Social Security: a 70-year-old new idea Contributions to workshops

Friday 29 May 2015
Workshop n°1. Conditions of access to social protection - Moderator: M. Badel/M. Ribeyrol-Subrenat
Social Security: a 70-year-old new idea
Contributions to workshops
Thursday 28 May 2015
Workshop n°1. The History of Social Security Law - Moderators: L. Guerlain/Ch. Demilly
Gian Guido Balandi, University of Ferrara: Evolution and contradictions in the Italian social security system. The model
based on art. 38 of the constitution: a "corporatist Bismarck"
Marie-Claude Blais, University of Rouen: From solidarity to social security, the question of the social bond under the 3rd
Elodie Coutant – CAHD – University of Bordeaux: Social insurance in Alsace and Lorraine, a model for the birth of
French law on the subject
Bernard Gallinato, University of Bordeaux: The General Council of the Gironde and social insurance in the period between
the wars
Otto Kaufmann, Max Planck Institute: On the historical evolution of social insurance in Germany
Jean-Pierre Le Crom, University of Nantes: When social protection is detached from labour law (1930s-1950s): issues,
modalities and consequences
Bruno Valat, University of Toulouse: Was the French Resistance behind the French social security plan (1945)?
Workshop n°2. The Founding Principles Today and Tomorrow - Moderators : O. Pujolar/R. Tailleur
Arnaud Arfeuille, RSI Aquitaine: Long live the tax burden!
Valérie Avérous Verclytte, Montaigne University: Between planning and contractualization. Social security, "a crossroads of
players and ideas"
Valentina Cagnin, University of Venice: Does globalization change the principles governing labour law?
Krzysztof Hagemejer, Social Policy Bureau, Chancellery of the President of Poland, formerly ILO: Origins,
intentions and challenges to implementation of the ILO Social Protection Floor Recommendation n° 202
Lola Isidro, University of Paris Nanterre: The universality of social security and the condition of foreign workers
Nicole Kerschen, University of Paris X Nanterre: Universalism, personal rights and social citizenship
Baya Ibn Khaldoun, University of Rabat, Morocco: The generalisation of social protection in Morocco
Han Yuehong, Kunming University of Technology and Zhai Xiaomei, Social Sciences, Peking Union Medical
College: Human dignity, Universality, equality and solidarity and the expansion of social security Rights
Workshop n°3. Diversity of Models in Space - Moderator: J. Porta/F. Hiebel
Gaël Coron, EHESP: The pillarization of social protection, a forced import
Michel Doucin, former CESE ambassador: Implementing the bases of universal social protection in sub-Saharan Africa:
progress and difficulties
Augustin Emane, University of Nantes: Social Security in Africa: from "social insurance" to universal coverage
Abdessattar Mouelhi, University of Carthage, INTES:Tunisian social security law: the present revolution haunted by the
Mahammed Nasr-Eddine Koriche, University of Algiers: The main characteristics of the Algerian model of social security
Supriya Routh, University of Laval: Labor Rights Or Human Development: The Challenge of Social Protection for Informal
Workers in India
Lei Ruipeng, Univesity of Huazhong of Science and Technology, Liu Junrong, Guangzdou Medical University:
A Confusian Conception of Social Security
Wafa Tamzini, University of Paris 13 Sorbonne: The influence of the universality of French social security in the elaboration
of Arabic models: a comparative approach to France and the Maghreb
Khalid Boukaich, University of Tangiers, Morocco: Moroccan social legislation and compensation for employees deprived
involuntarily of work
Isabelle Desbarats, University of Toulouse: What social protection for mobile workers? The case of workers on secondment
Claire Magord, CERCRID, Jean Monnet Saint Etienne University: The contentious routes of access to the social rights. A
comparison between the social assistance and the Social Security
Antoine Math, University of Nancy, IRES researcher: Increased insecurity of residency for foreigners and the condition of
lawful residence for access to social rights
Kamila Makara, University of Gdansk, IUE Florence: Access to health care across borders. Tensions and challenges
Nadia Okbani, IEP Bordeaux: Access to law in social security bodies: the example of non-recourse to the RSA for poor workers
Nadia Kesteman, research department: Access to rights in the family branch of social security: contributions and limits of ICT
and targeting recipients
Workshop n°2. Modes of Financing Social Security - Moderators: F. Petit/Ph. Salièges
Géraldine Bloy, University of Burgundy: From regulating expenditure to regulating healthcare?
Bernard Capdeville, CESE, Social welfare: ensuring the future of health insurance, Expert opinion, CESE
Maria Teresa Medeiros Garcia, University of Lisbon: A change in the design of the Portuguese social security system
Luc Pierron, MGEN: Is the euro the only horizon? The grip of European economic governance on the reform process in member
states: the example of social security
François Taquet: Gesica network, Financing social security and respect for the rights of contributors
Angelos Stergiou, University of Thessalonica: Social security law and public debt
Isabelle Vacarie, University of Nanterre: The principle of solidarity and the European Stability Pact
Jingyue Xing, ENS – M. Halbawachs Centre: Impact of treatment financing modes on the health of residents in homes for
dependent seniors
Workshop n°3. The Market and the Individual - Moderator : J. - M. Gasteix/Ph. Martin
Jacques Barthélémy, Associated Lawyers: Supplementary social protection
Jean-Pierre Chauchard, University of Nantes: Ambiguities in supplementary health insurance
Eri Kasagi, University of Kyushu and Tokyo: Individualization in social security law in Japan
Otto Kaufmann, Max Planck Institute: Company pension schemes in Germany
Philippe Langlois, Cabinet Flichy: Risk sharing and solidarity
Jean-Michel Laxalt, Institut Montparnasse: Between market and individual, the impossible solidarity synthesis? The quartered
mutual insurance?
Zhang Ruihong, Kunming Medical University and Tsai Duujian, Taipei Medical University Taiwan: Private/
Professional health insurance and individuals needs