How to Get Through Marijuana Detox

How to Get Through Marijuana Detox
Marijuana detox is different for everyone and it can range from mild to severe, depending on the
strength of the marijuana the user smokes, in addition to how frequently they smoked. Marijuana
contains a fat soluble chemical known as THC. THC will take much longer to be eliminated
from the body, when compared to other recreational drugs. Other types of recreational drugs that
are water soluble can be flushed from the system within a few days to a week, but THC can
remain stored in the body’s fat cells for a number of months.
What the Marijuana Detox Process is like
Marijuana detox will involve three organ systems where the THC is stored: the hair, blood and
urine. Typically, the remedies used for marijuana detox are comprised of minerals, herbs and
vitamins, all designed to mask or remove the presence of THC. There are other types of
marijuana detox products available that can help a person to get rid of marijuana from the hair,
urine or blood. And some products for marijuana detox that claim to provide a holistic cleaning
of the entire body.
Remedies for detox can provide a person with a total and complete detox over a period of a few
weeks. Natural detox programs that are designed for THC toxicity will usually include the
management of marijuana detox symptoms, in addition with the elimination of the THC
chemical from the body.
The most difficult and prevalent withdrawal symptoms include depression and insomnia. Vivid
dreams and recurring nightmares are part of the detox and recovery process. Quitting marijuana
will also bring about a possible interruption in a person’s sex drive as well as mood swings,
irritability, anger and depression. The marijuana detox symptoms will taper off eventually, but
the process itself is lengthy and can be very uncomfortable for moderate to heavy users.
Home Remedies that can help with THC Withdrawal
There are some simple home remedies that can be used that will help to provide fast relief from
marijuana detox symptoms and can also help in aiding the overall process of treatment. Some of
the more effective remedies will include hot baths, used to calm aggressive or irritable moods,
increasing the intake of water, which helps to flush out the toxins, cranberry juice for its
purifying properties, intense exercise, which will help with restless legs, anxiety and irritability,
while also assisting with insomnia. Exercise will also help with flushing out the toxins in the
body via the sweat glands.
During this time, an individual can help to replenish the loss of some vitamins and minerals that
they may lose during this process, by increasing their intake of tomatoes, leafy vegetables, citrus
fruits, bananas and melons. These veggies and fruits are both rich in potassium and other
vitamins and minerals, which can help to revitalize the body.
During this time a person should reduce their fat intake, in order to improve the function of their
digestive system. Doing so will help to ensure that the natural marijuana detox process can
perform more effectively and at a quicker rate.
Reducing the amount of caffeine that is consumed can also help when it comes to restless legs,
anxiety and insomnia, which are all commonly experienced withdrawal symptoms.
Marijuana is commonly known as the most widely used recreational drug in the country, due in
part to the widespread belief that this drug is virtually harmless.
Generations of the past underestimate the dangers of marijuana. This is because during the 60s
and 70s the drug itself was much milder than the marijuana of today.
With the higher potency in marijuana that’s distributed today comes the greater pull for
addiction, in addition to more intense withdrawal symptoms for users who try to quit on their
Other common marijuana detox symptoms will include frequent intense cravings, lack of
appetite, restlessness, nausea, headaches and vomiting. Typically these physical withdrawal
symptoms can last for one to two weeks and will then begin to subside.
When to Seek Medical Attention for THC Withdrawal
Overcoming THC addiction won’t be easy for everyone, and because of this more and more
treatment centers are offering special programs designed for people wanting to quit. In the years
past even treatment centers had difficulty with providing individuals care specific to marijuana
detox as it was believed that the detox process for this drug was relatively mild and the drug
itself not addictive.
These days, studies have proven that the newer more potent marijuana of today can be both
mentally and physically addictive and because of this rehab centers now offer both inpatient and
outpatient programs for marijuana detox. Both types of programs will involve one on one and
group counseling, medication designed to help alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal and twentyfour hour support. For more information on programs that can help you with marijuana detox,
research local rehabs in your area or speak with your primary care physician for a referral.
Top Selling Detox Kits
There are a number of methods these days that are used for the purpose of cleansing the system
of THC. Many of these methods are done using ingredients found around the home, vitamin
supplements and herbal mixtures. Naturally detoxing from marijuana is definitely the ideal route
to take, however, it will take a few weeks to entirely rid the body of THC, so if time is an issue
for you, then your best bet will be to purchase detox kits. The cost of detox kits can range from
fifty to well over a hundred dollars. Most people will choose to purchase detox kits because they
will immediately mask the presence of THC in the system. However, the effects of detox kits
will usually only last four to six hours, depending on the type you purchase. In this article we’ll
take a look at some of the top selling detox kits and detox drinks, tell you how they work and
what they cost, in order to educate you on the most effective detox kits and drinks on the market.
What you’ll find in Detox Kits
The full THC detox kit has a price of fifty-five dollars and is considered one of the best detox
kits on the market. Not only is this kit designed to flush the THC out of your system and actually
help to naturally get you clean, but it will also aid in diluting your urine, which helps to make it
harder to detect THC. This kit will also help to make your urine appear yellow and ensure that
your creatinine levels remain normal so as to not cause suspicion from the lab staff. If lab staff
notice that a person’s urine appears diluted they will flag the sample.
A detox drink called Extra Clean is designed to immediately hide the THC in your system and is
available online or in stores. The cost ranges from twenty to twenty-five dollars and has an active
life of five hours. This drink helps to dilute the urine and also make the urine appear yellow and
undiluted. This is one of the best methods to use if you’re someone that needs to get clean in
under two weeks.
Pills will be part of most detox kits. You can purchase the pills separately or as part of a kit.
These pills are pretty expensive, costing one-hundred dollars for eight pills. Most people will
choose to purchase them if they are looking for work, which means they’ll probably undergo
more than one drug test. These supplements are fast acting, which allows a person to still smoke
even hours before a drug test takes place.
Ready Clean produces the top selling pill supplements for a price of $120. According to
customer reviews these pills really work and can be taken as often as once a day, for the heavy
The Best Proven Method
Synthetic urine can also be part of a kit, or it can be purchased separately. If you’re someone
who is a heavy user, than this method may be your best bet. You’ll simply need to switch out
your urine with the synthetic urine, but you’ll need to be careful of the urine temperature. Most
labs will test the specimen for the temperature, and a temp below normal will be flagged. This
substance comes in powder form and needs to be mixed with a small amount of water.
Obviously, you should only use this method if you’re able to urinate without supervision during
the test. The cost of synthetic urine ranges from twenty to forty-five dollars.
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Is it Safe to Perform an At Home Detox?
In order to stop using drugs, an individual will first need to overcome their physical dependence
to the drug. In order to achieve this goal, a person living with addiction will need to complete an
at home detox. Detoxification is the process that will cleanse the system of harmful toxins that
are found in a number of drugs, including marijuana. While it can be beneficial for a person to
check into an inpatient drug rehab center, during this time, many people choose an at home detox
process, so they can remain in a more comfortable environment.
An At Home Detox can be Beneficial for Recovery
An at home detox should only be performed after a physician has approved the process. An
addict should never decide to detox on their own without first consulting a healthcare
professional. Doing so can have a serious effect on a person’s health.
One of the main reasons a person will choose not to check into a drug rehab center and will
instead choose an at home detox is because of the clinic itself.
There are many strict rules in place, all of which are designed for a person to successfully and
safely detox from drugs and some people do not feel comfortable in a strange environment,
during their most vulnerable time.
Attempting an at home detox can be very challenging. Many addicts are not prepared for the
discomfort that can be experienced during a detox process and will end up relapsing in order to
find relief from withdrawal symptoms. However, some healthcare professionals believe that
going through an at home detox, in a safe and familiar environment can actually enhance the
recovery process.
It’s important that a person not attempt a home detox on their own. Due to the uncomfortable
nature of the withdrawal symptoms most people experience, it’s very likely that a person will
return to drug use when the withdrawal symptoms begin to peak. As a result, it’s important that a
person be supervised during this time.
Common Withdrawal Symptoms
The type of withdrawal symptoms a person experiences will depend on their frequency of use,
the amount used on a daily basis and the type of drug used.
Marijuana users will only experience a mild form of withdrawal symptoms such as headaches,
insomnia, irritability and anxiety.
Individuals attempting to detox from opiates will experience severe withdrawal symptoms such
as vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, insomnia, muscle cramps and spasms, and severe weakness.
Marijuana withdrawal symptoms can last for a few days or up to a week, but they will remain
relatively mild.
For opiate users, the withdrawal symptoms will typically last for a week, with the most severe of
the withdrawal symptoms taking place as quickly as a six hours after the last use and they will
remain severe for at least seventy-two hours.
Because withdrawal symptoms can be so severe, a person can become easily dehydrated or their
body may not be able to handle to pain caused from muscle cramping or spasms or the level of
anxiety they will also experience. Excessive vomiting can also lead to choking or aspiration and
even death.
While a number of people have successfully completed home detox, most addiction treatment
professionals and primary care physicians recommend that a detox take place under the direct
supervision of a healthcare professional during the duration of the process. This level of
supervision can be essential when it comes to the safety of a patient and preventing a relapse
from occurring.
Most professionals agree that the drug marijuana can be safely detoxed at home, however, some
heavy users may need to seek medical attention for depression or anxiety.
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Natural and Commercial Marijuana Detox Drinks
When it comes to looking for a new job, if you’re someone that smokes marijuana on occasion or
you’re a heavy user, then you’ll need to begin preparing for an upcoming drug test, as the
majority of employers will include drug testing as part of the hiring process. By beginning the
detox process you can begin to flush the THC out of your system, which is one of the surest
ways to test negative for marijuana use. Marijuana detox drinks are designed to help with
flushing the THC chemical from the system, however, the majority of them will simply mask the
presence of THC, allowing you to test negative.
How do Marijuana Detox Drinks Work?
Marijuana detox drinks are fast acting and can be taken two to three hours prior to a drug test.
The cost for marijuana detox drinks can range from twenty for forty dollars and will work
effectively for a period of four to six hours, depending on the type of marijuana detox drinks you
Marijuana detox drinks are beneficial when it comes to purifying your system and some can also
help to improve your overall health, as they’re full of vitamins and minerals. Some of these
added benefits include the improvement of skin, they can cleanse your kidneys and liver, they
aid in weight loss, improve mental focus and clarity and can help with cleansing the system of
toxins that have been stored in the body over a long period of time.
A person can easily make their own marijuana detox drinks by using simple ingredients that are
available at a grocery store. Marijuana detox drinks should be consumed in the morning, on an
empty stomach, in order to obtain the best results. This will also to improve a person’s
metabolism, which is an essential part of the THC detox process.
If you’ve decided to quit smoking for good and time is on your side, then it’s ideal to anticipate a
ten day long detox process. During this process, it’s recommended that you stop eating foods that
are high in fat, as well as any processed foods. A diet that is high in fat can hinder the process of
When it comes to making your own marijuana detox drinks, start with using eight ounces of
water and warm it up to a little above room temperature. Add two tablespoons of lime juice, one
teaspoon of maple syrup, one cup of cranberry juice, a tablespoon of honey and a dash of
cayenne pepper.
Drink homemade detox drinks three times a day, before every meal and once before bedtime.
These drinks will cause an increase in urination, which is ideal for flushing out the system.
While homemade detox drinks can be quite effective, they will require more time to bring about
the ideal results.
Commercial drinks are designed to mask the presence of THC immediately and are designed for
the individual that is going to take a drug test the same day as consumption.
Some individuals who are heavy marijuana users may need to consume more than one detox
drink, in order for it to mask the THC.
Why it’s Important to do your Research before you Buy
Before you purchase detox drinks, be sure you do some research and take a look at a number of
detox forums that are available. This will allow you to read reviews from consumers who have
purchased these drinks and passed or failed a drug test.
Most of the top selling drinks can be purchased online or at local stores that sell marijuana
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Natural Marijuana Detox Kit
If you are someone that wants to quit smoking marijuana, then you’re probably searching for an
effective marijuana detox kit that will help to flush the THC out of your system. Typically, a
marijuana detox kit will only mask the presence of marijuana in the system. A natural marijuana
detox kit is composed of everyday ingredients found around the house and can involve natural
supplements, changes in the diet and an increase in water consumption.
What’s in a Natural Marijuana Detox Kit?
It can be very stressful worrying about passing a drug test in the future and you may be searching
for ways to increase your chances of passing a test. There are several steps you can take that will
help to increase your chances of testing negative, and the best part is, a number of these methods
are natural.
One of the most natural and best things a person can do to improve their chances of passing a
drug test is by increasing their water intake. Water will help to flush out the THC in the system.
This can also include other unwanted impurities. Be sure that you consume a large amount of
water, a few days prior to a drug test, so that you can begin the detox process.
It’s also recommended that you hit the gym frequently, in order to flush out the THC through
sweat. Keeping the body active can also help to speed up the detox process. Working out daily
will provide a person with the best results.
In a natural home detox kit, people will take cranberry pills, for their antioxidant properties,
niacin, vitamin C and creatinine.
Creatinine is an important supplement. When performing a detox process, most people will begin
with an increase in water consumption. Doing so will give the urine a highly diluted appearance.
When a drug test is performed in a lab, the staff are trained to test a urine sample based on the
color and the amount of creatinine that’s found. If a person’s sample tests low for creatinine, this
sends a red flag that the urine was diluted, which typically means there is THC in the system.
If you’re about to take a hair sample drug test, there are some common supplements you can take
that will help to mask the presence of THC, as well as flush the drug out of your system. This
includes powdered bleach, niacin and aspirin.
Aspirin is also used to mask the presence of opiates in the system and is a natural diuretic.
B3, also referred to as niacin, is a supplement that’s essential for the body. Niacin is also able to
mask the presence of THC. Be careful when taking this supplement, as an overdose can lead to
constipation or diarrhea.
Why you should Avoid Commercial Detox Kits: Are they Worth the Steep Price
A commercial marijuana detox kit will usually contain a detox drink and a number of natural
supplements that are designed to hide THC in your system. Typically, the cost of a marijuana
detox kit can range from forty dollars to over a hundred and can be taken two to three hours prior
to a drug test. The commercial marijuana detox kit should only be used as a last result, as some
will contain supplements that most trained lab workers will search for and be able to detect, such
as goldenseal. Often, the presence of these types of supplements will be enough for the lab staff
to test you positive for drugs, or they’ll give an inconclusive test result, which is almost as good
as a positive and will ultimately depend on the employer and whether they’re willing to pay the
cost of having you retested, and most will opt not to.
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Home Detox Methods and Treatment Options
If you’ve recently used marijuana, then the drug THC will be in your system. Many people will
choose to perform a home detox, as opposed to seeking an inpatient treatment program, due to
the fact that a detox from the chemical THC is manageable and will not typically effect the day
to day activities in a person’s life. The chemical compound THC is fat soluble, which means it
will be stored in the body’s fatty tissues, unlike water soluble drugs, which can be flushed from
the system in a period of two to three days.
How to Safely Perform a Home Detox
Performing a home detox can take a few days or weeks, depending on whether a person is a
heavy user and the frequency in which they smoked. There are a number of ways to perform a
home detox,, from investing in a detox kit or drink, to naturally detoxing. This type of detox is
considered to be easier than attempting to detox from other types of drugs, such as opiates. A
person will not typically experience vomiting, diarrhea or excessive muscle spasms.
Increasing the fiber in your diet is an effective way to naturally rid the body of THC, because
fiber will absorb the chemical.
One of the most effective ways of performing a home detox naturally is to drink a large amount
of cranberry juice and water. It’s recommended that an individual consume up to one and a half
gallons of water a day, followed by one liter of cranberry juice. This will promote frequent
urination and help to flush the THC out of the system.
Another effective home detox method commonly used is niacin. Niacin, also referred to as B3 is
known to be a vasodilator which makes it possible for THC to be flushed out of the system at a
much faster rate. B3 opens up the blood vessels and allows the blood to carry the chemical THC
that is stored in the fat cells, out of the body.
During this period a person may feel mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms, such as
depression, insomnia, irritability, headaches, vivid dreams and lack of appetite. Other symptoms
will include decreased sex drive and restlessness.
Other ways to perform a home detox can include exercising. Exercising can help to relieve any
anxiety that is felt during the withdrawal period, in addition to flushing out the THC through
When performing a natural home detox, be sure to stay away from fatty or processed foods. This
type of change in the diet can help speed up the detoxification process.
Avoiding caffeine will help with anxiety and insomnia, which can be excessive during the first
seventy-two hours.
When to Seek Professional Help for Detoxing
Individuals who are suffering from a moderate to severe amount of withdrawal symptoms should
not perform a home detox alone. Having family and friends around during this period can be
helpful when it comes to preventing a relapse, as during the first week a person will typically
experience severe cravings. Be sure to avoid friends or family members that use marijuana as it
can cause a relapse.
If the anxiety experienced during withdrawal becomes intense, a person can make an
appointment with their mental health specialist or their primary care physician and have
medication prescribed to treat anxiety and insomnia.
These days, many drug rehab centers are offering inpatient and outpatient programs that are
specifically designed for people trying to stop marijuana use.
These programs will include group and individual counseling sessions, extensive support and
medication that can help with cravings.
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Weed Detox Methods that Work
Weed is the drug that will usually stay in the system for a period of days, weeks or months,
depending on how frequently a person smokes as well as the potency of the drug used. Because
of this, even though pot is considered to be one of the least harmful recreational drugs on the
street, it will also be the most likely substance that will cause a person to fail a drug test.
Compared to other types of recreational drugs, weed will stay in the body for a relatively long
time, because the active chemical in marijuana; THC, is a fat soluble drug, and other drugs are
typically water soluble. Because THC is fat soluble, the drug is able to remain stored in fatty
tissue, for an undetermined length of time.
Why you need a Weed Detox
Weed detox is a big problem for individuals who are worried about passing a drug test in the
near future. The reason for this, is if a person lets the weed detox process happen in a natural
way, it can take a very long time, such as weeks or up to two months. However, if a person needs
to perform a weed detox immediately and rid the system of THC, there are some effective
methods for flushing the drug out of the system.
The remedies that are used for a better effect are referred to as weed detox programs. Typically,
some kits work to flush the drug out of the system, with other kits simply masking the presence
of THC in the body, for a period of three to five hours. These types of weed detox kits are
usually only effective for urine tests.
For instance, most weed detox drinks will only need to be consumed one or two hours before a
test takes place. Generally speaking, if a person has advanced notice of three hours or less, they
can easily pass a urine test by consuming a detox drink three hours prior. After consumption of
the weed detox drink a person will also need to drink a large amount of water, in order to
promote frequent urination. This will help to ensure that all of the THC is out of the system.
If you’re someone who is worried that you might fail a drug test, then you should definitely
invest in a weed detox drink. These drinks are designed specifically for the individual who does
not have enough time to detox naturally.
How to ensure you’ll Test Negative
If you’re uncertain as to whether the weed detox drink you’ve consumed is effective, then there
are a few things you can do. Most local pharmacies now sell over the counter THC testing kits
for around twenty to thirty dollars. The test will allow a person to determine whether or not they
still test positive for marijuana.
Synthetic urine is another option, for individuals who will not be watched at the time of
urination. This is also one of the most effective methods to use, especially if the urine sample is
sent to a lab, as opposed to a simple dipstick test.
Lab tests can be harder to pass, as lab staff are trained to be on the lookout for abnormalities in
the urine, such as the color, lack of creatinine or presence of certain supplements, such as
goldenseal. If a person’s urine is found to be diluted or supplements are found in the urine, most
labs will flag the specimen and the individual will either need to retake the test or the employer
can choose to fail them.
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Detox for Drug Test Tips
If you’ve applied to a new job and now you need to learn how to detox for a drug test, there are a
number of products out there that are designed to help mask the presence of THC in your system
and there are also some products that will actually help to flush marijuana out of your system.
More and more companies are including drug screening as part of the hiring process and over
eighty percent of companies that have been surveyed, now perform testing in order to determine
if a potential employer is a smoker, a risk of which could potentially increase a company’s
insurance rates.
What to Know Before Starting a Detox for Drug Test
There are currently four main types of drug tests that are performed for employment testing. The
number one method, which is also the cheapest, is the urine screening. This type of testing
procedure will basically involve an individual urinating into a specimen cup. Employers will use
a simple dip test at the time of specimen collection, in order to obtain immediate results, or they
can choose the more expensive option and have it sent to a lab, where it will then be screened
through a chromatography analysis.
The second most commonly used testing method is the hair follicle test. This type of test is
actually very accurate and can go back six months or more, showing all toxins a person has used.
Many people will try to get around this type of test by simply shaving their head, but what they
aren’t aware of is that shaving the head won’t work because the lab staff will just get the hair
from another part of the body. This can include pubic, underarm or leg hair. This is done if a
person has hair that’s shorter than half an inch.
The third method is considered to be very intrusive and involves obtaining a blood sample. This
type of test is much more expensive, which means it’s not a commonly utilized testing method
for employment.
The fourth type of testing method is the newest and is rarely used and involves obtaining a saliva
sample. This type of test will only be able to read toxins that have been in the body for one week
to ten days prior.
Why it’s Important to Research Detox Methods
If you need to perform a detox for drug test, be sure you do your research before going out in a
panic and purchasing the most expensive detox for drug test product.
Avoid using any toxins and stay away from people that are smoking, for at least two days prior,
during your detox for drug test.
If at all possible, during the detox for drug test process, try to have a healthy diet, at least a week
before your test takes place. Foods that are high in fat and other types of junk foods, have been
shown to slow down the detox process. Try and eat a diet that’s high in fiber and carbs. Do not
skip a meal, especially breakfast, and eat often throughout the day. Never go on a crash diet to
try and burn fat, as this will only immediately release the THC that has been stored in the body’s
fat cells.
Until the time of your test, eat light meals, avoid alcohol and over the counter drugs, as some
OTCs can cause a false positive.
For a period of forty-eight hours before the test takes place, consume at least six sixteen ounces
of water a day. Water is essential to the body’s natural detox process. Drinking water can help to
flush all of the THC out of your system, just be sure to not overdo it. When a lab notices urine
that is lighter in color, they become suspicious that an individual is trying to dilute their urine for
the purpose of masking the presence of THC. Part of lab testing will involve measuring the
amount of creatinine in the urine. A low amount of creatinine in the urine is a red flag, meaning
the individual has diluted their urine. This will result in a fail for your test. Now that you know
how to perform a detox for drug test, do some research and find a product that can help to flush
your system out, and not just mask the presence of THC for a few hours.
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Drug Test Detox that Works
There are a number of variables that will dictate how fast a drug test detox can be performed.
How much body fat a person has, how often they exercise and the amount and frequency a
person smokes, in addition to their metabolism, will all determine how quickly the body will
eliminate the chemical THC from the system.
Which type of Drug Test Detox is Right for you?
When starting a drug test detox, a person should give themselves a minimum of three weeks
before their drug test to stop smoking. Since the chemical THC is stored in the fat cells, it’s
important that a person burn the fat cells which contain the chemicals accumulated from
smoking. Eating foods that are lower in fat can also be helpful when it comes to losing fat.
Taking a home drug test can help you to determine if you’ll pass a drug test at work. You can
find these home tests at local pharmacies. If you pass the test then you have completed the drug
test detox process and you should pass a test performed at a lab.
Diluting your urine can cause you to fail a drug test, as some labs consider this a way to mask
chemicals in the system. If you’re determined to dilute your urine, you’ll need to significantly
increase your water intake, take vitamin B pills and cranberry pills. These supplements will play
a crucial role when it comes to urine dilution.
You can begin the dilution process the night before a drug test. Drink two gallons of cranberry
juice, or until your urine becomes clear. Take 20,000mg of creatinine the night before. Urine
tests performed at labs will check for dilution by checking the level of creatinine that’s found in
the urine. If there is not enough creatinine in the urine the lab will typically mark the test as
diluted, which means you will need to take the test again or your employer can consider the test
as a fail.
Wake up at least four hours before the test occurs and take 15,000 more mg of creatinine, in
order to boost the levels found in your urine.
Taking a number of vitamin B supplements in pill or drink form will give a person’s urine a
yellow color, so it will not appear diluted. Urinate before taking the drug test, in order to ensure
that the yellow tint has returned and that your urine is not clear.
Lastly, take the drug test. Try to obtain a urine sample, after you have urinated a small amount as
the start of urination after this type of drug test detox can contain more toxins. It’s very risky to
dilute your urine and it should only be used as a last resort.
How long will it take to Naturally Detox from Drugs?
If you have more time to prepare for a test and are able to undergo a natural drug test detox, two
weeks is considered the perfect amount of time. First, determine what kind of user will best
describe you. Do you occasionally smoke? Or are you a heavy user? Heavy users will typically
need more time to prepare and will have THC in their system for a longer period of time.
If you have two weeks to go through a detox, begin by increasing your water intake and hit the
gym as much as possible. Sweating out the toxins is effective in removing THC from the system
and will help to keep you distracted, reducing any cravings for the drug.
Because so many labs test for supplements or adulterants, it’s really not wise to try and hide the
drug in your system, as odds are the lab will recognize the masking technique.
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Best Detox Drink on the Market to Help you pass
If you want to pass a drug test for marijuana using the best detox drink, the cutoff is five days
since you last smoked or for other recreational drugs the cutoff is two days. If you’re above those
cutoff days then you can get the best detox drink, in order to mask the presence of drugs in your
system. You can also purchase synthetic urine from the manufacturer Test Clear, directly from
their website.
Why you need to use the Best Detox Drink
For individuals interested in using the best detox drink, the cost will range from twenty to forty
dollars. Ready clean herbal cleanse is one of the top detox drinks on the market. This is one of
the best options available for people who have used marijuana within ten days or used any other
type of recreational drug within five days. It will work wonders and dilute your urine so that the
drugs in the system will be completely masked. It will make the urine appear a dark yellow, even
though the urine is actually diluted.
Generally speaking, if you attempt to dilute your urine without the aid of the best detox drink,
your urine will appear too clear and will not contain enough creatinine in it to pass a drug test.
This means you will need to re-take the drug test.
XXtra clean is by far the best detox drink and costs just under forty dollars. If you need to clean
your system out within five days for pot or two days for other recreational drugs, then this drink
can do that for you. It’s a very powerful diluter and will mask the drug contents in the urine.
Labs have created advanced tests that can detect masking, but this best detox drink contains
something that will slightly tincture the urine so that a person can pass.
One of the most common ways a person will try to pass a test is by using detox supplements.
These types of drinks will not only help a person to urinate more frequently, but they can also
help to slightly mask drugs in the system. Several people have had successful results using a
detox drink to pass a drug test, for marijuana and hardcore drugs.
Some people consider these drinks to be a scam that takes advantage of people who are
desperate. If you’re someone who is uncertain as to whether a detox drink will be effective when
it comes to passing a drug test you can purchase home THC test kits, in order to determine
whether or not you’ll pass.
You can also find detox drinks available at stores that sell marijuana paraphernalia. These
stores typically offer the same selection as you’d find online and you can speak with the store’s
staff in order to determine which drink is right for you, depending on the last time you smoked
How These Detox Drinks Work
The most important thing these drinks do is make a person urinate frequently. The fact that they
will cause the urine to also appear dark also helps to mask the fact that a supplement has been
used to pass a drug test. Most people that try to perform a detox the natural way are not aware
that the appearance of the urine is also considered, in order for lab staff to ascertain as to whether
a supplement has been used to mask the presence of illegal narcotics.
If you are unable to afford a detox drink or you wish to perform a detox naturally, you can
purchase the supplement creatinine, in order for the levels of creatinine in your system to remain
at a normal level.
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What is THC Detox Like?
If you are someone who is trying to quit smoking marijuana and need to know what THC detox
is like, this article will discuss the typical THC detox symptoms and the remedies you can use to
treat both mental and physical symptoms. Many heavy marijuana users will go through some
form of withdrawal, when performing a THC detox. Withdrawal symptoms will be different for
everyone and will depend on the potency of the drug and the frequency of use.
Common THC Detox Symptoms
The majority of people who experience THC detox symptoms will get them between the first and
seventh day. The symptoms can last for a few days or a month. The most intense withdrawal
period will take place during the first week after marijuana cessation.
Each day of the THC detox process, the symptoms will decrease. Some of the common
symptoms will include anxiety, insomnia, irritability, anger, headaches, lack of appetite,
decreased sex drive, restless legs and nausea.
The most common withdrawal symptom is anxiety. While not severe, this feeling is not easily
remedied. People who have bouts of severe anxiety can seek medical attention in order to have
medications prescribed that are designed to reduce anxiety.
Typically, when a person quits smoking marijuana they will experience an interruption in their
sleep pattern, which can consist of restlessness, insomnia, nightmares and vivid dreams. Some
people may only be able to sleep for small amount at a time, however, this type of withdrawal
symptom will typically abate one to two weeks after marijuana cessation.
The dreams that a person can experience during withdrawal can be very intense and can involve
reoccurring nightmares. When a person is a heavy user they tend to not remember their dreams,
compared to individuals who do not use. This is why dreaming after a person has quit using can
feel especially vivid.
Another common THC detox symptom is lack of appetite. Most people are aware that marijuana
causes an increase an appetite. This is why, once a person quits smoking they will usually
experience a lack of appetite, which is commonly followed by weight loss. This type of symptom
can last two weeks to one month.
How to Reduce Withdrawal Symptoms
The best cure for THC detox is patience and time. Having a plan in place that will help you to
get through the withdrawal process and prevent a relapse from occurring is one of the keys to
learning how to stop smoking weed. One thing that has been found to be very helpful is having a
support system in place. Your support system can consist of a friend who is also trying to quit
smoking, friends who are not users and family members.
Intense exercise can also be helpful and will work to alleviate such symptoms as restlessness,
insomnia, headaches, anxiety and depression, sweating will also help to remove the toxins from
the system and leave a person with an overall more healthy and satisfied feeling.
Drinking plenty of water will also help to reduce headaches and flush toxins out of the system.
If a person was a heavy smoker they may experience more severe symptoms, which can be
unmanageable for some. If you’re someone who is experience a severe amount of detox
symptoms you can seek medical attention through your primary care physician, who can
prescribe medications that will help you to sleep, reduce headaches, anxiety and depression.
Outpatient and inpatient programs are also available at most drug rehab centers, where you can
find programs that are specially designed for people going through marijuana withdrawal.
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How to Stop Smoking Weed Quickly
The first step, when it comes to how to stop smoking weed will involve throwing out all of your
marijuana, as well as pipes and other types of related paraphernalia. By removing all of the items
that can make it easier for you to relapse you can help to increase your chances of how to stop
smoking weed.
Creating a support system can also greatly increase your chances of how to stop smoking weed.
Talk to both family and friends and inform them of what you’re doing and ask for support.
Having someone to talk to during times of cravings, depression or anxiety will help you to get
through the detoxification process.
How to Stop Smoking Weed Immediately
Preparing for the withdrawal process is important as this type of detox can be severe for
individuals who are heavy users. This process is temporary and will last for a few days or a
week. The withdrawal symptoms will typically peak on the third day and will eventually level
off. The types of detox symptoms you’ll experience during the how to stop smoking weed detox
process will vary from person to person.
Some of the common detox symptoms you’ll experience will include sleeplessness, restless
limbs, nausea, irritability, headaches, fatigue and depression.
To help minimize insomnia, avoid caffeine for this first few days and try to maintain a routine
for sleep. Because you can feel nauseated during the first day or two, eat only bland foods,
avoiding fatty and deep fried food, only consuming bland foods such as apples, oatmeal, rice,
toast and bananas.
During the how to stop smoking weed process you can experience mood swings. This can mean
a person will suffer from anxiety, anger, rage irritability or depression. Feeling out of sorts or on
edge is common during the first week. To alleviate these symptoms focus on your recovery and
try to keep busy by taking up a new hobby, hanging out with friends and family or hitting the
Many people are not aware of how much time they have devoted to smoking marijuana. Instead
of using, try and devote your newly acquired free time to sports, reading or going to the movies.
Turn to your new hobby whenever you begin to feel cravings to smoke.
The worst of the how to stop smoking weed withdrawal symptoms should abate after a week or
two and it will typically take three weeks to get over the worst of the cravings for the drug.
If quitting cold turkey is impossible for you, establish a plan to taper off. Plan out how much
you’ll smoke each day until you reach your quit date. Put the date on your calendar and stick
with it.
As your marijuana usage tapers down and you begin to spend less time using, find activities that
you can do immediately after you have smoked. Try to transition straight from that to doing a
hobby you have enjoyed in the past, which can help you to keep occupied and begin to get used
to your new life without marijuana.
When to See a Physician or Mental Health Specialist
If you find that quitting on your own is harder than you expected, then you can seek medical
attention from your primary care provider. A physician can prescribe medication that’s designed
to help a person to ease off of marijuana use.
If you’re suffering from a significant amount of anxiety, make an appointment to see a therapist.
Talking with a mental health professional can be a good outlet and they can also prescribe
medication that’s designed to reduce anxiety or medication that can help with insomnia. Now
that you know how to stop smoking weed, you can begin this process immediately or make an
appointment with your physician in order to make the detox process easier on both your mind
and body.
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