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MINECRAFT BY Hunter TABLE OF CONTENS What is MINECRAFT? 1 Creative 3 Survival 4 How to get wooden items 6 How to get stone items 7 How to get weapons and tools 8 Why I like to play MINECRAFT 10 WHAT IS MINECRAFT !   MINECRAFT is a video game on phones, I pad , WII, the computer, and x box. !   On MINECRAFT you can get tons and tons of stuff. Before you play you have 2 choices-­‐ ‘creative or survival.’ Creative is always peaceful, and survival can be peaceful but you can change it to difficulty. On difficulty it has monsters. Stuff on minecraft is ‘tree flower wooden planks and cobblestone. Creative On creative you can fly and you never run out of blocks. You also break everything really quickly. Survival On survival there are monsters. Spiders and creepers can stay alive in the daytime. Others, like zombies and skeletons, cannot stay alive in the day and come out at night. The only way monsters will attack you is if you get too close to them. How to get WOODEN Items !  
In Minecraft, you try to get items that help you play the game. Some of these are made out of wood. Some examples are wooden pick-­‐ax, a crafting table, a door, wooden planks and gates. !  
When you get dark wood, if you craft it you get 4 tan wooden planks. When you get light wood, you get light wooden planks when you craft it. Craft means you make it into something else. !  
If you get dark, dark wood, then you get dark wooden planks. How to get STONE Items The only way to get stone is to dig underground and find it. When you find stone and mine it with a pick ax, you get cobblestone. You need a furnace and coal to melt the cobblestone. Melted cobblestone turns into normal stone that you can use for building. How to get WEAPONS and TOOLS *A wooden pick ax is made of wood and sticks. *A stone pick ax is made from stone and sticks. *An iron pick ax is made from iron and sticks. *A golden pick ax is made from gold and sticks. *A diamond pick ax is made of diamonds and sticks. The diamond pick ax is the best pick ax in the game. Why I LOVE Minecraft… The reason I love the game, Minecraft, is because it has creativity and it is fun. I enjoy making different worlds and building things from scratch.