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Make the most of your HP Storage solutions
Brochure | HP Storage training
Many customers enjoy the simplicity, agility, and value of
their HP Storage solution. However, most do not come close
to using it to its full potential simply because they are
unaware of how to employ all the powerful tools that are part
of their robust storage solution. This is where HP Education
Services help.
Today’s enterprises face ever-increasing challenges and choices in their storage requirements.
They need to store unprecedented amounts of information, decide how and where to store it,
and make certain the data is highly available and well managed.
HP can show you how to make the most of the proven HP Storage solution and employ it as a
tangible competitive advantage with the help of our extensive Storage training curriculum.
Why HP Storage solutions?
HP Storage solutions employ a standards-based, modular design to simplify storage
management, and enable rapid search and retrieval of information. This reduces IT costs
and complexity, increases worker productivity, and provides users with quick access to data.
HP Storage is a flexible, adaptive storage infrastructure that is highly resilient to enable
enhanced data protection. As a result, users can confidently adapt to business needs in real
time, and drive IT change to create a competitive advantage.
HP Storage solutions offer users investment protection and great value. Real-time scalability
enables users to meet the demand for more storage performance, capacity, and capability
while making efficient use of their IT resources and proactively managing data throughout
its lifecycle.
Brochure | HP Storage training
Why HP Education Services for storage?
Building skills is one of the most effective ways to improve productivity, manage change, and
build employee confidence. Well-trained personnel make better decisions, helping to increase
business agility and sharpen your competitive edge. HP trains more than 200,000 people a
year, helping to achieve performance excellence and has built its education services on a solid
foundation of experience, content, delivery, and innovation. With more than 30 years of
meeting complex training requirements worldwide, HP has the experience that creates
successful outcomes.
Like HP Storage products themselves, the HP Education Services that support them are simple,
agile, and offer great value.
They are simple to use
Select from job-focused courses that can be ordered individually to meet specific training needs
or to get the best value and utmost flexibility, purchase an HP Care Pack. HP Care Pack Services
for Education are easy to purchase as well as simple to manage, and can be purchased with
hardware, software support, or a contract.
They are agile
We offer a variety of training methods to match your needs. You can choose traditional
instructor-led courses at one of our 120 training centers worldwide or onsite training
customized to your needs, in your facility. You can also opt for Remotely Assisted Instruction
Learning (RAIL) that combines the best of traditional classroom training (including live
instructor and labs) with the best of online training (no traveling required). What’s more,
if you prefer learning on your own schedule, at your own pace, make use of E-learning
opportunities on the award-winning IT Resource Center, a “learning community” with
extensive on-demand resources that can be accessed 24x7.
They offer great value
HP Education Services will enable you to improve your ROI in HP Storage technologies.
Proper training will shorten your time to implementation and improve productivity once
the systems are in place.
In fact, training from HP will actually cost you less than informal training. Using your own
experts to train less knowledgeable IT staff may seem “free” at first glance, but in reality you
are just tying up the time of two valuable team members. With HP Education Services, only
the people in need of training are involved, leaving your most experienced and valuable staff
members free to focus on their duties.
HP has built its education services on a solid foundation of experience, content,
delivery, and innovation.
•Global training with more than 90 training locations worldwide
•Unmatched technical expertise and support for HP products and technologies
•Award winning Virtual classrooms 1 and Virtual Labs for a real hands-on experience Training
you need, when and where you need it with our RAIL
•Comprehensive curriculum of job-specific training leading to vendor certification
•Streamlined purchase and management of training with HP Care Pack Services for Education
•More than 30 years of Education Consulting
•Recognized as an IDC MarketScape leader for IT education 2
•Top 20 training provider and content development—TrainingIndustry.com
mallBizWindows Collaboration Product of
the Year 2010
“ Worldwide IT Education and Training 2011
Vendor Analysis,” IDC MarketScape,
January 2011
Brochure | HP Storage training
HP Education Storage Portfolio
HP Education Services provide training on storage networking, disk storage systems, and
storage software to enable customers to get the most out of their HP Storage investment.
•Storage Networking: Students learn the key aspects of SAN architectures—along
with the HP technologies implemented in typical business environments—and the
knowledge and skills that are needed to install and configure a SAN such as B-Series
HP StoreFabric Switches. In-depth labs allow for the building of both simple and
complex configurations.
•HP Disk Storage Systems: Our courses will help students gain a good understanding of the
configuration and management of the Enterprise Virtual Array and XP Array, along with the
associated software that is part of their HP disk storage systems solution. Advanced courses
build on introductory training and hands-on experience with in-depth training on business
continuity and available technologies for HP disk storage systems. The products on which
trainings are available, include:
--HP StoreServ 7000 and 10000
--HP 9000 systems
--HP 6000 and legacy EVA
--HP StoreVirtual 4x00
--HP StoreSure 2x00
•HP Disk Backup Systems: Our courses provide a deep dive on backup systems and how to
configure and use the technology. The following backup systems are included for training:
--StoreOnce Backup
--HP StoreEver VLS9x00
•NAS Systems: Students learn to successfully configure the components of NAS systems,
monitor file system activities, and perform problem-solving and information-gathering tasks.
Training offerings are available for the following NAS Systems:
--HP StoreAll 9000
--HP StoreEasy 5000, 3000, and 1000
•HP Storage Software: HP Storage Data Protector Software and HP Storage Essentials
Software courses provide knowledge to manage SAN environments and streamline business
continuity. Advanced integration courses teach students how to perform a reduced downtime
backup in a SAN with Oracle databases or Microsoft® technologies such as MS Exchange
or SQL.
Brochure | HP Storage training
HP Care Pack Services for Education
For a proven, easy-to-purchase approach to training with HP Education Services,
consider HP Care Pack.
HP Care Pack Total Education offers the ultimate in flexibility, as well as the most simple and
economical way to purchase training. This package provides your company with credits like
a bank account, which can be used for any of the over 200 different scheduled instructor-led
courses offered at HP education centers (including those discussed above), or more than 3,000
online courses through our HP eShop. Credits can also be used for your own HP Virtual Room
events. If you know that your organization needs technical training, but are not exactly sure
who needs what and when, then the flexibility of the HP Care Pack Total Education is an
ideal match.
Visit: hp.com/learn/carepack
HP Care Pack training credits for Storage courses may also be purchased in blocks of training
days, typically in one day units.
The same flexibility exists to use these credits over a one year period for any training offered
by HP. For more information visit: http://h10076.www1.hp.com/education/datasheets/4AA24880ENW.pdf
Global citizenship at HP
At HP, global citizenship is our commitment to hold ourselves to high standards of integrity,
contribution, and accountability in balancing our business goals with our impact on society and
the planet. To learn more, visit hp.com/hpinfo/globalcitizenship/, and for information about the
HP environmental programs, go to hp.com/environment.
For more information
If you would like to learn more about how HP can help your organization meet
its goals through storage education and training, visit hp.com/learn/storage.
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