Emerald City Cake Balls

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Emerald City
Cake Balls
A Little Bite of Heaven
Just what is a Cake Ball?
A heavenly bite-sized treat with chocolate on the outside and
moist, creamy and soft cake on the inside.
Cake Balls
Brownie Balls
Our Creations Are Great For:
• Corporate Gifts and Events
• Weddings and Wedding Favors
• Graduation Favors
• Birthday Parties
• Just because...
Cake Ball Cakes
Party Trays
Chocolate-Covered Delights
We can also cater your event.
• Weddings
• Birthday Parties
• Open House
• Business Luncheons
Ask us about setting up one of our
“Heavenly Indulgence” Bars
A Little Bite of Heaven
Our Most Popular Cake, Brownie, Cookie Balls and Other Treats
ECCB Creations... $15.00/doz
VIP Creations... $16.50/doz
Brownie Balls... $18.00/doz
• French Vanilla: White Chocolate and Emerald Crystals
• Celebration Cake: Vanilla or Chocolate Devils food,
• Chocolate Mint: Regular or Dark Chocolate with
• Traditional Chocolate: Choice of Sprinkles
• Raspberry Red Velvet: Raspberry filling, White
• Birthday Cake: French Vanilla Cake with Butter Cream
• Italian Wedding Cake: Italian Cake, Chopped
with multi-colored sprinkles, White Chocolate
topped with Rainbow Sprinkles
and White, Regular or Dark Chocolate
• German Chocolate: Regular Chocolate & Coconut &
• Salted Chocolate: Dark Chocolate cake with Carmel,
wrapped in Regular chocolate topped with a peanut & sea
• Strawberry & Cream: Regular Chocolate with White
Drizzle and Pink Sprinkles
• Cherry Chip: (Susan G. Komen ball) White Chocolate
with Pink Sprinkles
• Red Velvet: White Chocolate with white chocolate
• Carrot Cake White Chocolate or Regular
Icing Carrot
with a Royal
• Spice Cake: Vanilla Cream Cheese, offered in White,
Regular or Dark Chocolate with orange sugar crystals
a Mint Morsel Topper
Chocolate and Pink Crystals
Pecans Coconut, and our signature frosting Topped
with White Chocolate,Pecan and Coconut Toppings
• Marion Berry French Vanilla: With Marion
Berry, White Chocolate and Lavender Crystals
• Reese’s Peanut Butter: Chocolate cake,
shortbread cookies, Reese’s, Cream Cheese, Regular
Chocolate topped with candy bits
• Chocolate Heath: Yellow or Chocolate Cake
with Heath Bits, Regular Chocolate and Heath Bit
• Cookie Dough: Shortbread, French Vanilla Cake
and on top
• Chocolate Coconut: Coconut Shavings
• Chocolate Cherry: Cherry Filled Center
• Chocolate Vienna: Vienna Cream Filled
Center and Vienna Coffee Dusting
• Chocolate Macadamia: Crushed
Macadamia inside and on Top
• Chocolate Pecan: Crushed Pecan inside and
• French Vanilla Vienna French Vienna Filling,
Pudding, Chocolate Morsels
All Brownie Balls come with Regular Chocolate. We
can do Dark or White Chocolate upon request.
White Chocolate
Cookie Balls... $15.00/doz
Party Tray: Priced per dozen plus tray
• Holds up to 2-3 dozen
• Mix and match up to 3 dozen from any of our
• Add $3.00/tray
All-In Tray:
• Reusable tray with lid holds 6 dozen Cake
Balls of your choice plus room for extra treats
in the center.
• All ECCB Creations... $110.00
• Half and Half ECCB/ VIP ... $118.00
• All VIP or Brownie... $128.00
• Oreo: (Traditional , Mint or Golden) Cream
Cheese, Regular Chocolate
• Peanut Butter Balls: ECCB Exclusive Peanut
Butter Crunch Mix covered in Regular Chocolate
• Tiramisu: ECCB Exclusive Tiramisu Mixture,
Cream Cheese, Regular Chocolate and Vienna
Coffee Dusting
• Chocolate Shortbread: Chocolate
Shortbread, Cream Cheese, Regular Chocolate
with White Drizzle, Shortbread Crumbles
Breakfast Bites... $16.50/doz
• Mocha: Chocolate Cake, infused with chocolate fudge,
on Top
• Chocolate Lovers: Brownie, Chocolate Cake,
Signature Creations...
• Marbled Red Velvet Red Velvet and french
Vanilla cake marbled together and covered in
white chocolate and red sugar sprinkles
• Neapolitan Strawberry, French vanilla and
chocolate cake layered together and covered in
regular or dark chocolate, white drizzle and hot
pink sprinkles.
• Pink Champagne: Pink Champagne Cake
with Pink Champagne frosting covered in white
chocolate with white and pink drizzle and ruby
red crystals
• Caramel Macchiato: Chocolate, Caramel Macchiato
Chocolate Covered Treats...
• Granny Smith Apple: Apple Cake, White Chocolate
• Chocolate Covered Strawberries (Call –
• Vitamin C: Orange Cream with Dark Chocolate with
• Oreo’s (Any flavor)
• Chocolate dipped homemade
cookies: Chocolate chip, Peanut butter
wrapped in Dark chocolate with sifted mocha coffee!
Flavor, Regular Chocolate and Caramel Drizzle
with Walnuts and Coconut Topping
Having a wedding, party or corporate event?
Let us come create a custom and unique dessert
experience for your guests and setup a “Heavenly
Indulgence Bar”. Your guests will love this elegant
and on Top
• Chocolate Heath Bite: Heath Bites inside
Combined with Russian Tea Cakes, cream cheese,
wrapped in white chocolate with cookie crumble
Party Trays
Cake Ball Cakes... Call for Pricing
or Crystals
Rocky Road: With Marshmallows
Mint Brownie: White and Green Drizzle
Chocolate Hazelnut: Nutella and Hazelnuts
Chocolate Walnut: Crushed Walnuts Inside
white drizzle
• Maple Pancake: Yellow Cake, Maple Syrup, Regular
Chocolate & Maple Sprinkles (Bacon Optional)
• Waffle: Yellow Cake, Maple Syrup, White Chocolate
• Hazelnut Chocolate: Chocolate fudge, Hazelnuts, with
Hazelnut flavoring Regular Chocolate and Coffee Dusting
with Dark Chocolate Drizzle
Chocolate Chip, and Biscotti
• Marshmallows
Have a favorite snack you would like to see
dipped in chocolate? Let us know, we’ll see
what we can do.
See our website for more information and detailed catalog!
Minimum order is 1 dozen in a single flavor per dozen
Mixed Dozens: Single dozen mixed flavors - Traditional flavors only. Choose up to 4 flavors and we’ll create a custom dozen just for you. Add
$5.00/dozen. We can create colored chocolate coating at no charge for 1 color per dozen. If more than one color per dozen, add $2.00 per color. Not all
colors can be accurately or asthetically reproduced. Tell us what you want and we’ll see if we can make it work.
Cake balls come packaged in a custom bakery-style box unless otherwise specified. We offer a gift box with a windowed top and decorative tray for an
additional $2.00. We also offer favor boxes or bags for our treats.
Don’t see something you like or have a special request? Let us know and we will be happy to do whatever we can to accommodate your request.
Special flavors, decorations, color, boxes, wrapping etc.
To give you the best service we can, we appreciate 3-4 days notice on orders over 3 dozen. If you do need it sooner however, just let us know and we will do
everything we can to meet your needs.
Please note our product may contain nuts or traces of nuts
Orders over $45.00 must be cancelled 48 hours prior to pickup or you are responsible for payment.
Orders of $150.00 or more require credit card deposit or 50% down. 1 week lead time is also required. Prices and flavors are subject to change without notice