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Having Surgery? Learn how to reduce your pain and swelling The Physiologic Response Inflamma>on from an orthopedic injury or surgery nega>vely impacts and slows the healing process.
The Inflammatory Process Upon injury, healthy cells rush to the site to aid in the healing process. The Inflammatory Process As the healthy cells work to repair the injury site, they compete with damaged cells for oxygen and nutrients. The Inflammatory Process This compe>>on leads to the death of both damaged and healthy cells. The Inflammatory Process Pain is a chemical response to cell death. The Inflammatory Process Cell death results in increased inflamma>on at the injury site. The Inflammatory Process Swelling associated with the inflammatory response causes pressure on nerve endings and more pain. The Inflammatory Process This vicious cycle of pain and inflamma>on will con>nue un>l it is interrupted. The Inflammatory Process Lowering the temperature of the joint space is the best way to interrupt this cycle. The Inflammatory Process Ice is only safe for brief periods of >me resul>ng in superficial cooling and lack of sustained pain relief. Did You Know? Proven as an effec>ve way to treat pain and swelling, Polar Care® products operate within a safe therapeu>c temperature range. Breg’s Polar Care cold therapy can be cold enough seriously injure the skin. Read and follow the warnings and opera>ng instruc>ons on the unit prior to use. Polar Care® Cold Therapy Polar Care cold therapy will be your favorite companion on the road to recovery. “I love my Polar Care Cube! This is my second surgery and when my knee aches or swells, I just add water and ice, and away the pain and swelling goes.” David Ackerman, paAent Polar Care® Cold Therapy The Polar Care units will remain in the therapeu>c temperature range for up to 13hrs* before maintenance is required. *Actual >me depends on the selected member of the Polar Care family and the type of ice used. Polar Care® Cold Therapy The water-­‐circula>ng pads are ergonomically designed to provide excep>onal comfort and coverage at the affected site. Polar Care® Cold Therapy Join the millions of pa>ents who’ve made Polar Care cold therapy part of their road to recovery. Talk to your doctor today.* *Talk to your doctor about your medical history and whether a cold therapy unit is right for you. Polar Care® Cold Therapy Learn more about Breg’s Polar Care products by visi>ng: Polar Care Glacier™ Polar Care Kodiak® Polar Care Cube™ © 2012 Breg, Inc. All rights reserved. M.6811 0712 Polar Care and Kodiak are registered trademarks of Breg, Inc. Glacier and Cube are trademarks of Breg, Inc.