US Open Karate World Championship July 3rd

US Open Karate World Championship
July 3rd and 4th 2015
Registration Instructions:
First step will be to log on to the US Open’s website at or login to Sebastian
Karate’s website at and go to the link “Team SK
2. Now that you are on the US Open’s website, you need to go to the upper left and click on (Registration
and Tickets) (Competitor Registration). That will take you to the event registration page.
3. Scroll down and click on (Competitor Basic Information) Fill in the name of the person that is going
to compete, then your email and create a password so you can login at a later date.
Next click Division Information/Discount Codes/Select Divisions. Here you will need to fill in
further information on the competitor. The competitor’s (date of birth), (age), (gender), (belt level-under
black), Competitor’s Team is (Sebastian Karate - Team SK), and Competitor’s Coach is (Master Peter
DeFosses). If you have hotel reservations at the Coronado, use your hotel confirmation # code for an
additional discount.
Group code is (TEAMSK15)
5. Now scroll down to list of divisions available for that competitor. Find Form and look to the far right
pick the one that the competitor is going to compete in. For example: UB-152 is Traditional Form Novice/Beginner check the box on the left. Do the same thing for any other divisions that the competitor
will be competing in.
White - Yellow belts are Novice / Orange - Purple belts are Beginner
Green belts are Intermediate. / Red belts are Advanced.
6. Next open Parent/Guardian Information if the competitor is under 18. Fill-in the necessary
Next open Competitor Address, fill-in the necessary information.
8. Next open Martial Art School Information, all that you need to do here is click on Select School,
scroll down to Sebastian Karate – Team SK and click on it and the rest will automatically be filled in.
9. Next open emergency contact information, fill-in the necessary information.
10. Next if you need 1-day / 2-day general admission other than the competitor this is where you request
the quantity. All competitors must select a seat if they are going to the Night of Champions.
11. Next Mark the box Terms and Conditions
12. Now type in the text you see, then submit. Follow the instructions on payment to register for the US