an exciting day for 13 grade 10 science
students at McMaster University; however, the school-wide
power-outage changed that. The trip had to be cancelled but
two students, Elisa Cacciola and Ashley Simoes-Ponce,
managed to find their own transportation and had an
opportunity to participate in the GIRLS IN SCIENCE hosted by
Mc Master University. The purpose of this GIRLS IN SCIENCE
Day is to encourage girls to pursue the sciences in their postsecondary education, especially in the fields of chemistry
and physics that tend to be under represented. Elisa Cacciola
writes about her experience:
My personal experience at the GIRLS IN SCIENCE Day at McMaster
University was very inspiring and motivating. The day was wellorganized and the specific events and activities scheduled had all
the participants fully engaged. We got to visit different parts of the
university including the observatory, where we learned about space
and planets. We got to explore how they test sound and movement in
a theatre. We also did an interesting chemistry experiment making
Silly Putty, and then visited a bubble lab. The day finished off in the
chemistry lab with multiple explosions. n It was interesting to learn
that there are so few girls pursuing science studies. I believe that the
organizers of the event successfully got the grade 10 girls to seriously
think about pursuing further studies in the sciences and perhaps even
attend McMaster University.
REPTILIA visits St. Elizabeth
In June, Reptilia will be visiting the grade 9 science classes.
This will serve as an enrichment for the Ecology strand in the
grade 9 course. Students will learn more about reptiles, such
as their adaptations and interactions in our ecosystems and
also dispel any common reptile myths. The presenters always
bring creatures from the Reptilia Zoo to enrich the learning
experience and provide students with close encounters. We
are looking forward to a ssssspectacular visit.
Mrs. Barbara Biggart, Chair
Catholic School Council has had a busy
year full of interesting meetings and
presentations during the 2014-2015 year.
This year, as Chair, I had the opportunity to
nominate the members of council for the
Volunteer Service Recognition Award for
their continued efforts and support this
year. Regional Councillor Mario Ferri, the
Founder and Honorary Chair, along with
members of the Society, were in attendance
at our April council meeting to present the
awards to council in recognition of their
hard work and support of St. Elizabeth.
n Council also hosted an event in March
called Getting Parents Ready for High
School that was well attended. It was an
evening that allowed parents to hear from
guest speakers about some of the things
they could expect for their children as
they begin to attend high school this fall.
n A special thank you goes out to all the
families who supported our fundraising
campaign this year. With your generosity,
we were able to assist with major purchases
requested by St. Elizabeth’s administration
on their wishlists. Our students benefit
from your donations. The items that were
purchased enhanced their learning now
and will continue to do so this coming year.
To the teachers, support staff and
administration, we also thank you for your
hard work, devotion and professionalism in
maintaining the high level of education for
which St. Elizabeth is known. n Finally, to
our Graduates: We wish you much success
and happiness in your future endeavours
and know that you will leave with fond
memories of your time at St. Elizabeth.
These last four years have helped shape
you into the person you are and I know
the skills you have acquired will help
you make good choices for your future.
Congratulations and may God bless you
and guide you on your new path!
We wish everyone at St. Elizabeth a happy,
safe summer and hope that you have the
opportunity to spend quality time with the
ones you love. We hope to see many of you
at our first meeting on September 24,
2015 when we welcome a new council.
The York Catholic District School Board approves
Long Term Accommodation Plan for 2015-2020
The Government of Ontario, the Ministry of Education,
and local School Boards are responsible to students and to
their parents to ensure that as much funding as possible
is directed to the education needs of students. Recent
provincial announcements have highlighted the need for school boards
across the province to reduce surplus capacity through the implementation
of a Long Term Accommodation Plan. n At its Regular Meeting of the Board
held on March 24, 2015, the Board of Trustees approved the York Catholic
District School Board’s Long Term Accommodation Plan (LTAP) for 20152020. The LTAP is a planning report which highlights the current and future
student accommodation needs of the York Catholic District School Board.
Implementation of the LTAP will begin in the Fall 2015.
The LTAP focuses on the four (4) Rs:
“Right Program” (elementary school and/or secondary school
“Right Facility” (physical space in the building, school yard and
parking lot);
“Right-Size” (student placements, school organization); and,
“Right Location” (geography).
The LTAP includes a number of accommodation initiatives, which range from
new schools to accommodation reviews and boundary reviews, program
considerations, temporary accommodations, as well as, facility partnerships.
Each accommodation initiative will be guided by a process that includes
opportunities for community participation and consultation. The York
Catholic District School Board is committed to keeping all stakeholders
informed throughout the process.
To view the Long Term Accommodation Plan in full, and for more detailed
information, visit: http://www.ycdsb.ca/departments/Planning/ltap.
Mr. S. Sedran, Swim Coach
The St. Elizabeth Panthers Swim
Team would like to congratulate
Michael Aretusi for representing our
school at the 2015 OFSAA Swimming
Championships that took place at
the Etobicoke Olympium. On March
3 and March 4, Michael competed
against the best swimmers in the
province, where athletes are separated
by fractions of a second. Although the
competition was fierce, Michael was
able to bring home TWO top-twenty
finishes placing 18th in the 50 metre
freestyle with a time of 26.11 seconds and 19th in the 100 metre freestyle with
a time of 57.02 seconds. Way to go, Michael! You made us proud!
St. Elizabeth Catholic High School 9
Mrs. T. Penney, ESP Advisor and Sabrina Denicola, Grade 12
Mrs. T. Penney, ESP Advisor
On April 29, 10 students from our school and two teachers
(Mrs. T. Penney and Mrs. I. Mancuso) attended the Louise
Russo “WAVE” Leadership Conference at the Living Arts
Center in Mississauga. The nine students that attended this
event to support Sabrina are: Martina Arnone, Marina
Arnone, Ninarose Miele, Ashley Cianni, Cristina Sgignuoli,
Kaleriya Azov, Demetra Diagoupis, Julia Dragos, and
Elizabeth Choi. n The WAVE foundation was created by
Louise Russo to bring awareness and healing to female victims
of violence. In April of 2004, Louise was literally caught in
the crossfire of a gang related shooting. She took several
bullets and due to the shooting became paralyzed from the
waist down. Louise had stopped at a local deli to pick up food
for her and one of her three children. An innocent task that
most of us perform without a thought changed Louise’s life
forever. Instead of allowing this tragedy to turn her to a life of
bitterness, Louise has become a champion for others. Part of
what Louise does, through WAVE, is to recognize those young
people in the community who are making a difference. n We
are very proud to recognize and congratulate Sabrina Denicola,
grade 12 student at St. Elizabeth CHS as the recipient of the
scholarship from WAVE for outstanding leadership in her
community. Sabrina is a member of Peer Ministry, Empowering
Student Partnerships, and also represents the York Catholic
District School Board as a member of the Minister’s Student
Advisory Council. Believe in yourself, take the Role of leadership, be
Respectful, be Responsible and you will make a difference is Louise
Russo’s way of giving back to the youth of today.
Sabrina Denicola certainly is making a difference here at St.
Elizabeth and
we know will
make an even
bigger difference
in the world at
large when she
graduates. Way to
go Sabrina!
10 April 2015
On April 8, ESP recognized International Pink Day. The origins
of Pink Day are routed in the experience of a student in Nova
Scotia who was being bullied for wearing pink. In support
of their classmate, several senior students came to school
not only wearing pink but handing out pink shirts to make
a statement that bullying was not going to be tolerated in
their school. n This year, St. Elizabeth’s message was beyond
bullying and more about Respecting Differences. Students and
staff wore pink making a statement that we will not be put
down for simply being who we are. Many students, staff and
school groups came together in order to support this message.
n ESP is especially grateful to Mr. Burley and The Robotics
Club who created a robot that gave out compliments! This year
ESP also took a strong stand against discrimination of sexual
orientation with its Love Is An Open Door pledge. Students were
asked to sign their name to a symbolic door that represented
some of the stigmas of students who are struggling with
coming out as who they really are. Coming out is not always
easy when homophobia, childish behaviour and labels block
the way. ESP is attempting to break down the taboos and
support “opening the door to all kinds of love” by reminding
our community that sexual orientation does not define an
individual’s identity. n ESP also had a bake sale that helped
to raise funds for donation to Paws for Grace, an organization
that provides dogs to assist those who are struggling with
mental illness. Between the funds raised with Civies and the
Bake Sale and the generosity of the St. Elizabeth community,
ESP was able to donate to both this important charity as well
as to Kids Help Phone. n ESP would like to thank the student
body, administration, custodial staff and Officer Rob Ruffa,
for their ongoing support of our efforts. It is a strong, unified
community that will be able to create a safe, caring and loving
environment for all of its members. We are very fortunate at
St. Elizabeth to be a community who is willing to stand up for
what is right.
Mrs. Cathy Ferlisi and
Mrs. Teresa Ciaravella
The Mathematics Department would like to congratulate the
students who wrote the Pascal, Cayley, and Fermat Waterloo
Mathematics Contests. The following students received
Certificates of Distinction for ranking in the top 25% of all
contestants in Canada in each contest. A Medal is awarded to the
top students in each contest.
Certificate of
We are thrilled that our Catholic Student Trustees, together
with the York Secondary Catholic Presidents’ Council
successfully organized a Province-Wide Secondary School
Mass with over 600,000 students participating on May
7. Our students are blessed to have received a personal
message from Pope Francis. n Congratulations to all of our
St. Elizabeth students who have participated in a variety of
competitions and tournaments. You continue to make us
proud. n If we can be of service, remember that we are only
a phone call away.
9 (Pascal)
Lucas Colucci
10 (Cayley)
Thomas Baek
Jihye Choi
11 (Fermat)
Natalie Grossi
Jiyun Lee
Winnie Huang
Also, Winnie Huang, Cindy Huang, Nicholas Huang, Reeve
Francis and Sherwin Yuen competed in the Canadian Team
Mathematics Contest placing 26th at the event.
Concord/Thornhill Residents:
Cathy Ferlisi
Tel: 416-565-7087
Email: [email protected]
Website: trustee.ycdsb.ca/ferlisi
Maple Residents:
Teresa Ciaravella
Tel: 416-832-4562
Email: [email protected]
Thursday, June 25, 2015 at 1:30 pm
CENTRE, 222 Rowntree Dairy Road, Woodbridge
PLEASE NOTE: Time of event has been changed
to 1:30 pm
The Graduation Ceremony is an important event in the lives
of our students. It represents for the students, both their
attainment of the Secondary School Diploma and their
completion of the their high school experience. The students
were fitted for their gowns as the $95.00 was collected during
the end of January. A formal invitation was sent home in
April providing final details and information to the Parent(s)/
Guardian(s). The invitation will specify that 3 family members
(maximum) will be able to participate in this celebration and
share in the achievements and success of our students, your
children. PLEASE NOTE: Tickets will be checked at the door before
entering the hall.
This year’s Prom will be held at
The Royalton Hospitality Inc.
on Tuesday, June 23. Prom is
a long-anticipated event that
represents the final opportunity
for the Grade 12 students to
gather as a group. We look forward to celebrating this
important event with your child.
Loving God, you give each of us special
gifts and you call each of us to serve you
and one another in particular ways.
Help us to do the very best we can in
all that we do, in our studies and in our
extracurricular activities. When we have
opportunities to excel, encourage us toward excellence. Help
us, loving God, to always do our best at whatever we do. We
pray in the name of Jesus, the Lord. Amen.
St. Elizabeth Catholic High School 11
Tuesday, June 9
Tuesday, June 9
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Thursday, May 7
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PA DAY (No Classes)
Monday, June 15 to
Tuesday, June 23
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in the Theatre @ 7:00 pm
Friday, May 22
@ 7:00 pm in the Theatre
Thursday, June 25
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Michael McGivney
7:00 pm
Friday, May 29,
Tuesday, June 2 and
Wednesday, June 3,
12 April 2015
We are looking for
any used uniform
items that are in
good shape. They
will be sold to current St E. students
at a reduced cost and all proceeds will
go to ShareLife. Please bring any used
uniform items to the main office.
is a newsletter that is published
four times a year for
Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of the
St. Elizabeth Catholic High School
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Tuesday, May 26
Wednesday, May 27
Thursday, May 28
Wednesday, May 29
at 7:00 pm
On May 7, St. Elizabeth students
participated in the province-wide Mass. We
were blessed with beautiful weather and our
celebration was a joyous school event. We
are thankful to both Father Felix Linatoc
and Father Mario Salvadori for their
participation in our Mass.
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